Mother , Son Celebrate Christmas Ch. 07

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Warning: The Pretend Game is just a game of pretend. DO NOT PLAY THE PRETEND GAME AT HOME without professional supervision.

No characters in this story are underage. Mother is 49-years-old and her son is 28-years-old


Not just playing a game, mother and son celebrate Christmas by having sex.

Continuing the game of pretend, Janice leaned in to French kiss her son, Jerry. Giving him a motherly kiss was acceptable but French kissing her son with open mouths and probing tongues, while touching and feeling one another through their clothes, was a sexually scandalous and provocatively daring move to make. With incest taboo and forbidden, for the sake of having an incestuous relationship with her son, Janice now lost all sense and sensibilities in playing this game of pretend. Too surreally realistic in their lust for one another, no one in their right mind would ever believe that they could pretend enough to not realize that a mother was having sex with her son and a son was having sex with his mother. Thinking otherwise in seemingly believing that they were someone else, other than mother and son, was just a ruse that they both needed to play to play a game of pretend.

Equally as wicked in his lust for his mother as she was in her lust for her son, Jerry French kissed his mother while obviously pretending that she was Cynthia and Janice French kissed Jerry while not pretending that he was David but her son. Yet, as if both had lost their minds in their loneliness, their depravity, and their sexual attraction for one another, how far were they willing to go in their incestuous, sexual debauchery? Would they get naked? Would they lick, suck, and fuck one another? Would this sexual fantasy only be a onetime adventure or would this Christmas celebration develop into a mother and son sexual relationship that would span for years?

If they could pull this off by pretending that they were indeed someone else, what’s so wrong with a mother making love to her son while pretending that he was her dead husband and a son making love to his mother while pretending that she was his ex-wife? If they could come together under the pretense of playing a game, wouldn’t more mothers and sons explore the forbidden fruits of incest if playing The Game of Pretend was the way to do that without repercussions, without guilt, and without remorse? Maybe most mothers and sons who have incestuous sex don’t have guilt or remorse.

Having no control over how they sexually feel about one another, maybe most mothers and sons who have had incestuous sex allow the sexual excitement to wash over them in the way that a wave washes over them at the shore. She wondered how many of her girlfriends lusted over their sons. She wondered how many of her girlfriends’ sons lusted over their mothers. She wondered how many women she knew were already having sex with their sons. Having been happening for hundreds of years, a mother having sex with her son, surely, she wasn’t the only one.

By playing pretend, and obviously unbeknownst to Jerry, this was his mother’s justifiable way for her to have incestuous sex with her son without either of them having all of the guilt and remorse associated with such a forbidden relationship. By playing pretend, and obviously unbeknownst to Janice, maybe this was his justifiable way for him to have incestuous sex with his mother without him having all of the guilt and remorse associated with such a forbidden relationship. Pray tell, how else could two mature adults, who were mother and son and forbidden to do so by normalcy, by decency, and by society, explore one another’s naked bodies while having sex with guilt free consciences?

Kissing and kissing one another without groping her breasts as he did before, Jerry now knew not to feel his mother’s breast until she invited him to do so by the passion of her kisses or in this case, when she felt his cock through his jeans. Feeling him jump when she ran her hand across his bulging erection, she felt more than his cock when she felt her son’s prick through his pants. She felt his surprise and she felt the hardening passion that swelled, throbbed, and pulsated in his pants for her. In the way that she was already so very wet for her son, her son was already so very hard for her.

Taking his growing erection in her hand through his pants, she fingered the head of his cock with her manicured fingers before squeezing it and kneading it in her hand as if she was rolling a fine, handmade, Cuban cigar. Responding to his mother’s signals of her feeling his big prick, it was then and only then that he felt her large breasts through her blouse and bra while French kissing her. The more they played the pretend game and the more the pretend game progressed, the more they kissed, touched, and felt one another, and the more sexually excited they both became.

“Finger my nipples David,” she whispered as if speaking to her long dead husband instead of her much alive son. “I like it when you finger my nipples though my blouse and bra while kissing me. It’s been so long since you felt my tits,” she said whispering what she beşiktaş escort wanted and what she needed in his ear.

Obviously with Janice in control of this mother and son sexual relationship, Jerry obeyed his mother. On the pretense of fingering Cynthia’s nipples through her blouse and bra, he French kissed and French kissed his mother. With each kiss heightening their sexual passion, too late to turn back, there was no stopping their forbidden lust for one another.

“I love feeling your big tits Cynthia,” he said feeling her big tits. “I love fingering your big nipples,” he said pulling at the impressions her nipples made through her clothes to make them bigger and harder while staring down at them.

She looked down at his hands to watch him feel her tits and finger her nipples.

“Squeeze my tits David. I like it when you squeeze my tits,” she said.

As if squeezing oranges for orange juice at breakfast, Jerry squeezed his mother’s tits, no doubt, as if in the way that he’d squeeze Cynthia’s tits. Squeezing one, he squeezed the other. Then, looking up at his mother before looking back down at her exposed breasts, he squeezed her tits again.

“How’s that?”

He looked in her blue eyes before looking down at her breasts. She was so beautiful. She was so sexy, especially with her sitting there topless. By the fact that he was willing to have sex with his mother, he’d do anything to pleasure and or please his mother, even if it meant him squeezing her tits. Normally men revere and regard women’s naked breasts with respect, lust, and desire and squeezing a woman’s tits seemed against the natural order of all things sacred.

“Harder,” she said. “Squeeze them harder. I like having my tits squeezed harder than that. Squeeze them as hard as you can.”

As if his hands were a mammary gland machine during a breast exam or a vice on his work bench, obeying her wishes, he squeezed his mother’s breasts harder while looking at his mother to see if he was hurting her.

“That’s as hard as I can squeeze,” he said. “I don’t want to hurt you.”

“I like having my tits squeezed by your strong hands,” she said. “It feels good when you squeeze my tits like that David,” she said. “Don’t worry about hurting me. You won’t hurt me.”

Jerry looked at his mother as if she was weird and compared to most mothers who aren’t sexually attracted to their sons, she was more than weird. Yet, so wasn’t he weird for being so sexually attracted to his mother. She was as perversely perverted in the way that he was perversely perverted to participate in playing this game of pretend that was nothing more than a prelude to them having incestuous sex.

“I never knew any woman who liked having her tits squeezed,” he said.

With both of them now playing the game, they allowed the game to naturally progress. Jerry started unbuttoning his mother’s blouse one slow button at a time while looking to see what each unbuttoned button revealed before reaching his hand inside to feel her big tits through her bra. In the way that she couldn’t believe he was feeling her naked breasts on his wedding day, temporarily forsaking Cynthia for her, she couldn’t believe her son was back home with her now and feeling her breasts through her bra.

Feeling her bra clad breasts and fondling her boobs through her bra, he squeezed her big breasts while concentrating the touch of his fingertips to the impressions that her hard nipples made through her bra. Following her lead, when she showed sexual excitement to having her nipples fingered, he pulled her nipples out more through her bra with his thumb and index finger. With him feeling her tits and fingering her nipples through her bra, she felt his cock through his pants.

His cock felt so big. His cock felt so hard. She couldn’t wait to see it, to touch it, and to stroke him to an even bigger and harder erection.

“You’re making my nipples so big and so hard,” she said looking down at the nickel sized impressions her nipples made in her bra before looking up at him.

Her sure sign that she was enjoying what he was doing to her nipples, she rewarded him with deep wet kissing while continuing to fondle his cock through his pants. A son having the horny courage to touch and feel his mother was one thing but a mother to not only welcome her son’s sexual advances while touching and feeling her son too was something else entirely. Both wicked in the sexual desire for one another, taking two to play this game, this game of pretend wouldn’t work if both mother and son weren’t hot for one another.

“You do have huge nipples Cynthia,” he said staying in character.

“Thank you,” she said looking down at where he was touching her.

“You’re nipples are so big and so hard,” he said continuing to feel her tits through her bra while fingering her nipples.

“Take off my blouse David,” she said.

Unbuttoning the last few buttons, he removed her blouse. Now with his mother sitting there in her bra and short skirt, his hands were all over his mother’s big, bra clad breasts while kissing beşyol escort her. Touching the tops of her jiggling breasts through her bra, he felt and squeezed her tits while fingering her nipples before boldly sliding his horny hand inside of her bra cups to finger her naked nipple, first one and then the other.

“I love your big tits Cynthia. They feel so soft and yet so firm,” he said. “I love your big nipples. They’re so hard. May I remove your bra Cynthia?”

Interrupting her from her sexual trance while enjoying the sexual touches of her son, as if his question was a needle scratching across a phonograph album, she looked at him with shocked surprise.

“Pardon me for jumping out of character Jerry but you mustn’t ask permission to remove a woman’s bra,” she said. “Especially when that woman is your mother and especially when we’re in the middle of playing a game of pretend,” she said scolding him as his mother and not as his ex-wife.

“Sorry,” he said.

“You wait for the right moment, then when the time is right, you move your hand behind her and unhook her bra. Only, in this case,” she said looking down at her bra before looking up at him to give him a sexy, little laugh, “I’m wearing a front snapping bra. While French kissing me and while feeling my tits and fingering my nipples through my bra, as if you’re a safecracker opening a safe, stealthily unhook me,” she said.

As if telling him the playground was open just for him and her fun bags had his name written all over them, he looked at his mother before looking down at her bra covered breasts with excited sexual anticipation.

“Okay. Got it Cynthia,” he said returning back in character before kissing his mother and while feeling, fondling, and caressing his mother’s big tits.

He concentrated on fingering her big nipples through her bra before reaching in front of her to unhook her bra while kissing her. Taking Cynthia’s sexual excitement as his cue to continue fingering her nipples through her bra, he waited for the right moment when he obviously felt her passion match his. Then, as if untying the bow of an expensive Christmas package, he released her breasts by lifting one side of her bra. As if opening the gates to Heaven, as if Heavenly music was playing loud enough for both of them to hear, “Hallelujah!” her breasts were released. As if her bra was a Tiffany, blue box given to him, instead of to her on Christmas day, with two priceless jewels inside, he stared down at the sight of his mother’s big tits.

“Do you like my tits David?”

She threw back her shoulders and puffed out her chest before looking down at where her son was staring before looking up at him.

“Do I like your tits? Is that a rhetorical question while digging for compliments,” he said with a laugh. “Symmetrically perfect in every way, I absolutely love your tits,” he said staring at her breasts.

“Thank you David,” she said. “I love my breasts too,” she said looking down at her breasts while cupping them in her hands before lifting them up as if offering him her tits to suck.

As if he couldn’t believe his eyes and seemingly afraid to touch them, perhaps because what he was seeing may not be real but a dream or a sexual fantasy and fearing they may disappear, he never removed his eyes from her exposed breasts.

“You have beautiful breasts Cynthia.”

Just as it obviously sexually excited her son to see his mother’s naked breasts, it sexually excited her to show her son her naked breasts. In the way that it happened five, long years ago when he surprised her by walking in on her on his wedding day when she was topless and nearly naked but for her bikini panties, this day topped that day. Without having any of the pretenses of being embarrassed and/or trying to stop him from touching her and feeling her breasts, and without him tickling her as his excuse to touch and feel her big tits, she wanted him to have his wicked way with her boobs. A mother exposing her breasts to her son was just as naughty and nasty as a son staring, touching, and feeling at all that she was showing.

“Touch me David,” she said leaning her breasts to his hand. “Feel my tits. Finger my nipples. You know you make me so wet when you touch me in that way.”

Jerry was all over his mother’s big tits. Touching them, feeling them, cupping them, holding them, caressing them, and squeezing them while staring at them and fingering her nipples, he was so very sexually excited just by having his horny way with her tits while kissing and kissing her. She wondered if he was so sexually excited touching and feeling her tits because he was pretending that they were Cynthia’s tits or her tits, his mother’s tits. In the way that she was so very sexually excited with him touching and feeling her breasts in such an inappropriate way, she’s never felt as much sexual excitement with her husband that she now feels with her son. Just as she’d allow her son to do anything he wanted to do to her topless body, she’d do anything to pleasure and sexually satisfy her son.

“I love your big tits Cynthia. beykent escort I love your big nipples,” he said fingering them, pulling them, turning them, and twisting them while French kissing his mother. “You’re nipples are so big. You’re nipples are so hard,” he said continuing to slide his palms across them while fingering them.

She couldn’t wait for her son to suck her tits. She couldn’t wait for him to take her nipples in his mouth. She couldn’t wait to feel that sexual pleasure that she felt when her husband sucked her tits so very long ago.

“Suck my tits David. Take my nipples in your mouth,” she said putting a gentle hand behind his neck when he leaned down to suck her tits. “Bite my nipples. It makes me hot to have my nipples nibbled.”

Not wasting another second, Jerry took his mother’s big nipples in his mouth, first one and then the other. Sucking her nipple, he gently bit her nipple while he fingered her other nipple. Going back and forth, from one to the other, he French kissed his mother in between sucking her tits. It wasn’t as if mother and son were kissing, touching, fondling, and about to have sex, they were just playing a game.

Not to be outdone by her son, having her own fun, Janice felt Jerry’s hardening prick through his pants before daring herself to unzip him. A huge tear in the fabric of decent society between the normal relations of a mother and her son, the sound of his zipper heralded a warning for her not to continue this lunacy and stop before having sex with her son. When pulling down his zipper as if in slow motion and as if parting the Red Sea, the sound of his zipper made a resounding noise as if there was a split and an incestuous divide between God and the Devil. As if she was reaching her hand in the mailbox to retrieve her mail or reaching through a porthole between Heaven and Hell, she reached her hand inside of his pants to feel his cock through his underwear.

If a mother feeling her son’s cock through his pants wasn’t enough, a long time coming, Janice always wanted to touch and feel Jerry’s naked prick. Wondering if his cock was as big as his father’s big prick, she couldn’t wait to see his big prick, to stroke his stiff cock, and to suck her son’s penis. If only he knew how hot she was for him and for his cock, long before playing this silly and transparent game of pretend, she wondered what he’d think of her. If only he knew that she didn’t need a silly game of pretend to have sex with her son, she wondered if he’d still voluntarily and willingly have sex with her.

She wondered what his reaction would be to her not only putting her hand on his naked cock but also fondling his prick and stroking his dick before putting her mouth on his big prick to suck his cock. Would he want her to continue or would he ask her to stop a game that ultimately would end in them having sex? A son thinking of his mother naked while masturbating was one thing and a mother imagining having sex with her son was something else, but the two of them actually going through with this lunacy with the pretense of playing a silly game of pretend was just nuts. As long as he stayed in character in thinking that she was Cynthia instead of his mother, in the way he was so sexually excited over seeing, feeling, and sucking her tits, she imagined that once she started touching her son’s prick that he’d definitely want her to continue playing the game.

Having imagined holding his cock in her hand so very many times before while masturbating herself, she couldn’t wait to touch him. She couldn’t wait to fondle his cock with her fingertips while staring at his big prick and watching him harden in her hand. She couldn’t wait to wrap her fingers around his stiff prick and stroke him. She couldn’t wait to take his hard dick in her mouth while looking up at him with her big, blue eyes and while sucking him. She couldn’t wait for him to put a gentle hand to the back of her blonde, pretty head while he ejaculated his cum in her mouth and she swallowed him.

A mother doing everything for her son, even sucking and fucking him would be his just reward for sexually satisfying her. Feeling the sexual sensation as if her husband was back in bed with her again, she could only imagine what it would feel like to have her son’s huge monster of a cock inside of her pussy. Having been so long since she had sex with anyone but with her own hand and fingers, she’s been dreaming and sexually fantasizing over this moment for years. Taking it slow and not wanting to rush the first time touching, feeling, and seeing his cock, she teased the head of his prick through his underwear with her fingertips. As much as it obviously sexually aroused him for her to touch him through his pants and fondle him through his underwear, it sexually aroused her too.

After all the months and years she’s masturbated while imagining touching her son’s cock, she couldn’t believe that she was touching her son’s cock now. Feeling his cock through his underwear, the more that she fondled his stiff prick with her fingertips, the bigger and harder it became. While kissing him and kissing him, the more she felt his cock through his underwear, the more that he fingered and sucked her nipples, and the more sexually excited they both became. She couldn’t wait to remove his cock from his pants. She couldn’t wait to see him and stare at him before wrapping her fingers around him.

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