My Hero

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Big Dicks

our bodies are entwined. my nails claw into your shoulders as you thrust your cock in and out of my pussy and your tongue mimics the movements of your cock with mine. you pump into me faster and harder as you hear the noises coming from my throat letting you know that I am on the verge of cumming. my moans get louder until they become one loud, long cry of ecstasy as my body quakes and shudders in release and I feel your jizz shoot deep in my pussy……

wide awake, I sit up in bed. hot, sweaty…and very wet. the first thing I realize that I had been dreaming…again. I lie back and slide my fingers down my stomach and over my naked pussy, one rubbing my clit as the other hand thrusts two fingers in and out of my pussy. my body writhes against my fingers and follows the same pattern that has been for weeks…the tension builds and builds, but I am never able to cum.

shouting in frustration I stalk to the shower and turn the water on cold, my pussy on fire as I step under the icy spray. frozen and shaking 10 minutes later, my pussy is still on fire and I can feel pussy juice slickening my pussy lips. “what the hell, I might as well as go for a jog.” and I grab my shorts and sports bra and pull them on with nothing else underneath and grab my keys and head out the door.

i walk to the park using the four blocks as a warm up for the jog and as I pass the gates to the park, I pick up the pace. my breathing deepens as my nipples rub against the material of my bra and I can feel the crotch of my shorts get a little wet as I continue to run. I close my eyes enjoying the sensations, running faster. my foot hits something and my eyes fly open in time to see myself fall down the side of the hill…and everything go black.

always enjoying running in the middle of the night you like the fact that no one is ever in the park except you at this time of night. deciding to take the short way home tonight you turn onto one of the other trails and bahis firmaları you can feel the sweat running down your chest and back. feeling tired, you jog faster, trying to shove thoughts of work out of your mind. all do when you hear a scream not too far ahead and break into a dead run.

approaching the area where you heard the scream, you are ready to fight off a mugger or rapist, but see nothing until you look down the hill and see and someone lying unconscious on the ground. concerned, you rush down the hill towards the person.

my head feels like it is going to explode and my ankle is worse. out of the corner of my eye, I see you running toward me down the hill.

falling to your knees beside me, you ask if I’m ok. I ask if you would see if my ankle is broken and you kneel between my legs and gently take off my shoe and sock and feel around my ankle. you tell me that it does not feel broken, just probably sprained badly.

“great,” I say sarcastically. “thanks for helping,” I say sincerely. and you tell me that it wasn’t a problem. your hands rest higher on my legs as you look me over.

“that’s a nasty cut on your head…here,” you say as you take off your shirt and wad it up into a ball and place it on my forehead, stroking my bangs off my face.

as you lean over me, I cant help but notice the musky smell of your chest causing heat to swell deep in my belly. unconsciously, my lips part and I gasp at the touch of your hands stroking my hair and your eyes bore into mine.

realizing that you are looking so intensely at me, you move to stand up, your hand accidentally touching one of my breasts as you do, causing my nipples to perk up and an audible gasp from my lips.

before you can move away, my hand grabs yours and places it back on my breast, using your hand to knead my breast as I cover it with mine. unsure of yourself, you protest weakly. “please,” I whisper, seeing your cock forming a large bulge in the front kaçak iddaa of your shorts. the feel of my firm breast with my large nipple burning against your hand proves to be your undoing and you groan and start kneading both of my breasts on your own.

moaning, I arch my back and run my hands around my stomach. I pull you on top of me and kiss you, running my tongue over your lips, trying to gain access. swiftly, your lips open and your tongue surges out to meet mine. your hands leave my breasts to cradle my face as you deepen the kiss.

meanwhile, my hands attempt to fight my bodies way out of my bra, breaking the kiss only to pull it over my head. my nipple tighten even more as the cool night air washes over them in a gentle breeze. your hands slide down my face and neck and down my torso, over my shorts, and finally stopping just above my pussy, where you can feel the moist heat emanating from it. desperately, I beg you to touch my pussy, and you do…lightly tracing your fingers around and over my pussy lips, learning their shape and size and how wet I have made the crotch of my shorts.

my hands run down your chest, my nails lightly scrape over your stomach, causing you to gasp. heading lower, my hands find the huge bulge in the front of your shorts. my fingers learn the size of your cock and I moan in appreciation of its size against your lips…long, thick, and rock hard…i feel more pussy juice flood my pussy as I imagine it rammed deep in my pussy.

impatient now, your hands go to the waistband of my shorts and pull them down over my hips and down my legs, and sitting up to carefully remove them from my injured ankle. looking at me, you cannot help but get harder. my eyes burn with lust for you, my lips slightly open as I pant heavily, my full breasts heaving with each breast, crowned by large hard nipples, my quivering tummy, and my wide open and very wet pussy…I look like a slut in heat and it only makes you want me more.

leaning kaçak bahis down, you flick your tongue lightly over my clit, causing me to shriek in pleasure. your lips close around it and you begin to suck on it as your tongue circles it rapidly. my breathing gets heavier and louder and my hands clutch in your hair, pulling you closer. then you leave my clit and I feel your tongue shoot deep in my pussy making me grunt and grind my pussy against your mouth. I beg you to tongue fuck me faster…and you pull away from my pussy all together.

moaning in frustration at the loss of your mouth on my pussy, I open my eyes to see you sitting back on your haunches and your hands grab my legs to scoot me closer and straddle your hips wider. grabbing my hips, you place the head of your dick against my pussy and look at me moaning and pleading for it.

unable to wait anymore, you ram your dick deep in my tight pussy. I scream in joy as I feel it slide deep, stretching my pussy…it feels soo good. after holding your dick deep inside me for a moment, you begin to thrust slow and deep inside of my pussy. I plead for harder, you give it to me. I plead for faster and you go faster, your control almost to the breaking point and unravelling fast.

I am out of control, wildly humping back at your dick, almost on the verge of cumming. my hands roughly knead my breasts and moans and whimpers and pleas fall from my lips. I squeal in delight as you thrust faster and harder into my pussy. I can feel it building…almost there…

suddenly, it is upon me. my body stiffens and arcs high. my legs wrap tightly around your back and a scream so loud and long that people in china must have heard me. then my body starts to jerk wildly as the waves of ecstasy crash through me.

in my euphoric state, I can feel your dick thrust into me one last time and you shout in release as you shoot your jizz deep into my pussy….

exhausted, we lay together on the ground, you lying on top of me, our hearts thundering in our chests, our breathing heavy. still out of breath, you ask me if I would like help home and I say that I would…with a mischievous gleam in my eyes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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