My Son, Benjamin Ch. 02

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Disclaimer: Story is written from a woman’s perspective and more directed towards female readers who enjoy and desire men sexually. It is fictional but contains certain BDSM and taboo elements such as female domination and incest which may be deemed inappropriate to certain readers. If one finds it offensive, please do not proceed as such. You have been warned. Thanks.


I am cooking dinner in the kitchen when I hear sound of the living room door creaking open, followed by light bang of the door closing. A thud on the floor is heard as he throws his bag on the floor. My son is back home again after his game of basketball.

I proceed to the living room and immediately recognize the musky and cheesy odour of my dirty unwashed Benjamin still soaked in his boy sweat. Through the wet translucent uniform, I can see the outline of his chiseled chests and abs sticking to the fabric. Never thought my son could have grown and developed so well to be the dashing young Adonis he is today. “How lucky would it be for his future girlfriends to be shagged by him”, I thought erotically to myself. My cunt is once again wet with precum and gaping open, eager for his hard throbbing cock to find its way inside me.

I contain my lust and undress my boy like just the usual daily routine before he gets ready for bath. Not that he is not independent, but this is a significant expression of our mom son bonding. I am personally glad that up to this day, he has not objected to me stripping him off. It would be a bonus (for me), if i can get to personally undress his pants and underwear and have a feel of his hard boner “breathing” within the enclosed space of my clenched fist.

My thoughts run wild and I lose focus. My hands inadvertently touch his bulge from underneath the fly of his pants. Slowly, I see Benjamin’s bulge growing bigger and bigger, like a flagpole sticking out from the tight fabric that conceals his jewels. We are both embarrassed, as I can see redness forming on his face and drops of anxious perspiration flowing down from along his sideburns to his neck. I am feeling hot and horny, but at the same time critical of myself. How could I have accidentally touch that spot. Have I lost myself from the touch of his warm and hard body while I was undressing him, or was it his boyish scent of puberty that made me delirious and lose control. I feel my cunt oozing with more precum, as I am desperate to smell and suck off my own son’s cock.

“Mom, are you done? Can I start undressing my pants and underwear? It’s getting a little hot and uncomfortable and I need to shower soon”, as Benjamin mutters nervously.

My thoughts are uninterrupted, but it is a blessing in disguise for I could not have been able to control myself and do the unimaginable. I do lust after my boy almost all the time, but fantasies remain fantasies. As long as I don’t commit the act of an incestuous relationship with my son, I would be fine.

“Well, of course son. What were you waiting for?” I retorted back with a slight tone of anger so as to conceal the dirty thoughts I was harboring just now. I can’t allow my son to know that I am lusting over him.

Benjamin then remove his pants and strips down to just his underwear. As he removes his underwear, his dick springs to life as though before it has been suffocating under that tight fabric layer of pants and underwear. His huge hard-on looks larger and harder than usual. As Benjamin turns around to face me, his tool points rudely and menacingly at me. I stand silently in awe while secretly admiring his full-blown penis. I never thought he could be so big.

“Wow, is this stud in front of me really my son? He seems to emit a different aura today with his full-blown erected dick.” I observe sweat trickling slowly down from his neck and broad chests and then to his rippled abs, crotch and hung dick. Some drops encircle the circumference of his shaft and rhythmically drip down from the tip of his penile meat. This hung stud in front of me is my son, and I never know before such a beautiful sexual side of him exists. sarıyer escort Like a shopper inspecting her goods, I keep scrutinizing my son like I have never seen him before. There is a deathly awkward silence as my eyes can’t stop staring at his stiff angry rod that doesn’t seem to subside in size. Benjamin’s raging hard on twitches from time to time as though in protest of Mummy looking at it. “What a magnificent erection”.

I don’t know how long I was in paradise visually feasting over my son when a sudden “Sorry Mum” utters out from Benjamin’s mouth. He then quickly cups his palms around his hard-on and dashes back to his bedroom. This unexpected “sorry” coming

from him makes the situation feel more awkward as I could have acted like it was no big deal. What’s the big deal with Mummy looking at her own son’s cock. It is only natural for boys his age to have hard ons like that. His “sorry” only makes me feel more like a slut and which I shamelessly admit I am.

I then pick up his dirty laundry to have them washed. Usually, I will just sniff his sweaty uniform and underwear for a short while and finger myself to orgasm before throwing into the washing machine. For a single Mum like me without a husband or man, I am content alone with these acts of sniffing and self-masturbation as they allow me some release of pent-up sexual energy. The pervert act of sniffing the musky and at times cheesy smell of my son’s dirty laundry empowers me with some sort of respite and sexual gratification. On these occasions, I am reminded of still being a woman and in need of a stud for sexual satisfaction.

Without fail, I perform this routine of masturbating with my son’s unwashed laundry daily and faithfully. However this evening, I am hornier than usual. I lock myself in the kitchen toilet so I can indulge in self pleasure for a longer time as I take fantasies about my hot stud son even further. I rub my pussy with Benjamin’s unwashed underwear while sniffing his still wet stinky uniform. I imagine my own son fucking me, as his dick finds his way back to mummy again. I imagine him kissing and drilling his tongue in my mouth as his hard chest and abs fondle against mummy’s boobs. I imagine him sweating profusely and scent of his fresh sweat enveloping me while I licked off his neck and Adam’s apple. I am at the peak of ecstasy when I orgasmed, my body shivers with delight as loads of lady juice squirt out from my cunt.


Dinner is ready and as usual, Benjamin will help to lay the table. For some funny reason, I feel guilty looking at my son after I imagined making love with him and treating him like my lover boy-toy. I do have sexual fantasies towards my own son, but never is there any sort of emotional element attached to them. They are merely physical fantasies and that’s that, nothing more. But just now, it was the first time I imagined we as lovers kissing and cuddling like a couple. There was some sort of deep emotional attachment I felt when I imagined Benjamin drilling his tool in me. The feeling was not just sexual, there was something more. I can’t describe it, or maybe I choose not to describe it for I have no wish to come to terms with my heart’s most inner feelings.

The table is set and we sit at the small round table in our living room. Eating our dinner in silence, there was no conversation or chatter of any sort. This is not uncommon as we do not have much to talk about. We behave politely towards each other as if we were strangers. Past attempts to talk with Benjamin also often end abruptly as short curt replies from him lead to a conversation closure.

However, unlike other nights, the atmosphere tonight feels a little uneasy. On one hand, I am still thinking about his full-blown rock-hard dick I saw this evening. On the other hand, I am filled with contempt and disgust towards myself for having those fantasies about my own son in the toilet this evening that went too far. Seeing him just across the table, I got mixed feelings of excitement, guilt and anxiety all at the same time. silivri escort To make myself feel better, I try to avoid direct eye contact with him. Likewise, I also observed him hanging his head low as if to avoid eye contact with me. Mouth by mouth, he gulps down the bowl of rice in front of him as fast as he could like though he can quickly finish his dinner and disappear from my sight. Noticing that his behaviour seems unusual from his normal self. I try to break the silence.

Me (in a concerned tone): “Benjamin, Why are you in a rush? Do you have project or assignment deadlines to meet? Beware you get choked if you continue eating that fast.”

Benjamin (like suddenly jolted back to reality, his eyes looking back up in a dazed manner): “Umm, deadlines? What? Umm, nope, no project or deadlines of any sort. Not in a rush Mum, just probably more hungry than usual today. Sorry Mum..”

Me (trying to lighten up the atmosphere): “Well well, you really don’t have to apologize for that don’t you. Mummy is just worried if you are doing fine in school and if …”

Benjamin (as he interrupted suddenly): “Mum, no. Sorry, I wasn’t referring to this. I was apologizing for this evening. I should not have scared you with my full-blown erected dick. You looked really disturbed and in shock. I felt bad to have made you feel that way.

Me (trying to act normal): “Well, if you are talking about this evening, there is nothing wrong with boys your age to have hard-on like that. Mummy is in fact proud that her lovely son is so well endowed. Never thought u could grow that big.”

Benjamin (slightly humbled by my praise): “Yes Mum, but the real issue is, I grew real hard after you accidentally touched, erm, there.. I was having dirty thoughts of you stripping even my pants and underwear so that I could get to feel more of your hands brushing against my dick. The more I thought, the harder I grew. While I was pointing my tool at you, I was also hoping Mummy can come forward to give her son a stroke or two on his erected shaft. And and, I was also hoping if I could insert into .. (He skips.) I know it sounds incestuous, but but, I couldn’t help it at that point of time. Sorry Mum, I didn’t mean to..” (Benjamin looked down on the ground with remorse.)

After hearing these words coming from Benjamin’s mouth personally, I am overwhelmed with joy inside me. I can’t believe what he just said. I thought I have struck jackpot to know of my son also having sexual fantasies about me. Previous feelings of guilt quickly fade away and turn to lust as I sense my pussy twitching and wet with precum again. I contain my euphoria and play along with his remorse.

Me (acting in a condescending manner): “I find it hard to believe that you can have sexual inclinations towards your own mother who brought you up all these while. I think you are in need of some real discipline, lest you become a real pervert in the near future to come. Clear the table, wash the dishes and afterwards, bring the armchair and come to my bedroom.” ( I commanded.)

After the dishes, Benjamin obeys me and comes to my bedroom with an armchair from the dining table. He seems to feel he is really at fault and ready to be disciplined.

Me: “Lift that chair above your head and do squats until I tell you to stop.” (I instructed.)

Benjamin: “Mum, do I really have to do this? I just bathed and I don’t want to sweat and get dirty again.” (He pleaded.)

Me (showing no sign of empathy as I stared at him fiercely): “There is no excuse for a pervert son lusting over his own mother. If you truly feel apologetic, better do what I say lest I chase you out from the house tonight.”

With some slight reluctance, he obliges and starts to do squats with the armchair on top of his head. I lay on my bed as I watch Benjamin in front of my bed working out. Initially the squats seem easy, but after some time, his motion reduces and he starts to struggle. Each repetition gets clearly more difficult as his handsome face contorts with agony and discomfort şirinevler escort lifting himself up from the squat position. I watch in pleasure, as I enjoy the sight of my virile stud son working out and sweating away like a man. I have always got fetish for hot guys working hard and perspiring away. They look physically fit and visually attractive when those healthy muscles flex and glisten with sweat.

Not too long, Benjamin’s T-shirt is soaked with sweat. The cotton fabric of his shirt sticks to him tightly, outlining his chiseled chests and rippled 6 pack. I can’t resist the sexy sight of my hot stud son, and I ordered him to put down the chair and take off his shirt.

Me (in a slightly mocking manner): “My my, look how wet and sweaty you are after just a simple workout. Let Mummy see how worked and pumped those muscles are underneath your shirt. Now, put down the chair and take off that shirt.”

Benjamin’s tired arms literally let the armchair slip off with a loud thud on the floor. He remains in stationary squat position, sweating profusely and panting away as he waits obediently for my next instruction.

Me (annoyed and pissed off by the loud thud): “How could you damage my floor by just letting the armchair slips off like that? Stand up and continue holding the armchair above your head.”

Benjamin shuts his eyes for a moment then gives an exasperated sigh. He opens his eyes, carries the armchair up his shoulders again and stands up . He then outstretch his arms upwards to lift the chair above his head.

I visually feast on my son’s exposed sweaty and muscular body. His hairy armpits and swelling biceps are additional big turn ons. I am extremely horny and I feel my pussy quivering and opening wider as if to take in the cock of this hot young stud. Puddles are formed on the ground under his thighs as sweat continuously flows off his arms, biceps and neck onto the floor. Benjamin is clearly tired as can be heard from the sound of his heavy breathing and incessant moans of exhaustion. Each time he moans, my pussy twitches with delight.

I notice a budge forming under his shorts. He must be masochistic, given that he can still erect under such circumstances.

There is no way to adjust or hide that budge for his arms are still on the arm chair. It is getting bigger and more obvious. Benjamin looks down on his growing budge with embarrassment.

Me (in a slutty and teasing manner): “Look what you have just grown. Getting so big even as I am disciplining you. Are you thinking of putting that into Mummy again? How dare you.”

Benjamin’s eyes close while face contorts into lines of pleasure and pain. He is moaning while his budge grows even bigger and harder. Sweat continues pouring off his forehead and neck. My pussy is screaming with ecstasy. I can resist no longer as I get off the bed and walk to his front. My boy-toy is now right in front of me. I can feel the warmth emitting from his sweaty and muscular body. The fresh and musky scent of his sweat is also stronger. My panties is now extremely wet with my cunt just inches away from his juicy budge. Overwhelmed by lust, my hands reach out to grope his budge. I can almost feel his warm cock underneath twitching uncontrollably. It is breathing and pulsating as though alive. I have almost forgotten how a cock feels like and now I am reminded again. The cock is God’s gift of pleasure for a woman.

Benjamin (as he moans and pleads): “Mum, please stop touching there. My dick can’t stop erecting and it is getting real tight and painful. It hurts.”

Me (sarcastically): “Don’t lie to Mummy for goodness’ sake. I know you are quietly enjoying the pleasure of my hands on your shaft. Mum is just curious at how big an 18 year old’s dick can grow. Your cock seems to be suffocating. Wanna let it out and breathe some fresh air?” (I chuckled)

I then slowly remove his shorts. A pungent cheesy smell of sweat and cock is emitted as my nostrils take in with orgasmic delight. His underwear is wet with sweat but stains of precum are still visible on the portion of underwear where the tip of his penis is located. Without much ado, I remove his underwear. His full-blown erected hard-on springs out to greet me. “Now that such a beautiful dick is exposed, what shall I do with it?”, as dirty thoughts start to fill my mind again.

To be continued …

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