Mrs. Martin Ch. 01

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Big Load

Ch. I: The Picture

Mrs. Martin had assigned her English class to write a paper on a famous person who was still alive for their spring project. They had to have four references; none could be an encyclopedia. Tom had found two in the school library for his topic but was having trouble with the last two. He went to the city library and looked in the catalog for magazine articles and found a bunch to include an interview in Playboy in 1985. Tom went to the library computer and pulled up the first article and downloaded it to his disk and then pulled up the Playboy article. After downloading the article he looked at the table of contents of the magazine and saw there was a pictorial of “College Girls of the Northwest”.

Being a healthy young male with a strong sex drive he went to the page and started to scan the pictures. His eyes nearly fell out of his head as he let out “OH My God” and quickly slapped his hand over his mouth. There was Mrs. Martin, NUDE, of course the name was Sue Brown and she was a little thinner, ’38D-25-35′ was what the write-up said. There was no mistaking that beautiful face and blond hair it was definitely the goddess he had been fantasizing about all year long. Even though she was about 35 and had a couple of kids she still looked as beautiful today as then. Tom quickly downloaded the picture. Logged out of the workstation, and went home to admire this goddess on his PC.

As he got home his dick was getting hard thinking about his find, he pulled it up on the screen and daydreamed “it would be boss to play with those tits”. He pulled his stiff dick from his pants and started to rub, he leaned backed and moaned as a stream of white come blast from his dick.

Tom glanced at the clock and saw it was seven and his mom would be home shortly. He grabbed a towel and cleaned up his come. He finished his paper and printed the articles to put in as appendixes. Quickly he put the paper together in the folder and finished the rest of his homework.

He turned the paper the next day at the start of class. As Tom sat in class all he could think about was those beautiful tits staring back at him from his computer screen. When Mrs. Martin’s dress swayed back and forth as she wrote on the board, Tom could only imagine what was hidden beneath that cloth. She was 5’7″ had long blond hair and although she tried to hid it with baggy cloths, she still had a nice body with nice curves. When he left class, ataşehir escort he had a raging hard on and no idea what they had covered.

It was 4:30 when Susan Martin gathered up the folders containing the papers her advance writing class had written, and moved to the den to start grading them. Fortunately there was only one of these classes, it was designed to prepare students for English 101 when they went to college next year. She had asked the nanny to feed the children and her husband, Dave, had called to say that he would be home late tonight, as usual. Two and half-hours into grading and she had graded twenty of the twenty-seven papers. She stood up from the chair and stretched, and went to the kitchen to fix a diet coke.

As she settled back in her chair she reached down to the small stack and grabbed the next folder. Tom Simpson was written on the front. She read through the paper, he had done a good job, as usual, and she started to look through the appendix articles. She had noticed one was out of Playboy, but she never put any limitations on her student sources. As she turned the last page her heart stopped, there it was, that picture. It was in black and white and enlarged, but there was no denying it was the picture that had cost her, her first teaching job.

Susan fell back in her chair, as she remembered that fateful day in the spring of her senior year. She had just gotten back to the sorority house when one of her sorority sisters came running in all excited. “Look at this add, a magazine wants women students to pose for a pictorial article of our school”

Everyone in the house gathered around and read the add, they were all jabbering a million miles an hour as, ‘what do you think they will pay? How do they pick the models? Who is it any way?’ Then came the statement, ‘lets go find out’, and the wrong thing to say to one of the more daring sororities on campus. They all piled in cars, including Susan, and off they went to look for the address.

The place had not been hard to find, there where, what Susan thought hundreds of women waiting outside. They found a place to park the cars, and an air of circus excitement took over, as they headed for the building.

Just outside the building was a roped off area with a sign ‘enter here’. As the young women got in line and slowly move forward, they reached the first person, a man dressed in a coat and tie. He asked the same two kadıköy escort bayan questions to each young woman, Are you over 18? And will you pose nude? If you said no to either question you were shown an exit in the rope and the line continued.

Susan thought to herself that if she had been alone she might have gotten out of line at that point, then of course had she been alone she probably would not have been there in the first place.

The sorority sisters reached the end of the line where a man and a woman were standing, first you walked past the man and he told you go on or step out of line, only about half got to go on. The woman was by the door, of those that approached her she only let about one in ten go into the building.

Susan remembered, of all her sorority sisters, only she and two others made it into the building. They were so happy; they carried on like they had just won the prize. Some prize Susan mussed to herself.

Once inside they were lead to a room and handed bunch of forms to fill out and sign. Then one at a time they were called up and lead into a room where they were interviewed. After the interview they had a quick picture taken and they were told they would be called in the next week.

Susan thought back to how everybody in the house was so excited when she got called. The photographer meet with her the next day and took a few shoots, he explained that not all pictures would be used, and that he wanted to just follow her for a day.

The next morning he came to the sorority house and followed her about for the day. It hadn’t been to bad until she went back to the sorority house to change to go out with her friends. He told her he wanted to take a few shots of her in her room. She thought back to how he had coaxed her into taking off her cloths and lying on the bed while he shot some pictures of her naked. He kept committing on what a perfect body she had, and how she could be a model. She remembered how she was nervous but excited at the same time. She remembered how all she could think about that evening was going to bed with Joe, her date, and the waves of pleasure that had swept over her body as she had one of the best nights of loving of her life.

She and Joe went out to eat at a sub shop and then to their favorite bar for beer and dancing. Susan rubbed up against Joe every chance she got; she wanted him so bad. Finally they played a slow song and escort maltepe she snuggled in close to him as they danced she could feel him grow hard. She remembered how she had whispered in his ear how she would like to take care of that. He pushed her back from him and grabbed her hand and headed for his room. That had to be the fastest they ever got undressed and fell naked into a hot embrace that night. She remembered how they made love for hours that night and how he would kiss and nibble on her body and could not keep his hands off her. Susan thought about how Joe had the largest penis she had ever seen, before or since and how he used to fill her up with it.

She thought back to that day in October when the principal called her into his office. She had only been teaching about six weeks, she became very nervous, especially when the secretary gave her an icy stare and pointed to the principal’s office without saying a word. As she knocked on the door she was told to come in and introduced to the superintendent of schools and the head of the teachers union.

The next question was ‘is this you Miss Brown?’ and held up that Playboy magazine. Susan remembered how she almost passed out and sick feeling in her stomach as she was told she was dismissed and would not work as a teacher in that county again. She shook as she remembered being escorted to her class to gather her personal things and then being escorted from the building. She remembered how she cried that night in her apartment and thought her life was over.

Tears came to her eyes as she said, “this damn picture.”

She remembered how she moved east and lived on the money she inherited from the sale of her mother’s house. Her mother had died in a car accident less than a month after Susan graduated from college and her father had died of cancer while she was still in high school. She had substituted some and then during Christmas got offered a job at a private school. She had started grad school and met Dave, who was just finishing law school.

He passed the bar and she completed her masters’ degree, they got married and moved again. She had always been careful to use the school she received her masters from as her alumni and never to talk about living on the West Coast. It had been so many years she had allowed it to pass to the back of her mind. Now here it was again, ready to destroy her life again.

“Tom is not a bad boy, maybe I can reason with him,” she thought. “Yes, I’m sure he won’t be difficult to handle, don’t panic you can work this out.”

Susan folded the picture and put back in the folder. She was to upset to finished grading the rest of the papers, so she went up to bed.

To Be Continued…

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