My Sister at the Lake House

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Mac stood on the deck looking out at the lake and was surprised that he was so sentimental about it. His family had spent at least a week every summer there when he was growing up but it had been five years since he’d seen it, or them. Rubbing the stubble on his chin he felt like he was the same person as then… three tours in Afghanistan and he still felt like the pimply teenager.

He’d been looking forward to this week for the last year. While he definitely wanted to see his parents again, he had to admit that he missed his sister Kim the most. Irish Twins as they called them, they were born only ten months apart. They’d been close as kids but then there had been something that got between them as teenagers. For some reason they struggled through their teenage years alone instead of as a team.

Kim had a weight problem. She never seemed to eat that much but she just couldn’t get the weight off. Fat triggers cruelty in kids. Her high school was not fun. Mac had had his own issues. He was the worst athlete on any team he joined and he never made it into any of the other cliques in high school. Without an anchor like that, he’d drifted into hanging with the other directionless kids, smoking pot, and getting into juvenile crime.

The Army had straightened him out in more ways than he could count. Joining up had gotten the last criminal charges dropped and he’d thrived in the structure of the military. He found things he was good at and felt part of something. He also got into the best shape of his life, finding a way to be more comfortable and agile in his body. Luckily, these lessons hadn’t cost him his life.

As he stood on the deck, the sun was setting giving him a beautiful show across the heavens. Soon sunlight was glinting off the surface of the lake, making him squint. After a few moments, he realized someone was coming out of the lake. In the glare he couldn’t see who, but someone had been swimming, was walking out of the water, and headed straight for the house.

Kim was less than fifty feet away before the glare finally relented and let him recognize her. Except that he almost didn’t. Instead of his chubby sister with the short hair, the woman walking toward him looked like a Bond girl. Kim’s large breasts were still pretty large but her body was transformed, toned and curvy enough to give her an hourglass figure. Mac blushed deeply as he felt his cock stir in his shorts.

“Mac!” whooped his sister as she ran the last distance and gave him a big, wet hug. He returned the hug and a kiss on the cheek. She was wearing a string bikini and his hands held her bare back. He physically shook his head, trying to stop looking at her as a hottie and remember she was his sister.

“You’re a little wet, Simba,” he mentioned politely, using her childhood nickname. She laughed and stepped back, hands on her hips. His ARMY t-shirt was pretty soaked now. But he couldn’t stop staring. She was so confident, so comfortable and graceful in her movements. So transformed from what she was before. He stared as she walked over to grab the towel she’d left for herself and began to slowly pat herself dry. His eyes noticed the curve of her ass, the way her breasts strained the bikini top, her long hair. Inside he groaned and told his gutter mind to stop fantasizing. You just didn’t do that.

“When did you get in? How long have you been back in the US? Was it hard to go over there? Do you have a girlfriend? What are you going to do now?” The questions came in the usual barrage of Kim-thoughts and he laughed. Yep, that was his sister.

He started answering her questions as they stood there. Then he realized that she was checking him out.

“You shaped up pretty fine, Bear!” she whistled. “Gotta six pack under there?”

He blushed but pulled up his t-shirt to show her his tight, muscular stomach. She kept asking questions as she patted herself dry. He found it very distracting.

She led him inside while he tried to think of something to make his erection stop growing. He thought back to memories of the cabin. He and his sister had shared a bedroom in the upper loft as kids but eventually their father had built a wall between them to give them privacy once they got close to puberty. Luckily, he wasn’t a great carpenter and there were plenty of little gaps and holes to let them whisper and giggle together.

Watching Kim’s bottom wiggle into the kitchen made Mac remember spying on her through those holes, watching her dress, watching her practice kissing on her hand, and even watching her masturbate although that was really more listening since it had been so dark. Memories of jacking off to watching her bubbled up out of wherever he’d locked them away for five years. Keeping his erection şişli elit escort down was becoming impossible.

He could swear that she checked out his bulge before handing him a beer. It was a quick glance. Did he imagine it?

Sitting at the kitchen table, they started talking and for awhile, he could forget that his sister was gorgeous now and nearly naked in front of him. He told her what he could do with his Army experience, focusing mostly on the state-side stuff. She told him about college and working on her master’s degree in criminal psychology.

“The body?” she grinned. “Courtesy of Doctor Elliott. He uncovered a hormone imbalance. With the twice-a-day pills he gave me, I was in control of my body for the first time. This,” she indicated gesturing at herself as she stood and posed, “Didn’t come from a pill, but it took off the hand-cuffs I’d had all through high school. Now I eat right, at most one beer a day, and I exercise like crazy. Swimming team and volleyball team in college taught me ways to work out and have fun.”

“I’m so proud of you, Simba,” he said, his heart swelling with genuine affection for his sister. She smiled at him and came in for another hug.

“I’m proud of you, Bear,” she whispered as the hug lingered on. “And I’m so glad your home safe to stay.”

Kim kept mentioning that she should put some more clothes on, but somehow it never happened. They raided the kitchen for sandwiches and fruit.

“When are Mom and Dad getting here?” he asked before crunching a big bite of apple.

“Yeah, well, they aren’t,” said Kim. “Mom got pulled into presenting at a conference in Seattle and Dad decided to go with her.”

“What about Simon?” After being overwhelmed by Kim’s new look and catching up, Mac had almost forgotten about their little brother. Simon was a Junior in college now.

“He said he can’t make it. I think he found himself a girlfriend at college.”

“Huh. Not much of a family reunion,” Mac mused, disappointed. He’d sort of built up the week in his mind as a way to get through the rough spots of his last tour.

“Well, I’m here,” said Kim touching his chin to get his attention. “And we’ve got the place to ourselves until Sunday.”

A shiver ran through Mac’s body as he realized how sexually charged the room had just become. Kim was smoking hot now and he couldn’t stop thinking about masturbating while spying on her years before. He knew how wrong lusting after his sister was. He felt it deep down. But he also had to admit that it just made it that much more hot that she was turning him on so much.

Kim pulled away a few moments after it had become awkward.

“So are you going to come with me?”

Mac gulped.

“The lake, silly. Lord, where your mind goes! Didn’t they have women in the Army?” She winked at him and walked back out to the deck. He watched every swing and twitch of her ass in the tight bikini bottoms.

Within a few minutes he was down to his boxers and diving into the lake. He knew the drop off wasn’t gradual, but still his hands, grabbed mud before he pushed up to the surface. His body was just different since the last time he’d done that.

Sputtering a little, he came to the surface and looked around. Kim was away from him a little way.

“Beat you to the raft!”

Sure, she had been on her college swim team, but there was no way Mac was going to let his sister beat him. He dug into the water and did his best to remember some kind of efficient form.

His hand touched the grimy wood of the raft and he pulled up to see Kim already on the raft, laid back like she was going to get a sun tan. The sun was gone and the lingering dusk was quickly deepening. Still, her white bikini almost glowed in the dark, hugging and accentuating her curves. Again, his cock got hard but it was hidden in the water.

“Simba beats Bear like always,” she said with a grin.

“Grrrr!” growled Mac playfully as he levered himself half on the raft and pushed his sister off into the water on the other side with a yelp of surprise.

It was just like old times, splashing around until she yanked off his boxers leaving him naked in the water.

“Hey! Gimme those back!” he complained as he saw her swimming swiftly back to the shore. He was still holding on to the raft when he saw her walk out of the water and throw his boxers on the back of one of the old Adirondack chairs about thirty feet from the water. She sat down and waited for him.

The water was cold but it wasn’t enough to get his hard-on down. He had to wait five minutes, looking at anything but Kim before he felt he could get out of the water without a flagpole.

“Oh, you wuss!” called out şişli escort Kim. She got up, gathered up his clothes and took them into the house. Before things got worse, he swam hard for the shore and got out as quick as he could.

The back door to the house was locked when he got there, one hand trying to shield his cock.

“You know the rules!” came Kim’s voice from inside the house. “Wash off the lake first!”

Grumbling, he ran over to the outside shower and worked to get the lake water and mud off himself. Happily he found a towel there. It was a small towel so while he’d be covered, it left little to the imagination.

He heard the door unlock and hustled to get in the house.

“You have filled out,” Kim commented from a few feet away. She had a robe on now, light cotton but it covered her to her mid-thighs. She had wine glasses in her hand and a bottle of red. “Bet you’re strong enough to make us a fire.”

With that, she sat on the couch and poured the wine. Mac grabbed his duffel and hustled up to the top floor room. It looked a lot smaller than he remembered but the divider wall was still there with its peepholes. He threw on boxers, t-shirt, and shorts. Barefoot, he came back down to the living room.

It was still strange to be here without the rest of the family. It felt like a little fantasy bubble, just his sister and him. He mused that each of them were probably the best-looking they’d be in their lives.

As Mac made the fire, Kim turned the TV on. There wasn’t cable or satellite at the lake house so she was watching a movie.

“What’s the movie?”

“Wild Things.”

Mac gulped. He’d seen the movie with friends years back and the scene with Neve Cambell had fueled many late night jerk sessions. It was like Kim was deliberately upping the ante here.

He poured himself some wine and settled back to watch the film. The wine relaxed him some and he only had to adjust his position when the sexy scenes came on. The shorts weren’t great at hiding his erection.

When the movie was getting intense, he happened to glance over at Kim. She seemed engrossed in the movie but he was shocked to see that her robe had slipped open a little. He could see most of the curve of her breast though her nipple was hidden by the cloth. Down further, there was a gap… a peephole if you will… between her legs, giving enough opening for him to see her curly blonde pubic hair. It gave him extremely intimate glimpses without catching her completely exposed.

Within a minute, she shifted and the glimpses were gone.

The famous scene came on the screen and Mac gulped. He could see Kim breathing heavier, here eyes half closed. A better look and he saw that her hand had slipped inside her robe.

His sister was touching herself right next to him! He fixed his stare on the movie.

“You can watch if you want to… I know you like to…” she whispered.

The hot actresses on the movie were completely forgotten. Mac stared as his sister began to masturbate more openly. He ate up her body with his eyes: her firm breasts, her curves, her light public hair. Her fingers expertly swirled over her pussy and he saw they were slick. Another hand pushed the robe off her breasts and began rubbing and pulling her hard nipples.

Mac’s cock was rock hard and trapped a little painfully in his shorts. He shifted just enough to send his erection down one leg.

Kim began to moan in her pleasure, her fingers moving faster. He saw her finger slip inside her and then back out again. She was rushing to her peak fast.

Her legs pulled together and her body arched as she came, moaning more loudly, her body tensing with the waves of pleasure. He watched her ride through the orgasm until she finally relaxed. Her modesty suddenly recovered, she pulled the robe back together to cover her.

“Your turn…” she said with a wicked smile as she got into position to watch him.

“I can’t,” he blurted even though he desperately wanted to.

“Oh please, you know I watched you masturbate as often as I let you watch me, don’t you?” The deep blush in his face revealed the depth of his cluelessness as a kid.

“Unsnap your shorts,” she said quietly. The room flickered from light of the TV. After a few moments, Mac complied.

“Pull down the zipper…” He was watching her. She was so confident and assertive. She was so sexy. He pulled the zipper down.

“Pull off your shorts.” Mac lifted his hips and pushed his shorts down until he could flick them to the side off his foot. His cock was tenting his boxers.

“Slip your hands inside your boxers and touch yourself.” He slid one hand down to cup his balls and the other grasped şişli eve gelen escort his shaft. He was trembling with excitement and pre-cum was clearly staining the cloth of the boxers.

“Mmmm, bet that feels good…” she purred, her own hand sneaking back down between her legs. “Big, stiff, and throbbing…” She let him work himself as she watched for a good minute.

“Take off your shirt…” He pulled it off eagerly.

“Take off your boxers… show me your cock…”

Mac almost balked. She was his sister for god’s sake but he was too far gone in a sexual haze. He pulled the boxers down and off. His cock thrust eagerly into the air.

“Show me how you like to touch yourself…when you look at me…”

Their eyes locked and Mac settled back in the chair. He made a show of running his fingers up and down his hefty cock, teasing it for her pleasure, rubbing the precum around… A bit of that was fun but he was too worked up to hold back too much.

Spitting in his hand, he got his cock slick and started pumping it, pulling the foreskin up around the head and then tight down to the base. His free hand gripped his balls, feeling how tense they were already. His hand made faint squelching noises as it pumped up and down. He added more spit when he needed to.

He watched as her hand moved faster and faster between her legs, she bit her bottom lip, and began breathing fast.

“Do it… make yourself cum…” she moaned. Mac eagerly pumped faster, almost snorting his breath as he rushed to explode.

It only took moments before big, thick ropes of semen shot from the tip of his cock to fly back on his belly. Rope after rope fell, coating his stomach.

“Oh god…” Kim gasped before she came again, whimpering.

The room was quiet as they each floated in an orgasmic high, drifting down softly. Mac watched his cock soften. When he looked at Kim, he felt so ashamed. He’d always felt guilty about sneaking looks at her when they were teenagers but now he’d cum in front of her! He’d watched her masturbate.

He grabbed his boxers to mop up his cum and almost yanked his shorts on.

“What’s your hurry?” asked Kim lazily.

“This was so wrong,” he snapped and hated himself for getting angry. “I never should have watched you as kids and I never should have gotten naked and cum…”

“But has it ever felt quite as good?” she asked pointedly. “Wasn’t that orgasm powerful? It’s because you want to fuck me and I want to fuck you… so bad…”

Mac stared at Kim. He kept seeing his older sister and then the hottie she’d become. He thought of what his family would say if they even knew half of it.

“I see your cock knows what you want… you want me…,” she said softly, getting up from the couch. She lazily drew her robe off her shoulders and let it fall to the ground. She was completely naked and Mac just marveled at how toned and curvy she was, how her heavy breasts were still firm.

She stepped up to him slowly, step by measured step, one foot directly in front of the other like a runway model.

“If its so wrong… walk away…” she whispered to him. Then she knelt in front of cock-tented shorts. She pulled them slowly down until he erection was free. Looking up into his eyes, she began to kiss and nuzzle the soft outer flesh of his penis.

He was trembling with tension, desire and taboo fighting and reinforcing each other. Watching his sister licking his cock, framed by her breasts… all he could do is moan, helpless. When his cock passed between her lips, he closed his eyes.

He tried to think of her as one of his girlfriends, anyone but his sister as she gave him the best blowjob he’d ever experienced. It was no good. He opened his eyes and watched. The sight of his sister sucking his cock, even better than he’d fantasized as a youth, made him groan.

The room became filled with the sound of her slurping his cock, working him up.

She pulled her mouth off and worked him firmly with her hand.

“Gimme your cum, brother. Fill your sister’s belly with your hot, salty cum!”

Mac grabbed her head and thrust his cock slowly into her mouth. He felt her throat and kept pressing. Slowly, her throat opened up and took three inches of his cock.

“Oh fuck!” he cried out as his balls clenched and he began to cum again. He watched her slurping around his shaft deep in her throat and his cum poured out in jets. After a few moments of deep throat bliss, he pulled back so she could breathe. She gulped and swallowed, sucking out the last splashes of cum.

She licked his shaft and head, getting the last dribbles of cum and making a show of swallowing it.

“You don’t know how long I’ve been wanting to do that, Bear,” she grinned, wiping a trace of cum from her lip and sucking it off her finger.

“That was… incredible.”

“We’re going to have a great week here, brother,” purred Kim as he helped her up off the floor.

“Just so you know, we can’t.. you know, fuck.”

“We’ll see… we’ll see.”

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