My Sister’s Pool Party Ch. 02

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Big Tits

Here I was with my pants down around my ankles, laying on my back and Susan’s hand tightly gripping my rapidly deflating cock.

“Greg!” my sister, Tiffany, screamed. “You promised to leave us alone!”

“Aw Tiff, leave him alone,” the bare breasted Karen said. “We could have some fun with a
cock like that don’t you think?”

“Karen that’s my brother you are talking about,” Tiff said.

“A cock is a cock, and he HAS got a nice one,” Terry added as she stared at my cock still in the
grip of Susans hand.

“Tiff, you are right, I did promise.” I said as I tried to get up on my feet.

I had every intention of going back inside but the other three girls had other ideas. As I got up on my hands and knees Karen, obviously the drunkest of the girls, straddled by back and started riding me like I was a bull in a rodeo. She was humping me like she wanted me to start bucking and I thought, “What the hell, let’s see where this leads.” I rose up onto my feet and grabbed her behind the knees and started running around the pool as the other girls laughed and screamed their encouragment.

“Ride him cowgirl!” Terri yelled. “See if you can stay on for eight seconds.”

Karens tits were pressed into my back and I could feel her nipples harden as she slid up and down with every step I took. As the other girls, with the exception of Tiff, were counting off the seconds I rounded the pool for the third time and on the count of eight I jumped in and Karen and I disappeared under the water. I broke the surface first and heard Terri and Susan laughing their asses off. When I turned to see where Karen was I was greeted to a face full of her tits as she jumped up and tried to dunk me under the water. I wrapped my hands around her, just under her tight ass, and that caused her to squeel with delight as her tits were pressed into my face. I opened my mouth and accepted her nipple and bit down on it gently while licking it with my tounge.

I was oblivious to the other girls until I heard a splash and they were all on top of me within seconds, Tiffany included. They had no problem pushing my head under water. Two of the grabbed my legs and two of them pushed my head down and under I went. I pulled at the first thing I could get hold of and Terri’s bikini bottom came off in my hand. When I surfaced I held it up in triumph and was immediatly pushed back under the surface. Again grasping for anything I could get my hands on, I felt a leg and wrapped my hands around it pulled with everything I had. Tiffany went under.

I made my way down to the other end of the pool and came up for air expecting to be pushed back under, but nothing happened. I looked around and notice that ALL the girls had taken off their tops, my sister included. They had halkalı escort grins on their faces but no one spoke a word as they advanced on me. I ducked back under the water and swam for my life to the other end of the pool. As I passed the girls I noticed, through the blurry underwater light, that the tops wasn’t all that had come off. I was in a pool with four naked teenaged girls, one of which was my sister. I reached down and slid my shorts off just trying to see how far they wanted to take this little game that they had started.

Sitting on the steps with noting but a hard-on I waited for them to make the next move. I didn’t have to wait very long. Karen and Terri climbed out of the pool on my right and were coming towards me while Tiff and Susan were advancing on my left. When they were within a few feet of me I dove off the steps and swam to the deep end. They were on me in a flash. I could have broken free of them if had wanted to but I put up a mock struggle and in the process my cock had gone limp.

They pulled me back to the shallow end and carried me up on the deck and pushed me down into the nearest lounge chair. Susan gathered up all of their bikinis while I let the other three think that they were holding me down against my protests. Susan came over to me and tied my ankles to the chair with the bikini straps and then she tied my hands over my head. Now I WAS helpless.

“Look!! His little dickie is a little dickie again,” Karen giggled.

“I can fix that problem,” Terri said. She started playing with her b-cup titties, squeezing them together and pinching the hard nipples. I could only stare at her and then I noticed the other girls were staring too.

Karen went to get them all another beer, like they needed anymore! Terri started moaning and it was clear that she was turning herself on. I had so far been able to keep my cock at bay but that was about to change.

Susan walked over to Terri, bent down and sucked her left nipple into her mouth. Terri wrapped her hands around Susans head and pulled her into her chest.

“Mmmmm, Susan that feels soooo good!!” Terri moaned.

“Just wait Sweetie, you ain’t felt good yet.” Susan said as she looked up and smiled.

Karen had returned with an arm load of beer. She stopped dead in her tracks as she saw Terri and Susan in their seductive embrace. Tiffany took the beer from her, placed them on the table and planted a kiss on Karens lips. Tiff withdrew but Karen pulled her back and slid her tounge into my sisters mouth. Watching all of this was more than I could take. I tried, in vain, to reach down and stroke my now raging hard-on but Susan had made sure that I couldn’t budge. All I could do was watch as these four babes harbiye escort made out in front of me.

While I was watching Tiff and Karen make out, Susan had dropped to her knees and was now licking and kissing Terri’s pussy lips. This was more than my cock could stand. I tried to pull free of the restraints but the more I struggled the tighter they became. Susan had slid a finger in Terri’s now wet cunt and I couldn’t tell from my posistion but it looked like she had a finger up her ass too. Terri was moaning loudly now at the assault on her pussy and Karen and Tiff had broken their embrace to watch the other two.

Karen looked down at me and yelled.

“Look!! His little dickie ain’t so little anymore!”

Terri looked over and said, “See I told you I could fix it.”

“You did have some help I beleive,” Susan laughed.

“Well, what are we going to do with it?” Tiff asked.

“He’s your brother, you make the decision.” Karen said.

Tiff was my sister and this was the first time I had seen her naked, or so she thought. A few years ago I had drilled a hole in the wall separating our closets and was treated to many mastubation sessions by my sister, all of course without her knowledge. But that is a whole other story.

An evil grin crossed her face as she pondered my fate. She picked up a beer from the table and chugged the whole thing without stopping. She let out a loud and resounding burp as the other girls laughed and encouraged her. She walked over to me and stood above me, her tits standing out proudly.

“He likes to stoke himself while he looks at me, changing clothes, through the peep hole in my closet.” She sounded like a lawyer in one of those T.V. shows. “I say let’s use him as our play toy until he begs us for release.”

I was ready to beg for release right then but her idea intriuged me. So, “What the hell, why not.”

She straddled me and sat across my chest, running her hands through my hair. She leaned over and kissed me as she slid her wet and well lubricated pussy down my stomach. I could feel her hard nipples slide over mine own as she inched closer to my throbbing cock. I felt her warmth, her desire, her need as she snaked her body down my now sweat covered abs.
Just as her pussy reached my cock, a hand grabbed it.

“No, no, no. We have other plans for this.” It was Karen now holding my cock and stroking it with a long slow motion.

“We sure do!” Terri giggled. She placed her figners around my balls and gave them a gentle squeeze. “And plans for these jewels too.”

Tiffany laughed and got off of me high fiving the others and they all screamed with delight in the torture they were giving me.

“What now?” Susan asked.

“Ladies, ikitelli escort do as you please.” Tiffany replied.

With that Susan approached me and planted her hairless pussy on my mouth. I inserted my tounge and was greeted with the taste of her sweet juices. I have tasted a lot of pussy in my time but Susan had a very distinctive sweetness about her. She wiggled down to get more of my tounge inside of her and I looked up into her eyes. She smiled down at me and said.

“Girls, this man knows how to use his tounge.”

“So do I.” Karen said.

“Prove it.” Terri challenged.

The gauntlet having been thrown down, Karen moved over and slid my cock down her throat. She took it all in one motion. After a few minutes of eating pussy while my cock was being devoured I felt that familiar tingleing in my balls. Karen must have felt me tighten up because she quickly pulled away.

“Tiffany, Terri, come watch this.” Karen said.

Tiffany and Terri moved over from where they were and watched as Karen sucked both of my balls into her mouth. Terri swallowed my cock while Tiff held it. Susan turned around to watch and when she did I was able to slide my tounge up her ass. She exploded in one of the most powerful orgasms that I have ever seen a girl have. She slid back and drenched my face with her juices, literally squriting them into my mouth. She came for over twenty seconds filling my mouth with her nectar. She climbed off of me when her tremors had subsided and laid down on the deck watching the other girls assault my cock and balls.

“He’s ready!” Karen shouted. “Watch him explode.”

Tiffany grasped the base of my cock as Terri kept her up and down motions with her mouth going. Karen squeezed my balls tightly and Tiff tightened her grip. Terri withdrew and started stroking me faster and faster. I moaned loudly and my balls contracted to let my seed fly, but the grip Tiff had on me wouldn’t let it. My balls ached and Terri continued to storke me for all she was worth. She would suck my head and then stroke some more. Suck then stroke. My ball were burning for release but Tiff wouldn’t let go. Karen had move to my asshole and had inserted a finger up to the second knuckle. I was in some serious pleasure here and the girls were really getting into it too.

Tiffany had all the girls gather around and as Terri continued to stroke me Tiff released her death grip and I exploded like fireworks on the Fourth of July. The first stream hit Tiff on the lips and the second landed on Karen’s tits. I hadn’t cum like that in my entire life and it felt so good that I didn’t think I was ever going to stop. Cum kept flowing out of my cock and the girls kept pointing it at each other and licking it off themselves. I collapased out of shear exhaustion and watched as the girls cleaned each other up.

Thanks for all the positive feedback on chapter 1. I only received one negitive comment. ( you know who you are) There is more to come if I get enough positive response. Thanks again.

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