My Wife’s Best Friend Ch. 07-08

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Some time later, Donna emerged from the bathroom, smelling lovely, and gave me a hug. ‘I feel ready… you make me feel really sexy, like a real woman. I feel like trying new things and exploring.’

I smiled, then leaned forward and gently nibbled her neck, just above the collar bone. I could feel the shivers run through her. She sighed, ‘Let’s go upstairs.’

We both lay naked on the bed, stroking and caressing each other’s body. ‘I’ve given her a freshen up,’ she said, stroking her mound.

Sure enough, she had obviously used a razor in the bath to remove the five o’clock shadow and get her pussy completely smooth again.

‘I do like it like that… it feels so much more intimate.’

I couldn’t resist the temptation to taste her gorgeous pussy again. I was getting addicted to her juices! I shuffled down the bed and laid my head on her thighs, my tongue drifting over her slit, sliding in between her lips to open her up. She parted her thighs a little, allowing me better access. My saliva and her juices mixed, and she opened up to my probing tongue. Moving position, I worked two fingers into her pussy hole.

‘Mmm, that’s nice. But hang on a minute, we’re going to need some proper lube for this.’ She hopped off the bed and rummaged around in her bag, then produced the small pump bottle, still half full of white liquid.

‘Put plenty on your fingers – and on me’, she instructed. I took the bottle and squirted out a generous amount. Smearing it over my fingers, I was amazed at how sensual and slippery it was. I put my hand between her legs and applied a good amount to her pussy, rubbing it all over her lips and took it inside on my fingers. She laid back and parted her legs wide, which I took as an invitation to go further.

‘Go on… see how many fingers you can get inside me!’ she urged.

I bunched three fingers together and, helped by the slippery lube, they easily disappeared right inside her. I worked them in and out and started to spread my fingers apart, to help open her up.

‘Go on, you can put more in,’ she said, clearly enjoying this. I tucked my little finger beside the others and pushed them inside. In they went, right to the knuckles, where my hand widened.

It seemed as though I had reached the limit of her pussy’s ability to open up, but I continued twisting and pushing. I turned my hand palm up and concentrated on massaging her G-spot with every thrust, but her vagina was unrelenting, not allowing my knuckles to pass the sinewy circle of her opening. I withdrew my fingers and tried a different approach. I put the middle and index fingers of each hand into her hole, then started to pull them apart, stretching her out sideways, then downwards, stretching her pussy toward her anus.

‘Unngghhh’, was the unintelligible response. Then I slid in three fingers from each hand – six fingers in all – and continued the pulling and stretching. I could feel her pussy relaxing and giving way and pushed all the fingers in to the knuckle.

After one last stretch, I removed my fingers, then slathered a fresh quantity trabzon escort of lube all over my hand. With the four fingers forming an arrow shape and my thumb tucked underneath, I pushed them in, right up to the knuckles, but there was still resistance at her opening.

‘Go for it, you won’t hurt me!’ she panted, and shifted her hips slightly, to open her pelvis even more.

I pushed harder… suddenly, my hand surged forward, the knuckles went through and – my entire hand was buried in her pussy! I felt her ring of muscles clamp around my wrist and for a moment, panicked that I might not be able to get my hand back out again! Donna put her hand on my wrist, indicating to me to stop for a second, to allow her over-stretched pussy to accustom to the massive intruder. I was in wonder… I could move my fingers around inside her pussy, feeling the texture of her vaginal walls.

Rotating my hand and easing it back and forth with a slow pumping movement, caused her to gasp.

‘Ohhhhh’, she sighed, clearly enjoying this. I was delighting in exploring her insides and was able to locate the opening of her cervix with my middle finger, which I rubbed around the entrance to her innermost sanctum. I fleetingly wondered if it would be possible to get a finger right in there…

I started a more adventurous pumping action, withdrawing my hand to where the knuckles hit the tightness of her opening, then back into the depths again. I used my other hand to squirt more lube onto her pussy and my wrist and after a while, I was able to repeatedly pull my hand right out and push it back in again. I was moving my hand in and out like a piston, causing Donna to thrash about in ecstasy.

Then with my hand fully embedded inside her and her pussy clamped around my wrist, I very gently bent my fingers, feeling them push against her ribbed vaginal walls. They suddenly slipped past and my hand formed into a fist. I couldn’t believe it… my fist must be at least four inches across and nearly the same depth! Yet she was taking it – and clearly loving it!

I started a pumping action, pulling out as far as I could, then pushing forward, so my fist was gently punching her cervix. Donna was past making words. The noises which came from her mouth were strange and animal-like, from deep within her. I pumped faster and harder, her greedy cunt dominated by my arm, buried so deep inside her.

Suddenly, she went rigid and arched her back, lifting her hips clean off the bed. She stayed like that for some moments as her body spasmed and convulsed. I felt her muscles constrict round my wrist and honestly thought it was going to break. She slowly lowered herself back down and started to drift back to consciousness. I carefully straightened my fingers and then started to pull back, applying a reverse pressure on her entrance. Her muscles relaxed for a moment and my hand slid out.

I was amazed to see my fingers covered in a thick, white sticky cream. When I opened my fingers, it created webs between my digits. Never having seen anything like it before, trabzon escort bayan I showed her, playing with it between my fingers.

‘That’s not just pussy juice’, I said, lifting fingers to my nose, taking in the erotic scent. Licking my fingers, I tasted her cum, pulled out from her very depths.

‘I’ve never, ever had an orgasm like that before,’ she said, when she was finally able to speak again. ‘We’ve done more in the last few days than I have in years!’ she said, contentedly.

‘That goes for me too’, I added. ‘It’s been absolutely amazing.’

I was still feeling incredibly turned on by the experience of fisting Donna but had achieved no release myself. I really wanted to round things off, so slid over on top of her and eased my hard cock into her delicious pussy. I was fully expecting it to feel distended and over-stretched but was amazed at the way she gripped my cock. It had quickly recovered its normal shape and size and I was loving the sensations of my cock being embraced by her warm channel.

We didn’t just have sex – we made love, in the missionary position. And when I came inside her, it just felt wonderful as I held her face in my hands, us both looking deep into each other’s eyes.

In spite of the agreement with Laura about ‘telling her everything’, Donna and I both agreed that we really couldn’t. Somehow, we had crossed a line and had ventured into territory that Laura just wouldn’t comprehend. So we agreed that we would just tell her that we had a nice fuck, and leave it at that.

‘What the eye doesn’t see, the heart doesn’t grieve over’, as the saying goes.

Chapter 08

All too soon, it was time for Donna to go home — and for things to return to some kind of normality. Personally, I would have been quite happy for Donna to stay and for me to fuck her every which way, every day. But everyday life gets in the way of the most exciting fantasies, and she had to go home.

She was packing her case when she said, quite solemnly, ‘I’m going to tell Pete I want a divorce.’ I was a bit taken aback.

‘Why, because you’ve been unfaithful with us?’ I was starting to feel a bit bad and more than a bit guilty.

‘No, because I’ve realised that I don’t just want to be loved. I want to be loved physically too. Fucked hard on a regular basis, with some real passion. This week’s been a real turning point, an eye-opener. It’s made me realise how much more there is to life.’

‘I know what you mean,’ I replied. ‘I know Laura has kind of enjoyed all of this, but it’s way outside her comfort zone… I don’t think she’s just going to accept it and move on. Before long, it’s really going to hit her, and all the questions and recriminations will start. I have a feeling, this could well be the beginning of the end for us, too. When it’s all said and done, we’re badly matched in the bedroom department.’

The good-byes between Laura and Donna were a bit awkward, as I packed her things into my car. Donna settled the little lad into his car seat, and we set off on the drive back to London. I think escort trabzon we all realised that our lives were never going to be quite the same again.

There wasn’t a great deal of talk on the way back to Donna’s house, but whilst on the motorway, I allowed my hand to stray between her legs and stroke her pussy over the armour plating of her jeans.

‘It was very, very good though, wasn’t it?’ I asked,

‘You’re not kidding,’ she replied. Looking dreamily out of the window, she added ‘I really could do with that one last time.’

As it turned out, the house was deserted when we got back there. Pete must have been out at work, or just out. In any event, he wasn’t there. Did I feel guilty about fucking his wife, over and over, in her pussy, mouth and up her arse? Frankly — no. If he’d been more of a man, he’d have been keeping her satisfied himself, instead of leaving someone else to take care of her.

Donna settled the little lad into his playpen, then asked me to take her cases upstairs. She followed me up and I put the things down in the bedroom. Turning to me, she unbuttoned her jeans and slid the zip down. Taking my hand, she pushed it down, inside her panties, to the soft, wet warmth inside and looked up at me with those big brown eyes.

‘Fuck me,’ she said, simply.

We hesitated for a fraction of a moment, then were kissing frantically, driving our tongues down each other’s throats and ripping clothes off. Within seconds, we were both naked and fell onto the bed, passionately licking, kissing, biting. We fell into a 69 position, her sucking me, me licking her. Highly aroused, I rolled onto my back and she climbed on top of me in the classic cowgirl position, driving me deep inside her, her tits swaying pendulously and riding me like a bronco.

She was facing away from the door, which meant I alone was able to see Pete standing there, looking stunned. He turned and walked away without a word. So I carried on fucking his wife and she, oblivious to his presence, carried on fucking me.


After those glorious, hedonistic couple of weeks, life returned to its normal work, eat, sleep routine. I’d like to say that the experience was life-changing for Laura, but she quickly dropped back into her old, unfulfilling ways and we barely discussed what happened with Donna. She was a good mother and good nurse, but not much of a wife, if I’m honest. She was certainly not going to turn into ‘another Donna’ and was never going to regularly give me the mind-blowing sex I’d enjoyed with her during that brief time.

Pete and Donna did get divorced and went their separate ways. They really were like chalk and cheese, so it was never going to work out for them long term.

I did sometimes wonder if maybe Donna and I should have tried to make a go of it as a couple, but I think we both knew it was just an experience which fulfilled mutual lust, without any real basis for a solid relationship.

But I learned something. Those kinds of brief relationships can be the absolute best. Two people getting together on a single plane of mutual attraction, at just the right moment in time, without all the boring stuff, like washing socks and paying the gas bill.

Which is why, a number of years later, I thought it would be fun to see if I could track Donna down and get in touch.


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