My Cousin’s Massage

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction, which in no way reflects real people, places, or actions.


It was a miserable day. Actually, the sun was shining outdoors, but I was at home with a cold. I was sniffing and blowing my nose every so often, and drinking the GatorAide my mother had left me on the bedside table. Mom had called school that morning, and told them I wouldn’t be coming in. Then she left for work, leaving me home alone with my cold. I watched a little television, then turned it off and laid back to rest.

I was sleeping fitfully, slipping in and out of a nap, when I heard the front door close. I woke up, still groggy from my nap, and heard someone calling out. “Hello? Anybody home?”

I recognized the voice of my older cousin, Pat, who lived with us. She had been working the night shift in the hospital as an aid while she went to school, and had come home. “Up here.” I yelled, glad to have anyone home. I listened as she climbed the stairs, and came into my bedroom to find me in bed.

“What are you doing home?” she asked, placing a hand on my fevered forehead. “Oh, my! You’re running hot, poor boy! I know just the thing for you.” she said, running back out of the bedroom. She returned in a moment with a towel, a damp washcloth, and a bottle of baby oil. “Take off your top,” she ordered, “and turn over. This will cool you off and make you feel better.”

I did as she said, unbuttoning the pajama top, and pulling it off. Then, I turned over, and laid down, my face resting on the pillow. I felt her wash my back, the moisture and air cooling yabancı escort me down. “Mmmm” I muttered into the pillow.

“Would you like a back rub?” she asked, when she was finished.

“Yes, that would be nice,” I said, enjoying the pampering. She picked up a bottle of baby oil, and pouring it into her hand, and began to move her hand up and down my back. Feeling my muscles relaxing, I moaned in pleasure. Then she pulled the covers down off my legs, and reaching under the waistband of my pajamas, slid my bottoms off exposing my legs and ass. “What are you doing?” I asked, startled at being so swiftly stripped naked.

“Rubbing your legs, silly!” she said, as she put more oil on her hands and gave me long, firm, strokes up my legs and over my ass. It felt so good. As she massaged my legs and ass I began to get hard, but, lying face down, she couldn’t see what effect her massage was having on me. I was very embarrassed that she could see my nakedness, but also very excited from her rubbing.

“Ok, buddy. Turn over, and let me finish what I started.”

I was startled. With my erection beneath me, I was too embarrassed. I just couldn’t do it. She’d see what had happened. So, I stayed lying face down, not saying a thing – or moving. I had received a lot of teasing about the size of my cock while taking a shower after gym class in school, so I was a bit sensitive to let anyone see it – especially a girl, or my cousin.

“You heard me!” When I didn’t roll over, she gave my bare ass couple of resounding slaps. SMACK! SLAP! yeni escort “I said, Turn over.”

“I can’t!” I whimpered, too embarrassed to explain why.

“Why not?” she wanted to know.

“I – I – I – I have an erection.” I stuttered, turning red from embarrassment.

She laughed. “Is THAT all that’s the problem?” she said. “Well, as a nurse’s aid, I’ve seen many a penis – soft AND hard!” Then she slapped my ass again, and pulled on my hips to force me to turn over.

I did so, reluctantly. My boner was pointing straight up – hard as iron!

When she saw my erection, her eyes grew wide.”Oh, My! I didn’t know you had such a beautiful cock!” she gushed.

Before I could say or do anything, she reached out with her oil-coated hands and grasped my throbbing cock. She begin to stroke me up and down, while cupping my balls. I was in shock! The feel was so intense! Never had I dreamed she’d ever do this to me – well, maybe I DID have a few “wet” dreams about her! I closed my eyes, and laid back on the pillow. Her hands were talented as they slid up and down my throbbing cock. I couldn’t help groaning in pleasure.

I moved my hips up and down off the bed as she continued to stroke me. I was in heaven! Suddenly, I felt her hand let go of my cock. My eyes flew open, to see her stripping off her clothes and flinging them away. In a moment, she was naked! Oh, my God! What a body! Before I knew what was happening, she climbed up onto the bed, and straddled my hips. With a wicked grin, she grasped my cock in one hand, and parting her yenibosna escort pussy lips with her other hand, positioned herself over my cock and settled down on me! OH! I’ll never forget that feeling of my throbbing, hard, cock sliding up inside her tight, wet, hot pussy! When she had finally settled down on me, I reached up and squeezed her beautiful tits. She smiled, and then began the ancient dance of love on my erect pole. Up. Down. Up and down. Swivel, grind, and thrust. Faster and faster she rode me, as I thrust up and down inside her. I held onto her hips for dear life as we thrust and bucked on my bed, moaning and panting in the race to our climatic finish.

I don’t remember much of what happened next. I know that I spurted my essence up inside her, and then everything went black. I must have fainted, for the next thing I remember is waking up with my mom holding a damp washcloth on my forehead. “Are you all right, honey?” she asked, concerned.

I was in my pajamas; under the covers and in my bed. “Uh, mom? Is anyone else here?” I asked.

“Why, no? What makes you ask that? I just got home, and found you in bed all hot! You must be running fever. And you’re all covered up, too!” She pulled the covers off the bed, and left to refresh the damp washcloth. How did I get dressed?

I looked around to see if there were any signs of Patty’s visit. Did she really show up, or was I just imagining it? Seeing nothing amiss, I laid back waiting for mom to come back. As I put my hands behind my head, I thought I heard paper under the pillow. Slowly, I slid my hand under the pillow and extracted a small slip of paper. On it was written “Get well, Johnny!” I turned it over. It was signed, “Love, Patty” with a lipstick kiss imprinted on it. I smiled, and slipped the note into my pocket, just a mom came back. I looked forward to staying home tomorrow!

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