My Sister, My Lover Ch. 01

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Erica was beautiful. She was lean like an athlete, small breasts, compact, solid bubble butt, and a suntan that told of her hours in the sun, not the tanning bed. She was of average height. Her hair was chocolate brown, her eyes matching, and her smile was just a bit too big for slim face. In fact, I never realized it before but all of her features were so prominent that she was almost awkward looking but somehow breathtaking. I had always just felt that she was my little sister, cute, and happy and that was that. We’d had a couple of those curiosity moments as teens, exploring, but that was explainable in text book psychology, weird in practice but seemingly unavoidable. Close proximity, familiarity, trust, and puberty… understandable.

It wasn’t until her high school graduation that I had actually had the independent stirrings of lust for her that had shaken me to my core. I was a year older and at the end of my freshman year in college. I hadn’t seen any of my family since Christmas, and my sister had metamorphosed in that short time. A spunky eighteen year old then and a woman as she walked down the auditorium aisle with the rest of her class.

As a high school student I was all eyes as the girls walked by but at her graduation I saw only her. The cheerleaders were kids. The girls that I had thought were attractive just the year before no longer held my gaze. Erica marched and I saw a woman, a future leader, and a determined person.

After the ceremony we had a small party at our house for her friends, and our family. Our home was large, kind of glamorous for our area but not so much that the neighbors hated us. Our father was a hero of the Afghan war and had made his living establishing a camping and outdoor equipment company that he planned to hand over to us (Erica and I) when we were through college. As a former Canadian Special Forces soldier he didn’t get much recognition in the U.S. but the special ops community all knew his name and his deeds that had made him a hero.

His company had done very well and was expanding. A lucrative television show, celebrity endorsements, and even a deal supplying special operations soldiers with specified gear. Our mother had been an actress in B-horror movies in the eighties. She had had the uncomfortable talk with Erica and I one time about how she had been in movies without her clothes on. This had more of a relaxing effect on our maturation than our mother had guessed and she was relieved after getting it off of her chest. We loved her and thought she was brave even if we were a bit “weirded” out by the thought of our mom being a sexual being. She had brought her own small fortune to our father’s business and things exploded, our family was set for life.

I was studying to take over the company but was more interested in literature, human sexuality, philosophy, and anything that wasn’t business oriented. Of course I was… I was the rich kid on campus. Erica would be joining me at the same college a couple of hours away and would also be studying business. I couldn’t help myself at the party as my sister was greeting and thanking everyone.

“Jason, thank you so much for coming home for this.” She said. I couldn’t think for a moment. Her eyes were so penetrating and her skin was perfect. I mechanically responded and hugged her and it was electric. She released me slower than she had approached and her happy face changed to a distracted, almost upset visage. Our eyes met for a second then gone.

I drank my punch, had some shrimp cocktail and tried to find Chastity, my sister’s best friend who was blond, smooth skinned and always a flirt. At least my red cheeks could be explained away in her presence. Chastity was happy to see me, taking notice of my physical changes since joining the college judo team. She twirled her fingers between mine and nuzzled me as we flirted. We had been on one date the year before but were happy with friendship, I think her constant flirting with everyone was too much for me. I’m not a jealous guy, but it still didn’t sit well with me. I guess I wanted to be a girl’s focus and not just her partial focal point. Besides, Erica would likely not have approved of her big brother dating her best friend.

The party went on and most of the adults had left but Erica’s friends stayed and spent the evening jumping into the pool, swimming and having fun. Pizza, soda, and teenagers had made me feel older. I was only nineteen but college it seemed had separated me from this “class”. Our parents tasked me with keeping an eye out for anyone drinking, or doing drugs, or sneaking into the pool house/green house to make out. Erica’s friends were all pretty straight and narrow so I didn’t have a big job ahead of me.

Erica avoided my eyes for most of the evening and seemed a bit shy as she was at the pool in her bikini. I was trying not to look. Her triceps were toned like an athlete’s, her thighs had lines dividing the powerful muscles of her legs, and her breasts kurtuluş escort poked upwards under the thin material of her bikini in the warm night air. She was slick with pool water and I wanted to hold her close and absorb the water from her and feel that electric charge surge through me again.

I had been sexually active at college with a couple of girls but things hadn’t gotten too deep between us. We had some dates, fun, and lots of sex. It seemed college was a place to figure things out and not get too attached. That had bothered me and pleased me.

Chastity was near the green house that was attached to the pool house and the garage and she smiled at me. I smiled back and she turned and went into the dark tropical paradise. I waited a few seconds and glanced at my sister. She was splashing and playing with a couple of her friends, a slim but fit guy who had moved here from California while I was gone, and our neighbor Alexandria.

I slipped into the shadows of the green house where my parents have hundreds of tropical fruit trees and plants and a huge hot tub in the middle. Chastity reached out and grabbed my hand and pulled me down under a banana palm.

“Are you seeing anyone?”

“No.” I said. I suddenly had a pulse in pants.

“Neither am I. JR ditched me a week ago because he wants to join the Marines and I’m horny as hell. Will you at least make out with me?” I was quite surprised as she grabbed my hands and splayed our fingers together. She stood up on her toes and kissed me. I didn’t need to be told twice.

We kissed gently at first, exploring each other’s lips then our tongues began to mingle. She was adorable, innocent looking but had always been the most flirty of Erica’s friends, which made her seem a bit more adult before college. Now she just seemed needy, and so was I. I slipped my hand up under her bikini top and rubbed her small breasts. Her nipples stood erect and she kissed me harder and with desperate need. My kisses matched hers and we fought with our mouths, tongue and teeth.

She reached into my shorts and gripped me like I had never been handled before. She seemed a lot more experienced than I had at first thought. My cock was clearly not the first, or even the second one that she had handled. We stripped our clothes off and she took the head of my cock into her mouth. Her saliva coated my hard on and she used her hand to spread it around me and down my length. She looked me straight in the eyes and I saw that she wasn’t as adorable as I had first thought, but erotically beautiful. She looked like the type of girl who always played the school girl in pornos. Her pigtails swung as she rubbed her face all over my cock. She was sexually older than me, I could tell from that look. She was experienced.

“I hope you’re ready to fuck me tonight.” She said. “I have been ravenous for too long.” I understood but didn’t think that girls got this way. My hard on was like a glowing ember and she took me to the back of her throat. She was a pro. The only thing I had going for me I feared was my just above average size and my ability to control my orgasms thanks to that second college girlfriend and her “Yoga tricks” that she shared with me.

I pulled her off of my cock and kissed her deeply and she plunged her tongue into my mouth. My pre-come was smearing around our lips and this was exciting for both of us. I’d never kissed a girl after I came but pre-come just didn’t bother me. She went back down, squeezed me from base to tip and applied my pre-cum like lipstick. I almost came just then at the sheer hotness of seeing her do this.

She then licked her lips and trailed the slippery lube to my lips. There was thunder in my cock now, no heartbeat. Thunder. I pressed against her and she began to grind her pussy against me. I had to have my face buried in her crotch and soon. I had always wondered what she looked like down there as her bikini bottoms had always sported quite a bulge. She clearly had a good sized pussy and I was excited to finally see it.

I sucked on her breasts and massaged them taking notice of her responses. I didn’t want to disappoint her with my inexperience, so I listened to what she said, moaned, or breathed. She was slowly jerking me off with my own pre-cum. She fell back under the banana tree and put her knees up.

“You have got to eat my pussy. Right now. “

I swallowed as my mouth started producing more saliva than it ever had before. In the dim light I could see the dark pink line of her inner lips dividing her outer lips. This is what had produced that plump camel toe that I had seen in the past. I slipped down between her legs and swiped my tongue from the bottom of her lips (where a huge amount of her wetness had pooled) up to her engorged clit. She shuddered and moaned and I explored her big, beautiful pussy.

She tasted like mild honey with a salty hint at first touch. I was nuts for her instantly. levent escort I was a pussy hound for sure but this girl had a luxurious crotch like I had never known before. My two college experiences were quite different although the Yoga-girl had been quite educational and pleasurable.

I sucked on her plump lips, and pulled on her big clit with my lips and tongue and she oozed creamy sweetness from her slit. She was panting and moaning and writhing with her hands in my hair. My face was a sloppy mess with her wetness, her lust. I was leaking all over her pedicured, perfect feet as they occasionally brushed my cock. I pushed my tongue into her pussy and her lips pressed against my face. I could get lost in her sweet folds. They were so smooth and full, truly a weight on her clit. She started to moan as if she was about to come and the door opened. We froze.

“Are you sure that no one is in here?” We heard a male’s voice ask.

“I’m sure.” My sister said. I had thought she saw me slinking towards the green house but maybe not. Chastity mashed my head into her vagina as if to keep me quiet. She lifted her feet up over my shoulders. If my sister had been closer and the lights on she would have seen my bare ass and balls up in the air with Chastity’s cute feet pointing toes up on my back. It sounded like Erica and the guy were kissing. I felt a pang of jealousy.

With Chastity’s legs over my shoulders Chastity’s ass was right where my face had been seconds before. I couldn’t help but look in the dim light. Her puckered anus was actually beautiful, the same color as her lips, and had the same soft, full, plump quality as the rest of her perineum area had. All I could smell was her juices and they had saturated the smooth, ridges of her asshole. I actually wanted to lick her there. I had never had the opportunity to have any kind of anal sex before but I had assumed that there was some need for preparation and that it wasn’t a spontaneous thing.

Her hands pressed me downward to her ass and my nose trailed across her soft ridges. She smelled like lust, her pussy juices and a hint of the pool’s chlorine. I licked gently, and explored her ridges as my sister made out with this new guy nearby. Chastity’s asshole clinched and contracted against my tongue and I felt as if my whole sexual world had shifted. I was now an ass-o-holic, hooked with my first time.

My sister moved to the hot tub and turned it on. There was now sufficient noise for Chastity and I to resume, within reason, but she apparently had other plans as she slithered up beside me to get a view of Erica and Mr. California. He was toned and too beautiful, his lean form was almost feminine. He had no body hair. Erica sat him on the edge of the hot tub and began making out with him.

Under the banana leaves Chastity and I watched as he fumbled her bikini top off. My sister’s breasts perfect. As erotic and hot as things had been with Chastity, seeing her breasts had set me on fire. Her nipples pointed up, were half of the size of Chastity’s gorgeous nipples and I could tell that her round breasts were dense.

Chastity slithered under me. Her innocent charm working overtime as she wriggled her heart shaped ass under my pelvis. She slipped her head up next to mine as she positioned her asshole directly in front of my throbbing cock.

“Push it into me. Don’t worry. I took care of ‘things’ earlier.”

Her slender fingers gripped me and rubbed my slippery, dripping head against her spongy asshole. I pushed slowly into her and she gasped.

“Now watch this.” She said. She made circular motions with her hips as I slid deeper into her anus. She squeezed me and sweat saturated my body. We kissed a close and lustful kiss as I fucked her ass in a slow, torturous motion. “Now watch your sister. She’s about to break your heart.”

I was confused. My cock was buried in Chastity’s ass and she wanted me to watch my sister. Erica was undoing the tie of Mr. California’s trunks and pulled out his long slender cock. She jerked him a little then went down on him. Her lips sealing around him as she took him deep into mouth and deeper. He tipped his head back in pleasure.

“Erica and I have been playing around for years. She told me long ago that she is very attracted to you and wants to lose her virginity to you. I think she is in love with you.”

My head was reeling. All I could think about was the maddening lust of my cock slowly fucking Chastity’s ass and seeing my sister deep throat this guy and now this confusing news. I was a wreck. What the fuck was going on? I picked up my pace as my cock probed deep in her and I could feel the largest orgasm I have ever experienced building.

“She was the first person to ever lick my asshole you know.”

“Who?” I said. My brain was useless. I pumped and pumped holding my orgasm back.

“Erica. She loves it. She pretends I’m you sometimes when I do it to her. She likes it maçka escort all sweet and loving when we do that. You need to stop her from going further with this beach bum. But first you need to cum inside of me.”

I exploded and as I pulled my cock back out of her depths her ass seemed to suck me pulling my cum out of me and I spurted and spurted what felt like rope after rope of boiling cum. She shuddered and pressed her face against the roots of the banana tree as she arched her back and rammed her hips against me. I kept pumping and cumming and I thought I would lose my mind.

I felt drugged. My balls ached, my cock felt too large to come out of her ass but she squeezed me and it was too much sensation, I had to pull out fast as she forced me out. I nearly cried as I fell over behind her. Chastity laughed out loud and our cover was blown.

“Whoa! We didn’t see you in there, sorry! OhmiGod! It’s your brother.” Said Mr. California. It sounded rehearsed. Erica stood up and saw us. Chastity stood up and stepped down out of the banana planters. I was dazed as I tried to pull my shorts on.

“Were you guys watching us?” Mr. California said.

“No, dumb ass. We were fucking and you crashed our party!” Chastity said. She didn’t bother putting her top on. My sister stepped back away from him and looked at Chastity.

“Hey, don’t get pissed at me ho. We didn’t know you were in here.” Mr. California said with a smile as he walked towards Chastity and I thought I may have to defend her but they embraced and started kissing. I was stunned. What the hell was happening to my world. An hour ago I was just a normal, horny nineteen year old guy and now I was in an x-rated version of the Twilight Zone.

My sister came to me and took my hand; she looked deep into my eyes and seemed worried. She pulled me away from Chastity and her new friend and sat me down under the orange trees. I was vaguely aware of where her hands and lips had been a minute before.

“We didn’t know how to do this and we thought that getting you super worked up might be the best way.” Erica looked scared and my heart hammered in my chest. She was sitting there with her pointed breasts jutting towards me. I leaned in and kissed her gently. She met me and sighed, tension leaving her a bit.

“I don’t know what’s going on Erica. Can you help me out here?” I said.

“That’s Chastity’s half brother. He moved here from Cali this year and we’ve all been fooling around together.”

I looked over at Chastity and her brother. I should have guessed it since they were both natural blondes and had similar flawless skin. I was suddenly aware that the feelings that I had been feeling were already out in the open for my sister. She held my hand and leaned against me.

“I have had a crush on you for years. I never wanted to admit it because I thought it was weird and that you would be horrified and tell me I was gross or messed up. Chastity told me that she sometimes made out with her half brother and that I shouldn’t be so afraid of what would happen if I told you. That was a year ago. The three of us have been fooling around since David got here, well Chastity and I have been fooling around forever but…”

“Wait a minute Erica. I have always loved you. As a sister. Today though, something was different. I saw you as a woman, independent of our family, not connected to me, just you. It was electric and I don’t know how I feel but I think we should explore this. I have never felt such a pull to anyone and I can’t just ignore that.” I said.

Erica squeezed my hand tighter and rested her head against my chest.

“Did Chaz tell you that I’m a virgin?”

“She did. Kind of. Things are a mess in my head right now.”

“Let’s go play around with them and maybe this will break the ice and we can talk some more later.” Erica said.

David was lying back on the side of the hot tub and Chastity was on top of him grinding her hips against him as they fucked. My sister stood behind them and gently rubbed Chastity’s smooth skinned ass. I could see the shine of my cum between her cheeks and felt a pang of guilt as Erica slipped her fingers into Chastity’s ass. My erection sprang to life.

“I think she’s ready for you again.” She said. “I want to watch you do her. We’ve pretended to be you a few times just to kind of explore my feelings for you and it was hot. She’s always wanted you to do her in the ass while David is inside her pussy.”

I was blushing again despite the situation. I was hard again and my sister slipped her fingers out of Chastity’s pink, puckered ass and pulled my shorts down. She gripped my cock and pulled me to her friend and her friends brother.

“You can make some noise this time, big boy.” Chastity said. I smiled as I pressed my head against her ass. I slid in easily, feeling the ring of muscle tightening and then loosening. My cum was still in there making it more slippery, and I began to pump away once she adjusted to me. My sister watched closely as David and I pumped half in rhythm and half in chaos into and out of her best friend. I was watching her, her fingers as they rubbed her mound beneath her bikini bottoms and her eyes as they darted from one slippery sight to the next.

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