My Mom – My Lover Ch. 04

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The sweat was rolling off his face and his t-shirt was soaked with it as he jogged through their sub-division. It was a cool fall day. But he had pushed himself for the last hour, alternating between sprinting and jogging. He was determined to stay in shape for as long as he could. He’d seen too many guys develop the beer gut after getting of the military. Plus he enjoyed the freedom he felt whenever he ran. It was always a good time to clear his head and think about things. He thought about his mom. She was the most sensuous woman he’d ever known. Then there was his dad. He couldn’t figure him out. John was still his dad. But he was really struggling with his feelings toward him now. He couldn’t get that picture of him sitting there in silence at the restaurant out of his mind.

Dena couldn’t stop thinking about what she had become. Brady had awakened desires in her that she didn’t realize she had. Now as she walked through the mall, he was the only thing she could think of. It was as if he’d turned her into an addict, craving his touch, his control, his scent, everything about him. She walked into Victoria’s Secret, the only thing on her mind, doing everything she could to please this man who now owned her heart, mind and body. Any thoughts of doubt or consequences were quickly suppressed or rationalized away. Brady was the lover she had craved her entire life. Why did he have to be her son? Dena’s body buzzed every waking minute with the excitement and need of her new lover’s touch.

Brady walked the last two blocks back to his house. It was a nice typical middleclass suburban neighborhood with the manicured lawns and two cars in every driveway. And a dark secret behind every front door. Every house he passed he couldn’t help but wonder what secrets were held sacred within those walls. He walked up his driveway and saw his mom’s car in the garage with the trunk open.

Dena walked out the back door not seeing Brady. “Looks like someone’s been shopping. Get anything for me?” Brady asked teasingly not knowing what she had purchased.

Dena giggled like a school girl seeing him for the first time. “Just about everything I bought is for you. I just hope you like it.”

Brady then saw the Victoria’s Secret bags and understood. “I’m guessing I’ll love everything you bought. I just wish I had time right now for a fashion show of everything you got. I think this evening would be a great time for a private showing.”

The disappointment on Dena’s face was evident as she spoke. “You have something planned this afternoon baby?”

Brady chuckled to himself. Even as his submissive mom, she was still trying to manipulate the days schedule to her liking. He began to think it was something she did without even realizing it. It was as natural for her to try and control people and the circumstances around her as it was to breath. You don’t think about breathing, you just do it. That was Dena and her desire to control and manipulate. “I have to shower and then head over to Community College. I want to enroll and start taking some classes. I’m not sure what I want to major in yet, but I figure I can at least take all those useless Gen Ed classes everyone has to take while I’m figuring it out. Although I’m leaning toward something in Criminal Justice. But we’ll see.”

“Oh ok baby!” Dena was disappointed. She’d thought all morning as she was shopping that she would have Brady all to herself when she got home.

“I thought about going to State University, but that would have meant taking you with me, and I wasn’t sure how that would work out since we would have to move down state.” Brady smiled at Dena wondering how she’d reply.

Her expression went from disappointment to shock. “Would you really take me with you?”

“When I move out – YES! I’m taking you with me!”

Dena felt her stomach jump at the thought of what he said he was going to do with her. He was going to take her away from this place. Just as quickly she squelched the excitement of that thought. Somehow she knew he’d find someone else to spend his life with. “Don’t tease me like that! It’s not funny!”

Brady knew she had some huge trust issues. She had lived most of her life with disappointment and broken promises. He walked up to the car, grabbed the rest of her shopping bags and carried them into the house without saying a word.

Dena locked up her car, closed the garage and followed him into the house. When she walked in the kitchen Brady was standing in front of the island with all the bags behind him. “I don’t know how long I’m going to stay in this house. I appreciate the offer from dad to stay as long as I want. I doubt he’d extend the same offer if he knew what we were doing. But however long I stay, when I leave you’re coming with me. Whether that’s across town or across the country.”

“Do I get a say in this?” Dena asked.

“Do you want a say in this?” He replied knowing what she’d say.

Dena almost got angry. Brady knew how to play her. He knew she wanted him to take etiler otele gelen escort control of her. He also knew she’d follow him no matter where he went. She didn’t know how to respond. She wanted a say in this, and yet she didn’t. There was a side of her that wanted to be just taken away and kept as her son’s lover. “Why do you do this to me?” She asked betraying her emotional consternation.

Brady couldn’t help but snicker. He saw the glare of anger in her eyes. “I’m not doing anything to you mom. You know what you want and who you want. Why don’t you quit trying to take control back and just accept your place as my slut and lover.” He stepped forward and got in her face. “One more time! I’ve been patient with your bullshit thus far. But I’m just about out of it. You fucked around with dad for so long I think it’s just the way you conduct yourself with everyone. And I’m not talking about all your lovers. I’m talking about the way you manipulated and controlled him. The way you castrated him.” He felt the anger in him rising. He focused and brought himself under control. He kept hearing one his commanding officers in his head, “Emotions will get you killed.”

“I know dad failed you. I saw a side of him that disappointed me. So I understand what you did and why. I’m not justifying you. Just letting you know I understand. But I’m not putting up with your bullshit anymore Dena.” Dena’s eyes lit up when he called her by her first name. Brady smirked when he saw her facial expression. “You’re not mom anymore!” He grabbed one of her tits and squeezed. “Now you’re my slut! My lover! My whore!” He wrapped his arms around her, pulling her into his body, kissing her hard.

Dena felt her body melting as she responded to his kiss, throwing her arms around his neck. Their mouths stayed locked as Brady slid his hands down her back to her ass. He squeezed her ass, pulling her pelvis into his growing manhood. The two lovers moaned into each other’s mouth. Brady finally broke the kiss but continued to hold her tightly. “Wherever I go, you go with me. Now what was it you wanted to say?”

Dena knew there was nothing to say because that’s exactly how she wanted it. One side of her wanted to backdown without saying a word, while the other side screamed to be heard. This dichotomy she fought daily was driving her insane. Her breathing was labored as she fought her emotions and body’s response to his handling of her. “You bastard! You know I can’t . . . You know I don’t. . . . You know I . . .” She began to cry, not being able to finish any thought that started in her head. Slumped in his arms sobbing. She wanted him. No! She NEEDED him. She needed what he did for her, what he offered her, how he made her feel. Safe. Secure. Dominated. She knew the day was coming when their relationship would change the life she had grown accustomed to. “I’m scared.” She sobbed into his chest.

Brady held her tightly, but tenderly. “Scared of what?” He thought he knew, but he wanted to hear her verbalize it.

Dena tried to compose herself. “Everything!” Her brain was still a muddled mess. She couldn’t form a coherent thought. “Change. The future. You leaving me. How we deal with this when it becomes public knowledge.” She looked up at him. “So many things. I’ve lived in fear most of my life. I just covered it up by taking charge of things. But I’ve always needed someone to take that control away from me, and take care of me. And now that I’ve found you, I’m afraid you’re going to leave me. I want to give up complete control to you. I want to give up everything to you. It’s just so hard.”

Brady stroked her face gently. “I love you Dena. You belong to me now. I know trust is something that must be earned. I have no right to expect you to just give it to me. So I’ll ask you this time. Are you ready to go with me wherever I might move to? I know there will be more details to work through than either of us can think of right now. But I want to know if that’s something you want.

Dena smiled weakly as tears still rolled down her face. “I’ll go with you wherever life takes you baby.”

Brady smiled back at her. “Good girl!” He kissed her tenderly. He looked at all her shopping bags on the counter. “Is all that for me?” he asked with a chuckle.

Dena giggled as she wiped her tears away. “Yes! I think I got carried away with all that I bought.”

“I’ll be the judge of that. Go put it all away in my room. I’ve got a couple extra drawers that are empty. From now on, you keep all that stuff in my room. I’m going to take a shower.” He looked at the clock on the wall. “I have to take a shower and get to the school for my appointment with some Dean. If we have time when I get home, I’ll give my slut what she needs.”

Brady walked in the house three hours later. “How was your visit with the Dean of Admissions?” Dena asked glad to see him. He’d only been gone for a few hours and she had missed him. ‘This is ridiculous’ she thought to herself. ‘I feel etiler rus escort like a school girl with her first crush. I’m a grown woman.’

Brady laughed. “It went as well as could be expected, I suppose. I had to keep from laughing out loud when she asked my what goals in life were. And where I saw myself in ten years. Hell! I’m just glad to be alive. I’ll figure all that shit out later.” He walked past her towards the stairs to the second floor. He stopped at the base of the stairs and looked back at her. “You coming?”

“Where are we going?” Dena asked as she stood up.

“I’m going to give you what you want. I’m going to fuck you in your own bed.” He turned and climbed the stairs not waiting for her to respond.

Dena’s heart jumped and she began to shake as she walked to the stairs and began to climb them right behind Brady.

Brady walked into his parents bedroom as though it was his room and over to the bed. He turned and sat on the bed, waiting for his mother. He pointed to the floor directly in front of him when she walked into the room. Dena complied without hesitation. “Undress.”

Dena slowly removed all her clothes, never taking her eyes off of his throughout the entire process. Her hands trembled the entire time.

Brady stood up. “Now undress me.” He saw her hands shaking as she began to unbutton his shirt. Dena slowly undressed him, working her way down his body. Brady sat back down on the bed after she pulled his jeans and shorts down around his ankles. Dena knelt at his feet and pulled his shoes, socks and the rest of his clothes off. Brady spread his legs enough for her to fit between.

Dena knew what was expected, and didn’t hesitate to comply. She scooted forward on her knees, resting her arms on his thighs as she took his cock in hand and began to love it the way she knew he liked. She had him at full erection within a few minutes.

Brady sat still as he watched his mom loving his cock in a way that no woman had ever loved it before. He’d lost count of all the sluts and whores he’d taken over the last ten years. But none of them aroused him the way his mother did. She leaned forward and ran her lips up and down the length of his shaft, kissing it gently as she gently kneaded his nut sack. Dena dipped her head a little lower and sucked one of his balls into her mouth. She moaned with the satisfaction of knowing the pleasure she was giving her baby. She bathed his balls with her tongue and saliva as she gently stroked his shaft with her hand.

Dena looked up with a lascivious grin on her face. She was pleasing her baby and she couldn’t be more content. “Does that feel good baby? Do you like your mama’s mouth on your cock?”

Brady returned her smile. “You know I do you dirty slut. Now suck your boy’s cock you filthy whore.”

Dena dropped her head and sucked the length of his shaft into her mouth till the head hit the back of her throat. Brady grabbed her head with both hands, taking control of her movement. He pumped her head up and down slowly savoring the feel of her lips and teeth sliding up and down the length of his cock. He looked up and saw his parents wedding picture sitting on the dresser. He smirked, getting a twisted sense of satisfaction knowing he now owned the woman his dad had lost. “You were a beautiful bride.” He said as he kept her mouth full.

Dena moaned at his comment. She realized he was staring at her wedding picture. She should have felt shame for what she was doing. All she felt was the excitement of being taken and used in her marital bed.

“You’re much more beautiful as my slut.” He said as he slowly fucked her mouth, not giving her the chance to pull of his cock. “I’m going to fuck you in your marital bed. I’ve had a lot of sluts over the last ten years. Never did I have one that I wanted to keep. I don’t see you as my mom anymore. You’re my slut and lover.”

Dena’s pussy was gushing at his words. The combination of his control, his words and the knowledge she was about to be fucked in the bed she shared with John was intoxicating. Brady finally pulled her head off his cock. Dena gasped. “Fuck me baby! Fuck your mama like a good mother fucker! Oh baby! Make me your slut in my own bed!”

Brady stood quickly and lifted her with him. He spun her around and threw her on the bed. He grabbed her legs, spreading them with force and dropped between them. He began to suck and lick her pussy to her moans and squeals of delight. Dena’s body jerked and spasmed as Brady’s mouth stayed locked on her pussy. The more she moaned, screamed and convulsed, the more turned on Brady got. He’d always loved pleasuring a woman, hearing and feeling her responses to his efforts. A woman in the throws orgasmic ecstasy made some of the most erotic noises on earth. Brady sucked her pussy through multiple orgasms till she was begging for him to stop because her clit was so swollen and sensitive.

He finally stood up, holding her legs by the ankles, her ass at the edge etiler türbanlı escort of the bed. Her smooth pussy was glistening from the mixture of his saliva and her juices. Brady shoved her onto the middle of the bed and climbed up, kneeling between her legs as he held them spread and raised. Dena looked down the length of her body and watched with eager anticipation as Brady laid the head of his cock on the lips of her pussy. He stroked her slit with the head of his cock causing Dena to moan with need.

“Oh baby! Don’t tease your mama! Fuck me baby! Fuck your dirty slut!”

Brady shoved the head of his cock inside her gushing pussy and held it there. Dena’s eyes shot open as she looked at him. “Why are you teasing me?! Please fuck me! I need it so bad!”

Brady smiled down at her. “I know you do. I’m keeping you reminded who’s in control. I’ll give it to you when I want. Not when you need it.” He shoved his cock in balls deep to Dena’s moans. He held still fighting the urge to pound her as hard as he could. The feeling of her vaginal muscles squeezing his cock was incredible. Her pussy felt like it was on fire it was so hot. “You ready to be fucked in your own bed slut?”

“Oh yes baby! Fuck me good!” Dena was panting now.

Brady started a slow fucking as he held her legs spread by the ankles. He stared into her eyes as he settled into a steady plowing of her pussy. “You’re a gorgeous woman!” He caught himself almost calling her ‘mom’. “You’re the full package. You’ve got beauty, sensuality, great body and the appetite of a slut.” Her tits bounced back and forth like two giant bowls of jello as he pounded her. He felt his orgasm building, surprised that he had lasted this long. “I’m fucking you in your marital bed and you’re loving it! What’s that make you?”

Instead of feeling shame and remorse for what she was enjoying, her animosity towards John was so intense it just made the experience of being fucked in their marital bed that much more erotic. “It makes me a whore!” She almost screamed. “Is that what you want to hear your mother say? You want me to tell you what a whore I am! What a slut I am!” She moaned something so guttural, it made her sound more like an animal than a human being. “OH FUCK! I’M CUMMING BABY!! FUCK ME YOU DIRTY MOTHER FUCKER!!” Dena’s body erupted in an orgasm that caused her whole body to spasm. She looked as though she was having a seizure it was all consuming.

Brady threw his arms around thighs and pulled her into his body, keeping his cock buried inside her spasming pussy. The eroticism of watching her and feeling her climax sent him over the edge. He grunted with every thrust of his cock, pumping his seed deep inside her womb. For a brief second he harbored the wickedly satisfying thought of what it would be like to breed his own mom. He knew she couldn’t get pregnant. But what if . . . He smiled to himself.

Both lovers had worked up a sweat as their bodies slapped together. The room filled with the sloshing noise of his cock slicing in and out of her gushing pussy. Brady slowed his pounding as his orgasm diminished. Dena finally opened her eyes as she regained control of herself. She looked at Brady and smiled. “Thank you!”

“You’re welcome.” Brady smiled back. “Get used to that. You’ll be getting a lot more of it.”

Dena held up her arms inviting him into an embrace. Brady released her legs and fell into her arms beside her. He tucked his right arm under her head as he grabbed her breast with his left hand. The lovers kissed as he fondled her breast and she fondled his deflating cock. The two kissed, sighing into each other’s mouth, for several minutes before Brady pushed himself up on his elbow. He stared down at her, letting his eyes roam up and down her body as he continued to fondle her breast.

“I don’t ever want to get used to what you just did to me.” Dena almost whispered. She didn’t want to lose the intimacy of the moment between them.

“I hope you don’t. I’ll have to look for new ways to keep you well fucked and used.”

Dena began to cry, overwhelmed with the emotions of what just happened coupled with his words that told her he was more concerned with her needs than his. “Oh baby! You make me want to be your slut and whore!”

Brady laughed out loud. “I love it when a plan comes together.” Dena slapped him in the chest teasingly. He changed his tone. “Seriously. You are my slut and whore. You’re not getting out of that.”

“I don’t want to get out of that. I want you to use me, own me, fuck me and do whatever you want with me. It really got me turned on when you reminded me what I was in my own bed.”

Brady’s eyes lit up. “You get off on being humiliated and degraded?”

“I don’t know. I think so. Can we explore that?”

Brady dipped his head down and sucked in one of her tits. Sucking on the nipple while teasing it with the tip of his tongue. Dena moaned as the sensations shot through her body and right down to her pussy like an electrical charge. After a few seconds he pulled off her tit with a pop. “Sorry. I just couldn’t resist those sweet juggs of yours any longer. Yes! We will explore your slut side. We’ll see just how deep it goes.” Then he had another wicked thought. “Whose side is that on?” He pointed between them at the puddle of their mixed cum juices that now saturated the sheets.

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