My Own Son? I Couldn’t

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My mother was just nineteen when I was born, and I always knew that whether she was sitting on the playground bench or chaperoning the high-school prom, she was the most beautiful woman of all the mothers there. Then I was nineteen myself, and I found there was another advantage to having a young and sexy mom. She’s not just my mother, she’s my best friend — with benefits.

I had been away for my first semester at college before returning for a few weeks for the Christmas break. I had lost my virginity the spring before, at that same high-school prom — had my mother looked the other way on purpose? I still don’t know. Anyway, the relationship hadn’t survived the summer, and I had been too busy with my schoolwork to even go out, never mind get any.

I actually arrived at my house while my dad was still working late. When I walked into the kitchen, innocently following the smell of sugar cookies baking in the oven, I looked over my mother with new eyes. She was a blonde with long hair and small, high tits, and with a heart-shaped ass. I flashed on how often I’d seen that ass stretching out a pair of jeans and paid no attention whatever. Now everything seemed about her seemed new. I saw her wide and generous mouth, and the laugh lines around the corners of her eyes. It certainly didn’t hurt that the top two buttons of her blouse were undone, and I could see hints of what was beneath it.

“Mom!” I said, and suddenly we were hugging, getting flour and sugar all over my clothes. She told me how glad she was to see me, and even shed a tear or two, her face buried in my shoulder. Then she gave me a motherly kiss on the cheek that changed all at once into something entirely different.

I’m not sure who initiated that first kiss on the lips. It was probably me and I’m just blocking out the memory of it. All too quickly, though, instead of slapping my face hard, she was thrusting her tongue hard into my astonished mouth. The next thing I knew, those other blouse buttons were istanbul escort coming undone, and she was bare to the waist except for a severely practical white cotton bra.

My hands met around her back, and then I hesitated. “Let me?” I asked.

“Oh yes,” she said so softly I could hardly hear it, more a sigh than anything else. I fumbled with the hooks and her tits were free.

We probably left a trail of powdered sugar behind us on our run to my bedroom. I noticed that the redecoration brownie had struck in my absence, but I wasn’t in the mood to care about the disappearance of a few cherished posters. I was much more interested in the crisp new sheets on the old familiar bed.

My hands shook as I undressed in front of my mother for the first time in my life. I couldn’t tear myself away from the sight of my mother’s body appearing as she shook off her pants and pulled down her purple underwear. She looked radiantly beautiful, standing before me naked, with only the soft light from my bed lamp playing over her stunning body. Her bush was as blond as her hair, and I could see her pink pussy lips right through it.

“God, Mom, you’re gorgeous”, I said in a voice like all the wind had been knocked out of me. Her beauty actually made my stomach hurt.

She laughed gently. “You’re not so bad yourself, handsome,” she wisecracked. With one hand she reached out, feeling my cock, which was standing straight out in front of my belly, its tip dripping with pre-come. I guess I passed the test, for we were quickly on my bed in the sixty-nine position, her body above me so she could control my nine-incher on its way down her throat.

It gave me pleasure to think that maybe I was just a little bit larger than she was used to, something my old girlfriend had admitted to me while she was down on her knees in a corner of the school grounds, half gagging on my huge dick as she pressed her mouth around it. But my mother had more native talent and kabataş escort of course far more experience than any girl. It wasn’t long before her throat and jaw muscles had stretched enough that she was all the way down on me, her lips pressed firmly against my pubic mound.

Meanwhile, I was having all kinds of fun exploring every cranny of my mother’s pussy with my long tongue. The whole scene was so wonderful, and I was a man now, old enough to know what I wanted and to go for it. I worked over my mother’s cunt from asshole to clit and then back again before zeroing in on the spot that would send her straight to heaven. When she came, I could feel her hands clutching my sides and her jaw becoming rigid, though only a brief squeak was able to escape her cock-stuffed mouth.

Before she could make me come down her throat, though, I pulled out of it and carefully rolled us both over. I climbed off her, too, and shifted my body between my mother’s legs. “I want to fuck you,” I said. “I want to come inside you. You’re too special for anything less.”

Completely without warning my mother froze. “My own son?” she said in a completely different tone of voice than I had heard from her so far. “No. No, I couldn’t.” All of a sudden I was just a boy again, hearing her firm refusal that meant there was simply no use whining or complaining or trying to get her to change her mind. “No” meant no, and that was all there was to it. I was crushed, and my erection deflated and sagged.

Then she smiled at me, warmly, sexily, and slowly turned her body over, getting up on her hands and knees. Her smooth cheeks parted just enough for me to get a view of her asshole. I knew how it had to be. Hardly able to think, I mounted her, her asshole dripping with my spit, my cock dripping with her spit and my own pre-come. I dipped the newly erect organ between her cheeks. She moaned and stretched herself, positioning her ass so that all I had to do was push. I pushed, kadıköy escort and slid into her butt more easily than her mouth. There was no resistance at all as I thrust myself balls-deep in my mother, only a warmth and tightness like nothing I’d ever felt. She let out a deep, passionate groan, and I began to move. I was fucking my mother, fucking her up the ass!

My mother’s insides grasped my shaft and tugged on it impatiently, clinging and pulling hard on me every time I pulled my hips back for my next thrust. After all the stories I’d heard about anal sex, I couldn’t believe that any woman could take me all the way in so easily. I began to stroke faster and faster, my balls banging against her pussy lips, both of us moaning with joy. Then I felt her tight asshole clench down on me. Was she coming? I had never even touched her clit. I could hardly believe it. I thrashed over her and then without warning I was spewing gallons of jism into the hidden depths of my mother’s bowels.

The smell of sex still filled my bedroom as we reluctantly parted and went off to take (separate!) showers before my dad came home. We didn’t want to smell of anything more extreme than Christmas baking. But since then, whenever we get a moment, my mother is on her knees for me, or I’ve got my head under one of her Christmas dresses licking her bare slit, or else she’s on her hands and knees in my room, the master bathroom, or on an old carpet up in the attic as I blow my whole load up her hot, clutching asshole.

I can’t figure out whether my dad knows about us or not. Every night I hear them going at it in their bed, which I’ve never been allowed into. My mother screams about my dad’s giant cock, his fat balls, and his huge loads of jism, and he howls about her hot mouth, the hard grip of her asshole, and the intense satisfaction he gets from her cunt. Obviously they don’t care what I hear, and obviously my dad is getting plenty of sexual gratification from my mother’s body. And it’s just as plain outside the bedroom how deeply my parents love each other.

I guess it’s just that my mother is young and still vital, with a need for sex that exceeds what any one man can possibly give her. And since I’m young and vital too, I give her everything I’m allowed to, every chance I get.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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