My Dream of What Could Have Been

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Double Penetration

Dedicated to Dsireme

I could hardly believe it; my dream has finally come true. Here was TJ standing in my hotel room looking so beautiful and extremely sexual in her short skirt and white school girl blouse. Yes, she was right here, right in front of me and as I took her hand in my hand it shook a little from the lust inside both of us. She was lovelier than any of her many photos she had sent to me. I could only imagine how she would look once she was completely undressed and laying with me in the king size bed.

As I lifted her chin up and looked into her eyes I lowered my head and she stood on her toes so our lips could gently touch for the first time. Seconds passed as we both held the kiss. Then her mouth opened as she accepted my tongue and began to suck gently on it. Soft sounds came from within her throat. As the kiss continued both of us moaned softly as we held each other tightly. The kiss was soft yet passionate. TJ sucked easily on my tongue as I took her tighter in my arms and felt her body compress into me completely molding to my form.

I could feel my cock rising in my slacks as it got harder and harder. Again I heard her soft sigh as her lower body formed to my own. Our sex pressed harder together against each other as the kiss continued. The heat of our bodies began to rise

I could feel her catch her breath as I bent her back a little and held the kiss as I bent forward over her. Her soft sighs were again released as my hands ran down her curved back and I cupped each cheek of her round firm rear end on the outside of her skirt. As my hands cupped each cheek of her shapely rear end I opened my mouth and accepted her tongue. As we held each other tightly feeling our bodies merge my cock was harder yet. TJ’s breasts pressed into my chest and my cock pressed into her pelvis. I could now feel her body moving slightly against it. We held this position for awhile kissing and sharing tongues. My hands held her very wonderful round ass firmly as I pulled her even tighter into my body.

TJ’s arms went up from my shoulders to around my neck and her left hand began to caress my hair. Again she sucked my tongue this time a little harder and her sighs came a little louder. She moaned into my mouth as she pressed her sex into me and held me tight. My hands came up to her face and I took it on both sides of her cheeks and lifted it upward as I kissed her mouth, nose, cheeks, neck and then went back to her lips.

The kisses were still very lovely, so soft, so easy and so extremely romantic as we held each other and made the beginnings of our love affair. We just stood in the center of the hotel room and I could feel such sweet affection for her and I was sure she felt the same.

She had mentioned when we talked to each other over these many months that she was sort of aggressive when she made love. But, she felt when we met she would most likely relinquish control to me and be submissive, at least in the beginning.

After we came up for air and broke our embrace I whispered; “I want you to stay completely still TJ and let me take the lead now baby. I want to undress you. I want to do it all TJ. I want to look at you and explore your body and enjoy what I have dreamed about over these many months. So stand there and let me see just how beautiful you are as I remove each piece of clothing.”

She didn’t say anything but stood there and I knew she agreed when she let her hands fall to her sides. I looked down at her body covered with her short skirt and the plain but beautiful white blouse with the small number of buttons in the front. I smiled into her eyes as I slowly moved my hands to the first button on the blouse. I could feel my cock jump with excitement as I slipped the first button through its button hole and opened it.

I again looked at her and saw that she approved. She didn’t move as I moved my hands to the second button. As I used my fingers to undo this button my hands and fingers could feel the rise and fall of her breasts as the button was undone. TJ’s breasts weren’t large maybe a 34 B but for her 5’4″ height and weight they looked perfect to me even still covered. They didn’t sag but stood proudly out facing me in all the photos she had sent me. God how I loved looking at her body.

It had taken many weeks to get her to show me a nipple. As our relationship grew stronger her boldness to please me did too. First she showed me the breast with the nipple covered. Then finally after I begged her she showed me the nipple. Then one day she showed me her entire bahis firmaları breast and nipple. Then finally she let me see all of her breasts. She stood proudly in front of the mirror and took the photo. I remember how beautiful they looked. They were full and round and her nipples were pink and hard and looked just like I had imagined and masturbated to over those many weeks I had begged her to a photo to me.

As I remembered to that day I she first pleased me by showing me her breasts the second button slipped out the hole opening her blouse even more and exposing her collar bone and the just the tops of those lovely round globes. I ran my hand over the tops of her breasts. They felt soft and nice and again my cock jumped with excitement and lust.

Oh God how I wanted to just rip her clothing off of her body. To rape her of her clothes and get on with the fucking we both wanted was so hard for me not to do. But I wanted this meeting to be very special for both of us. So I resisted the raping and continued to undress her slowly and easily and as gentle as I could be. The photos were special every day that she sent them. She sent many and I was excited each day by each photo of her breasts.

When the third button of her blouse was released her blouse opened much more now and her white semi-see-thru bra was now showing. Her breasts were so lovely. Even with the bra covering then they were better than any nude photo. I could see how the bra held her breasts up high and formed a deeper cleavage. How erotic to see them now in person for the very first time. It was so amazing to me to see them and know that soon, very soon I would have them in my hands and mouth to love.

The bra was sheer and the darkness of her nipples showed under it. I could see that mole on the left breast and bent down and kissed it. Again I had the urge to just rip and destroy the bra and get to her breasts so I could suck and hold them with both hands and squeeze and feel their softness and fullness. Oh how I wanted to hold her and make love to her tits and them just like I told her so many times over the Internet and phone eat her cunt and fuck her. God!! How I wanted to hurry so I could see her cunt and ass. How I wanted to just fuck her like a wild man.

I could see each breasts rise as they filled with her breath and then deflated a little as she exhaled. I stood there and just watched them rise and fall. They looked wonderful and my cock was screaming to be released. TJ stood there and looked into my eyes as my fingers removed the last button of the blouse and I pulled it up and out of her skirt. I slowly moved the top over her shoulders and let it slide down her shoulders and arms and it fall to the floor.

I took her in my arms again and we kissed once more. I could feel her bra press into my hands as I cupped her tits and let her push them into my palms.

Finally as we shared tongues my hands went to the front clasp of her bra and I released the hooks and opened her bra. She let it fall away between us and now I could see for the first time in person, real life, just how gorgeous her twins round white mounds really were. She told me they looked to pointy but to me they looked ideal. I told her that no photo or video could ever compare to the real thing. Her breasts were so beautiful and so creamy white. I took them gently in my hands and lifted them feeling her nipples hardening.

I bent down and kissed her left shoulder and licked the top of her left breast. Her hands moved to my hand and held it as my hands moved over each breast. I cupped and lifted both up towards my face. I could smell her perfume as I put my face between them. And then I did what I wanted to do ever since I saw her that first time!!!

My lips lightly kissed each side of her left breast and moved to her nipple. Going back and forth I could feel the nipples growing harder and longer. The pink round tips of her breasts were so warm and hard now. My tongue flicked out and licked them as she moved my head from the left to right and back to the left. “Perfect”, I whispered as I sucked and licked them with my mouth and squeezed them with my hands. I spent a good amount of time exploring all of TJ’s lovely breasts. As I licked each with my tongue I could feel I was making her shiver.

“Oh baby, oh yes Bud! Suck my nipples baby! Oh yes like that”, she softly moaned and whispered into my ear as my head stayed on her nipples.

Oh God! I had wanted this for so long. I felt her hands move to my slacks now. She undid the belt and opened the kaçak iddaa top of my slacks. I heard and felt the zipper go down and my slacks fell to the floor. I stepped out of them as I continued to make love to her breasts. I felt both of her soft little hands move into my shorts and guide my stiff hard cock out the front of them. I moaned as her hands held my stiff cock and the cool air conditioning in the hotel room chilled the pre cum coated over my cock. I felt her hands begin to squeeze my shaft and stroke it so very gently so lovingly.

I heard her moan again as she held my hard cock shaft and her hands and felt the super hard swollen cock head throbbing with desire for her.

I sucked her tits like a man processed now as she stroked my cock. She pumped the cock shaft with both hands making it grow to its maximum hardness, length and thickness. It throbbed in her hand and I could feel it jumping as if it had a life of its own. My mouth stayed on her nipples as my hands move down and went to her skirt.

She let go of my hard-on as I knelt down in front of her and looked up into her beautiful eyes. I could almost worship her. I could see the bottoms of her breasts rise and fall as her red/pink nipples stuck out hard, thick and long.

I slowly ran my hands up her strong shapely legs and moved them under her skirt. She had sent me photos of her legs open under her desk at work. These photos showed her open thighs and sometimes her panties and stockings and garter belt. They were taken for me as if I was looking at her inner thighs and cunt under her desk. How I loved looking up between her open legs each day and TJ showing me what she had on under the skirt or dress she wore to work. But now kneeling here in front of her and letting my hands roam over her thighs and ass was just too unbelievable. I felt like I might cum just being this close to her pussy.

Her thighs were firm and shapely just like I knew they would be from the photos she sent each day. Her rear end was firm and I knew it would be so good for both of us when we fucked each other later on tonight. But for now I wanted to see and explore her and taste all of her sexual beauty. Her thighs were closed and I asked her to open them like she had showed me in the photos. She spread her feet and opened her thighs.

I ran my hands around both sides of her thighs and squeezed each one up near her panties using both hands around the tops of them. I could feel the heat coming off of her pussy. I cupped her ass cheeks again and pulled her closer to me. Moving her body closer still, I put my head under her skirt and began kissing her upper thighs and the center of her panties.

I heard her take a deep breath as I sucked that center part of her panties into my mouth tasting her wetness. She lifted the skirt up and watched as I slowly worked my mouth over the red panties and began to lick the sides of her thighs next to the leg openings of her panties. I told her to spread her legs more for me and she did it immediately.

Her camel toe was very apparent and I ran a finger over it. As her legs were opened wide now she stood feet apart and looked down at me. I pushed my face into her wet panties and inhaled deeply smelling her sexual musk as she pushed back. Her cunt pushed harder into my mouth and my face was pressed against her. TJ was very wet and I felt she was so ready to have me eat her cunt. As I licked her panties and upper inner thighs, I remembered back to that very special day she sent me that first special photo.

I opened the photo and there it was. She had sent me a photo of her small beautiful shaved pussy slit. TJ shaved, I didn’t know that at the time. She was completely bald and her pussy slit was so lovely. I told her how beautiful I felt her pussy looked and thanked her for the photo. I asked her to open her pussy lips for me now and show me all of her magic. She did it and then told me she had nothing left. I hope I convinced her that she was beautiful and her pussy was perfect and how it made me so very happy to see it. I tried to tell her that we were now Internet lover and I sent her photos back.

We talked about pleasing each other and what we would like from each other. I told her how I would make love to her and how very much I wanted to live between her thighs and eat her pussy making her cum like she had never cum before. I would have done it just like I told her too. We talked each day and she continued to send me photos of her beautiful body. How I loved waking up each day in hopes of seeing her as she sent me kaçak bahis photos of her open legs under her desk, or in the lady’s room or in the front seat of her car. Each photo was very special to me and each was a magnificent photo of her lovely face smiling or her shapely sexy body.

TJ never disappointed me and always took a photo that I asked for and she shared her body as best she could in photos. I felt she was extremely sexual. Maybe she was the most sexual woman I had ever met. And, I feel she was so very beautiful. How I wanted to hold her, cuddle with her for hours and yes eat her pussy driving her wild and then fucking her over and over as long as she could get my cock hard again. I told her I would work very hard with her to satisfy all of her sexual needs.

We talked a lot about our spouses and how sad they were as lovers. Neither of us was happy or sexually satisfied but we wouldn’t leave our marriage because of the kids. I told her in detail many, many times how I would eat her pussy and make her cum and then hold her and make love to her. We both needed this very much. She told me she wanted to suck my balls and let me take her in many positions and we both wanted this so very badly too. Her husband and my wife didn’t do it for either of us and they did want sex very often. When they did there didn’t seem to be much love or lust and they weren’t very good at it. I told her I would work hard and make her cum many times. I hoped she believed me because it was true.

With my head pressed against her wet panties the smell of her sex was driving me wild. The lust I had from having my mouth on her wet slit covered panties was unbearable now. I wanted to throw her on the bed and fuck her like an animal. I wanted this so damn badly. And again it was so hard not to just do it.

I licked the insides of her thighs and moved my tongue under the leg openings of her panties and touched her pussy lips. She cried out and held my head gently as her hips began to move her pussy and fuck my face. My tongue licked out and touched the sides of her pussy lips. She pumped into me and I knew I was pleasing her. Finally I felt her begin to rotate her hips gently fucking my mouth faster. I wondered if she was cumming and then I knew she was. I began to taste it. I took the sides of her panties and slowly pulled her red panties down her thighs. She closed her legs and I moved the panties to her feet.

There it was!! The center of her sex was looking right at me. Again all the photos in the world couldn’t come close to seeing the real thing, her pussy right there inches from my face. My mouth watered.

TJ stepped out of her panties slowly lifting each leg and letting me see her pussy. I moved my mouth back to her wetness and started eating it. She cried out and both hands went to my head. She tasted so sweet and there was so much wetness that came out of her hole it ran down my chin and covered my face. I moved my mouth all over her pussy coating my face with her sweetness, just like I had dreamed of doing.

All those days and nights I jerked off and shot my load a few times a day to her photos was now a dream come true. Now I was actually licking her pussy.

I kissed her slit and used my tongue to French kiss her pussy hole like I had kissed and frenched her mouth. She moaned as I pushed my tongue into her hole and began to fuck her with it. In and out, in and out I flicked it making her feel so good. My fingers moved over her pussy and under it to her ass. Both of my hands were now under her pussy and cupping her ass. She had to open her thighs more for me to get both hands under her. As she squatted for me my mouth locked on to her cunt. She held my head and started to fuck it as I licked and sucked her hole. She cried out, moaning; “Oh Bud! Oh yes baby! Oh God that feels so good. Oh eat me Bud eat my pussy baby.”

Is soft gently animal sounds escaped her mouth my tongue never stopped moving and dancing as I licked every inch of her magnificent cunt. Holding her ass and pulling her cunt into my mouth I hummed and hummed into her hole. I made love to her cunt for a long time while she stood there. I worked hard and long trying to make her cum standing up. Finally she pulled me up and asked if we could move to the bed. I undid the skirt and let it fall to the floor. She stepped out of it and we walked to the bed. As we got to the bed I removed my shorts and she lay back on the bed fully nude. She opened her arms and I moved over her body. I pressed my body over hers and we cuddled and held each other making slow soft love now. After a little while I began to move down her sweet body. I felt her hands gently pushing me towards her cunt again. This time I would work on her until she exploded with an orgasm maybe two or more.

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