My Daughter, Her Friends and Me Ch. 01

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This is a complete fantasy. All participants in the sex are over 18. There are no STD’s or unwanted pregnancies in my world. This is my take on a common theme. There is a long build up here so please be patient. Most of the action and the incest will start in Part 2.


Lying in the lounge chair poolside, I couldn’t help but to admire my daughter and her friends. There were six of them. One could be labeled as absolutely gorgeous and another could be called a plain Jane type of woman. The other three girls were attractive as well with good bodies on display in their bikinis. My daughter Kim was the remaining girl and, although reluctantly, I couldn’t help but admire her ass and those beautiful C cup tits of hers.

It had been a great summer so far and would remain so until the girls went back to school. I am in the insurance business and did most of my work September through May. Years ago, I started arranging things so I could take the summer months off with my daughter. Money was seldom an issue for me as I earned enough in my working year to make this possible.

With her mother having passed away, Kim and I spent the summers touring the area, visiting museums, vintage sales markets, amusement parks and beaches. I had the opportunity to watch Kim grow into a voluptuous young woman. But now that she was 18, Kim wanted to spend less time with her old man and more with her friends. Fortunately for me, they were mostly girlfriends so I wasn’t really objecting.

With my eyes closed and dozing in the sun, I didn’t notice the gradual dimming of the voices coming from the pool. But I did notice the sudden onset of shade from all six girls standing before me and blocking the sun. I opened my eyes, feeling like I was in Nirvana.

“What’s up ladies?” I asked.

Everyone looked towards my daughter. Evidently she had been elected the spokesperson.

“Daddy,” she began, “the girls and I have been talking and we would like to go to Six Flags for the weekend.”

“Okay,” I said, somewhat confused. They appeared to be asking permission which was quite unlike them. Their usual modus operandi was to just announce their intentions and to follow through.

“Yes,” Kim continued. “But Tracey and I can’t afford to go. Can you lend us the money?”

I checked out the faces of the girls. They all were looking hopeful. Tracey especially seemed anxious about my decision. Tracey is the girl I described earlier as being a Plain Jane. Although her face was nothing special, her body rocked. She was as attractive physically as any other of the girls. Maybe a little more even.

She lived on the same street as us just a few doors away. Her parents own the house she lives in. They live elsewhere. I have never been sure of where except that I knew it wasn’t near us. They had bought the house for Tracey to live in while she was going to school. They built a one bedroom basement apartment for her and rented out the top floor to help offset expenses.

Although her parents covered her living expenses and school fees, they left her to earn her own spending money. Since she didn’t have an allowance, Tracey worked part time at a neighborhood pizza place. Often, after work, she would stop by to visit bearing a pizza. We would all three watch TV for a while and once the pizza was done with, I would walk her home. We lived in a nice neighbourhood but I didn’t believe in taking chances with any of “my” girls.

Tracey’s apartment had a separate entrance from the upstairs. The tenants there used the front door to their apartment. Tracey used the side entrance. I had walked her home one night lately and waited at the end of the driveway for her to get safely inside.

I was a little surprised when she called out my name. “Rick,” she said. My door is open. “

As I said, it was a safe neighbourhood but I wasn’t into taking chances. Approaching Tracey and the door, I told her to stay put while I went inside to look around. There was nothing to be seen. Turning all the lights on I checked every room for uninvited guests.

“There’s no one here,” I said. “You can come in.”

“Oh, Rick,” she said, “I was so scared.”

“Better look around and see if anything is missing.”

Moments later, after we toured each room again, she let out a giant sigh of relief. “Rick, you’re my hero!” She walked over to me and reached up to give me a giant hug.

As she reached up and wrapped her arms around my neck, she stepped closer to me. My little head began to stick its head out as I felt her firm, young breasts against me. One of her legs slipped between mine and was rubbing against my cock.

I couldn’t let this continue. I backed away and before I could disengage my arms from around my neck, Tracey stood on her tiptoes and placed a big kiss on my lips.

“Thank you, my hero,” she said.

“It was nothing,” I answered. “I’m just glad that no one was in the house. Did you forget to lock it when you left for work?”

“I think I locked beşiktaş anal yapan escort it but I was in a hurry to get to work. It must have just been me being Spacey Tracey again.”

I chuckled and said, “I had better get home before Kim starts to worry.”

Quickly saying a final goodbye, I went home. All the way down the street I thought of that firm, hardbody of Tracey’s plastered against me. I still had a hard on when I entered the house so I called out a goodnight to Kim in the TV room and went upstairs to my bedroom.

But, back to the pool.

I looked at each girl and made a sudden decision. “If you’ll let an old guy hang out with you for the weekend, I’ll take you all and it’ll be my treat.”

All six of the girls squealed and started jumping up and down in happiness and excitement. “Do I take that as a yes then?” I asked as I got out of the chair and stood up. Kim, my daughter was the first to give me a hug. I don’t know why but even with a hug appropriately apart, her nipples brushed my chest and I began to grow a little chub. Once she let me go, all the other girls lined up to give me a hug too and walked away with Kim to the house.

Tracey was the last in line. “You’re definitely my hero,” she said and glanced around. Seeing that everyone else had gone inside and were not watching, she stepped closer to me and pulled in for an entire body hug just like the last time. As her lips moved closer to mine, I sprung into a full chubby. Her kiss was not a common, everyday kiss this time though. Almost immediately, her tongue was forcing my lips open.

I pushed away from her and looked around the yard as well hoping none of the girls had come back out and seen what we were doing. Nope, no one. I told Tracey she had better go join the rest of the girls. I watched her swaying ass walk away from me wishing I had X-ray vision and could see through her bikini bottoms. Chuckling to myself as I pondered the thought, I joined the crowd in the kitchen.

We worked out the details for the trip. We would leave bright and early the following Saturday morning and make the four hour drive to the amusement park. Upon arrival, I would check us into the hotel I was going to make reservations for. Then we could all go to the park for a few hours. Break for dinner and then back to the park for the evening entertainment.

There was to be a concert performance by a group the girls recognized and were enthusiastic about. A good time was promised. After the dinner they threw together and the kitchen was cleaned up, the four girls who had driven here, got into Maya’s car and pulled away shouting good bye and honking their horns. Kim and Tracey went to Kim’s bedroom. Moments later, to my surprise since I expected Tracey to stay awhile, she came back downstairs and announced she was ready to leave.

As diligent as always regarding her safety, I walked her home. When we got there, Tracey asked me: “Want to be my hero again and check out my apartment for intruders?” Her tone of voice was alluring. I knew she wanted more than just a walk through of the apartment.

“I’d better not,” I answered. “I’ve got some things to do to get ready for Saturday’s excursion. I need to find us a hotel to stay in. Goodnight now,” I said as I turned to walk away.

Saturday came and all the girls were at our house by 7am. Tracey was, of course, the last to arrive. But, too make up for her tardiness, she had gone to the coffee shop at the end of the street and picked up donuts and coffee for all of us.

We all got into my car. Fortunately it was an SUV with plenty of seating for everyone. Tracey called shotgun and took the front passenger seat while the other five girls argued over what seats and who would sit with whom before they got in and made themselves comfortable.

There was a lot of chattering between them as we started our journey. Tracey searched for a better radio station than the one I preferred. Soon, they had arrived at a consensus of opinion and the girls began to sing along cheerfully with the music.

I have to admit, I was a little irritated with all the noise by the time we reached the halfway mark. I seldom get headaches but one was brewing now. I tried to turn the radio volume down but Tracey would just turn it back up. It was with great relief that we finally arrived at our destination.

Once we had checked into the five star hotel I had booked for the two nights I planned on staying, we were escorted to our room by the bellman pulling the girls overly stuffed bags. The girls hooted excitedly when they entered the suite I had reserved for us. It was a three bedroom suite with a king sized bed in each room. There were two sofa beds in the living room.

I pointed to the master bedroom and announced it was mine. I left the girls to fight over the remaining sleeping places and took my bag into my room. Still fighting the growing headache, I decided to relax and take a shower.

I beşiktaş bdsm escort was in my bedroom drying off when I hear Kim emit an excited “Daddy!” Before I could answer her, she yelled out “Daddy” again. I turned towards the door when it suddenly opened and Tracey stuck her head in. I was surprised and dropped the towel I was drying myself with. Facing her, my prick was exposed to her gaze.

“Nice,” she said, “very nice.”

“Get out,” I said in a very firm voice. Her head retreated from the doorway but she left it open. Quickly, I grabbed for the dropped towel and had wrapped it around myself when Kim came to the open door.

“Daddy!” she said in an excited voice. “Come see what we found!”

I was pretty sure I knew what it was and said I would be right out. When I entered the suite’s livingroom, I found the six girls crowded around the extra large hot tub on the balcony. They were definitely excited.

“Daddy, it’s a hot tub! Can we go in?” asked my daughter.

The other girls started their exciting jumping up and down again and all were saying, “Please! Please!”

“Hush, girls, I’ve already got a headache from y’all. Why don’t we save the hot tub for later and go to the park now?”

Bubbling out okays, they all ran to grab their bags and headed into the two other bedrooms to change. All except for Tracey. She asked if she could use my room to change. I said “sure” and sat down in one of the garden chairs to wait for their return.

It was almost half an hour before they started coming out. Again the last one out was Tracey. Her face looked to be a bright red. As if she was blushing. No one but me seemed to notice.

There had been some collusion between the girls in their choices of attire. They were all wearing bikinis and were carrying a cover with them since there were a number of water rides in the park. I could not help checking them out. The boobs and asses on display were too much for me to ignore. Even the girls seemed pleased with my reactions since they were all preening for me. Turning one way and then the other they showed off their luscious bodies to this growing dirty old man.

“It looks like I should have brought a baseball bat. I’m going to have to fight off all the boys in the park! Let’s go find out.”

Now wearing their beach covers, we all went to the elevator together and were off to the park. We started lining up for all the rides in a systematic process. The girls enjoyed all the rides especially the roller coasters. It didn’t matter what ride, I enjoyed watching their bouncing tits. I especially liked the water rides as their beach covers were soon soaked and moulded to their boobs. I couldn’t help smiling as I checked them out, all of them including my daughter Kim. She didn’t have the biggest tits of the group but she certainly had the firmest standing tits of them all. Maya’s were the largest but they had a little sag since they had to be D’s on a relatively small frame. I had to think Kim’s were the best. Oh, and Tracey’s.

Around six, I suggested we all take a break for dinner. The girls didn’t want to leave the park so we invaded a few fast food stands and picked out what we all wanted. I went from booth to booth paying for their selections and finally returned to our table to eat my own. Once finished the girls went back to visit a couple more rides. I stayed at the table enjoying another cup of coffee.

As it was starting to get dark, the girls came back and said they wanted to go back to the hotel to change into warmer clothes for the evening. The group started for the parking lot but Kim and Tracey grabbed an arm each and stopped me.

“Daddy, are we going to use the hot tub tonight?” asked Kim.

“Sure can, Babygirl,” I answered.

Kim slipped her arm around my waist and then asked me if the girls could have some wine when they would be in the tub. She reached up and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

Tracey then did the same thing only she twisted her body so her tits were rubbing against my arm. One of the girls yelled back asking what the hold up was. While Kim’s head was turned to tell them to hang on, Tracey turned my head and kissed me on the lips. Her tongue brushed my lips and she pulled away. Looking over at Kim, I saw that she had returned her attention to us and was looking questioningly at us. I blushed wondering if she had seen anything.

Maybe it was guilt about my thoughts and stolen glances of the day at all the girls, I gave in and agreed to buy them some wine. I dropped them off at the front door and went searching for the liquor store that the bellman suggested. I bought a few bottles of wine thinking I would take any leftovers home. I also picked up a bottle of Irish Mist for my evening coffee.

By this time my headache was pounding. On the way in, I stopped to ask the bellman if the hotel had a car service they used. Since they had one, I ordered a car for a half hour from then to pick up beşiktaş elit escort the girls. I went back to our suite and told the girls I had ordered a car to take them to the amusement park since I wasn’t feeling well and planned on staying at the hotel.

The girls all commiserated with me but I could tell they were excited about going to the concert and dance following without my supervision. I hoped they would stay out of trouble and reconsidered the option of buying a baseball bat.

It was longer than a half hour later when the girls paraded downstairs to the waiting car. On their way out, I reminded Kim to get the driver’s phone number so they could call him when they were ready to come back to the hotel.

Embracing the silence, I started a pot of coffee and when it was done brewing, I poured a cup, fortifying it with Irish Mist. With coffee in hand I went outside and lay down one of the chaise lounges. I just relaxed and sipped on my coffee. I got up after a while and poured a second cup adding more fortification to it. Mmmm, good to the last drop. Eventually I poured a third cup. There was only a half of a cup left so I topped it up with even more of the Irish Mist. I won’t say I was buzzed but I was definitely feeling good and relaxed.

It wasn’t much later when my attention was drawn to the hot tub. I decided to have a seat in it to further relax before my daughter, her friends, and their individual brands of noise pollution came back to the suite. I turned it on to heat the water up while I went to get changed into my bathing suit.

I sat on the edge of my bed to get changed and had pulled my clothes off when a huge yawn overwhelmed me. It wasn’t very long before I sprawled out on the bed. I was a little uncomfortable so I reached over to drag the pillow under my head. I was arranging it comfortably when my hand felt something smooth and silky that was not the pillowcase.

I dragged it to me and realized I was holding a pair of panties. I don’t know why but my first thought was that my daughter Kim had put her panties under my pillow. Instant hard on!

I held them to my nose, inhaling the odour of pussy. I even turned them inside out so I could lick the gusset tasting my daughter’s juices. Quickly I began to beat myself up for thinking thoughts no father should have about his daughter.

Starting to feel sorry for myself I wondered when my daughter had the opportunity to leave her panties for me. Suddenly, it was if a bolt of lightning hit me. I remembered Tracey had changed into her bikini earlier in my room. I also remembered the flushed look on her face when she came out. They had to be her panties.

My wilting hard on regained full strength and stood tall as I tasted Tracey’s juices and smelt her odours. My cock was just as hard thinking of Tracey as it had been when I was thinking of Kim. Maybe even harder since there was less, if none, guilt involved. I rubbed my prick and balls with the panties imagining Tracey was wearing them and rubbing herself slowly against me. Before I knew it, I was spurting ropes of cum all across Tracey’s panties.

I lay back to catch my breath not noticing that I was alone no longer. Some sort of noise, maybe a gasp, caused me to open my eyes to see Tracey standing in the door to my room and staring at me.

“Tracey! What the fuck!” I almost screamed. She took a step closer to me.

“I wanted to spend some time with you. I didn’t think it was fair that we all just abandoned you,” she said. She also took another step towards me.

“What were you thinking?” I demanded to know. “Why did I find your panties under my pillow?”

Tracey took another step towards me and another. “I wanted you to know how much I think of you.” Another step. “You’re my hero”. Another step. I just wanted to show you that I felt stronger about you than I did about any of the other girls’ fathers. Taking two more steps, she was close enough to the bed to fling her body across mine.

Up to this point, I had been so startled that I hadn’t taken my hand away from my stiff prick. I’m sure you have all heard the old adage that a stiff prick has no conscience. I let go of it and put my arms around the writhing girl lying across me.

Tracey began to kiss me with a deep passion. Within seconds her tongue had invaded my mouth and was wrestling my tongue. My tongue joined the battle as my hands dropped down her back to her ass. I was squeezing and caressing it. I’m not sure how long this went on before we were interrupted by the loud laughter of the other girls coming in.

I pushed Tracey off me and ran into the bathroom still naked. Fortunately, Tracey saw my bathing suit and threw it to me before I closed the door completely.

I watched her straighten out her clothes and leaving the room looking as casual as possible under the circumstances. I her my daughter Kim ask where I was and what was Tracey doing in my room. Tracey explained that she had been looking for me and heard my shower running so she assumed I was in the bathroom. Closing the door, I turned the shower on in order to backstop her claims.

I jumped into the shower so I could get wet before I went out to see the girls. They were just coming out of the other rooms all clad in their bikinis again.

“Daddy, are we still going to go hot tubbing?” asked Kim.

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