My Daughter, My Slave Ch. 04

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Big Dicks

In the morning, I went to your room and pulled the papers off of you. You shivered from the night cold and huddled in the corner.

“Get up slut and take a shower. I have plans for you today.”

Your heart sank as you realized I planned more use of you. You staggered to your feet and slowly made your way to the bath. I busied myself with a few calls while you showered, then went to the bathroom and opened the door and watched as you finished.

“I will get your clothes ready for you. From now on, you do not choose what to wear. Only I have that right.”

I went to the guest room where I had taken your clothes and I found a dark miniskirt, your striped knee highs and a pull-on blouse. I also found a pair of plain pink panties.

“Put those on and get yourself presentable. And hurry, slut.”

I went back to my calls and in a few minutes, you appeared dressed as I had ordered.

“Let’s check your emails and see if anyone thinks you are fuckable, shall we?”

We went back to your room and I opened your email. You had 46 messages. I scanned through them. Most were short and complimentary, but I found three that were vile and direct. The authors were graphic in their descriptions of what they would do to you and what they thought about your performance.

Two of them even revealed what city they lived in. One was less than a hundred miles away. I emailed him and asked if he wanted to use my slut that he had seen on cam. I also asked if he had any friends that he would loan you to.

“You are going with me today.”

I gathered my work papers and soon we were out the door. When we were in the car ready to leave, I turned to you.

“When you are in my car you will either be sitting there with your skirt up to your waist, so truckers we pass can see your panties or your slutty cunt or you will be leaned over here sucking my cock.”

You lifted your ass up and raised your skirt to your waist and you stretched out with legs spread. You looked at me for approval. I started the car and backed down the drive.

When I turned onto the highway, I grabbed your hair and pulled your head down to my crotch.

“Suck me. Consider this your breakfast.”

I unzipped my slacks and forced your head down. Your mouth sucked my cock into it and you nursed hungrily. I spanked your ass as it faced the window. I slid my hand under the elastic leg bands and felt your cunt lips.

You sucked harder and pulled my cock to the back of your throat. I rubbed your lips harder and you gagged as you sought more cock.

I saw a truck in the right lane and pulled up beside it. I slowed down to the same speed and honked my horn. I leaned over and looked up to see the driver staring at your ass. I pulled your panties over and let him see your lips.

He waved and honked in response. I grabbed your hair and pulled you up off of my cock so they could see my cock hard and know you had been sucking it. He honked again. I pushed your legs apart.

“Show him your cunt, whore.”

You spread your legs and pulled the panty leg over and flashed them your slit.

“Pull your panties off so the can see what a whore’s cunt looks like. Now.”

You slid your panties off and spread your legs again and began to rub and open your lips and to jam your fingers inside. You moaned as you played and I knew you were into this game.

You think like a slut, act like a slut and need this perverted attention like a slut. Yes baby, you are a slut, I thought.

I drove beside the truck for a few minutes, then bored of this game, I sped off. He waved at us frantically, but I ignored his pleas for more. I found another truck and bakırköy escort teased him as well. I wanted to cum then, so I pulled you over onto my cock and pushed my cock into your hot mouth.

You sucked harder than before and I knew you were hungry for cum. I let you suck and flick your tongue over my cockhead and nibble at the shaft as you wanted. You ate my engorged cock as you continued to slap and finger and rub your cunt.

“I am about to cum. Do not let any of that cum be wasted, whore. I don’t want any drops on these slacks. Eat it all or I will stop here and spank your ass.”

You closed your lips tighter around my cock and sucked with your cheeks until I shot my cum down your throat. You gulped each spurt and drop and swallowed like a good little cocksucker, then licked and washed my cock with your tongue, before putting my clean cock back inside my slacks.

“Did that please you, Daddy?”

“It was ok.”

I pulled into the parking lot of one of my suppliers. They had been trying to force a price increase on me and I was there to discuss it with the owner.

“Straighten yourself up. Wipe your cunt off and dry it with those napkins. Put your panties back on. God you are such a slut, riding around with your cunt exposed like that. What is wrong with you?”

You did as I said and when you were more presentable, I got out. I leaned back in the door and looked at you.

“Come on. You’re going too.”

You got out and we walked toward the office.

“Why do you want me to go with you?”

I ignored your question. We went in. A receptionist sat at a desk at the back of the lobby.

“I am here to see Eddie. He’s expecting me.”

I handed her my business card. She picked the phone up and announced our arrival.

“He will be right with you. Would you like some coffee of some juice?”

“No thank you. She just had breakfast. We’re fine.”

We sat along the wall and waited. Soon Eddie came out to greet me. He was surprised to see you and I could tell he liked your appearance.

“I didn’t realize you were bringing some help with our negotiations”, he laughed.

“Well you are a tough guy to deal with so I brought some heavy help.”

He led us to his office. We went in and sat in plush chairs across from his desk. He pulled a file out of the drawer and set it on the desk. He glanced up and looked at you as he leafed through the file.

“As you know, we have had some material cost increases and I have to pass them on to you”, he began.

“I won’t accept them. I know how much you make on the product and I know you can absorb them easily.”

“Well, if you want me to provide the product you will have to pay the new prices. Everyone else is.”

“What can we do to convince you to keep the price the same for the next year?”

He looked from me to you and paused.

“I don’t know what you mean.”

“Show Eddie what I mean, baby.”

You looked at me for instruction.

“Go sit on his lap and convince him that I shouldn’t pay more.”

You walked slowly around the desk as he scooted his chair back. You looked at him as you swung your legs over his and sat down on his lap, facing him.

Your skirt was up around your waist and I saw your panty-covered ass. I also saw you grinding your cunt against him. I assume from his expression that he was aroused.

His hands moved from the chair arms to your back and then down to cup your ass as he pulled you harder against him. You turned to me and looked at me for more instruction.

“Eddie. Do you like my little slut?”

His face was red and he sputtered an answer başakşehir escort I didn’t understand. His hands continued working your ass over as he hunched against you. You leaned down and kissed his neck and flicked your tongue across his ear, then kissed him deeply.

He raised up and lifted you up in his hands and set you down on the desk. He threw everything off on the floor and roughly pushed your legs apart, then looked at me for approval.

“Eddie…one last time…will you hold the prices for the next year?”

“Yes. Whatever you want.”

“Fuck his brains out, whore. Show him what a good cocksucker and slut you are.”

You were on your back on the desk and you reached your arms up to him. He pulled you to the edge of the desk and knelt down between your legs. He pulled your panties aside and started to eat your still-wet cunt.

He lapped at you and tongue fucked you and you pulled his bobbing head down to your nasty cunt, wanting more of his mouth.

He stood up and pulled you off of the desk. You dropped to your knees like a good little slut and you smiled the most evil smile I have ever seen. You unzipped his fly and reached in and fished his cock out.

You stared into his eyes as you began to suck it. He leaned back and looked down at you as you worked your mouth magic on him.

I reached into my case and pulled the miniature cam out and took a couple of pics, then held it in my palm so he wouldn’t see it.

He soon stiffened and I knew he was cumming. I caught that moment on my camera.You milked his cock dry and then cleaned it off as I had taught you and put it back in his pants. He sat down in the chair, looking exhausted.

“Play with your cunt for him, baby”

You sat back on the desk and spread your legs, placing a foot on each of his shoulders and began to rub your cunt through your panties. Then you raised up and pulled them off. They were wet and sticky and they stuck into your cunt lips for a second.

He stared at your bare cunt. I walked over to his side of the desk and watched as you spread your lips. I love looking at your pink pussy. It is so fresh and beautiful and I always want to cover it with cum.

He leaned down to explore your vagina and I snapped another pic. You watched me as you reached for him and pulled his face down to your sopping cunt and made him lick you. I caught that image too. He ate you hungrily and when you had cum, you pushed him away and rolled over on your belly. Your legs were down and your feet on the floor.

“I need to be fucked now”, you said in a hoarse voice.

He unzipped his pants again and dropped them to the floor and stroked his little cock. He stroked it as he watch you waving your ass at him and I thought he might have a heart attack as he stroked and wanked his limp cock in a most desperate way.

You rubbed your cunt, taunting him as he tried to put his little cock back in you, but it wasn’t hard enough to enter your still tight cunt. I took another pic. He sat back down frustrated, his little weenie still in his hand. I snapped one more, then put the cam in my pocket.

“Let me show you how to fuck her Eddie.”

I dropped my slacks and moved behind you and shoved my hard cock deep into your hungry cunt, then grabbed your hips and pulled you to me as I thrust my cock into you. I pushed you back immediately and pulled you back again and I began to fuck you so savagely that I was pushing his heavy desk along the floor. I slammed my meat into you as you bucked against me.

Your moaning was loud and I know Eddie was beside himself as he walked around watching my assault of you bebek escort from different sides.

I pushed your top up so I could get to your tits. I pinched them and pulled them hard. Your humping was frantic as I worked your cunt and titties over. You threw your cunt back to me as hard as I plowed it.

You were a bitch in heat. I fucked you like an animal, driving my cock into you with a relentless lust that knew only that sensation of owning you like a slave and using you as my whore.

I watched as Eddie jerked hopelessly at his cock and I slapped your ass for good measure. Every thing I did to you, whether pinching your tits or fucking you harder or spanking you caused you to react by moaning louder and fucking back at me with more force and need. I knew you needed this treatment now.

You were mine then. The possibilities washed through my mind and I grabbed your hips and held you as I slammed you against the desk again as if trying to slit your helpless cunt in two.

And soon, I was tired and ready to cum. I pulled out of you and grabbed you up of of the desk and pushed you down to floor and jacked my cock at your face as you looked up at it. My cum shot out and hit your face, your nose and cheeks and one spurt hit your eye.

I pushed my cock into your mouth, grabbed your head and fucked the last spurts of cum out into your throat. You gulped it down and licked your lips as I spread the facial cum out with my cockhead.

“What do you think of my little cocksucking slut?”

He didn’t answer as he was concentrating on his last few strokes. He groaned as he started to shoot his cum in his hand.

“Cum on her. That’s what she is here for. To be a cum bucket, a piece of fuck meat, an open cunt to fuck and a mouth to cum in. Use her for that.”

He fumbled his way to you and shot an arc of cum on your face, then another and he wiped his cock off on your face as he had seen me do. He relaxed then and as you licked his cock off, he smiled at me.

“Thanks for coming by today. I think we will have a better business relationship than before.”

“Yeah Eddie, I know we will.”

I didn’t mention the pics I had taken of him. Why spoil a good meeting with that.

“Get cleaned up, whore. We have things to do now.”

You pulled your clothes on and straightened your hair and when you were ready, we left.

“Did I please you, Daddy?”

“Well, I would have been happier if you could have made him hard again so he could have fucked your ass.”

We rode in silence to my office. You sat with your skirt up and legs spread as I had ordered on the ride to Eddies. When we pulled into the parking lot I looked at you.

“You did as I wanted. You were a good slut and I will reward you this evening when we get home. I will have another chore for you later. I want you to stay in my office today in case I want to fuck you. You will stay dressed and act like nothing is going on until then, but I want you available.”

As we walked into the building, I watched your long legs and your round ass and I knew I would want you again soon.

When we got to my office, I decided to check your email to see if the guy that lived nearby had responded. He had and had included a pic of his cock. He told me he had 3 friends that he was going to let fuck you if I agreed.

I let you read the message and see the pic. You tried to act uninterested but I saw your eyes narrow as you read.

“Come here and type a response. Say “my Daddy has said you may fuck me and use me only if you do very nasty things to me, for I am a cunt and a slut to be used for the pleasure of men like you”.

She asked him to arrange a meeting and to rent a hotel room for the afternoon and night on Wednesday of this week.

“Well baby, that will be your coming out party in two days. Just imagine, 4 cocks to service plus mine. Does that make your cunt all slimy wet?”

You blushed and didn’t answer, but I knew.

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