Mother Found Out Later

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I was having the most erotic and sexiest dream of my life. I was in bed, it was the middle of the night and my husband was a mere three feet away, maybe a little more. I knew he was there, but it didn’t matter. He had a serious road accident many years ago and has suffered with back trouble ever since.

It has resulted in us buying a super duper orthopaedic bed, it is in one enormous 7ft frame, but we have different mattresses. Mine is a normal one, his is all singing all dancing. It can sit up, prop his feet up, tip from side to side, whichever way he wants to lay, at the press of buttons he can find it. He leads a near normal life, goes to work and his desk chair is a supersonic chair as well.

He also has to wear a back brace, which has dealt a near death blow to our sex life. Hence I have a few different vibrators. And shamefully, to me, twice in the past, I have to confess I have stepped off my moral platform and on to the other side of the tracks, purely for gratification I assure you.

But this dream was so real I let it carry me to where it was going. My nipples were being kissed and sucked, tweaked and nibbled. It was so glorious, in my dream I put my knuckles into my mouth to keep myself from moaning. My lover knew exactly where I needed him, I knew who he was, but he was also a stranger, I could see him plainly, yet he was in a haze.

His breath on my cheek burned me up with passion, I wanted to cum. He kissed me softly, gently, urgently, need fully, passionately. My lips were quivering, my tongue touched his, I sucked on it. His hand cupped my cunt, I sleep naked in the warm summer months, and under a soft flannelette sheet, nothing more.

As his finger found me I raised my knees and parted them, I wanted my lover to have full access to all of me. I looked at my husband, he was snoring peacefully. I looked at the clock, it was 4.12 in the morning. I looked at me in my dream, and I smiled at me. My smile was happy, yet I could feel the desperation in me, I needed to cum and badly.

I am Laura James, I am good looking, more good looking than beautiful. I am 5ft 5″ and weigh around 125lbs, I am cuddly now, something to get hold in my opinion. My hair is still as black as the day I was born. There is some South American or Asian blood in me. My eyes are wide and deep dark, eyes brows that need no attention, a pert nose, and full heart shaped lips. My hair is still glossy, thick, and silky. I wear it short into my neck, it doesn’t have a parting as such, but I keep a long fringe, the dangles and catch my long eye lashes.

My face and my hair are my man eye poppers, Jerry, my husband hates it, but I love the attention I still get. Laughingly, and sometimes, if I am annoyed at him. I say to him sometimes.

“I may need to find me a man who can keep me happy, Jerry, you can’t now can you?” And to be honest when we have discussed our ‘none’ sex life, he has hinted that me dipping my foot into the water, he says, He wouldn’t be happy, but he would understand.

So here I am, in my dream with my dream lover who is killing me with his sexiness and the need for him to make love to me. Then wonder of wonders he is leaning over me. I take him in my arms and he sinks into me, my feet climb his broad back, my hands take him, my nails gently but firmly rake his hard iron back. Oh I love digging my talons in, or I used to back in the day! And I am full of him, his shaft is stiff and hard.

I bite his neck softly, but also to stifle my cry of bliss, he moves in me, I move to him, he is right on top of me, his shaft splitting me, I cum, he pushes and presses, I cum again, my life is at last fulfilled once more. He kisses me with his love, I kiss him back with mine, then he grunts softly, I feel him jerk and spasm, I jerk and spasm with him. He fills me with his cum, it explodes in me, it over flows.

My life as I know it is complete again. Then he is gone, leaving me totally happy and completely sad. I love him, I want him again, I want to tell Jerry I have been found and my life has been saved. When I open my eyes, the bright new day is streaming the windows, morning light is with me.

I lament at losing my lover, I want to dream of him again. I turn to Jerry who is still asleep and then I feel it, my body is wonderfully sore, my nipples are aching, my lips are slightly bruised. But then I feel my vagina, it is wet, it is wet with cum.

Was it a dream? It had to be, what else could have been so real without being real? But I had all the hall marks of being made love to, to being dreamily seduced and loved by my dream lover. I got up, and hurried into the bizimkent escort bathroom, there I examined myself, there was no doubt about it. I had made love, I had been made love to, I was bruised and I was full of cum, man cum.

I raced back into the bedroom, the evidence was there on the bed, cum stains, wet cum stains, almost a puddle of my own, but definitely man cum too. I shot back into the bathroom, got clean sheets and quickly remade my half of the bed. I threw the dirty linen into the basket for washing. Then I showered, I was in shock, yet the glorious feeling of being night fucked was about me like a steel jacket.

“Antony,” I thought, “Antony is the only other other man in the house,” I raced around the house looking for a break in, had I been raped? Nothing, my home was a secure as a bank vault, it always is, No one could get in without being detected. “Antony,” I thought again, my own son? “No, it couldn’t have been?”

Okay, I said to myself then who? My husband? Not a chance, I was there remember, I told myself. I sat in my kitchen remembering the glory of it all, It was so real. Then realisation, it was real! I had the marks, my aching nipples, my wonderful bodily soreness, and the undeniable cum in me, and stains on my sheets. My pussy well remembered the stiff hard shaft, no question about that. It was real, it had happened!

Jerry came down, “Morning Laura, you seem a bit agitated, are you alright?” he asked me.

“I am fine Jerry thank you, I think?” I answered. “Are you, did you sleep well?”

“Like a log,” he told me, “listen Laura, I know its Saturday and we go shopping, but there are few things I need to do in the office. I’ll be gone 3 or 4 hours, will that be okay?”

“Yes Jerry,” I said, “have a coffee and get off, I’ll see you later.” He left about 20 minutes later.

“What shall I do about my son Antony,” my mind had made itself up, it could be no one but him, absolutely no one. I had decided. “What had he been thinking, coming into our bedroom and doing that, all hell would have been let loose if his father had woken up.

After much toing and froing in my head, I made my way up to have a talk with him. I opened his door quietly, he was still asleep, he was turned toward the window and away from me, with the covers down to his waist. I looked at him, he was so peaceful. I was about to step in when my eye sight caught some thing. He had what looked like nail marks on his back, my nail marks. I thought about where my right hand would have been when I held on to my lover. Then I thought about where my left hand would have been too. And I pictured them to be right where the marks on my son’s back were. It was him, it had to be! My son had seduced me in my sleep, he had made love to me, my son had fucked me to heaven and back.

Now I knew my dream had been more real than I could ever have imagined. I felt a sudden rush of love for him, last night, months, if not years of frustration had seeped out of me through the very pores of my skin. I had had unimaginable joy of sexual release, dissatisfaction had been banished. I had had plenty of love but nothing to show for it. My boy had somehow, for some reason seen it, noted it, known it, and decided, bless him to do something about it.

The fact that it was wrong, was it? I wondered, made no difference to him, he loved me, he loved me enough to take his life, my life, our life, in his hands and love me. And standing there staring at him I could not bring myself to decry him.

I found myself sitting on the edge of his bed, facing up it, not away. My hands in my lap, what should I do. I willed him to waken, he stirred as if in response. His head whipped around over his shoulder, and he saw me looking at him. The look on my face must have said something to him.

“Mom,” he mumbled and turned back and dropped down on to his pillow again.

“Darling,” I whispered, though my voice was throaty, husky. “Can we talk please?” I begged.

“What about?” he muttered not looking at me.

“I think we both know don’t we?”

“Nope,” he said.

Taking a chance I said. “You were naughty last night, I never knew it was you, I convinced myself it was a dream, but I know now it wasn’t, but I am alright Antony though, I’m okay darling, honestly.”

“You are okay, really?” He said over his shoulder.

“Yes I am Antony,” He half turned to me and said.

“So, you did enjoy it, I knew you had, almost as much as me,” I heard a stifled snigger.

“I feel I must confess Antony, though bostancı escort I should not, as a dream it was ecstatic, but yes I did like it for what it was.”

“You didn’t mind me sneaking in then, and doing it with you, to you?”

“Like I said Antony, I really believed I was dreaming. I knew I was fully awake, yet I thought I was fully asleep.”

“I loved it mom, I love you, I have wanted to do that with you forever,” he told me mumbling his words.

I thought about this, I was still in shock, but in my mind I knew he was our saviour, his dads, and mine. And that was where I turned everything on its head. Without thinking, without really knowing, or even realising what I was doing. I stood up, unzipped my dress, dropped it and everything else to the floor in a flash, and I got into bed with him. I was completely naked.

“Mom,” he mumbled as I put my arm around him.

“And,” I said with a silly giggle, “You liked being a naughty boy Antony. Well now I want you to be as naughty as you were last night with me again, alright!”

I never gave him chance to answer me because my hand closed around what I would learn to be a very impressive member. His dad was going to be saved from the ignominy of having his wife ‘outed’ for having a secret lover in the near future. I knew I was heading in that direction one day soon..

Though this would take some getting used to, and if, and when his father found out about Antony and I, then a solution would have to be found. I had already solved that in my head, Antony was not going anywhere until it was his time to leave. His dad would have to get used to it, or learn about his wife, that she would be ‘stepping’ out!

“Your dad will be back in a couple of hours Antony,” I said, “got any plans?” My hand was travelling up and down his whopping shaft, I knew the answer to that question already, he was a man wasn’t he? A beautiful woman, his mom yes, had a hold of him, his mind would not let him go anywhere, not now!

“As a matter of fact mom I do,” he said spinning round to face me.

“You had better tell me what they are then,” I told him, so I can be read…” Ready for you, was what I was going to say. But he stopped that by ramming his beautiful cock into me before he was even on top, or that was the way it seemed. I couldn’t breathe, he emptied my lungs with one enormous thrust.

“Arggggh, Oh Antony,” was all I got out as I clambered my arms and legs about him, everything was in automatic.

In an instant he was banging me, his body was like a jack hammer. His youthful exuberance for it was too much for him to take his time, but did I care, did I!! His eyes were glazed, he wasn’t in control of himself, and I just let him do it. He pounded climaxes out of me like I had never had one.

It was beautiful, full on, manic, crazy loving and fucking. If I had been a jockey on top of a horse, I would be giving him his head. I didn’t need to, my son was out of the stalls and headlong after the winning post, me! I accepted his throttling dominance, he just plain, to be blunt about it, fucked me from pillar to post.

I never stood a chance, it was the most exciting and exhilarating time I have ever had. He could have ended up breaking every bone in my body, he wrecked me completely. Eventually it was his turn and I was glad, I could not have stood much more hammering like this. Antony grunted loudly, his head reared up, He held me in his iron grip, he slammed into me, his whole body stiffened, and he came, buckets of it flooded me, then flooded out.

A minute later, maybe, he rolled away, flat on his back, me on mine, I was unable to move, my knees broken apart, my arms sideways, my eyes on the ceiling. Then in my eye line he appeared, he had a concerned look on his face, but a small smile too.

The cheeky sod then said snidely.

“Was that good enough for you mom, hmmm?” I felt him plop back down on the bed.

Was it good enough? He asked. Good enough? I had never ever had better! I was still shuddering, my belly was still doing post cum flip flops. Eventually I turned to him and slipped my arm around his waist.

“I can’t wait for you to keep being naughty with me again darling,” I whispered.

“Every day mom, every time I can get to you, I am going to be there.” I smiled at his sincerity, but I also wondered how this would pan out. His dad would know something was wrong, he would think I had taken a lover, nd I know he would accept it for the reason that he couldn’t perform any büyükçekmece escort more. But would he accept his own son as the man, the ‘man’ in my life, the man of the house. That his wife would belong to his son.

He came home from the office, and within about two hours he asked me what was wrong. I had changed, he said, dramatically, he told me. I fobbed him off, I said he was imagining things, but the look in his eye told me he knew something was off, out of kilter! He must have asked me ten times during the rest of that day. So, getting angry I said.

“I might have met someone, someone I like,” I told him, that was it. But the look on his face after a few seconds said it all. “Another man!”He fumed. He turned and walked away, I heard the door slam. Five seconds after that I was on my knees sucking off my immediately dominant son. I gave everything I had, I chased him, I wanted him, I needed him, he was, without doubt now.

“My man”!

I guzzled down every drop my son blew into my mouth, I never missed a drop, my lips felt as if they had been injected, they were swollen and wonderfully painful. Antony kissed me, we were on our way to becoming real lovers. I never held back, kissing him like this was strange, but I would get used to it very quickly, of that I was certain.

Antony and I made love while his dad was out doing whatever it was he was doing, I didn’t care. Though I knew there would be an inquisition later. I was sitting on the sofa waiting when he came home, he had been drinking, he was tipsy rather than drunk.

“So you slag,” he bawled at me, “you have met someone, someone you like Hey?”

“Yes as it happens, I have,” I never hesitated.

“And I suppose the sex is great then too?”

“It’s fantastic,” I said, I shouldn’t have said that, but, in for a penny, in for a pound, I thought.

This rocked him. “You haven’t been near me for months,” I shouted, “you are not interested any more, but I am, still!”

“You know I have had issues in that department,” he reiterated.

“Yes you have, but don’t kid me, you don’t even want to now, so don’t lie!” His look was one of admittance, he knew I was right, sex to him was a chore he no longer wanted to have to do.

“If it’s someone I know, I don’t want to know,” he said.

“Oh don’t worry, its not one of your friends,” I told him.

“I don’t want to split or divorce,” he pleaded.

“That will be up to you, I have already decided I am not going to give him up, so you will have to get used to it!” This rocked him again.

“Do I know who it is?”

A voice in the doorway said, “Yes dad you do, it’s me.” I hadn’t seen Antony enter, and I certainly never expected him to say that either.

“What, you? What do you mean its you?”

“I am Karens new guy dad, we are together, you are moving out of the front bedroom today, or you are leaving altogether, your choice,” he told his dad, and he slipped his arm around my waist protectively.

I stared at his dad wondering what reaction all that would begin. He spluttered and shook his head, as he was. Antony pulled me out of the room, in the hallway he kissed me.

“Well Karen, it’s out in the open now, and he either has to accept it, or he has to leave, what’s your opinion?”

Quick as a flash I said. “Same as yours darling, it’s the same as yours.”

“Come on,” he said, he took my hand and we went for a drive to think and plan. When we got back, he was still there. Bluntly I said, hands on hips. “Well!”

He looked at me, and said. “Well, thinking about it, its a better option than splitting or divorcing, and that it’s no one I know, apart from your boyfriend being ‘our’ son. I suppose I can go with it, but do not cavort in front of me, okay!”

I turned and walked out, I said to Antony, “Come on babes, let’s get his bed moved to the back of the house, and our bedroom is ‘ours’ now,” I giggled. He went into the room, I could hear him talking to his dad, but couldn’t hear what was being said. I asked him, he said it didn’t matter, but it was settled, he was the man of the house now, and his dad was our reluctant provider.

It was weird sleeping with my son proper on that first night, and to be honest it wasn’t all plain sailing, why? Because he screwed me in the ass. I begged him not to, but I knew I had to, it was going to be a part of who we were. I hope his dad never heard me cry out when he rammed me. But I have to admit, having my first anal climax is something I will never forget.

Five years later we are still lovers, his dad had just moved out. Antony has a good job, we are self sufficient, we have to be don’t we, what with our 1 year old daughter to care for. My body is open all hours to my insatiable son. And really, that was the reason his dad finally moved on, and I am glad too, he was a real pain in the ass, not mine though!

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