My Brother’s Invasion Ch. 03

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My parents took a trip to Egypt. I was at home with my older brother, Eric. We were holding hands, two naked bodies lying side by side on our parents’ bed.

During the past month, we made love many times – really passionate sex and deep penetrations – on our parents’ big queen size bed whenever they were out for groceries.

Mom and dad somehow never discovered the sex toys Eric and I hid under their mattress.

I woke up from our nap, still wet with perspiration from our lovemaking this morning. I thought it would only happen in my fantasies but my dream came true now: my brother and I, exhausted and speechless after sex, were cuddled together and bathed in a blanket soaked with semen and sweat.

I kept replaying our passionate scenes: his warm mouth, tender touch and our mingled bodies, which made me crave more intimacy and want even more of him after our short nap.

Eric’s big fat cock was still resting in between my ass cheeks – a cozy warm bath, that’s how he would describe them.

“Touch me. Please touch me, Eric.” I whispered softly in my brother’s ear, kissing his ear lobe.

“Which part do you want me to touch, baby sister?” Eric smiled playfully. He was still teasing me, knowing that I was the most needy and clingy sister in the world.

He propped up his elbow and traced his fingers across my eyebrows, lashes, which had the exact resemblance of his own. We had never regretted our relationship.

We were lovers and siblings, a perfect combination and our bodies fit perfectly together. We were simply made for each other.

He put a pillow over my face so I couldn’t see. I smiled and awaited his little secret invasions. He had never let me down and I trusted him.

“Be tender, don’t hurt me, Eric.” I pleaded, at the same time craving his monstrous hands to explore the most secret and private parts of my body.

Eric slid his finger along my moist pink lips, and tickled and palmed my tits. Then he moved down to shove his long middle finger deep inside my cunt.

“AHH!” I let out a loud moan. Oh yes! I could scream like a pig when he fucked me since our parents were away, leaving behind sarıyer escort the whole house for their kids.

And we had exchanged rings too, with “Eric” carved on my ring and “Selina” carved on his.

His finger thrust in and out, and drew deeper with each thrust inside my pussy, grinding out loads of my cunt juices.

He deliberately rubbed the sharp-edged “S” on his ring against my clit, the way I liked him to do it. That drove me crazy! My heart raced with every twist and turn of his finger.

One time his ring got stuck in my pussy and it took us a while to remove it. Keeping that in mind I asked him to shove his thumb inside instead and of course he said “Yes, my princess.”

I groaned delightfully as he finger fucked me. I ascended to orgasm with my vaginal muscles tightening their clench on his fingers. I wanted his long finger to be replaced by his dick.

How much I craved to milk my brother’s beautiful cock to the last possible drop and let him fill me with his seeds!

The mere thought sent rush of adrenaline through my body.

He lifted his hand, guided it through my round ass and smooth belly, and stuck his cum-filled finger back to my sexy lips, forcing the cum inside my mouth. He circled my tits and wiped off the rest of the love juice in my breast cleavage.

Eric rose up and slowly placed his bulging cock between my 34 D breasts. I squeezed the two pieces of meat/tits and let him slide back and forth.

He loved tit-fucking! He started to jerk his head backwards and groaned in pleasure as sensation flowed through every blood vessel of his penis.

He was riding triumphantly over his maid or slave or whatever he called me. I was his, and only his dirty slut forever.

“Baby, please turn. I want the six-nine position.” “Sure, dear brother.”

He bent down and sniffed and licked my clit. “Hmm…I love that smell.” He loved to sniff my vagina, especially after I urinated. I gasped as he pushed his tongue inside my swollen pussy folds and started chewing and gnawing like a dog.

“Easy, baby. Don’t bite.” I patted his head and tried to calm him.

“I’m sefaköy escort truly intoxicated by your body, Selina.”

This was exactly what I wanted to hear. I lifted my butt and wrapped my legs around his head, indulging him with my female scent.

Eric smacked my thigh all of a sudden.

“What’s wrong?”

“Why do you cheat on me?” Eric screamed.

“What makes you think I cheat?”

“Stop lying, you dirty whore! Look at the red mark on your inner thigh. I’ve never left a mark there.” Eric threw a pillow at me.

I knew finally I had to tell him the truth.

I was taking this art class as an elective course. One day my professor approached me and wrapped his warm hand around mine, “Why don’t you come to my studio after class? I would like you to do me a favor.”

I attended the appointment and waited nervously for what he would ask me to do. My professor, Thomas was a hunk, about ten years older than me.

“I need you to be the model for my next painting. Would you do me a favor?”

I was shocked. Me as a model? I could barely draw and I was not tall enough to be a good model.

Without waiting for my reply, he caressed my cheeks, neck and boobs. I was too shy and scared to resist him.

“Kiss me, Selina…” He whispered while he unbuttoned my blouse and removed my dress, letting them fall.

I blushed and moaned. My heart raced as I stood naked like a newborn baby in front of a master, an artistic man I respected. The worst thing was I felt uncontrollably wet and I was pulsing and contracting down there.

I was reluctant to tell Eric the whole truth but he threatened to strangle me to death with his belt if I did not tell him.

So I went on.

My professor got into my pants and tore off my undies and worked his fingers in my pussy.

He poured paint all over my body and spread it evenly on my big breasts. He flicked my clit with his wet paint brush and I groaned like a wild whore. My pussy was fully stimulated and I was horny as hell.

“I need you inside me, Thomas!” I cried out his name and he spread my thighs wide apart, shoving his huge cock silivri escort inside my vagina and giving me couple strong thrusts. He ejaculated until his cum covered my entire body.

We cum together, holding each other tightly. We were inseparable. When he pulled out his strong beautiful penis, I lied on the studio floor, all spent and used.

We sipped champagne and he brought a big bucket of water to wash us off.

During the next couple meetings when there was no water, he would make me lick him off, suck his cock to clean the cum and paint.

In some of the meetings, Thomas actually taught me painting skills and brought me to a few exhibitions, of course, in return, I had crazy sex with him and he asked for more and more of me.

I admitted I was his private toy girl. He introduced me to his friends as an outstanding art student but deep down I knew I was just a slave that he could fuck whenever he liked and however he liked it.

“And yes, I got the highest grade in that art course.”

“It disturbed me to think that you opened up your thighs to get straight ‘A’s.”

There was a long pause. Eric was surprisingly not mad now. His eyes widened and looked really turned on.

“So did you enjoy it? Thomas has a huge dick right? Is it larger than mine?” he asked in a soft voice.

“His penis is a little bit darker than yours as he probably masturbates a lot. But he is really massive. It filled me like I had never been filled before.”

Eric looked sad. I caressed his face tenderly. “But nothing compares to my brother’s dick because he is blood of my blood, my soul mate.”

He smiled. He squeezed my boobs playfully and teased my vaginal folds with his fingers. I saw tears rolling in his eyes. They were surely tears of joy and gratitude.

“Ouch!” I moaned as he pulled my pussy hair, the old trick. And our lips and tongues locked. We started sucking our brains out.

We were connected once more, with his cock buried in my cunt, sending warmth to my pussy.

I pressed my tummy, feeling his penetration of my vagina. He shoved his dick really deep as if he was trying to reach my womb, melting me with his warmth and planting love seeds inside me.

“Can you give me a baby, Selina?” He whispered and bit my bottom lip.

I was not ready to be pregnant but if it was for my brother, I would definitely say yes. Our child would have the same eyebrows, long eyelashes and big eyes, just like us.

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