Mom’s Huge Boobs Ch. 02

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Peggy went to bed that night with way more questions than answers from this little back and forth game she was playing with her second born. Why was he teasing me and oh my gosh, that is the biggest cock I have ever seen. It is wrong for me to feel this lust for my own son? It is so obvious how he feels about my 40EE’s. I see how he stares at them and pretends he needs help with something.

As Peggy squeezed a very hard nipple, she thought about the last time her husband and her had sex. She knew it has been about a month, but she remembered it didn’t last long and he was snoring away in no time, just like he was doing now. It had been so long since she had felt these types of sexual feelings and she sure liked the feelings they gave her.

Her thoughts returned to Robby’s cock as she had moved from her breast down to the now wet place where he came from. She shook from the orgasm that these incesterial thoughts gave her as she rubbed her clit and thought about that cock all over her and all in her.


The next morning, Saturday, the family gathered at the kitchen table for breakfast. There was nothing out of the ordinary except maybe for the smile of Peggy’s face and Robby staring at his mom’s chest and ass as she served the family breakfast. Wait… That part had become normal…

“Anything special going on today?” I asked.

“How about a trip up to the lake for a picnic?”

Mom suggested. “It is going to be a nice day and that is something we haven’t done in awhile.”

The look on my Dad’s face didn’t look too keen on the idea, but he must of thought it had been a long time since he had done anything with the family that we would agree. It could of been worse, I guess.

Sounded like a great idea to me to be able to spend the afternoon seeing Mom in one of her ataköy türbanlı escort summer outfits that hugged her body so well, which all of her outfits seemed to do. My little brother, Ray, and I headed up to our rooms to get ready while Mom packed the picnic basket. I put on a pair of my baggy shorts and tight underwear and a t-shirt.

Mom had on a yellow summer dress with a nice v neck, so her assets were well on display. I wonder if she did that on purpose for me?

As usual, Ray begged to sit up front with Dad in his old Dodge 4 door sedan. I protested, but not very hard, because sitting in the back seat with Mom was just fine with me.

The trip to the lake takes about an hour. We talked about school and basic stuff while Ray played with the radio and Dad complained for him to pick one station and keep it there. Yep, just a normal family trip, so far.

The trip to the lake was not on a smooth highway, but a bumpy back road which was fine with me as I love to watch my Mom’s big boobs bounce up and down, and jiggle on every bump. I was in a small trance and was barely paying attention to what anyone was saying. My cock, however, was paying full attention and was starting to grow to full length inside my tight underwear. It was starting to get uncomfortable, but I was able to release it from my underwear without anyone noticing when Ray asked Mom a question about what she brought for lunch. There was only one thing I wanted on my menu and it was sitting beside me.

Thankfully, I had my baggy shorts on and how I was sitting allowed my cock to lay along my leg without notice.

After a little while and after a couple of big bumps which produced a very big bounce, my Mom and my eyes met. We both smiled as we both knew what I was doing. She then ataköy ucuz escort gently rang her fingers along the top of her breasts and then slowly down the cleavage. I might of had my tongue out at that point, but I am not sure.

After seeing that, I ran my hand along my hard cock in my shorts from base to tip. She stared intently and licked her lips.

“Do you want to see?” I whispered softly.

She froze for a second and then slightly nodded and whispered back, “yes.”

I reached my hand down to the bottom of my shorts and slowly slid them up as I glanced to make sure Ray and Dad were paying us no mind. The head of my cock appeared with a small drop of precum on the end. I moved my shorts up higher revealing the whole shaft as I watched my Mom’s eyes. She licked her lips again and then stared at me in the eyes.

I took a bold move next not wanting this moment to ever end. “Do you want to touch it?” I mouthed.

“No, I couldn’t do that. I am your Mother and that would be a sin.”

“I understand. I wouldn’t want you to do something you don’t want to do.” As those words came out of my mouth, I start to stroke my cock slowly up and down the shaft and added a soft squeeze of the head wiping off the precum with my finger. I smiled at my Mom as I licked it off my finger. Her face was beat red from blushing and from being so turned on.

Peggy could not believe she was watching her son stroke his big cock in front of her. She could also not believe how turned on she was. Not only did she want to change her mind and replace his hand with hers, she desperately wanted that cock between her boobs, in her mouth, and in her wet pussy. The lust was overwhelming her.

Without saying a word, she moved closer to him and then placed her hand on his ataköy üniversiteli escort and moved it up and down his hard cock. She soon moved his hand out of the way and gently stroked his cock going from base to tip first slowly and then faster and faster.

Robby could not believe the feeling of having his mother stroking his cock. He closed his eyes for a moment and soaked in the pleasure he was feeling from something he had wanted for such a long time.

“That feels so good, Mom. Please don’t stop.”

She looked up at him and smiled. “Don’t worry, honey. I don’t want to ever stop touching this beautiful dick of yours.”

“Thank you, Mom. It feels so good.” he whispered.

Robby’s thoughts were now focused on the increasing feeling he had in his balls. He knew he was about to cum and there was nothing he could do to stop what was soon to happen.

“Mom, I am going to cum. What do we do?”

Peggy was going to stop stroking him, but desire took over and after glancing in the front seat to make sure the coast was clear, she leaned down and took the head of her son’s hard cock in her mouth while she continued to stroke him. It had been so long since she had a cock in her mouth.

As he exploded, the reflexes of her swallowing and him pumping load after load of hot cum into his mother’s mouth seemed to be in perfect sync. She didn’t lose a drop.

As she slowly removed his cock from her mouth, Peggy sat back up with a very content look on her face and stomach full of her son’s seed. Her content look matched Robby’s perfectly as he readjusted and put his softening cock back in his shorts.

“I love you, Mom.” he said.

“I love you too, Robby.” she replied.

They had finally reached the lake and pulled into the parking lot. Robby leaned in and quietly said to his mother,

“Can I ask you something, Mom?”

“Sure, honey. Anything.” she answered.

“I really hope we can do more because I really want your breasts. I want to hold them and love them, and rub my hard cock on them and between them… Can I, please?”

“Oh God, Yes. I can’t wait for you to have them and so much more.”

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