Morgan and her Grandpa Pt. 05

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*All characters are 18 years of age or older.


Once a week, Grandpa Henry had a poker game with his buddies, and in early July it was his turn to host. When Morgan found out who was coming, she offered to help out by serving drinks and food. She had a very different plan though. This was Morgan’s chance at fulfilling another fantasy, a grandpa gangbang. All the old timers arrived around 7 pm. Several minutes later, the taboo loving beauty came down the stairs wanting to make a grand entrance.

To Grandpa Henry’s surprise, Morgan was wearing her slutty French maid outfit. She had her long blonde hair in a flirty ponytail and was wearing bright pink lipstick. All of Grandpa Henry’s pals had their eyes glued to the tender tight teen as she slowly came down the stairs. Her outfit barely contained her voluptuous D-cup tits and showed a little cheek when she bent over. The ensemble consisted of a black low-cut mini dress with ruffled white mesh trim, a small white satin apron, frilly black and white headpiece, sheer black thigh high stockings, and 4-inch high heels.

She looked absolutely incredible as she finally made her way to the bottom of the stairs. “Hey boys, I am your servant for the night.” Grandpa Henry began to worry; he knew his teen slut was capable of anything and loved old cock. She was so happy to see that all five of Grandpa Henry’s poker buddies had shown up.

“Sweetie, why are you wearing that, and where did you get it?” questioned a confused and mortified Grandpa Henry. He tried to appear as if he had never seen her dressed like that before.

“I wanted to look the part for you guys,” responded Morgan in a soft tone. Grandpa Henry didn’t know what to say as he stared at his granddaughter in silence.

“Do you guys, not like it?” questioned a pouty Morgan.

Grandpa Antonio quickly answered, “It’s fine with me.”

Grandpa Henry didn’t appreciate his friend condoning his granddaughter’s appearance, but he was still at a loss for words.

“You definitely look the part,” added Grandpa Leonard.

“Thank you!” said the young beauty. She proceeded to get some snacks for the grandpas. They all knew her well but had never seen her dressed in such a sexy outfit. She had spent time with them many times as they all had granddaughters around her age. Over the years, she had caught them checking out her developing body and was confident she could make her fantasy come true. After putting some snacks out, Morgan took their drink orders one by one. As she approached a grandpa, she bent over the table and put her ample cleavage in each of their faces. She kept purposely dropping things so she could bend over. She was not subtle at all. The poker game came to an absolute standstill as the old timers were preoccupied with the barely legal babe flaunting herself like a stripper. Morgan’s antics were testing her grandpa’s patience.

After taking their drink orders, Morgan took off to the kitchen. Grandpa Henry was wondering what was taking her so long as she had been gone for quite awhile. Morgan eventually came out of the kitchen with six cold beers for the grandpas. She slowly put the beers in front of each senior. This time, the naughty teen got so close to the grandpas, her breasts brushed against them as she sat the drinks in front of them, making contact with either their shoulder or cheek.

The teasing didn’t stop there. Morgan had poured a glass of ice water for herself. She scooped a big piece of ice out of the glass and pressed it close to her neck. The melted ice ran down over her supple breasts. Grandpa Dean was dealing when he got a glimpse of what Morgan was doing with the ice. He froze in amazement. The others turned toward the tender teen to see what had stopped their friend in his tracks. “It is so hot in here,” complained Morgan. With all eyes on her again, she scooped out another ice cube and held it over her head. She tilted her head back, opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out. As the ice melt, it dripped onto the naughty granddaughter’s tongue.

After her little performance, she turned back around and headed toward the kitchen. The old boys got to see her sweet round ass wiggle back into the kitchen. Morgan had raised her dress when she was in the kitchen the first time which allowed the poker perverts to see most of her ass. Grandpa Henry was trying to think of an excuse to end the night; he knew his granddaughter was likely up to something more than just teasing.

The second time, she came out of the kitchen with drinks, the old boys got an even better show. Morgan had taken off everything but the white satin apron. The apron covered only her nipples and pussy but covered no part of her from behind. Grandpa Henry and his friends didn’t notice at first as they were finally focused on the game. They were not looking up from the table. Morgan had to get their attention. She turned around and purposely dropped her glass on the hardwood floor. The seniors turned to Morgan to find her bent over picking up pieces of the glass.

The view could not have been more spectacular. Morgan’s long toned curvy legs and perfect backside were on full display. bakırköy escort The grandpa’s concentration stayed on Morgan until she again wiggled back into the kitchen, giving them a long look at her naked tight teen ass. “Call me when you gentleman need a refill,” said a giggling Morgan while disappearing into the kitchen.

Grandpa Henry had seen enough and stomped into the kitchen. “What the hell are you doing?”

“I got really warm,” replied a pouty Morgan.

“They are going to tell everyone what they just saw.”

“No they won’t,” she scoffed.

“How could you know that. You stay in here the rest of the night,” demanded an angry Grandpa Henry.

She, of course, did not listen. The next time Morgan came out of the kitchen, the nubile teen was now in her birthday suit. The only thing she left on was her 4-inch high heels. “That apron was too hot, hope you boys don’t mind.” The old timers looked her up and down. They were amazed by the petite beauty’s huge natural tits and plump apple bottom. Morgan’s bald pussy was like a magnet for the old boy’s stares. They were speechless and waited for Grandpa Henry to react. “Grandpa Henry is worried you grandpas are going to tell everyone about me showing off my ass… and well I guess now my tits and tight little pussy. But, I know after you give me what I want., you grandpas won’t tell anyone.”

“What do you want, honey?” asked Grandpa Antonio. Grandpa Henry gave him the look of death but he didn’t care, he had to find out what she wanted.

“I want a grandpa gangbang.” The old timers began to look at one another with shock and delight. “You are all going to fuck me, and I’m going to suck all your grandpa cocks.” You could have heard a pin drop. After what felt like an eternity to everyone around the poker table, Grandpa Henry’s little whore broke the silence. “Don’t worry boys; Grandpa Henry has been playing with my little pussy for weeks.”

“Morgan!” shouted Grandpa Henry.

Morgan ignored her grandpa’s anger. “I know how to please a grandpa cock.” She again grabbed some ice out of glass sitting on the poker table and sucked on it like it was a cock. She proceeded to rub the ice cube on her pink nipples making them hard. This time the grandpa’s watched the melting ice run down her entire body and drip off her pussy lips.

“Now, how many of you grandpas want to fuck my little pussy? Raise your hands if you do?” They slowly raised their hands as they stared at Morgan making sure not to look in the direction of her grandpa and their friend. “Now, how many of you grandpas understand why Grandpa Henry fucked his little granddaughter? Again raise your hands if you do?” They again all slowly raised their hands. “See Grandpa, they understand.”

Morgan left the room and came back moments later with her purse. She then reached into her purse and pulled out a little plastic container. “I have something here to make sure you are all up to the task.” She usually didn’t like for the men she was going to fuck to take any type of enhancer. She took pride in making any cock come to life. But this time, she just wanted to fulfill her fantasy of a grandpa gangbang and wanted to ensure they all participated. Each man accepted the little blue pill (Viagra) even Grandpa Henry decided to try it. He knew there was no point of putting up a fight; his granddaughter always got what she wanted.

Morgan again left the room without telling them where she was going. Grandpa Henry had trouble making eye contact with his friends as Morgan had gone upstairs to get something. She came back downstairs with a black gym bag. Grandpa Henry was well aware what was inside. It contained a wide variety of sex toys he had purchased per his kinky granddaughter’s request. She sat down on the couch in front of her soon to be fuck buddies for the night. She proceeded to spread her legs far apart and rub herself all over. She moaned as she pinched her pink erect nipples, caressed her tender thighs and rubbed her throbbing clit.

She eventually took a large black dildo out of the gym bag and teased her pussy with it. “You grandpa’s want to see my tight little pussy take this big black dong?” Grandpa Henry’s five friends simultaneously nodded yes. “I can’t hear you?” They quietly said yes. “Last chance, if I can’t hear you this time, no show.” This time the grandpa’s yelled yes!.

“That’s more like it.” She began fucking herself with it relentlessly. After preparing her teen cunt for a grandpa pounding, she seductively licked her juices off of the dildo. Morgan had hoped this show would get the old boys ready for action. It clearly worked. One by one, they pulled out their stiffening ancient pricks and stroked them as they enjoyed the show. “Looks like my grandpas are ready to play with me.” Only Grandpa Henry resisted stroking himself.

No one wanted to be the first to get up from the table. “Come on, don’t be shy.” None of Grandpa Henry’s friends budged an inch from their seats. It was one thing to stroke their cocks as they watched the young naked teen masturbate, it was another actually to touch her. Morgan became increasingly impatient bakırköy eve gelen escort and said, “if you grandpas don’t get up now, none of you get to play with this 18-year-old little pussy, and my mouth won’t be pleasuring your grandpa cocks.”

“Just go to her guys, I know you all want to,” said a defeated Grandpa Henry. He figured if he gave them his approval it would get it over with sooner.

They all got up from the table at the same time and moved toward the young cock slut sitting on the couch with legs spread. The seniors began to fondle Morgan, exploring her body with their hands and mouths. Grandpa Dean was obsessed with Morgan’s supple D-cup tits. He sucked on them like a baby on a bottle while his 75-year-old friend sucked on the teen slut’s throbbing clit. Grandpa Henry was feeling every emotion possible as he watched his friends maul his granddaughter’s naked body. But his anger and embarrassment were losing the battle to his arousal and 9-inch hardon breaking through his pants.

Grandpa Antonio was tired of waiting his turn. He told his poker buddies to let him at the 18-year-old beauty. Grandpa Antonio was in good shape like Grandpa Henry and was still sexually active. He flipped Morgan over onto her stomach. She was now in doggy position draped over the couch with her knees on the floor. Grandpa Antonio wasted no time feeding the teen slut’s pussy as he rubbed her virgin asshole with his thumb. He pounded away as his friends enjoyed the show. Morgan had become lost in the moment and at first didn’t realize, Grandpa Antonio, had penetrated her sweet ass with his thumb. “Wow is that ever tight,” commented Grandpa Antonio.

“Grandpa Antonio, you are a dirty grandpa. Sticking your thumb up my ass.” Morgan pushed back against Grandpa Antonio which let his thumb get deeper. She began to moan louder and louder as the ecstasy of the double penetration became overpowering. “I want to taste it.” Grandpa Antonio took his thumb out of her tight asshole and presented it to Morgan’s mouth. She sucked on it and moaned. “That tastes so good.” He then put his thumb back in her ass. “I hope someday my grandpa will stick his big cock in my ass.”

“I will,” yelled Grandpa Antonio in excitement.

“No, I promised Grandpa Henry he will be the first,” said Morgan as she grinned at her grandpa.

Luckily there were five grandpas, they each got a rest while the others were playing with their teen fuck toy for the night.

Grandpa Otis was the oldest man involved as he was about to turn eighty. He struggled to stay hard during his turn with Morgan. Luckily for him, she knew exactly what to do. One of her favorite arrows in her quiver was talking like a dirty little whore. It never failed in the past. “Yeah just like that Grandpa Otis, that feels so good.”

Morgan leaned in close to the 80-year-old and whispered in his ear. “You can pretend I’m Anna.” Anna was his 19-year-old granddaughter. Grandpa Otis cock stiffened from the very thought of sex with his own granddaughter. Morgan continued to whisper in his ear to ensure his ancient prick would complete its task.

“Oh Grandpa, keep fucking your little granddaughter.”

“Anna loves riding her grandpa’s big cock.”

Grandpa Otis blurted out, “Oh Anna!” as he shot his seed into Morgan’s slick snatch. He began to blush. The blonde bombshell kissed him on the lips and said reassuringly. “It’s okay. She will never find out.”

Grandpa Leonard put his hand around Morgan’s throat and forced her off of Grandpa Otis. He pushed her onto the floor and ordered her to get on all fours. He had watched Morgan respond to Grandpa Antonio’s forceful approach and decided to follow suit.

He held onto her petite shoulders as he fed her cum lined pussy from behind with powerful strokes. It wasn’t long, however before he ran out of steam. Morgan recognized this right away as she been accustomed to spotting a tired grandpa from her time with Grandpa Henry. Morgan pushed back against Grandpa Leonard allowing him to stay still and save his energy.

Grandpa Samuel slowly knelt down in front of the young slut. A wide-eyed Morgan grinned at him and said, “Fuck my mouth, Grandpa Samuel.” She then opened wide and was now getting pounded from both ends. For the next half hour, the grandpas took turns spit roasting Morgan. The old timers were not used to such a long fuck fest. They desperately needed a break. The young slut told them to sit down, and she would service them with her mouth during what she referred to as the intermission. Grandpa Henry was finally ready to give in, and he joined his friends on the couch. Morgan smiling ear to ear went straight to her favorite grandpa and proceeded to devour his massive dick.

She licked, sucked and kissed their ancient pricks as they prepared for the second half of Morgan’s first grandpa gangbang. The poker perverts were experiencing oral sex like they never had before. Morgan sucked on their balls, deep throated all 6 of them, and let them fuck her soft, supple huge teen tits. She stared up at them with her gorgeous blue eyes with a mouthful of cock. The bakırköy grup yapan escort experienced blonde slut knew the eye contact had a positive effect on men, and she loved to watch the reaction to her oral skills.

Morgan decided to give Grandpa Dean’s mushroom a little bite. He wasn’t expecting it and yelped. “I guess I have been a naughty granddaughter and need to be punished.” Grandpa Leonard moved behind Morgan and smacked her right cheek with little force. “Is that all you got?” Grandpa Leonard proceeded to smack Morgan’s apple bottom over and over with more force. Each slap produced a moan of ecstasy from the young beauty.

“Henry, your granddaughter, is one naughty little slut,” said Grandpa Leonard. She loved to hear that, but Grandpa Henry had mixed feelings.

“Okay grandpas, my jaw is getting tired. I think it is time for more grandpa cock in my pussy.”

For the next hour, the old timers took turns fucking Grandpa Henry’s gorgeous granddaughter one at a time. They didn’t have the stamina to tag team her anymore. Morgan was getting a good work out as she spent most of the hour doing what she called “riding the grandpa train.” Grandpa Henry, however, had not yet taken a turn inside Morgan’s pussy. He enjoyed the show but was shy about pounding his granddaughter in front of all his friends. Morgan was getting impatient and was not going to wait any longer for a dicking from her favorite ancient cock. She wanted Grandpa Henry’s friends to watch the two of them. It was a fantasy of hers that she was going to make sure happened. She decided to speak up as she rode one of his friends. “Come on Grandpa, show your friends how you fuck your little cock slut. I want it, Grandpa; I need that fat grandpa cock.”

“Go ahead Henry, give the little whore what she wants,” encouraged Grandpa Antonio. The other poker perverts began to egg him on.

Grandpa Henry finally gave in and approached his teen beauty. He bent down in front of her and slowly licked her pink wetness. “Mmm yes Grandpa, lick my wet little pussy!” Morgan loved being watched and had never been so turned on. Grandpa Henry knew what his granddaughter loved. He sucked on her throbbing clit while he finger fucked her relentlessly. Morgan put her hands to good use by stroking two of the grandpas with Grandpa Henry between her legs.

Grandpa Antonio didn’t want the young teen’s hand; he wanted her mouth. He knelt next to her on the couch and presented his stiff prick for sucking.

Grandpa Antonio pulled his prick out of Morgan’s mouth which gave her the opportunity to scream, “Grandpa I need that cock!”

Grandpa Henry parted Morgan’s pussy lips slowly with the head of his cock sending shivers down her spine. He rubbed the hood of his granddaughter’s clit as inch after inch of his thick shaft disappeared inside her.

“Give me all 9 inches grandpa.”

Morgan wrapped her toned legs around her grandpa and pulled him in. They kissed passionately as he continued to thrust harder and deeper into her wetness.

“Oh yes! Grandpa harder, yes harder!”

Grandpa Henry gazed into his granddaughter’s gorgeous blue eyes as he pounded her with his 9-inch meat stick. Grandpa Henry slowly pulled the entire length of his 9-inch cock out of her tight teen pussy until just his mushroom head was inside. Then, with all his force, he slammed it all the way back in his granddaughter. Grandpa Henry did this over and over as his granddaughter groaned with every thrust. He began to pick up the pace but did not let up on the force in which he slammed his cock into Morgan. He braced himself on the couch as he ran out of steam.

“You are gonna make me cum, Grandpa!” Her entire body began to shudder with ecstasy. “I’m cumming!”

All of Grandpa Henry’s friends began clapping and cheering on Morgan’s climax.

After Morgan had composed herself, she knelt down on the floor and ordered the old timers to surround her. Now in the middle of her grandpas, she began to rub her pussy. “I want all my grandpas to cover my face with my reward.” Morgan was exactly where she wanted to be, surrounded by over 400 years of grandpa cock. “Come on, cover me,” she moaned.

Grandpa Leonard was the first to reward Morgan with a warm shot right between her eyes. The site of the teen beauty taking a shot in the face put the other old timers over the top. Within seconds, grandpa after grandpa iced Morgan’s face making her one happy little whore. But there was still one man who hadn’t unloaded on Morgan. Grandpa Henry was the last to shoot his load on the kneeling dirty cum slut that was his granddaughter. Only for Grandpa Henry did she open her mouth. “Come on Grandpa; I’m hungry, feed me.”

Grandpa Henry put his hand behind his granddaughter’s head as he shoved his prick down her throat and began firing a massive load. This time, however, she didn’t swallow. He kept his cock in Morgan’s mouth until he went soft. As Grandpa Henry sat down on the couch to catch his breath, the blonde beauty with a mouthful of his seed walked over to the poker table. Morgan then began to spit the cum that was in her mouth into a glass. She then wiped as much cum as possible off her face and dropped it into the glass too. She smiled at the old men who were focusing in amazement at her every move, she raised the glass over her head, bent her head back and slowly poured the glass full of grandpa jizz down her throat. Morgan like a good cum slut, licked the glass clean making sure not to waste a drop.

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