Mrs. Martin Ch. 05

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Ch. V: Mom Comes In

When Judy Simpson pulled into her driveway she couldn’t help but notice the convertible parked behind her son’s car. She thought to herself, “Who does Tom know with that kind of money?”

She entered the quite house and she noticed the skirt and blouse Susan had dropped lying on the floor. She reached down and picked them up. Judy worked in the women’s clothing department of a major department store and couldn’t help but notice the tag. She knew that they were very expensive and only one store in town sold that brand. She was not impressed with the style, especially the slit in the skirt. She thought to herself, “They must be in the pool. I hope this young lady dries off real good before she puts this blouse on. I would hate to see her ruin it with a water stain.” Judy then headed back to her room to change clothes.

It was almost dark but fading light was enough for Judy to see two bodies on her son’s bed as she passed his room and one had long blond hair. A range of emotions swept through her as she reached in and turned on the light. “Thomas, what is going on here?” she screamed.

Tom, forgetting he was naked, quickly rolled over and jumped out of bed and yelled “Mom.”

Judy could not believe the scene before her. She knew her son was eighteen and would graduate in another month. She knew that when she was his age she had already had Tom, but she couldn’t believe this man standing naked before her was her little boy.

She was shocked to see how well-endowed he was. It had been a long time since she had been with a man. Judy had several dates over the ten plus years since Tom’s father had left, but she didn’t really like any of them and had not gone to bed with them. Even the last five years she was married to Tom’s father she had not been very good as far as sex went. The bum would usually come home drunk and pass out. The sight of this good looking tall young man naked in front of her made her dizzy and she looked away embarrassed by her desires.

Judy looked to the bed and saw Susan sitting there with the sheets pulled up to her neck. She quickly realized this was not one of the little girls from school but a woman, probably close to thirty, that had been lying with her son, in her house. The rage started to build in her as she realized what had been going on while she was gone.

The anger over whelmed her and she reached out and slapped Tom across the face. The anger quickly turned to guilt; she had never stuck her child before. Tears filled her eyes, and she quickly turned away.

Tom reached out and touched her shoulder and could feel her shaking.

“No,” Judy cried pushing his hand from her shoulder she ran to the kitchen.

Tom turned back to Susan on the bed and said, “Get a quick shower, then come to the door of the living room and wait.”

“Will it be OK?” questioned Susan, but she knew the answer from the look on Tom’s face. “Yes master” she said as she slipped off the bed and headed for the bathroom.

Judy was standing in the kitchen, tears running down her cheeks, her chest heaving up and down as she sobbed. She said out loud to herself “I need something to drink.” She reached over and opened the refrigerator and looked inside. Then she remembered the Diet Pepsi she had bought was still in the car. The only thing in the refrigerator was two of Tom’s beer, and one of those fruit drinks that girl two weeks ago had brought over. Judy didn’t drink halkalı ucuz escort alcohol so she grabbed the fruit drink. She didn’t know what it was and had not seen anything like it before; it said Kiwi Strawberry on it. She remembered that girl had this little carton with four of these bottles in it when she came over. She remembered the girl would grab the top and twist to open it.

Judy closed the refrigerator and sat on one of the kitchen chairs; she grabbed the bottle and twisted the top. The paper ripped and the top came off. Judy held it to her lips and took a sip. “Not too bad,” she thought. “A little sweet, but not bad.” She then held the bottle to her lips and took a big drink emptying half the bottle.

Tom was standing in the door; he had quickly put on a pair of shorts, leaving the underwear off. He watched as Judy took one of Lisa’s wine coolers and turned it up. He thought, “This is going to be good, Mom hasn’t had a drink in over ten years.” Tom heard the shower start and knew Susan was getting her shower. He quietly walked up behind Mom and placed both of my hands on her shoulders and started to rub.

Judy felt the strong hands on her shoulders as the squeezed the tense muscles of her shoulders. She felt Tom’s thumbs start to rub the sides of her neck. She started to relax and her eyes closed. The image of Tom standing there naked flashed into her mind. Her body started to tingle like it had not in a long time. She felt the nipples of her breast start to harden against her bra.

She quickly opened her eyes and again said “NO,” as she stood up.

“It’s OK Mom,” Tom said. He wrapped my arms around her, and pulled her in close to Him. She rested her head on his chest as he rubbed her neck. “It’s OK, it’s OK,” he continued to say to her as he held her close and rubbed her neck.

Judy closed her eyes and felt warmth growing in her she had not felt in all these years of celibacy. She again saw that naked man standing before her. An aching in her loins started to grow, and a desire to have that man make love to her. Suddenly she realized that man, was the man that held her, and that man was her son.

She opened her eyes and pushed away from her son. She said, “Let’s go into the living room and talk about this.”

Judy turned her bottle of drink up and finished it, leaving the bottle in the kitchen she started to the living room. She was feeling a little light headed as she sat down on the couch.

Tom sat next to his mom. She said, “Tom, who is that woman?”

“Susan is a friend of mine, I think you will like her once you get to know her,” he replied.

“Get to know her,” Judy said as she was having a hard time concentrating as the aching was growing again in her loins. She suddenly felt warm; she stood to adjust the air conditioning, and became dizzy.

“MOM!” Tom exclaimed as he jumped up to catch her as she stumbled. He pulled her in close to him and again started to rub her neck. She rested her head on his chest and her breathing seems to become heavier.

Judy’s head was light and it felt so good to put her head on Tom’s chest. Not only did it stabilize her, that warm feeling of being held started to return. She felt the hands on her neck and another pair on her shoulders and back it felt so good a low moan escaped from her lips.

Susan had taken a quick shower and wrapped her wet hair in one towel and her body in another. halkalı üniversiteli escort The second one just barley covered from her breast to the top of her thighs, she was ok as long as she was standing. When she got to the doorway going into the living room, she saw Tom holding his mother. He motioned for her to come over and when she got there he took her hand with one of his and placed it on Judy’s shoulder and started a massage motioned with her hand. She understood and started to massage the back and shoulders of the woman standing before her.

When Judy let out a low moan Tom pointed to Susan and tried to pull on the zipper of Judy’s dress. Susan held the ends of the fabric and pulled the zipper down. She then pulled the back of the dress open, and felt the soft skin of Judy’s shoulders and back down to the top of her slip.

When Judy felt Susan’s warm hands on her shoulders and back waves of pleasure swept over her body. She started to shake, and her knees became weak. She had forgotten how good it felt, she reached up and grabbed Tom’s neck as the waves of pleasure racked her body.

With his mom holding on around his neck, Tom reached down and grabbed the hem of her dress and slip and slowly started to raise it. Susan saw what he was doing and when he had raised it up to her waist, she took the dress and slip. Tom held his mom’s waist and Susan continued to lift the garments off Judy’s body.

As Judy’s orgasm subsided she felt her dress and slip slide pass her head and up her arms. She felt Tom’s strong hands on her bare waist. She was lead to the couch and lay down on stomach. Judy felt like she was in a dream and reality had long departed.

Susan thought to herself, “that is how I must have looked to Linda the other night.” She bent down and started rubbing Judy’s shoulders and back. When she got to her bra strap she unhooked it and slid it to Judy’s sides. Then she worked her way down her back.

Judy no longer cared as she lay on the couch with Susan massaging her back. She was so relaxed and it felt so good that she did not even notice when her bra was unhooked and slid to the side.

Susan then turned to Tom and whispered, “Give me a hand with these panty hose. Lift her hips up while I slide them down.”

Susan had already worked them part way down so Tom reached down and grabbed hold of my mom’s soft skin and lifted. Susan quickly pulled them over mom’s soft white globes, and down her thighs. She went right back to massaging mom’s lower back and hips while telling Tom, “Pull them the rest of the way off.”

He did like Susan said and for the first time was looking down at my mother lying totally naked. Ever since he was twelve and Bobby down the street had told him what a great looking mom he had, and how he would like to swap moms. Tom had questioned his friend, “What are you talking about?”

He replied “Yea, I would go to bed with your mom, and you go to bed with mine.”

“Yea, right.” Tom replied, but it did start him thinking about what a good-looking mother he had. She wasn’t beautiful like Susan; She had brown hair and brown eyes. Her hips were a little wide, but so was every other woman’s on the block that had children. The part that really attracted his friends was her tits. When he was thirteen he peeked into her underwear draw and was shocked at her bra size, 42DD. Four the next two years he tried to haramidere escort get a view of those tits. When he started dating other girls his age, he lost interest in his mom as a sex object. Now here she was lying before him with no clothes on. His shorts were ready to bust and he didn’t have any underwear on.

Judy was suddenly aware of hands rubbing her inner thighs and other private areas. Her mind told her to object but her body and her emotions had taken over. It felt so good that when Susan spread Judy’s legs apart she moaned with pleasure as Susan’s hand lightly brushed over her wetness.

Susan worked Judy’s thighs and finally reached between her legs and felt the other woman’s wetness, she knew she was ready. She bent down and whispered into Judy’s ear “roll over”; Judy did so with out thinking.

Susan’s towel had worked loose, so when Judy turned over she dropped it to the floor. Susan reached between Judy’s legs and started to rub around the lips with her fingers while her palm pushed down on her soft furry mound. She bent down and started to suck on Judy’s hard nipples. Susan thought to herself about how big Judy’s breast were and then her fingers found the magic button.

Judy had electricity running throughout her body as Susan played with her, her hands were sending vibrations through her body. Suddenly Susan’s hand touched a spot no one ever had and her body exploded and Judy cried out, “Ooooooohhhhhhh Gaaaawwddddddd”. Her body shook and she had feelings of delight she had never felt before.

Tom undid his shorts and let them drop to the floor as he watched these two women naked and making love. Then Judy stopped screaming, and he watched as Susan kissed her way down her belly. She pulled one of Judy’s legs off the couch and crawled between them. Next she started to lick Judy’s pussy, Judy went wild.

Judy was reeling in emotion, every nerve ending in her body was on fire, and the flood of excitement, which this woman, she did not even know, was generating was almost unbearable. She had never had oral sex before, in fact she was a virgin when Tom’s father got her pregnant, and she had never had sex with anyone else. Now this woman was sending her to heights she did not know were possible. Suddenly she screamed, “Ahhhhhhhhhhhh” as the floodgates opened and wave after wave of excitement crashed through her body.

Tom watched as his mom bucked and Susan’s ass and head bobbed up and down. He couldn’t stand it any more. With his hard tool begging for release he moved behind Susan grabbed her hips and pushed his throbbing member deep in her pussy.

Susan felt the warmth building in her as Tom drove deeper into her than any man had ever been. She was already excited from licking and loving on his mom and now with him deep inside her and his hand rubbing her love button she could feel her orgasm coming on. She concentrated on the little knob of flesh in front of her, licking and sucking on it. Suddenly she heard this woman scream and her body go stiff as her hole gushed fluid. She raised her head as she felt her own body release its energy and explode in pleasure.

Tom heard his mom let out her scream and he felt Susan’s pussy tighten down on my dick inside her like a vice. He exploded inside her and then he and Susan collapsed on the floor. Panting he looked up and said “Judy…this is Susan. Susan…this is Judy.”

Susan got up off the floor as Judy, sitting up, started to talk, “nice to meet…”

Susan stopped her by grabbing her and placing her lips on Judy’s lips and her tongue darted into Judy’s mouth. It Susan could feel the warmth of this other woman’s body and the soft flesh of her breast crushing next to hers.

As Susan’s lips left Judy’s, Judy said, “Let’s all go get in my bed.”

To Be Continued…

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