My Family’s Nudist Colony? Ch. 15

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Dave’s erection led the way as he and a shell shocked Angie left the porch and went around to the back of the cabin. Quietly, they slumped to the ground by a pile of firewood. Each lost in their thoughts.

An hour passed before Dave and Angie entered their cabin. Bree had showered and looked refreshed, radiant, re-born. She and a sullen Angie made dinner. Chloe returned for the strained affair. Mid-way though her meal, Angie pushed her plate away and said,

“I can’t eat,” and she began to cry.

“What is it Mom?” Bree asked.

Angie didn’t respond. She just gave her husband a pitiful, defeated look.

“Ahem…Girls your mother and I met with the accountant…things are not going well financially. The resort is barely breaking even…”

“No Dave,” Angie interrupted. “We’ve got to talk about what’s happening to us!”

Confused, the daughters looked from mother to father searching for an explanation. Not finding one, Chloe asked,

“Are…are you two thinking about divorcing?”

Angie blurted out,

“No sweetie. I don’t know if it’s this place…the nudity…Is it just me? I’ve had overwhelming sexual feelings and I done things I shouldn’t have…”

Angie’s speech trailed off and she sobbed. Dave addressed his family,

“I want to apologize to all of you. I’ve…I want to say I’m sorry for my conduct…for having had inappropriate sex with all of you. My problem with…my public erections shouldn’t have been something you had to deal with.”

This announcement hit the women like a ton of bricks. Sex with all of them? They focused on him looking for more information. Dave responded,

“I want to be completely honest. It’s best to get everything out in the open. Chloe and I were together when I had a problem…an erection. I tried to handle it myself, but I couldn’t climax. When some people headed our way, Chloe gave me oral sex to dispose of my erection.”

Chloe turned beet red. She was so embarrassed that now that her sister and mother knew the truth. Her father’s cock had been in her mouth!

Dave continued,

“I stumbled across Bree and Tracey having sex in the stable. I didn’t know it was Bree at the time because she had a mask on. Tracey blackmailed me into having sex with her. At the end of the escapade, the bitch revealed to Bree and me that we had unknowingly had sex with each other.”

Dave was perspiring profusely, he paused to take a deep breath before continuing,

“Angie, I haven’t …always been present when you and I have been together. Sometimes my mind was elsewhere…”

Angie interrupted and blurted out,

“I had sex with Paul.”

Angie looked at Dave and Chloe for their reaction. Neither otele gelen escort showed the anger Angie had feared. Dave spoke from the heart and said,

“I love you Angie. I’m glad we’ve been together since we were teenagers, but I always worried that you missed out on so much since I was your first boyfriend. You having sex with someone else does not lessen what you and I have.”

Dave got up and hugged his wife. After a long pause, Bree broke the quiet saying,

“I’ve been wild too. The incident with dad was an accident, but today I had sex with two…”

Everyone answered, “We know.”

“I saw you from the front porch window,” Chloe said.

“So did your father and me,” Angie said.

“I liked watching you,” Chloe acknowledged.

Angie sighed heavily and admitted, “So did we.”

Bree blushed and conceded, “Knowing you were watching made it more intense for me.”

“See? That’s exactly my point,” an exasperated Angie said. “We weren’t like this before. What are we turning into?”

“Adults who are ready to admit that we like sex?” Chloe offered.

“But there are rules,” Angie weakly offered in rebuttal.

“Such as to love and support each other? That’s what you’ve always told me family was all about,” Chloe replied softly.

The group was silent for a long time until Bree asked,

“Dad, what was it you were going to tell us…about finances and the accountant?”

Angie answered,

“We’re practically broke.”

Dave answered as well, “The club has not been doing well since another facility opened up closer to town.”

Chloe was scared and asked,

“Are we going to lose this home too?”

“Well…” Dave started to reply.

“Isn’t there something we can do?” Bree asked.

“The plan! Dave, we’ve got to execute Uncle Jake’s plan,” Angie said latching onto that thought desperately as their last hope.

When Dave gave her a blank look, Angie got up and returned with Uncle Jake’s business plan. Bree picked it up and read the title page,

“What’s Hedonism?”

Angie, now energized, responded,

“That’s our ticket to happiness and security.”

The daughters gave their mother a confused look.

“Girls, we all have been behaving like hedonists. You know, people who seek and enjoy pleasure. Why not get paid for it?”

Dave tried to provide more clarity saying,

“There are…resorts that cater to pleasure seeking adults. These laissez-faire places have no restrictions, no rules…it’s live and let live.

“Oh, I get it. If ours were such a place then your public erections wouldn’t be a problem and if people wanted to have sex pendik escort out in the open, that’s okay too? Cool!” Bree said.

“How does that help us?” Chloe asked.

“Well dear,” Angie answered. “The other nudist place has nicer facilities and is closer to the city. We need to give people a reason to come to our place. A more free-wheeling environment could be that reason.”

Dave cleared his throat,

“Emm…girls this will mean…I mean as owners…we will have to do more…”

“Dad, are you trying to say,” Bree laughed and asked, “That we may have to do publicly what we’ve already been doing privately?”

“Yes.” Dave admitted adding “We may have to have sex with some of the guests too…except for you Chloe.”

Dave had trouble thinking of his youngest daughter as an adult. Bree with her brazenness and piercings was a completely different story. Dave wanted to spare Chloe from this debauchery.

Chloe reached over, raked her finger nails down his forearm and said in a very sexy voice,

“When you came on my ass and shot your load down my throat, you didn’t’ worry about my virtue then. I’ve had group sex with three men and a woman. You don’t have to treat me like an innocent little girl.” Then she fluttered her eyelashes provocatively at him.

Boing! Dave instantly had an erection. He blushed and smiled sheepishly at his youngest. He was lost for words. Bree applauded and said,

“Wow sis, way to turn it on! The temperature in here just went up a couple of degrees.”

Angie laughed at Dave’s reaction and said,

“Well I guess that settles it. The whole Monroe family is in.”

Angie picked up her glass of water and said,

“Salute! To Lake Hedonism!”

They all clinked glasses and drank to their new venture. Angie stood and walked around the room. She gave her daughters quick kisses on the mouth and her husband a deeply passionate kiss on the mouth. Angie said to Dave,

“Darling, slide your chair back away from the table.”

Dave scooted the chair back. Angie looked down at his huge hard-on and said,

“I thought so.”

Angie straddled her husband slipping his hardness into her wetness and said,

“Chloe you started something with your father. Do you mind if I finish it?”

Without waiting for a response, Angie began rocking back and forth on his erection sighing contentedly. Bree signaled for Chloe to get up. The two of them stood on either side of their parents. Bree said,

“Chloe help me stimulate his handsome man.” Bree began rubbing her pierced breasts against her dad’s face. Chloe took her magnificent pair and did likewise. Angie leaned backed and watched fascinated rus escort as her daughters did what she, a woman with tiny breasts, could not do – pummel a man with breasts.

Dave was shocked at first and then grateful. His daughters had fabulous breasts, full and so soft. He enjoyed the loving woman that was riding him and the titty pillow fight taking place against his face. He closed his eyes and concentrated on the boob slaps. Bree’s were tinged with cold steel and Chloe’s were a firm, heavier blow.

Angie humped her man with more intensity driven by the sex play of her daughters. Angie leaned in and kissed Dave and then quickly broke it off. Dave and Angie began playing “bobbing for boobies” as they attempted to catch the ripe hard nipples that came their way. When they latched on to one, they sucked hard eliciting approving moans from their owners.

Dave and Angie were on fire. Angie sucked and nipped at Chloe’s nipple as she rode herself to a fierce orgasm. Dave nursed on Bree’s breast praying that he could hold off long enough to let his wife get off. When he heard her orgasmic cry, his dick automatically blasted ropes of cum towards her womb.

Flushed, excited and happy to see the climatic joy of their parents the daughters stepped back. Bree walked up close to her sister and said,”

“So you’ve been with a woman.”

Bree licked her sister’s neck causing Chloe to sigh. Bree kissed her on the throat and let her hands explore Chloe’s voluptuous body: one hand to Chloe’s heavy breasts and another snaking down Chloe’s firm stomach finding the wet crevice between her legs. Chloe moaned.

Dave and Angie in their cloudy state of post-coital bliss watched silently. Bree asked,

“Giving or receiving little sister?”

“Receiving,” Chloe answered breathlessly.

“Lay down on the rug,” Bree ordered in a no nonsense tone.

Chloe complied. Bree knelt beside her and flicked Chloe’s hard nipples roughly, dismissively. Then she threw her leg over her sister’s head and shoved her bare pussy onto her sister’s mouth.

“Lick me,” Bree commanded.

Tentatively, Chloe complied. She had never done this before and wasn’t sure what to do.

Sensing this Bree said,

“Kiss me…lick me… suck on my thick lips, but most of all maul my clit. Like this.”

Bree dove between her sister’s thighs and performed the tasks that she had requested of her sibling. Chloe gasped; thrilled at the sensations Bree was generating. Chloe returned the actions and the two rolled their hips, sighed, moaned and tongue lashed their kin until they each groaned, convulsed and exploded. The sensation began between their legs and fanned out to their toes and fingertips. The girls felt a sense of utter and complete satisfaction.

Dave and Angie hugged each other tight. Mesmerized by the personal, powerful and erotic sight they had just witnessed. Angie said with a broad smile,

“That proves it. This family has what it takes to run Lake Hedonism.”

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