My Wonderful Grandson Ch. 04

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The following Friday night, after Sid and James ravaged my cock craving body, I was prepared for the all weekend party, or orgy, or whatever it may turn into. I had food to keep the guys energy up, and beer to keep them feeling good. The soreness in my jaws and ass was gone, of course Sid helped me get rid of that by fucking me, and feeding me cock just about every day since him and James had satisfied my craving for cock so well! I’ll have to say I was one satisfied cock lover and that’s for sure, and I was about to service several hard cocks over the next two days! I was beyond excited about the weekend! I was really looking forward to enjoying all those sexy young guys!

By Friday evening at 4:00 PM, nineteen of Sid’s friends had told him they would be at the party, or the cock-a-thon as I was calling it! Sid kept asking me if I was sure I could handle all the hard cock that was coming? I assured him that I may be tired, sore, and exhausted by Sunday evening, but I would be able to satisfy every one of his big cock friends! He finally said:

Ok Pops, but you know we’re going to treat you like a hot, horny slut and fuck the hell out of you, and feed you cock all weekend long don’t you?

I smiled at my wonderful sexy grandson and said:

I know that Sid, and it’s going to be the best weekend of my life! I’m going to suck you and your friends cocks like you’ve never been sucked before, I’m going to ride you guys cocks like a hot, horny cock hungry slut! Everyone of you will be well satisfied when you leave here Sunday evening I promise!

He squeezed my ass cheeks and said:

I believe we will Pops, because I have never saw anyone as cock hungry as you! You really do love cocks, and servicing hot guys. You’re the best cock sucker I have ever met, and James said the same thing. I know my friends will be really satisfied, and happy after spending the weekend here. I wont be able to keep them away from you after this weekend, but that will be ok, as long as you are ready to service my cock whenever I need to get off.

I started rubbing his half hard cock through his shorts and said:

Sid you know I’ll service your big sweet cock anytime, anywhere, and anyhow you want me to, all you have to do is tell me what you want and I’ll do it right then and there! I can’t get enough of you Sid, I love servicing you, and your friends, well friend so far, but in a little while it will be friends. I’m really going to enjoy this weekend, and I want to say, thanks Sid, your the best grandson any grandfather could have!

He stood there enjoying me rubbing his cock which was completely hard now. I unzipped his shorts and unbuttoned them. Then I slid his big nine inch cock out and wrapped both my hands around it. I slowly worked my hands back and forth as he watched me. He put his hands on my shoulders and started pushing down. I didn’t resist as he pushed me to my knees in front of him, I looked up into his eyes as I opened fatih escort my mouth and let his big cock slide between my lips. I licked, and sucked the head of his wonderful cock while we looked into each others eyes.

I sucked him for several minutes before he said:

I hate to stop because that feels great, but the guys will be showing up soon. We need to make sure everything is ready.

I allowed him to slide his cock from my mouth, I kissed the head of it as it slid out. I put it back in his shorts for him and zipped them back up. I kissed his huge bulge again before getting to my feet. We started getting the food ready because we knew they would be hungry when they got there. We had cold cuts for sandwiches, a vegetable tray, chips of all kinds, several kinds of beer, and some soda just in case anyone wanted one.

At 4:30 James came through the door with 3 of his and Sid’s friends. I knew most of Sid’s friends anyway, but not as well as I was going to before the weekend was over. James had brought Darrell, Ken, and Roger with him. I knew all three of them. So there was five guys beside me here already. We had done decided to wait until everyone was here before the fun got started, so we handed them a beer and told them to find something to eat on the counter where we had laid out the food. They helped themselves to some food and went on into the living room. It wasn’t long before someone else was knocking at the door. I opened it and Ralph, Rick, Mark, and Bobby were standing there. I told them to come on in and get a beer and some food in the kitchen and go into the living room where everyone else was. As Rick walked by me he ran his hand across my ass and squeezed it, then winked at me. I smiled at him and licked my lips. My excitement was mounting! There was

nine hot young guys here now, it was going to be a great weekend!

The guys kept coming, within an hour there were 18 of them there! My mind was spinning with anticipation of what was to come! I knew I had the greatest grandson in the world, but him doing this for me was awesome!

By 8:00 PM everyone had drank a couple beers and had plenty to eat. We had moved everything out of the living room but the sofa, and chairs, and we had brought a few more chairs in so everyone would have a place to sit. Everyone was talking, telling jokes, and laughing, they were really having a good time. The music was playing, and my living room was full of hot young guys! It was great!

I’ve got to tell you who all the guys were, and a little about what they look like. I’ll describe them even better later after the real party gets going!

You know Sid, and James. Darrell is 20 years old, I’ve known Darrell about 4 years, he’s 5’9″, 125 pounds, blonde hair just below his ears, blue eyes, a very good looking guy! Ken is 18 years old, I’ve known Ken for over 6 years, he’s 5’4″, 150 pounds, brown hair neatly trimmed, hazel eyes, and fındıkzade escort he is a sexy guy to have a few extra pounds! Roger is 21 years old, I’ve known Roger for almost 2 years, he’s 5’9″, 125 pounds, dark blonde hair down to his shoulders, green eyes, and sexy as hell! Ralph is 18 years old, I’ve know Ralph for almost 5 years, he’s 5’7″, 130 pounds, black hair, brown eyes, a smile that could get him anything, and a cute ass that drives me wild! Rick is one of Sid’s friends that I’ve known a long time, since he was a kid. He has caught me checking out his package before and just smiled at me, So I’m sure he wasn’t surprised when Sid told him what was happening this weekend and invited him over! So anyway, Rick is 19 years old, 5’9″, 130 pounds, long brown hair he wears in a ponytail, brown eyes, and he’s cute as hell. He wears tight clothes that show off his bulge and his sexy ass! Mark I’ve known for about 6 months, he’s 18 years old, 5’8″, 115 pounds, long light brown hair, hazel eyes, a slim but very sexy guy. Bobby I’ve known for about 5 years, he’s 19 years old, 5’6″, 120 pounds, black hair just over his ears, dark brown eyes, he’s Vietnamese and I have day dreamed about going done on him a lot! He is really sexy!

The other guys that showed up are: Don, Ling, another guy named Sid, Matt, Howie, Benny, Wayne, Doug, and Leo,

Don is 21 years old, I’ve know him about 3 years, he’s 5’7″, 130 pounds, brown hair just below his ears, brown eyes, he’s a good looking guy. Ling, I’ve known for just over a year, he’s 18 years old, 5’4″, 120 pounds, black hair just below his ears, brown eyes, he’s Chinese, and really hot! Sid, the other Sid, I’ve know for about 2 years, he’s 19 years old, 5’6″, 120 pounds, blonde hair down to his shoulders, green eyes the color of jade, a dark tan, he is sexy! Matt I’ve known for about 3 years, he’s 19 years old, 5’6″, 115 pounds, light brown hair down to his shoulders, brown eyes, he wears tight clothes too so you can see his bulge and his sexy ass! Howie I’ve know for 3 years, he’s 20 years old, 5’9″, 120 pounds, black hair halfway down his back, dark brown eyes, he makes my mouth water! Benny I’ve known for just about a year, he’s 18 years old, 5’2″, 100 pounds, dark brown hair just below his ears, brown eyes, and a smile to kill for! He’s short and slim, but he’s sexy! Wayne I’ve known for about 4 months, he’s 18 years old, 5’8″ 130 pounds, long blonde hair below his shoulders, blue eyes, a really good looking guy! Doug, I just met when he showed up at the party, or orgy, or cock a thon!! Anyway, Doug is 19 years old, 5’6″, 130 pounds, black hair just below his ears, brown eyes, and really sexy! Leo I’ve know for about a year, he’s 19 years old, 5’10”, 130 pounds, shaved head, brown eyes, chocolate colored skin, he’s another big black stud for me!

So there were eighteen hot, sexy, horny young guys in my living room having a party. And, they all knew why they halkalı escort were there!!! It was going to be a long, tiring, but wonderful weekend for me!!

So anyway, Sid stood up and got everyone’s attention. After they became silent, he looked at me and said:

All of you know why your here this weekend, Pops knows why your here, and he says he’s going to send everyone of you home on Sunday evening well satisfied! He says you wont regret Cumming in him, I mean coming over here this weekend.

This got a laugh from everyone, including me, and Ralph said:

Well hell, I’m not going to regret coming over here, or Cumming in your Pops there Sid!

This got everyone going, and I think they all had a comment about Cumming in me, or on me! After they had all had their say I just smiled and said:

Cum on guys!!!!!

That’s all the invitation they needed, within 2 minutes they had me naked and were flipping coins to see who fucked me first, and who I would suck off first! I felt like a real slut, and it felt good!! So anyway, Rick won the fuck flip coin, and Ling won the flip to get sucked off first! The guys started stripping, and I was looking at a sea of big hard cocks! Damn it looked so good! eighteen big hard cocks from pale white to dark black all wanting to use me, all wanting to be in me over and over! Fuck it was going to be a fantastic weekend!

They had threw a king size mattress on the floor in the middle of the living room. I got down on my hands and knees as they all gathered around me, and I said:

Feed me, fuck me, use me like a hot, horny slut guys, I’m your’s this weekend, I’ll take it anywhere you want to put it, I’ll deep throat it, I’ll ride it like a horny girl, I’ll swallow every hot drop of cum you guys want to feed me, whatever you want I will do! You will be satisfied when you leave here Sunday evening! I’m a cock loving whore and I want your cocks in me, over and over all weekend!

Sid pitched Rick the lube and said: Fuck his hot ass Rick!

I felt lube being squirted onto my ass just as Ling lay down in front of me with his 7 inch cock sticking straight up! His cock was really dark brown except for the head, the head was dark pink, and his cock was thick, a nice thick 7 inch cock, I liked it! He was shaved smooth, his balls were as dark as his cock, and they were big and firm! I wrapped my hand around his thick cock and bent down and started licking, and sucking his big firm balls! Just as I took his right ball into my hot mouth I felt a big cock head spreading my hot ass! Rick was sliding it in me! He was big I could tell by the way he was stretching me as he slid it in me. I didn’t complain, it felt too damn good to complain! It wasn’t long before Rick was pounding my hot man pussy really good, and Ling was holding my head and shoving his 7 inch, thick cock all the way down my throat! Rick and Ling were moaning as they slammed their big cocks into me! I moaned with pleasure every time they shoved them deep into me. The other 16 guys were standing around watching, some of them were slowly stroking their big cocks, some were cheering me, Rick, and Ling on, it was really good! This was indeed going to be a fantastic weekend!

To Be Continued


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