My Girlfriend’s’ Brother

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This story is has some straight, some m/m bi, some indirect incest. I hope you enjoy.


My name is Dave and when I was 20 I dated a beautiful girl named Beth. I had a couple of girlfriends before Beth and had a few clumsy sexual experiences, but Beth opened the door for me when it came to sex.

She was a total slut. Her body was amazing. Big soft 38D tits, a little soft around the middle but not fat, perfect pussy that loved attention.

Beth and I experimented together, doing everything we could. We watched porn together, back when you had to rent the VHS tapes. We used to do everything we saw in the movies. Just about every time we fucked I would blow my load on her face or on those big beautiful tits.

She let me fuck her in the ass. It was really easy to make her cum and I loved eating her pussy as much as she loved cumming all over my face.

We both still lived with our parents while we dated. She had a brother, Pete, who was a couple of years older than us. Really cool guy.

I was intimidated by him at first because he was a big dude. But he was always nice to me and soon we actually started hanging out once in awhile when Beth was busy.

One night Beth and I were on her couch watching a movie. It was late and we started messing around. Pretty soon I was begging her to suck my cock.

She pretended like she was doing me a favor but I know she loved sucking dick. My dick is about average, maybe a little more at 6.5. She smiled and leaned down to take me in her mouth.

I was enjoying a great blow job, my hand on Beth’s head and holding her hair back so I could watch my cock slide in and out of her mouth. She liked me to talk to her while she sucked my dick so I told her, “God damn Beth, you are such a good cock sucker. Lick my balls.”

Her mouth came off my cock and she knelt down on the floor so she could get to my nuts. “Slap my face with your cock,” she said.

“Get this cock back in your mouth you fucking whore,” I told her. She was bobbing up and down on my shaft when the door opened and her brother Pete came in.

“Oh shit!” I said. Beth looked over her shoulder but kept her hand around my cock, jerking me off.

“Sorry Pete,” she started. “Dave and I were just leaving.” Pete backpedaled out the door. He didn’t look mad, which I was glad to see since like I said he was big dude and not someone I would want to have to fight.

“Don’t worry about it,” Beth said. “He walked in on my riding a guys cock one time and he got over it. We are adults. He knows, or he should know that we fuck.”

Since it didn’t bother her I tried to not let it bother me. But things were weird whenever I saw Pete after that. A few months later Beth was accepted to an out of state school and our relationship ended.

It wasn’t a bad breakup. We fucked a few more times over the next couple of years when we both returned to our home state and it was still awesome.

About ten years later I reconnected with Beth on Facebook. We have both married but that didn’t stop her from sending me some private messages that my wife would have thought were over the line.

We exchanged cell numbers and a day later I had a couple great pics of those big beautiful tits that I had cum on so many times. They still looked great.

About a month later I got a friend request on FB from her brother Pete. I accepted and we sent a couple of messages back and forth. Like I said, he was a cool guy and now that a decade had passed since he walked in on his sister blowing me, I didn’t feel weird about becoming FB friends with him.

I found out he was living not too far from one of my companies corporate offices was. I told him that next time I was in town I would let him know and maybe we could get a yabancı escort beer.

A couple more years passed and I finally had occasion to visit the office near Pete’s house. He and I had had commented on each others pictures and posts a few times over the years.

I decided to send him a message to let him know that I would be in town. He sent me a message back with his cell and told me to call him when I had a free night.

The first two days I was in town were filled with meetings and dinners I had to attend. But as I knew the third night many people would be leaving, I thought that would be the best time to catch up with Pete. My flight out wasn’t until the next day so I could relax and have a few cocktails if I desired.

Pete gave me the name of the pub where he wanted to meet. I was there early and getting ready to order drink number two when he came up behind me and put me in a tight bearhug.

“Dave! Great to see you bud.” He looked pretty much the same as I remembered. A little older, a little fatter, a little balder…just like me I guess.

“What’s up Pete? Thanks for meeting up with me. It has been forever.”

He said a little too loudly, “Yeah, last time I saw you my sister was sucking your cock, I think.” I was embarrassed that other people may have heard and embarrassed that he brought that up right away.

But then he started laughing and said, “I’m just kidding man. We were all kids. You were always nice to Beth and I always liked you.” I was relieved. I started laughing too.

Pete and I had a few drinks and talked about the last 15 years. He had been married and divorced twice. Two kids. Made a good living in IT and had a downtown condo. He had a girlfriend that was going to meet us later.

We had fun reminiscing about the old days. He and Beth were closer than most siblings and he filled me in on what she was up to. Apparently she knew that he and I were meeting up.

He surprised the shit out of me when he said, “She wants to know if you jerked off to the titty pics she sent you yet?” I almost spit up my beer.

Just then Pete’s girlfriend arrived. She introduced herself as Liz. She was pretty and had a friendly smile. Liz was short, maybe 5’4. She was on the heavy side but the kind of heavy I love…big tits and ass.

She rocked her low cut shirt with confidence and smiled everytime she caught me stealing glances at her big tits. She and Pete were pretty affectionate with one another. Lots of quick kisses and as we were sitting there he had his arm around her shoulder and his hand would make what I knew were intentional brushes on her right boob.

Pete’s condo was only a few blocks from the bar so he suggested we go there when the bartender called last call. The three of us left and walked to Pete’s. As we were walking Liz asked me, “When was he last time you fucked Pete’s sister?”

I just laughed and looked at Pete and he laughed too. Pete said, “Well Beth told me she sent him some titty pics not too long ago.”

We were walking into Pete’s place and Liz said, “Sweet. Let me see them. I met Beth last year and have been thinking about what those beauties must look like.” I was a little apprehensive and not sure what to do.

Pete and Liz sat on the couch and Liz said, “C’mon, let me see the pics. I have to know what her nipples look like.” I looked at Pete for guidance but he just sat there smiling.

Finally Liz said, “Okay, tell you what. I’ll never say anything and I’ll show you my tits that you have been staring at all night if you pass me your phone with Beth’s pics up.”

This was getting crazy but I wanted to see those big fat tits since Liz sat down. I pulled my phone out of my pocket and scrolled thru my pics until yeni escort I found the pics of Beth that I had saved.

I handed Liz my phone. She and Pete huddled around my phone screen and checked out the pics. They were both smiling and touching the screen to zoom in.

I heard Liz say, “I knew they would be fucking big like that.” I’m sure she was talking about Beth’s nipples.

Liz handed me my phone back and stood up. She said she had to work tomorrow so she was going to head home. She and Pete embraced and kissed long and hard. I watched his hands roam all over her body.

They broke their kiss and I stood to say goodbye. Liz said, “I believe I owe you something.” With that she lifted her shirt and pulled her big fat titties out of the top of her bra.

They were big and saggy and hung heavily. I wanted to reach out and support them/squeeze them but I just stood there looking at them, looking at Pete, looking at Liz’s face.

She smiled and said, “Well, give me a hug.” I stepped toward her and she put her arms out without putting those jugs away.

“Great meeting you Dave”, she said. I just laughed and told her that it was my pleasure. I looked at Pete over Liz’s shoulder and he was adjusting his cock in his jeans and smiling at me.

Liz started for the door and as she was leaving she said, “God I can’t wait to get home and rub my pussy until I cum.”

Pete quickly said. “You sure you don’t want me to take care of you before you go? Dave won’t mind hanging out for a bit.”

“No,” she said. “You boys have a good rest of the night. Have fun.”

With that, she left. I looked at Pete and said, “Dude, she is unbelievable. You are a lucky man.”

“Yeah she is pretty great. She has opened my eyes to alot of things. I never knew what it was like to be with someone so sexually open and down for just about anything.”

“Man, I bet you never get tired of those tits,” I said.

He smiled at me and said, “I know, they are almost as good as my sisters, huh?”

“Let me see those pics of Beth again,” Pete said. We sat on the couch with beers and I handed him my phone.

I watched him as he looked at the pictures of his sisters tits. “God those are fucking nice,” he said. Pete looked at me and said, “You think it’s weird that I like my sisters tits?”

“Yeah, a little,” I said. “You’re not wrong though, they are great.”

“Beth and I are close. We talk about everything, including sex. After I walked in on her sucking your dick, we spoke even more openly. I loved hearing about her sex life and she loved hearing about mine.

In fact, why don’t you tell me about one of the times you were fucking my sister. I’d like to hear your side of a story.”

I didn’t know exactly what to do here. Pete was leaned back on the couch and adjusting his cock. I was still chubbed up from seeing Liz’s tits and the sexual energy around us.

I was really horny and thinking about his sister. One of my favorite things to jerk off to still is our ass play that we were both virgins to until we met each other.

“Beth and I had a great routine. She would suck my dick, as you know. I would eat her pussy until she came. She would suck my dick again. When I was close I would stop her and lick her cunt again while I calmed down and she came on my face again. One night, after our normal routine, I fucked her hard from behind. She loved it doggy style, by the way.”

Pete was full on rubbing himself over his pants. I had a stiff hard on that I had to adjust to the side. I could tell he was into my story.

I wasn’t sure how graphic I was going to get until I watched Pete pull his cock out of his pants and continue jerking it.

“I’ve seen yours Dave, figured you yenibosna escort wouldn’t mind,” Pete said.

“You’re about to see mine again,” I said as I stood up and dropped my pants and underwear to my knees.

Pete’s dick was a little bigger than mine. He was completely shaved to my trimmed. I bet he had seven inches with a nicely shaped head.

His balls were already tight. He was stroking with his right hand and pulling on his nut sack skin with his left.

Other than in porn movies, I had never seen another guy with a hard on. I was nervous, excited, and my head was swimming. Pete was staring at me. Staring at my cock.

I took my hand off of mine and just let it bob in the air, partly so I wouldn’t cum, partly to let him get a full look.

“I can see why my sister wanted that in her mouth all the time,” Pete said. I didn’t know what to think. I know Pete fucked alot of girls when I knew him and he was obviously fucking Liz now. I guess he was bi?

I had never been attracted to another guy but I was so turned on right then that I couldn’t stop looking at his cock too.

“So I fucked Beth from behind and blew my load inside her. We were recovering and she fell forward to lay on her stomach. I was lying next to her rubbing her ass. I decided I wanted to lick her ass so I spread her ass cheeks apart and put my tongue in her. While I was tonguing her asshole, I was sliding two fingers in and out of her warm, cum filled pussy.”

Pete moved closer to me on the couch and said, “Are you cool with me touching your dick?” He was sliding his hands up my leg and put his hand right around my cock. It felt so good.

“I was licking your sisters asshole when suddenly and almost violently she started cumming. I pulled my fingers out of her cunt and I asked her how much she liked that. ‘It felt good, but I think what made me cum so fast and hard was just thinking about what you were doing, you know?’ Right then I knew your sister was a true slut.”

Pete was pulling on my dick and I was getting close. I decided to reach over and grab his cock and start jerking him off too. I had never touched another dick besides my own, but I touched my own enough to be an expert.

I looked at him and smiled. He handed me my phone back and said, “Take a picture of this and send it to Beth. She will love it.”

It took a few tries but I snapped a selfie that showed Pete and I and our hands around each others cocks. Pete and I were laughing as I typed in Beth’s number and hit send.

“Dave, I’m going to cum, man.” I guess I should have known this would be the result of me pulling on another man’s dick, but it still surprised me in a way that made me wonder what I should do next.

I decided to squeeze a little harder and pump a little faster and after another ten seconds or so Pete let out a cry and cum started pouring out of his dick. I watched it as it covered his own dickhead and then I slowed down and let it fall down his shaft. When I saw him cumming it was all but over for me.

I told Pete that I was close and he was jerking me just right. I’m a big shooter so the first burst flew up and hit his couch above my shoulder. The next couple came out and went all over his hand.

After we both got cleaned up, Pete said, “Was that your first time with another guy?”

“Yes,” I said. “How about you?”

“Liz brought her old boyfriend over her a few months ago. We were drinking and things started getting crazy. He pulled out his cock and dude, it was fucking huge. Had to be 10 inches and as big around as my wrist. She asked me to touch it and I did. I thought I should act grossed out but it was so awesome.

The next time Liz and I were fucking she told me that she knew I wanted to touch and feel her boyfriends big cock. I admitted that she was right. In fact, she is going to love hearing about this.”

“What’s her number? I’ll text her the pic we took.” Pete gave me her number and I sent it to her. You wouldn’t believe what her text back said.

Let me know if I should go on…

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