My Sis in Law and I Pt. 02

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Thanks to Candace Frazier for editing.


Trish untied my wrists and I moved over allowing room for Charlie to lie down next to me, we both had grins on our faces as we looked at Trish who sat on the edge of the bed with a hungry look in her eyes.

Trish looked at us and said “Come on, boys are you up for more?”

Charlie looked at me, shook his head in wonder and said to Trish, “Why don’t you come over here and suck this?” whilst stroking his cock.

Trish crawled towards us on her hands and knees and took hold of Charlie’s soft cock and started running her tongue up and down the shaft. As she was doing this she reached over and took my cock in her hand and started wanking me slowly.

Charlie’s cock was starting to grow, Trish took the head in her mouth and gently sucking the head, it looked like she was doing some kind of sloppy wet French kiss on his cock, and from the groans coming from Charlie it felt as good as it looked. I couldn’t wait for the moment when I got to enjoy the same treatment.

I lay watching the amazing sloppy blowjob Charlie was getting and my cock was back to full hardness from the ministrations of Trish’s hand, decided pangaltı escort I wanted more of Trish’s tasty pussy.

I moved behind Trish and ran my fingers over her swollen wet pussy, I leaned down and started flicking my tongue over her swollen clit, judging by the moaning Trish was making around Charlie’s cock, she was enjoying what I was doing.

As I continued licking her clit I worked a finger inside her wet pussy and started sliding it in and out, I soon added a second finger and curled them down so they rubbed over her spongy G spot, as soon as I did this Trish’s moaning became louder.

Trish took her mouth off Charlie’s cock just long enough to gasp, “Oh God keep doing that!”

I happily obliged and for the next few minutes all you could hear were the sounds of me working Trish’s pussy, Trish working Charlie’s cock and both of their moans of pleasure.

Trish’s pussy was now soaking wet and as I pumped my fingers in and out, her juices were dripping down onto the bed, as I started to suck her clit into my mouth.

I sucked Trish’s swollen clit like a little sweet, savouring the juices that were running down over pendik escort my tongue. I kept this up for several minutes and with my free hand started rubbing her bottom and then I pressed my finger over her anus, not penetrating just circling her opening which was twitching in response.

This sent Trish over the edge and she started shaking and moaning and let out a guttural groan as her orgasm hit and the accompanying juices splashed over my face.

“Oh my god!” Trish moaned as she slid her mouth back on Charlie’s cock and started bobbing her head up and down in a frenzied motion.

I moved up behind Trish and rubbed my aching cock up and down her pussy a couple of times before sliding into that juicy opening, my cock slid into what felt like a wet velvet channel, both Trish and I groaned at the feeling.

I’m finally doing it! I thought to myself, as I slowly pumped my cook in and out of the best pussy I have ever felt.

Trish was now sucking the head of Charlie’s cock and wanking it at the same time enjoying the sensation of her brother in law fucking her for the first time while she sucked her boyfriend’s cock.

The sight rus escort of Trish’s pussy gripping my cock, which was shiny with her juices, was an Unbelievable sight. I slid my cock out and paused to admire Trish’s juicy swollen pussy before plunging back in, I did this repeatedly until I felt my cum starting to rise and as my orgasm hit I sank my cock to the hilt gasping as my seed flooded Trish’s pussy.

When Trish felt my cum splash inside her pussy she groaned and doubled her efforts on Charlie’s cock and was rewarded as Charlie grabbed Trish’s head to hold her steady as he filled her mouth with cum, Trish shuddered as she came again, as she felt the two loads of cum shooting inside her.

We all collapsed on the bed and Trish kissed me and I tasted Charlie’s cum for the second time.

“Was that as good as you imagined?” Trish said to me.

“God yes,” I replied, “Your pussy tastes amazing and feels even better.”

“Glad you enjoyed it and if Charlie’s ok with it I want to make this a regular thing.” Trish said.

“Not a problem.” Charlie said “I love you fucking your brother in law. It is so dirty.”

I showered and dressed and as I was leaving Trish seductively rubbed her pussy and said “Don’t forget; come back whenever you want more of this.”

“Don’t worry now that I’ve tasted that lovely pussy I’m addicted.”

As I drove home, I was looking forward to seeing Trish again and seeing where this adventure takes me.

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