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I couldn’t believe that I was going to meet Nancy for a ‘kiss’. The thoughts racing thru my mind, on the way. It had been about week since I had relived myself and I was getting all blue-balled. We had chatted, emailed and talked many times, it was hard to believe we were going to meet. Nancy was 13 years my senior. She seemed so sexy and provocative. Her picture looked decent, her voice seemed deep and seductive. She had told me that she was a cum guzzler, ball licker and deep throat artiste. She had nice big 38 C tits, big 3 inch dials and big nipples. She had told me that she a hairy pussy and she a big throbbing clit. She was a switch in her demeanor and like to be submissive, she was also bi curious. She had told that she like to be ass-fucked and to have hot cock cum shot up there. She liked her liked neck sucked and she like you to finger her asshole while you were fucking her. She had fucked guys with really big dicks; done couple swapping before and wanted to try bsdm and fist fucking. She seemed my sexual counterpart.

Women say I’m , attractive, funny and sexy. They seem to like my big 8 ½” long x 6 circumference cock, with a large mushroom head cock head. I can shoot ataşehir escort bayan big messy loads of cock cum. I have a lot of stamina. Once I did a girl 6 times in row, but that was when I was younger. If all went well Nancy would be the fifty-third women I fucked. She would be the twenty-fourth to suck my cock, the eighteenth pussy that I sucked, the fourth women to drink my seed and for me to ass fuck and shoot my cum up her asshole. She would be the third women to deep throat me and the second I would fist fuck. These were the thoughts racing in head on the way there.

We met at park. She was wearing a denim skirt, nylons and cowboy boots, she had a white shirt and a tube top. I walked up to her and gave her a big kiss, while I grabbed her ass. She said: ” do you have a banana in your pocket are you happy to see me.” We went in my truck and she laid down. I pulled her tube top down ad began sucking on her big 38 D tits, nipples and 3 inch dials as hard as I could. I would suck on her neck, and slid my hand under her skirt and to find her panty less. Soon, I was fingering her pussy to.

It was my turn next, she pulled up her tube top and escort kadıöy unhooked my belt unzipped my zipper, and whipped out my cock, it was straight up like a flag pole and hard as a rock. She bent over on it and sucked on it. Then, she suggested we go to her house nearby. When we got there we went to her kitchen. She tole to take off my shirt on told me take of my shirt on complimented me my nice body and hairy chest. Next, I flipped off my shoes, we began to kiss again I pulled down her tube top and took of her blouse. Then, I sucked her big nipples as hard as I could. She then, took of my shorts. I was complimented that I had speedo’s on an she quickly removed them.

Then, she was kneeling before me sucking my cock. It was my turn now. I help her get her boots of and the drop her denim skirt. To appease me she was wearing a thick, black lace, vintage-retro garter belt to hold up her stockings. It was also nice to see her pussy was quite hairy. I had her lay on the kitchen table, her legs draped over my shoulders, she took her hands and pulled out her pussy wide open exposing her big throbbing clit, while I worshipped her hairy garter belted cunt. After awhile, maltepe escort we to her bedroom. I rammed my big dick up her cunt in swift move to hilt balls deep and left it there. I began to suck her neck and finger fuck her asshole , while I pinched her left nip with my left hand. She couldn’t take this and egan to uck and moan I knew it was time to shoot a big load up in her cunt and I did as we orgasmed together.

After A short recover Nancy was liking my balls trying to give me hickey on my dick. She then took chloraseptic and sprayed her throat. She then swallowed my big cock and I shot load number two down her throat. I drank pineapple juice to make my cum sweet for her.

After I smoke 420 I was hard again, Nancy was lubing my dick and I was lubing her asshole. She had me sit on her kitchen chair, as she slid her sphincter around my mushroom head cock head. It wasn’t long before I shot my third load right up her asshole.

After we cleaned ourselves off, I pulled out a latex glove, lay up here I said. Lube my hand Nancy and I will lube you cunt. Then I put in one finger, then two, then three, then four, then I got my fist in there cause I have kinda of small hands for man. Before I knew I giving Nancy her first fist fuck. I was fisting he hairy garter belted pussy, while I licked her clit. Soon I would leave knowing that now woman had ever been able to what Nancy did, we tried everything together just like we had both wanted.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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