My Turn

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Lifting up, getting off the bed, I look at you, my eyes and the grin on my face tell you that I want you to be tied. Kissing you gently, I lift your arms and fasten them with my stockings, just as mine had been, but it’s not enough. Walking over to the curtains, I unhook the tieback’s and standing at the foot of the bed twirl them round, winking at you, I wrap one then the other around your ankles then around the legs of the bed.

Your helpless, mmmmmmmm, your mine to do with as I wish. Stepping up onto the bed I straddle you, standing above your hips, looking down at you as I cup my tits and lift them slowly to my lips. Looking deep into your eyes I let my tongue circle each one, so hard against my lips, yearling for the moment when I suck each one and let my teeth gently hold them. Sucking one, teasing the other with my thumb and finger, pulling it, stretching it as I moan. Still sucking, still teasing, still biting, I run my hand down my tummy, watching your eyes widen as my fingers slip over my pussy, my middle finger parting my lips so that you can see the wetness glistening and covering my soft pink lips that surround the entrance to my tight, wet pussy. Moving my other hand down, I part my lips with one hand as you watch two fingers form the other slip into my pussy, deep, right up to my knuckles, and you hear me gasp as I start to slide them in and out.

Moving my hips slowly forward and back you watch me rock my pussy onto my fingers. You watch as my wet fingers leave my tight pussy and rub over my hard clit, you know how that makes me feel, yet you cant do anything about it, you have to lay there, your cock, hard, so ready, willing me to sink to my knees and take you deep into my wet hole. I watch as you squirm and pull on your restraints as I move my fingers over my pussy, sinking them in deep then pulling them out to rub my clit.

I bury my fingers into my pussy then slipping them out I lean forward and press them onto your lips. You moan as your mouth opens and I swirl them gently over your tongue, then slide them in and out of your mouth, I watch as your lips close tight around them letting you taste my thick juice, you bursa escort suck at them hungrily until they are clean. As I pull them from your mouth I grip the top of the bed and slowly move forward and sink down, holding myself just inches from your face, I push those fingers back into my pussy. You can smell my sweet nectar, see it ooze and hear it squelch as I finger myself. I can feel you straining your neck, trying so hard to let even just your tongue touch my pussy, I can hear you beg for just one lick, just one chance to slide your tongue into my pussy, just one chance to suck my hard clit, all so close yet so far from your aching mouth.

Looking down, I grin as I continue, fingers in then out over my clit, panting and moaning as I get close to my orgasm, teasing and pulling my lips, rubbing my clit hard the slow, massaging my pussy inches from your face. Your breathing so hard that I can feel your breath, making my smooth pussy cold as you cool my hot juice that I have rubber over it. Then I stop, I hear you groan as I step over you and turn round, I sink to my knees as I straddle your chest, my hand once more between my legs, my back arched so that my pussy pouts out and my ass checks open. You lift your head and watch as I drive my fingers back into my pussy then rub one, very, very wet finger over my asshole. I giggle as your cock twitches as I lap the tip with my tongue, your belly wet from the precum that I now suck from your cock.

My lips covering just the tip pulling my head back as you try to thrust your hips up and push it into my mouth. Letting it slip from my lips, I hear you plead with me as you watch my finger press into my ass, just enough to wet my opening, just enough. Then I slip just that finger back into my pussy and when it is dripping with my juice I slide it hard and deep into my asshole. I circle my hips as I fuck my ass, relaxing, taking it as deep as it will go, rubbing my clit with my thumb as I moan, getting close once more. Then another, I slide another finger into my ass, my cheeks shuddering with pure pleasure as I gently sink them in.

All you can do is watch helplessly as my body begins bursa escort bayan to tense and my cum starts to flow. My fingers a blur as I fuck, fuck, fuck myself in the ass and rub my clit until I scream out, lifting up and letting my body pulse on my own fingers, my pussy throbbing as my cum, so much cum, oozes out and drips onto my hand and your chest. Panting, moaning, I kneel above you and let my body relax, groaning as I slip my cum soaked hand from between my legs.

You start to thrash and tell me to untie you, begging then demanding that I let you go, but I haven’t finished yet and ignoring you I wipe my cum soaked fingers all over your cock. Lifting up, I move down your body, slowly inching down, my hands pressing on your legs as my pussy brushes your cock. Sitting up, my back now straight as I move my hips making your cock slip through my wet lips, then with one hand I hold your cock, rubbing it so hard against my clit, twisting back I look at you, then move gently forward until the head of your cock rests against my ass.

Still with my head turned back to you, I reach and pull my cheeks open and then sink so slowly down, the look on your face one of pure lust as I bit my bottom lip feeling the head of your cock pushing into my tight ass. Gasping, I feel your cock slipping slowly in, a wave of pain flooding through me quickly followed by one of pleasure as my ass grips your cock. Our groans matching, feeling your cock filling me, slowly filling me, inch by inch as I sink down until my ass is full of your cock.

Holding it there, letting my body relax, squeezing my muscles around your cock, my face flushed red as you tell me how good it feels, how hot and tight it is. Leaning right back, my back on your chest, my legs so wide open, your cock so deep, taking all the feelings in, moaning softly as I stretch my arms back along yours and undo the ties you. This was going to be my turn to tease you but I need to feel you fuck me, need to feel you thrust your cock into my tight ass.

Pulling at the ties you free your hands, feeling them grabbing my hips as you thrust up. Your thrust, taking my breath away, gasping as escort bursa you pull me down onto you then moaning as you push me up. The feeling of the head of your cock as it pushes into me blowing my mind, your thrusts feeling deeper, harder, taking me closer and closer to the edge. Pushing me roughly forward, your hand pressed hard into the small of my back you demand that I untie your feet, and I do, totally yours now, not wanting to be in control, leaning forward, feeling your cock pulling at my ass as I slide my hands down your legs and set you free.

Slamming your legs together you thrust up, pulling me down almost too hard, making me scream, feeling your balls slapping up. Pulling yourself up, resting on your elbows, you almost bounce me up and down on your cock, telling me over and over again that my ass is now yours, grunting ‘mine’ ‘mine’ with each thrust, then moaning as you push me up so that I can feel the head of your cock about to slip from me. Time and time again you do that, making me gasp in a lung full of air, then pushing the air from my body as I feel the head of your cock opening my ass as you sink into me.

Steadying myself with one hand pressed into your leg, I slide the other up to my pussy, my legs still open and my pussy so wanton. Brushing my clit with the tip of my nail then sliding one finger deep into my pussy. The moan you let out as you feel my finger sliding over your cock, through that thin wall of flesh sending me over the edge. I can feel the head of your cock, the rim, it throbbing as I feel my orgasm explode. Screaming, moaning, panting, my head going muzzy as I cum and feel you thrust that last deep thrust pumping your cum deep in my ass.

The room freezing, just that moment pulsing every nerve, the thumping of my heart deafening me, falling forward, my whole body going limp, your cock still inside me as I gasp for breath, my nails digging into your thighs. Slowly, what feels like forever I start to come round, I feel you fall back onto the bed, your hands slipping off my hips and covering your face, looking back over my shoulder at you, seeing the smile on your face, I tell you I want more, squeezing your softening cock still buried in my ass. You slip your hands back over my hips then looking me right in the eyes you say to me ‘your ass is mine and it will be until I can cum no more’ then moving one hand you slap my cheek and wink.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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