My Trucker Daddy

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Hello, my name is Fallon. I am 21 years old and I have a birthday coming up this August. The story I am about to tell is a spin off of a previous story that I wrote about daydreaming of incestuous sex with my father. What I am about to write takes place after our first incestuous encounter. I will write about the first time after this story. It is still something I hold dear, when I’m ready to tell it I will write it as a prequel to this one.***

*****All Characters in this story are above the age of 18*****

Hello it’s me, Fallon again. It has been awhile but here I sit once again with a story to tell to you all. You may recall from the last story that I wrote, I had daydreamed of sex with my Dad. It was something that I had masturbated thinking of for years, it just tripped my trigger and those thoughts gave me massive orgasms.

Well things had really started before this story, but I will write about that at a later time. Right now I am still recovering from this past weekend. I’ll tell you about it.

Friday I had things all planned, early in the day I would be joining a few friends down at Tipton Rock. Tipton is a large stream way out in the country outside the small town where I live, it used to be a very popular place to swim for everyone adventurous. It got the name Tipton Rock from the large twenty foot high natural rock over hang, but not many people go there any more these days. We spent most of the day there swimming and getting some sun. Mid-afternoon I decided to pack my things up, go to the store and shop for dinner for my Dad when he got home from work.

My Dad works for a trucking company hauling large flatbed loads and he is out for two weeks at a time. I live with him so I can take care of the house for him while he is away, and it helps me a lot because I don’t have to worry about rent until I head off to college in 2009. The past few years I’ve been like both a daughter and a wife in ways, meaning I take care of the house, the bills, dinner and laundry while he is gone and when he is home. I never minded it, I guess I have been growing up and not doing so much of the teen stuff that I used to do. I like taking care of things and when he gets home, taking care of him, as he has worked very hard since I was born to save for my college.

While I was at the store my cell phone rang and it was Dad, he would be arriving at home around eight thirty this evening. Well, that was enough time to finish up shopping and to take my time getting dinner ready, maybe even enough time to take a nude dip in our pool while I wait on him.

I got home and unloaded the groceries, it was only six thirty and I still needed to get all of that old creek water off of me. After a very hot shower I didn’t bother to towel off, I just went through the kitchen and out on the deck and jumped into the pool in my birthday suit. The cool water felt really good on my skin, my nipples instantly rock hard as I came up for breath. I floated around for a while enjoying the water, then it was time to start dinner. I went to my room and put on a pair of cut off jean shorts and a tank top, not bothering with my bra and underwear as they would be off soon enough anyway.

It wasn’t long, just as I got everything done and the table set, Dad walked in, I was so happy to see him as he had been gone two weeks. I ran over to him like I was child again enthusiastically greeting him, but unlike when I was a little girl instead of just hugging him tight, I planted a full kiss on his lips. He was a bit startled at first but soon warmed up and reciprocated my kiss, his tongue snaking between my lips and his hands finding my body. God it felt great to have him home again, the last time he was home we had opened a new door in our lives and it felt great. Breaking the kiss I greeted him and hugged him as I always have, he was glad to be home again.

“Oh whats this? Oh sweety it’s so nice to come home to a home cooked dinner, almost as good as coming home to such a beautiful woman and it’s my daughter no less.”

I beamed a big smile at him, I felt the same way.

“Oh Dad you know I’ll take care of things around here, and I’ll take care of more than just dinner too”, I said with a wink and a smile.

I loved this, it was better than the way I used to tease him because now I knew I could back up what I was saying without fear of rejection. He turned a little red in the face at my comment, I guess it was all still pretty new to him and he was still nervous. I felt the slight nervousness in my gut as well, but it was replaced by a sudden wetness in my nethers. We sat down to eat, I had fixed porterhouse steaks medium-rare türbanlı escort with baked potatoes, pasta salad and fresh baked rolls. As we ate we talked about the normal stuff, things that went on around here while he was gone, things that went on for him on the road and eventually onto the topic of my college and plans.

After we had finally finished I got up to grab us a couple of bottles of beer that I had picked up earlier at the store from the fridge. We went and sat in the living room and talked some more while we drank. A bit later Dad decided he needed a shower, I said ok and that I was going to see what was on TV while he was in the shower. He hesitated for a second, I suppose he might have been slightly disappointed that I wasn’t going to hop right in the shower with him. But I had other plans for him, when he was in the shower I stripped off my shorts and tank top and stretched out on the cool leather of the couch and waited. I found a good movie and laid back, and not a moment later I started to run my fingers over my freshly shaved mound.

It felt so damn sexy, it was so smooth and down lower felt really hot. I sighed as I traced my fingers over my labia, I felt my warm dampness between them as I roamed around my slit. It felt so good just my light touches, that I closed my eyes and spaced out on the sensation. A moment later I felt like I was being watched and opened my eyes to find I was right.

Dad was standing there in the doorway of the kitchen and living room with two newly opened beers in his hands. He was smiling like a cheshire cat, looking at me. He was wearing the red and black flannel house coat I had gotten him last Christmas, and his waist area tented out obscenely like some huge circus tent. I found myself in a state of awe and shock at first, being caught playing with myself. I regained my senses and shot a wide eyed smile back at him thinking it was silly to think like I would have before he and I had made love the first time.

However, the sight of that massive tent made me gawk, I knew he was very well endowed but it always struck me anew every time. I was not able to see his erection through the house coat, but it did not hid the fact that underneath was a real mans endowment. It made all of my ex-boyfriends seem like little boys, there was no comparison, not even close.

“Wow Dad, did you have a nice shower?”

“It felt good to get all the road grime off of me, but what was really nice is coming out and watching my baby girl diddling around with that knockout body of hers.”

He handed me a fresh beer, sat down and I laid my legs right across his lap gently grazing that huge bulge in the process. While nursing our bottles we watched the movie I had been watching earlier but I was finding that the movie really no longer held my interest. I caught Dad looking my naked body over. After a minute he looked over at me, his eyes locked with mine, and in them I could see that his nervousness was fading being replaced by need and wanting.

I liked this new look in his eyes, it was a mix of real love, admiration and carnal lust. It felt great to be able to share such things between he and I, between father and daughter. Over my entire life this man has and is still doing so much for me, working his life away and doing his best to bring me up right. After my mother left us for some douche bag when I was 13, dad took care of me and was there when all of my “girl” problems began.

This man taught me the things a mother should have, about my first period and how to use a tampon and pads and all of the female trials and tribulations. From the time I was born he has saved for my college and anything that I might need, from the time my mother left I was the only woman in his life that meant anything to him. Though I was with sitters while he was gone on the road, I came to know his hard work was all for me.

He worked so hard and as a single Dad it was far and above the call of duty, I know most males out there never came close. I loved this man as a father, I had always been a Daddy’s girl. But as I grew older I came to realize I not only loved this man as a father, but I grew to love him as a man among men. And I came to love him and see him in a different light as well, as a handsome and attractive man that I would come to desire.

When I came to be old enough I took on the responsibility of taking care of the house while he was out working 2 weeks at a time. I became the woman of the house and I did not mind that one bit. I wanted to do something for him since he had been doing so much for me all of my life. I did the house ümraniye escort and yard chores as well as the laundry. I paid the bills and when he would come home I would cook and tend to him, I wanted to take care of him when he was home.

I suppose one might say that I was subconsciously taking the place of my mother, but I did not see it that way. Then came the times when I was masturbating in my room, I found that my thoughts would drift to my Dad and I would cum so hard thinking about him. It all started to evolve as time went on, and eventually I found myself in his room on his bed masturbating furiously thinking of him fucking my brains out. Not as just another woman, but as his daughter.

“Like what you see Dad?”

I giggled at him, and he just grinned at me, glanced down at the massive tent in his house coat, and looked me right in the eyes still grinning.

“Honey I don’t think I have to say much, but I will. I don’t think I have ever seen a more beautiful body in my life, your body is so firm, toned and fit. You take such good care of yourself, I think you’re making most women look bad. It makes me proud that you are my daughter, you’ve grown up to be one hell of a woman Fallon. I just can hardly believe that we are able to be this open and close, I guess I have you to thank for that.”

I just smiled and lightly stroked that bulge with my left foot, and he let out a ragged exhalation. I still had a bit of trouble believing it too, that I could just reach out and touch him not just as a daughter but also as a lover.

“Well Dad, I like what we have…and I know that we both have needs. And well…I love you. And I love you with more than just a daughters love, I lust for you too…”

His right hand was creeping up my leg, over my knee and up my thigh and it was slightly rough yet tender as it glided across the soft skin of my inner thigh. We stared into each others eyes, my left foot stroking along his length. It was so hard and seemed to jump and flex every time my foot reached the head through the house coat, he was fully erect and throbbing. His left hand massaged my right foot and calf and as his right made its way to my hairless mound, I automatically parted my legs for his roaming hand and he found my clit.

His fingers moved back the hood and lightly stroked my exposed and engorged clit bringing a sharp sigh from me, my pussy suddenly soaked to his touch. After a few minutes, suddenly, he reached out and picked me up in his huge arms and carried me straight into his bedroom. He laid me down with my legs dangling over the edge of the king size bed and his massive shoulders forced my knees wide apart. I gasped as he ran the widest tongue I had ever felt across my pussy. I swear it went from one side of my leg to the other and covered my whole pussy area.

When he forced his tongue between my lips it felt like a large narrow cock was entering my love hole and he began to fuck me with his tongue. He buried his face between the folds of my vagina and his tongue went in a full three inches. In and out, in and out it went. I felt that marvelous tongue massaging the inside of my pussy and I let loose a massive orgasm. I felt his huge hands begin to massage my breasts.

His hands were rough from working and they felt wonderful. His hands were so big and each one nearly covered a whole breast. He massaged my nipples between his fingers as his tongue fucked me.

My nipples became hard and stood out further than I had ever seen them. I was so hot from his eating my pussy and roughly massaging my tits that I came again. As he scooped up my juices and ran that huge tongue over my clitoris I shoved my ass and pussy into his face and came again.

Then for a moment he came away from me, while I, still reeling form my last orgasm raised my head and looked to see what he was up to. As he was tossing the house coat over onto the floor beside the bed, his cock fell free bobbing in the air stiffly.

My pussy practically gushed at the sight, it looked super hard and darker in color than normal. It was it’s full 9 1/2 inches and very thick, the head was huge and swollen nearly livid purple. Veins stood out all along its length, I swear I could almost see it throbbing as it jutted out from his pelvis, his huge balls were halfway drawn up to his crotch and looked extremely full.

My Dad then slid up my body and I felt his huge cock head nudge at the entrance of my pussy. He bent down and kissed me and I let his tongue enter my mouth, filling it like a cock it was so big. I could taste my own pussy juice as he explored the inside of my mouth and acıbadem escort I could hardly breathe in anticipation of his entering me. I then felt the first assault as he shoved the head of his dick into my sopping wet pussy and I held my breath as he slowly pushed another three inches into me. My pussy was being stretched beyond the size of any of the guys I’ve ever had experienced.

He paused and I let the air rush out of my mouth. I lifted my legs so that he would have an easier entrance, and he shoved another six and a half inches into me, hitting bottom. He was buried to his bloated balls inside me, and it felt so damn good. He held himself as deep as he could and kept it there, there was a little pain from the pressure of his head mashed against the mouth of my cervix but it was nothing as it mixed with the exhilarating pleasure.

He began to move in and out of me very slowly and the feeling of having that long pole of his slide almost all the way out of me and then re-enter me was breathtaking. As he moved in me my pussy became inflamed with sensation and I could feel my orgasm building. He increased his pace and I began to cum. All of a sudden I couldn’t get enough of him and I grabbed his ass and shoved my pussy up as his cock plunged deep within my pussy. I became frantic, my juices were flowing and I came again. He started fucking me more rapidly and I screamed “Oh God Dad!! You feel so good. Ohhhhh yes, fuck me; fuck me faster.”

I cried as I felt another orgasm rack my body. He really started ramming me and I started cumming one orgasm after the other.

I was in a frenzy just like the last time he was home, the first time we’d made love to each other. I couldn’t get enough of his cock and kept trying to drive it deeper into my pussy. Finally I let loose a massive orgasm and collapsed just as he drove his cock deep into my pussy it felt like he had shoved my cervix up into my uterus. His hot cum hit the back of my womb like a hot fire hose and I could feel some of that warm liquid enter my cervix. I rolled over and got on top of Dad hugging and kissing him deeply. We fell asleep like that with his cock still fully inside my pussy. Even when he was soft my pussy was filled with about seven inches of cock.

I woke up about 5:30 in the morning with him still inside me. I started moving my ass up and down letting his cock slide in and out of my still wet pussy. After about five minutes his cock began to swell and filled my pussy to the brim. I continued to ride that pole and it didn’t take long before I came. Dad opened his eyes and smiled at me and began to push his cock deep up my love hole. He rolled me over and pulled my knees up to the side of my head and drove his hard wonderful cock into me and fucked me like that for almost and hour. He grabbed my ass and pulled it up in the air and plunged his rod deep into my pussy.

Burrowing the head of his cock so deep that again I felt him move my cervix back up into my uterus and his hot cum shoot directly into that tiny hole. Had I not been on the pill I would have definitely become pregnant with both his loads shooting directly up my cervix like that. We fell asleep and again that wonderful feeling of having my pussy filled even when Dad had gone soft, was a marvelous feeling.

I woke up about 11:30 and had to pee really badly. I realized I had not gone to the bathroom for more than twelve hours. As I slid off my Dads cock an enormous amount of my cum and his sperm came pouring out of my cunt all over the sheets. The feeling almost made me pee all over the bed and Dad. I ran into the bathroom and the relieving of my bladder was almost orgasmic, I must have peed a full five minutes. I hurried back to my Dads bed and tried to reinsert his cock into my pussy but he woke up and laughed at my efforts. Soon I heard the shower and decided to fix us some breakfast. By the time Dad came in I had made him Sausages, six eggs, toast and coffee.

Later after we ate I was bent over the dishwasher putting the dishes in when he came up behind me. “God last night was so good, I still can’t believe what we’re doing. You are so beautiful Fallon, I can’t help myself around you.”, he said. He breathed in my ear, his hands went to my hips and he slipped his huge dick up my pussy still wet and juicy from his morning fucking. I leaned forward and let that wonderful cock go into my love hole and he fucked me doggy fashion.

“I can’t seem to get enough of you babygirl.”

He plunged that long dick in and out of me and it was no time before I started cumming again.

He became more frantic and started ramming me as hard as he could. I felt him hitting the back of my vagina wall and it hurt, but I was cumming so fast that I ignored it. Finally after about twenty minuets he pulled me tight against him and I felt his hot cum explode inside me and I came again. I turned around and gave him a french kiss and told him what a great lover he was.

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