My Sister Chris

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Since I was a little kid and just after my baby sister was born, I have had a fantasy about suckling on a woman’s pregnant breast and drinking the warm sweet milk that I could draw out. I think it all started when I was about 12 years old and was walking past the nursery and heard my mother singing softly to my new baby sister. Christine was only about 2 months old and Mom had decided to breast feed the baby rather than use the bottle.

The door was ajar and I watched as Chris hungrily sucked at Mum’s nipple. I couldn’t see much but I think at that time; I might even have been a little jealous of my baby sister.

Flash forward now; it is some 20 odd years later and I am a 34-year-old once-divorced man. I teach English literature at a very small western college (nowhere near the ivy league that my ex wife expected me to attain). I suppose that’s why she decided to leave me; I am truly satisfied with living in a small college town and enjoy working with small classes and most of my students. The salary isn’t spectacular but I manage well enough to have my own small three-bedroom home on a couple of acres. I even have a nice grove of trees with a shallow pond sitting in the middle of it. How “On Walden’s Pond” can you get?

I have close remained close with my sister who lives in the city some six hours drive away. She married fairly early at 20 but still wanted to get a kick-start on her career as a journalist. She and her husband Dave did not plan on starting a family for at least five to seven years to allow them to settle in as a couple. As we all know, the best-laid plans often don’t work out and, within six months, she was pregnant. This did not sit well with Dave and he wanted her to have an abortion but Chris refused; she wanted the baby in spite of her plans. Well, they fought about it for about three months and Dave finally gave her an ultimatum – get rid of the baby while there was still time or he was out of there! I never did like that man from the day I met him two years before the wedding; he always did strike me as selfish and self-centred. We found out later that he had moved in with his young secretary only weeks after he left so my feelings were bourn out.

When Chris called his bluff, he was out of the door and had served her with divorce papers within a couple of days. Although he agreed to child support, he offered no alimony. Unbeknownst to me, Dave came from money and had a prenuptial agreement drawn up for Chris to sign before they married. My poor sister was so ‘in love’ she never even gave a thought to a divorce. She was in this marriage for a lifetime.

Since they had been living in a rather posh apartment and the lease was in Dave’s name, his lawyer served notice on poor Chris that she had to vacate the premises within two weeks. Since our parents had been killed in a winter car accident only two years ago and there were no other siblings, I called Chris and asked if she would like to come and stay with me at least until she got on her feet. She broke into tears of relief and asked how soon she could come; she couldn’t stand the city anymore. Of course, I said, “As soon as you can get here”.

Living in the small town where everything was within walking distance, I had long ago sold my car and just biked to work. Therefore I couldn’t drive down to the city but Chris said she would come on the bus since she had little luggage to carry. I agreed şişli grup yapan escort to pick her up at the bus station the next day in our one cab in the town. Meanwhile, I busied myself fixing up one of my two extra bedrooms for Chris. I figured that if the baby came along while she was here, we could always fix up the third bedroom (it was pretty small) as a nursery.

When I arrived at the bus station mid afternoon the next day and saw Chris come off the bus, I couldn’t believe how beautiful she have grown to be; she had long shining black hair – thick and hanging loose half way down her back – and a lovely oval face. As soon as she saw mw, she rushed over into my arms sobbing. She was already showing quite a bit on her slim frame and as we embraced, I could feel her rounded tummy pressing into mine. We hugged hard and long and as her sobs slowly slowed, I held her at arms length and, looking into her eyes said, “Don’t worry, love. You are safe here and consider my home yours for as long as you need”. We walked arm in arm to the cab while the driver loaded her two small bags in the trunk.

We arrived at the house and I settled Chris in her room and gave her the quick tour. She asked if she could have a relaxing bath and get changed into something more relaxing. While she did, I went ahead and started a light dinner. I set up the small table and chairs I had out on my patio overlooking the pond and as dinner was about ready, Chris walked into the kitchen. She looked positively glowing and was wearing a short pink loose gown with a few buttons up the front. It was tight enough over her extended belly that she had left the lower couple of buttons undone and I could just see the bottom of her pink briefs. Her shapely legs were bare and she was bare footed.

Now it had been several years since I had been with a woman and even though this was my pregnant 21 year old sister standing in front of me, I had to quickly avert my eyes and turn to the stove to finish dishing up dinner – I could feel that all too familiar stirring in my cock (well, not too familiar).

We went out on the patio in the cool fall evening and ate our dinner. Since she felt that a little wine was OK for the baby, we shared a nice dry Chablis. As the sun started to set over the trees behind my property, it started to get chilly so I suggested we finish our wine inside in front of a warm fire. I left the dishes to clean up the next day (which was a Saturday and the start of spring beak for a week). We settled on the comfortable sofa in front of a crackling fire and as we snuggled up next to each other, Chris unburdened her frustrations with what had happened.

As it got later – and we had consumed the better part of a second bottle of wine – I felt Chris’ head fall gently onto my shoulder and she drifted off into a deep sleep. I reached under her and picked her up to put her to bed. As I did, her arms reached around my neck and she held me very tightly as she whispered into my ear, “I love you, John”. Although it caught me a little off guard, I just assumed it was an endearment for her brother.

I laid her out on her bed but as I unwrapped her arms from around my neck, the loose top of her gown slipped down to expose her right breast fully. Her nipple was hard in the chill of the night air and I could see a tiny glistening drop at the tip. I hesitated for only şişli masöz escort a moment before I reached out with a trembling finger to lightly touch the drop of what I guessed was her milk. I brought my moistened finger to my lips and sucked it in. It was sweeter than I thought it would be but I decided discretion was the better part of valour and pulled the blankets over her and went into my own bedroom.

I undressed and crawled into bed naked – as I always sleep – but just couldn’t get the image of my sister’s breast and the taste of the sweet milk out of my mind. As I pictured my sister lying before me in all her naked glory with her full round breasts and rounded belly, my cock hardened almost immediately. Even though I knew it was wrong – she was my sister! – I started to stroke my cock, which was harder than I can ever remember it being before. As I imagined stroking Chris’ round belly and sucking the milk out her full breasts, I started to stroke harder. Just before I was about to cum, I heard Chris call out, “John! Please help me!”

She sounded terrified so I quickly pulled on my sweat pants – her voice has immediately softened my cock – and ran down the hall into her room. She was sitting up in the bed looking down at the front of her gown where she had obviously leaked copiously and the gown was virtually sheer in the light from the hall behind me. She was crying that between sobs, I gathered that she had realized too late that she had gone to bed without her bra and a pad to absorb the seepage. Of course, I already knew this but wasn’t about to tell.

I offered to get her a warm cloth to wipe up the milk and when I came back from the bathroom, she was sitting up in the bed with her full breasts showing – the sheet was pulled up barely covering her waist while her discarded gown lay on the floor beside the bed. My eyes were drawn to her beautiful high globes and the dark erect nipples that were steadily leaking her milk. My cock leapt instantly to attention and Chris smiled as her eyes drifted to the obvious tent in my sweat pants.

“Can I help you out with your problem if you help me with mine?” I moved closer and as I reached the bed, Chris reached out and pulled my sweats below my hips so that they fell to the floor. “I was awake earlier when you touched my nipple and it excited me so much that I couldn’t sleep,” she said. “Now crawl into bed with me and help to clean me up”.

Chris opened the sheets to expose her bottom half – she was clean shaven below her firm rounded belly – and drew me down beside her by tugging firmly on my hard cock. “Now lick me clean and suck my breasts until the pressure is released; I didn’t bring a pump with me and I can’t stop leaking when I am so hot and horny. I am always horny these days – my hormones are driving me crazy!”

I lowered my head to her tit and started to lap up the sweet milk from each side in turn and then moved to first one and then the other nipple to suck my fill. All this time, Chris was moaning softly and her hand was stroking my hard cock slowly. I was seeping precum and my cock was well lubricated so her hand was easily moving along my shaft. I was so turned on! I knew this was wrong – she was my younger sister but I had always felt a special love for her and this really felt so right! “Please touch me. I need you to touch me everywhere John! I love you so much şişli otele gelen escort and always have” Chris cried out.

I slowly stroked her hard round stomach – her skin was so smooth and soft! I let my hand slide lower to her upper thigh and very softly moved my fingers up towards her pussy. I didn’t touch her quite yet but just lightly ran my finger nails up and down her inner thighs getting closer and closer to her outer lips. “Now! Please, John! Make love to me! Touch me and fuck me with your fingers! I can’t stand this teasing any longer!”

I ran my finger lightly from her butt crack to the top of her outer lips. I could feel the moist heat as I drew nearer to her clit. As she spread her legs wider to open for me and raised her hips slightly, I let my index finger slide into her hot wet pussy. It felt like she was sucking my finger in as her muscles contracted around my finger! As I slowly moved my finger in deeper, my thumb grazed her engorged clit and she raised her hips and cried out “Oh my God! That feels so wonderful!! Please, John – more!!”

My finger found that special g-spot as my thumb sped up its actions on her clit and I continued to suck that wonderful sweet milk from her tits. Her hand was moving at almost a blur as she stroked my cock and I felt the pressure building but wanted to hold off as long as possible.

Chris was on the edge as well. She cried out “John! Please fuck me now! I want your cock deep inside me NOW!” She released my cock and lifted her legs as high to each side as she could and I moved lower in the bed and quickly covered her slick smooth and open pussy with my mouth. Her juices were flowing and the aroma of her arousal was overwhelming. My tongue went as deep as I could get it and I lapped up her cum as fast as I could. She was practically gushing – almost spurting and my face was soon covered. As my tongue found her hard clit she bucked almost out of control against me and it was all I could do to hold her hips still. I could hold off no longer and rose up on my knees.

As my cock touched her wide warm and silky opening, I looked deep into her eyes and asked “Are you sure this is what you want, love?” Her answer was non-verbal but rather a jerk upward that surrounded my cock head with the warmth and heat of her streaming cunt. That was enough for me and, supporting her legs with my upper arms I sank to the bottom of her welcoming pussy. As I withdrew until only my crown was inside her, she tightened her pussy muscles around me, drawing me deeper still. I didn’t want to take a chance on hurting her baby but she assured me by meeting each of my thrusts that she wasn’t worried – it was still early in her term. As I pushed deeper and harder with each stroke, Chris was crying out “Harder! Fuck me harder!! I’m going to cum and second – please don’t stop!!” Then I felt her inner muscles spasm over and over again and she screamed as she lifted high against me. “Now, John, my darling brother! Cum inside me! NOW!”

I felt my cock release load after load of cum deep inside her – more than I thought I could! It even was leaking out around my cock onto the sheets!

I lowered Chris’ legs slowly and gently to the bed and crawled up to lay beside her. As she turned into my arms, I reached over and kissed her tenderly and pulled the sheet over us. I reached over to turn out the light and we settled in closely together. We whispered almost simultaneously “I love you”

I kissed Chris one more time and then reached down and gently nipped on each of her nipples and sucked the last of the delicious mother’s milk from each breast. As we drifted off to sleep with her head on my chest, her hand reached down to cradle my cock and I reached around to rest my hand on her breast.

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