My Step-Sister the Cam Girl

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I had moved into my step-sister’s apartment after our parents were married. Throughout my senior year, dad had promised to pay my entire college tuition, to anywhere I could get in. When he remarried, the budget shrunk. I was left with attending the best public university in the state, and the option of either living at home or crashing at my new step-sister’s apartment downtown. It wasn’t much of a choice.

When dad remarried, he chose a kindly, Asian-American woman as his bride. I like my new step-mom. Her daughter is around my age, and nice too, if a little more adventurous than her mother.

She doesn’t attend university, my step-sister. I wasn’t sure what she did for most of my first semester living with her. I just knew she spent a lot of time in her room, on the computer, up late at night, and never ever let me in.

The mystery ended last night. I was awoken around 1:00 am, briefly worried I had slept through my first class, but slowly realizing it was my step-sister shaking me to consciousness. I was vaguely aware of her standing over me, wrapped in a fluffy robe. But she seemed to be wearing makeup.

“Hey,” she said, yanking the covers off and trying to rouse me.

I rolled over in my boxers, stared at the clock, and shut my eyes.

“Hey! I need you to get up, help me with something. I’ll explain in my room.” She grabbed my wrist with both hands and pulled, dragging me across the sheets and almost onto the floor.

“Jesus, alright,” I moaned, stumbling to bring my legs under my shifting body. I succeeded in not being pulled onto my ass, as my step-sister continued yanking me by the arm across my room.

When I finally found sure footing we were halfway down the hall. I realized where we were going–into the forbidden zone. My step-sister’s room. Then we were inside, door shut behind me with a click.

The lights were mostly off. A familiar glow emanated from the floor, the sweet glow of a computer monitor. Odd place for it, I thought. And a towel in front besides…

Step-sis hurried over to the laptop; typed frantically; looked back at me, paused, then typed some more. I couldn’t help noticing how swanky her room was. Much nicer than the common area, which she barely put any effort into…

“OK.” She was back in front şişhane escort of me, continuing her verbal assault. “I–we, don’t have much time. I need your help with something. See, I’ve been on my computer…”

“Turn it off. Turn it on. Possibly unplug in the middle,” I blurted groggily, sure I could now return to my own, non-mysterious room. It was still too early in the day for mysteries.

“No, idiot. I mean I’ve been online,” she continued.

“Ah, I think you farm it. Or go to the ville. Either would seem appropriate given the name. Godspeed,” I finished, now facing the door and fruitlessly jiggling the handle.

“Ugh,” she spun me back around. “Listen, twerp, I’ve been on…picture sites. And video. And I need your help right now.” A slight frantic look flashed in her eyes.

I looked back at her for a moment, put my hands on her shoulders, and drew her face close to mine. “I. Will follow,” I whispered, “your Twumbler. Incerest. Even YourSpace. If you kindly return me to sleepy land.”

I felt her shoulders shrug. My hands fell forward, wrists now wresting on bare skin. The robe was crumpled on the floor.

I stared down at a slender, tan body, wrapped in white lingerie. A small bow in the center of the bra, hiding between two C-cups stuffed with flesh. Below, a tight stomach leading to more white underwear, lace perhaps, just covering the upper hint of…

“Here, this first,” she said, reaching on top of a bookshelf and then pressing glass against my lips. I swallowed a warm liquid, snorted, coughed shimmering specks onto her chest. She followed with a shot of her own.

“There’s more if we need it,” my step-sister mumbled, before settling herself and staring in my eyes.

“This guy, online, and never mind how, has offered me a lot of money to–suck a guy off on camera. Ten thousand dollars a lot of money,” my step-sister said in a dead-pan. “If you will just stand there, and not think too much about what’s going on, I will give you hal–some of that money.”

I glanced back down at the laptop on the floor, the towel spread in front of it. Lines of text appeared for each moment we lingered. Someone’s impatient, I thought.

My protestations began as I was placed into position. “I’m flattered şişli anal yapan escort that you would think of me for this,” I began. “I had no fucking options,” she kneeled down.

“But I really wouldn’t feel comfortable, you being my step-sister and all.” My boxer shorts fell to meet the the damp towel. “It’s probably illegal, I would hope. And your mother would kill me,” I added, growing confident in my moral fortitude.

That changed when I felt a warm mouth around my cock.

Finally. I hope he’s up to it, sweetie.

“Yeah baby, sorry about the wait,” my step-sister said to the computer. “Just imagine this cock,” she shook mine, “is yours.”

That felt a little depersonalizing. But the return of a wet tongue to my shaft, as it often does, quelled any thoughts of affronted dignity.

As I grew guiltily in my step-sister’s mouth, the tang of likely hours of pussy-play began wafting into my nostrils.

I hope this dope can get it up, honey. You know I’d be throbbing in your sweet Asian mouth already…;)

I felt a warm hand on my ass, then a pinch.

“Yeah, he will. Just a little shy I guess,” step-sis spoke again to the glowing screen. I looked over as some more blurry text appeared, then back down at the cute, tan face slurping and licking at my semi-erect penis.

Step-sis took the fleshy member in her hand, shook, stroked, then buried her face into my pubes. Her tongue swirled over the entirety of my dick. Her hand cupped my balls. And I stiffened, entirely in the warm cocoon of my step-sister’s mouth.

I brushed my hand over the long, black hair bobbing on my groin. She swatted it away immediately, looking up with smiling eyes as she continued her oral efforts to get my damn cock hard. It didn’t take much longer. I finally grew out of my protective shell, and steps-sis could no longer take me all in at once.

Better. Now lick the shaft baby, down to the balls. You know how. Please that big, white dick you have.

“Mmm, I will hun,” she said briefly, this time only glancing at the laptop screen. Step-sis then pressed my cock flat against my stomach, glanced her dark eyes up, and dragged her tongue from the tip of my cock slowly down the shaft, wiggling it as she şişli bdsm escort went. Once at the base, she nuzzled into my scrotum, popping a ball into her mouth and massaging it with her tongue.

Under any other circumstances, that would have been the end of my performance: cute girl, tight body, sucking my sperm spores. But the tinge of wrongfulness–that it was my step-sister, daughter of my kindly step-mother, who was polishing my parental pods–somehow kept my cum cloistered for the moment.

But while I was trapped in a veritable taboo tempest of emotions, digi-perv had no similar hesitations. And so much the better for me.

That’s real good. But I see something glistening on your white treat, honey. Lick it, and rub that tight Asian pussy while you do.

Step-sis pulled my cock head down to again meet her tongue. She lapped playfully around the head before threading her tongue between the tip, and cleaning off the glob of gleaming gratitude it had produced.

She closed her eyes now, stroking and slurping my sperm spigot in a presumptive race to the finish line. I noticed her free hand fishing around her clam, tan skin set off by the white panties–and growing damp spot.

I watched the bobbing, black-haired blur and tried to pair the heavenly sensations with a single, sinful thought: my step-sister was giving the best blow job I’d ever had.

I noticed more typing on the screen. Step-sis too, but before she could stop sucking I stabilized her head with my hands and began pumping. Her mouth and tongue responded in kind, trying to keep up with my quickening pace. I noticed her free hand strumming faster now, and felt the vibration of a soft moan against my pistoning pipe.

“Uh oh.”

Steps-sis glared up, wide-eyed as it began. I released my hold on her head. She reached both hands to my shaft, spreading her slit’s slickness and slurping it along with my own lubricant.

The first steamy spurts started. Warm, white wads waded from my step-sister’s mouth, dribbling down her chin and onto her chest. A few gulps covered the first salvo, but a second company of cum charged out of my cock head and covered her curled lips.

“Oh shit.”

She wasn’t sucking anymore, as much as surviving a semen storm. I launched several sticky strands of DNA across her cheek and forehead before steps-sis finally pointed my cock straight at her chest.

Once my remaining goo was drained, steps-sis glared over at her computer. A number flashed, and she screamed. I was smiling already.


All characters are over 18 and entirely fictional.

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