More than Convenience Ch. 03

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Red wine, chocolate and a massage

Doctor Love’s Practice is a convenient part of Jennifer’s unattached lifestyle. In her first story, her glamourous and exciting executive role in cosmetics left little time or interest in personal relationships. Jennifer experienced just how wicked Maddisyn’s massages could be in her following story. She has another appointment with the charming Doctor Love and Maddisyn after discovered another intimate service the Practice provides for their Guests.

I was excited when I discovered an exclusive boutique medical centre for women. The Practice was conveniently on the other side of the large park opposite my apartment. I’ve been excited ever since, being a Guest of the charming Doctor Love. I felt the lovely stirrings of arousal as I placed some lingerie into my backpack and prepared for the walk to the Practice. I smiled in anticipation of today’s treatment as the moistness formed.

It’s exciting working in the glamorous world of beauty and fashion. As an executive manager for Desire Cosmetics, I get to travel the world and meet so many fascinating people. I’ve worked hard at what I’ve achieved, commencing as a model and working in sales before becoming head of their national sales and marketing team. Life can be hectic and so much of my lifestyle is built around convenience. That’s why the Practice had instant appeal.

I can’t be bothered with a partner and my last was several years ago. I wasn’t prepared for the commitment and potential baggage. It’s just wasn’t convenient. The lack of intimacy and sexual pleasure of a lover has been frustrating and self-pleasure just wasn’t doing it for me anymore. One-night stands weren’t the answer either. Besides, a reputation as horny and desperate woman wasn’t part of my professional image, I’d work so hard for.

There’s been plenty of opportunities, even at the wrong side of 40. I’ve often wanted to hook-up with a handsome business associate or muscular eye candy at the gym. Both were obviously too close to home. I’m fluent in turning down dates, they’re such a regular occurrence. It’s flattering and I have been tempted but Doctor Love soon solved that little dilemma.

I could still be modelling and able to wear anything close-fitting. My full and firm breasts still look great in a low neckline and my ass has always been my best feature. Isn’t free cosmetics every pretty woman’s dream? It helps if you’re attractive in my line of work.

I’d arranged to work from home this afternoon. The apartment is only a leisurely walk to the office in the city. It’s close to Queens Parade with its many coffee shops, popular restaurants and boutique shopping. There’s a lovely large park opposite for a run and the 24-hour gym is on the ground floor of the apartments. Keeping fit and healthy is my other passion.

We recently launched a new perfume called ‘Wicked’ in the North American market and I spent a week in the States. It was very successful and the sales have been well above forecast. I’d worked most of the afternoon finalising a presentation for the Board of Desire Cosmetics.

Even the success of the launch and promising outlook for the local market couldn’t keep an appointment at the Practice from entertaining my mind. Our new perfume wasn’t the only wicked thing I was excited about.

I decided there weren’t any urgent emails needing attention. Putting on a hooded training jacket over a sports top, I grabbed my backpack and left the apartment. I gave a wave to a couple of my gym buddies and crossed the road and headed for the Practice. The Winter Sun was low on the horizon and I zipped up the jacket feeling the late afternoon chill beginning to bit.

The park is lovely and provides million-dollar views the area is renowned for. An evening run along the trails that meander through large trees and sweeping lawns helps me unwind after a busy day. The five-kilometre course around the park is popular with runners and walkers. I joined the outside trail and built to a brisk walking pace towards Park Crescent that ran around the other side of the park.

I realised my sexual frustration was affecting me personally and professionally and decided to get some help. That’s how I found Doctor Love’s Practice. I met Maddisyn who manages the Practice. I was surprised how elegantly she was dressed and how luxurious the facilities were. I soon realised it was that sort of place.

Maddisyn was so friendly and helpful and provided me with a tour. The historic building is beautifully restored and converted to a medical centre for women. The facilities and service were so impressive, I registered as a Guest and commenced counselling with Doctor Love six months ago.

The trail swept around where the roads met to run along Park Crescent and I noticed a couple young guys running towards me. They were obviously checking me out. I held their gaze and smiled, maybe a little too teasingly as they passed. I couldn’t resist looking over my shoulder and softly laughed seeing them almost falling bahis firmaları over themselves as they ogled me from behind. My long and toned runner’s legs do look great in skin-tight leggings, clearly displayed the sexy cheek-roll of my backside. I said my ass is my best feature.

I gazed at the old terrace homes that stood shoulder to shoulder along Park Crescent but my mind soon drifted to the charming Doctor Love. He’s handsome and fit looking for late 50s, tall with salt and pepper hair and warm engaging deep blue eyes that gave him an alluring look.

Doctor Love’s counselling was amazing and he’s so easy to talk with. I instantly felt comfortable, gazing at his gorgeous smile as we talked. I couldn’t help myself, even after the first session lying naked in bed and masturbating myself to sleep with the image of his body over mine. I’d never looked forward to a doctor’s appointment so much!

I knew the counselling and doctor fantasies wouldn’t satisfy my need. Even sitting opposite Doctor Love, I was overwhelmed with a cocktail of taboo thoughts and frustration. Why did my new doctor have to be so charming and desirable?

Near the end of my third session I discovered an unexpected service the Practice offered. I laugh now at how naïve I was asking what sexual therapy involved. Can you image my mixed emotions hearing his answer?

Doctor Love’s words swirled around my mind while searching for a rational explanation. All I could recall was the first three letters! It was outrageous and illegal but his tone was so professional as if nothing was inappropriate. It wasn’t just believable; it was what I’d fantasised about and my body was already convinced.

‘How could I pass up such a convenient opportunity?’ I asked myself, my mind finally casting aside ethical considerations.

I remember sitting at the mirror in his ensuite after my first therapy session, brushing my hair and contemplating everything that had just happened. There was no point sugar-coating it as sexual therapy. I’d just had professional sex with my doctor. Looking at my contented smile and in a state of bliss, I was already planning another appointment. I’ve been a Guest of the Practice ever since.

I slowed to a gentle walk as the beautifully restored white two-story terrace came into view. The Practice is one of the prettiest amongst its neighbours with most converted to professional suites and consulting rooms. It’s discrete and exclusive, hardly a sleazy establishment you associate with intimate services.

I crossed the road and did some stretching against the wrought iron fence. My body was buzzing with a mixture of nerves, excitement and arousal. I gazed over the fence at the beautiful stone work, intricate wrought iron of the veranda with its patterned tiling that led to the large ornate stained-glass door. I moistened my lips at the thought at what Doctor Love and I had planned for today’s session.

I rang the doorbell and drew a deep calming breath as I heard high-heels approaching. ‘Hello Jennifer, Maddisyn smiled, maybe a little more coyly than usual. How was the walk?’

Sharing her gaze, there wasn’t any hint that Doctor Love had spoken to her. ‘Great but it’s getting cold earlier these afternoons,’ I replied taking off my backpack in the entry hall.

‘The fire’s going. I know how you love it,’ she said, taking the backpack and accompanying me into the Sitting Room.

I heard Red Red Wine by Ub40 from the song mix I gave Maddisyn softly playing in the background. ‘What a great idea,’ I thought.

The flames were burning brightly in the white marble fireplace consuming half-eaten logs. ‘It’s lovely, thank you,’ returning her smile as I made my way to the couches nestled in front of the fire.

‘Make yourself comfortable. I’ll put your backpack in the Guest Lounge and bring you a drink,’ the attractive 25-year-old brunette kindly offered.

I got settled on the luxurious couch, enjoying the warmth and ambience of the Sitting Room. It’s lovely to sit in such an elegant room and relax before seeing Doctor Love and the Lounge off the room is so convenient for freshening up. The antique furniture and period furnishings are wonderful. I just love the cosiness of the open fire and the soft colours of the decoratively papered walls with beautiful paintings.

Maddisyn returned and went to the kitchenette behind her desk at the other end of the Sitting Room. ‘I won’t be a moment,’ she smiled.

Maddisyn’s more like a friend than the Practice manager. She’s normally quietly spoken with an innocent, almost spiritual nature about her. I wasn’t surprised Maddisyn’s into Yoga. She’s also a runner, enjoying the same trails most mornings. Both of us studying business management was another common interest and I enjoyed our discussions about our marketing plan for the new perfume. We just seemed to get on well together.

Maddisyn soon approach with a glass of wine and a selection of hand-made chocolates on a silver tray and placed it on the antique coffee table. ‘Thank kaçak iddaa you,’ I grinned.

‘I made sure I had some chocolate. I know you enjoy some with your red,’ Maddisyn replied.

I smiled back in appreciation. ‘You think of everything. You must know everything I enjoy by now?’

‘You’d be surprised, she softly laughed. Red wine, chocolate and a massage . . . later, so Doctor Love mentioned,’ she added, her demure smile turning several shades knowing.

Suddenly butterflies took flight in my stomach. ‘He said you could join us,’ was all I could offer, sensing a flood of colour to my cheeks.

‘I’m looking forward to it. Relax and enjoy your wine and the chocolates. It’s your favourite Shiraz. It’ll be fun,’ she smiled before sashaying back her desk.

I’d jumped at the chance of Maddisyn joining use but maybe I’d had too much time to think about it since. I sipped the wine and gazed at Maddisyn over the rim of my glass. Her silky-smooth runner’s legs looked perfect in a mid-thigh shirt and high heels. I’m definitely into men and haven’t even felt the littlest bi-curiosity. I hadn’t even fooled around with girlfriends. Not quite second thoughts, Maddisyn joining us for therapy was still on my mind.

The chocolate was heavenly and I enjoyed the Shiraz while watching the flames licking the logs in the fireplace as my mind began to ponder. We have shared some intimate moments. Maddisyn’s a massage therapist and it’s so convenient for my occasional aches and pains and blissfully relaxing. I felt the stirrings of arousal with the thought of another massage. Leaving me wanting more and almost succumbing to her caressing hands, I’ve had to increasingly remind myself how wicked my thoughts were.

I shouldn’t have been surprised when Doctor Love mentioned some Guests were enjoying her intimate massages. The Practice is full of surprises. That’s why I love it so much. I finally worked up the nerve to ask Maddisyn last time I visited. The warm throbbing heat between my thighs felt wonderful as images of her caressing hands over my neglected pussy and breasts filled my mind. I finally lost it and discovered the meaning of the term ‘happy ending’. Maddisyn had me begging for a cock, Doctor Love more than happy to fill that need.

I sucked in a couple of silent calming breaths and stood to join Maddisyn, catching her attention. ‘I’m going to the Guest Lounge to change. How do we do this?’ I clumsily asked.

‘I can get changed upstairs while you’re in the Lounge. Slip on a robe and I’ll let Doctor Love know to do the same. Let me know when you’re ready and we’ll join him together,’ she calmly[PS1] explained, leaving my wondering how many times she’d done this before.

I felt a little nervous excitement at what was unfolding. ‘Sounds like a plan,’ I smiled a little uneasily before going to get ready.

The Lounge is a beautiful room with amazing facilities for Guests to enjoy. They can have a spa bath set in a wrap-around window with a lovely view of a private garden or have one of Maddisyn’s lovely massages. I’m sure I’m not the only Guest enjoying something more. Wicked massages she calls them and with a happy ending if that’s what you fancied.

I sat at the white antique dressing table to tidy up my hair and makeup. There’s a selection of perfumes and cosmetics, included some that I’ve provided. I smiled noticing the bottle of Wicked was almost empty. I applied some of the fragrance and added another bottle to the collection I’d brought with me.

As I sat brushing my hair, I’d often wondered if Doctor Love and Maddisyn were in some sort of relationship. I wouldn’t be surprised. I certainly found him attractive, despite being much older. I smiled to myself with the thought of how lucky Maddisyn would be snarking a sex therapist as her silver fox. She did go upstairs where Doctor Love lived to change before a massage. I decided they had to be lovers if Maddisyn was joining us for sexual therapy.

I slipped out of my training gear and took the lingerie from my backpack. I’d chosen Doctor Love’s favorite teddy and matching high-cut lace panties to wear. I put them on and admired how sexy I looked in the mirror. The shoestring top hung enticingly from my firm breasts, my toned stomach displaying the effort of many workouts. Turning around, I smiled at my reflection seeing the thin strip of fabric in the cleft of my backside.

I slipped on a white cotton robe and matching bath slippers and left to join Maddisyn. She had changed into a white singlet and matching brief skin-tight shorts and was wearing the same white bath slippers. I smiled to myself at how we looked colour coordinated. Maddisyn had tied her shoulder length dark hair back with a white scrunchie in a high ponytail, as she often did when she massaged.

‘I’ll just secure the front door and we can go through to the suite,’ she enthusiastically smiled as we went to the entry hall.

Half way down the passageway I paused, wanting to clear something on my mind. ‘Maddisyn, can I ask you something?’

Her kaçak bahis eyes slightly narrowed thoughtfully on her young pretty face. ‘Sure. Second thoughts? You can have a massage in the Lounge if you prefer.’

‘No, not really. It’s not that. It’s just . . ., I started to say, my word hanging as I held her gaze. I’m not bi and certainly not gay,’ I finally added, my heart pounding as I wondered where the conversation would take us.

The soft smile that filled her face was precious and comforting. ‘Some of my best massages are enjoyed by straight women,’ she softly laughed, almost to herself.

I smiled back and continued, choosing my word carefully. ‘Isn’t it a little . . . awkward, you and Doctor Love having therapy with a Guest. I mean you are . . . um . . . partners, aren’t you?’

‘Oh, Jennifer, she softly laughed. I’m gay and he’s a confirmed bachelor. That was never going to happen.’

‘I’m sorry. It’s just that . . ., I started to apologise.

‘You’re not the first Guest to think that, she interrupted, continuing to smile. Doctor Love asked if I could join you for a massage. Maybe a little wicked and with a happy ending?’ Her smile turning knowingly.

My broad smile was acceptance enough. We continued along the passageway with its polished Baltic Pine flooring towards Doctor Love’s suite. A shiver of anticipation surged through me at the images that came to mind. Just the thought of Doctor Love’s therapy had me in a dull state of arousal and no other masseuse had aroused me as much as Maddisyn’s caressing hands.

Doctor Love was sitting on one of the couches wearing the same white robe. ‘Hello ladies. Please come and have a seat,’ standing and his welcome accompanied with his charming smile.

The décor of the suite is comfortable and informal, even a little intimate and provides an ideal setting for counselling. The beautiful ornate ceilings and period furniture and furnishings are similar to the other rooms. The adjoining bedroom and its gorgeous ensuite were obviously designed for the pleasure and entertainment of Guests.

The fire was going in the white marble fireplace, the flames licking and crackling as they started to feast on a freshly placed log. Making our way to the two couches nestled in front of the fire, I noticed three wine glasses and an unopened bottle of Shiraz with some more handmake chocolates on a silver tray.

‘I see I’m not the only one who likes red wine and chocolate,’ I smiled at Maddisyn as we sat opposite Doctor Love.

‘And a massage,’ Maddisyn added, smiling back.

I leant back and melted into the luxurious couch and it soft cushions and crossed my legs, the robe parting and riding up. My skin prickled as Doctor Love’s sensual warm gaze started blatantly wandering along my smooth and toned thigh. I love it when he does that to me. It’s as arousing as Maddisyn’s caressing hands.

Doctor Love managed to lift his gaze to mine. ‘You’re still happy with the therapy we planned?’

‘Maddisyn said it will be fun,’ my smile more than confirming my interest.

Doctor Love leant forward and cracked the twist top of the bottle. ‘We should let it breath for a little while,’ he smiled before standing.

My pussy clenched and throbbed as I felt Maddisyn’s hand over mine. We made our way to the bedroom. I was surprised to see large white cotton towels covering the luxurious bedspread on the king-sized bed. Two smaller white towels were neatly folder on the bed next to a massage pillow.

The Practice was providing one surprise after another. ‘Someone’s been busy,’ I teased, turning briefly to look at Doctor Love and Maddisyn.

A lambs-wool rug was in front of the fireplace, a fire burning brightly in the grate and massage oil in a bowl warming on the tiled surround. The drapes were closed and the room lit by the antique lamps on the matching cherry-wood bedside tables. One had another bowl of oil on a heating pad and a jug of water and some glasses.

We moved towards the fireplace. ‘I know how you like an open fire,’ Doctor Love said, his arms wrapping around my waist and pulling me into his embrace.

I watched Maddisyn get things ready as Doctor Love kissed me neck and sucked delicately at the scented skin, sending a shiver through me. She turned on some relaxing background music and lit two scented candles on the mantelpiece and turned to unleash my robe.

Doctor Love assisted with the robe’s removal and handed it to Maddisyn who neatly suspended it over one of the antique blue velvet chairs.

‘What lovely lingerie and it looks even better on you,’ he grinned, his flattery always amusing me.

‘Let’s see what you’ve got on,’ I teased unleashing his robe.

I smiled at Doctor Love’s erection and licked my lips before turning to meet Maddisyn’s gaze. ‘How would you like us to start?’ I grinned, arousal masking any nervousness.

‘I’ll leave the sexual therapy to you both and I’ll give you a wicked massage,’ she grinned back.

I stepped onto the rug and dropped to me knees. The warmth radiating from the glowing fire felt lovely as it cast flashes of bright light over my almost naked body. Doctor joined me, standing with her cock enticingly twitching opposite my face.

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