Naked Mother Ch. 02

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Double Penetration

I put his diary back where he had kept it 4 years back. I didn’t want him to find out that I ‘d been reading his hot secrets. And I even hoped he’d continue to write from where he had left it.

My son finally returned after 4 years. He is 22 now and looks such a handsome young man…not a cute teenager anymore…OK he’s still cute…but he’s handsome like a man…though he still looks like a boy when he smiles. Oh my…he really looks fabulous when he smiles…his smile can melt anyone.

After he had rested for a couple of days, I decided to take him out shopping.

“Darling, I want you to pick out what I’m going to wear this evening. I want to be dressed exactly as you want me to be.” And I showed him my wardrobe. That was exactly like what a woman had done in an erotic story I had read on the web.

He had a good look at the whole lot and then selected a black bra and showed it to me. This one mom, he said.

“Oh, Andy, this is such an old fashioned bra, the cups are so full, it hardly shows any cleavage. I really want to look beautiful and sexy.”

I was so disappointed at his choice. I was hoping that a guy with such hot erotic fantasies would pick some thing hot.

I picked up a blue-colored bra with much smaller cups,this one showed lots and lots of cleavage.

“Oh mom, this black bra really highlights your curves so beautifully. It makes you look so full and curvy, although the blue bra that you have picked out is just as sexy. I don’t mind you wearing the blue bra. I’m pretty OK with both the bras. In any case, I leave the choice of bra to you if you decide not to wear anything over and above the bra.”

Now this one had me taken completely by surprise. I thought about it and was feeling excited.

“What about the skirt dear? I pointed at a knee length skirt. I think this one is fine. I was hoping that he’d ask for a shorter skirt.”

“Oh mom, you can decide the length of your skirt as long as your panties don’t show.”

I left for the bathroom. When I came out I was wearing the cleavage showing blue bra without anything over it, just as Andy had suggested.

And below I was wearing my shortest skirt without any panties. There was no question of showing off my panties….I wasn’t wearing any.

“Andy….do my panties show?”


I didn’t tell Andy that I wasn’t wearing any panties. That was for him to find out later.

Throughout the evening I saw heads turn looking at me and my skirt. “Mom, people are looking at you….your skirt is simply too short” said Andy.

“Were you not looking at momma’s legs up the elevator, and this skirt isn’t all that short. Tell me darling, did my panties show…surely you must know, you were looking up istanbul rus escort in my skirt you naughty boy” I said with a smile.

I had already noticed a bulge in his jeans.

“Mom I know your panties didn’t show….and I also know how you did that.”

This was the first time, I had tried something as bold as a mini skirt without panties. I don’t think anybody got to see my pussy but a lot of guys must have got to see a lot of my thighs and buttocks. I had really enjoyed it. I had never known exhibitionism could be so much fun.

I wanted to enjoy more of my new-found exhibitionism.

Back home, I put on a bikini and went swimming with Andy. He just couldn’t take his eyes off me.

The next day I slipped into Andy’s room to check out his diary. I found some new jottings. He had continued from where he had left.


June 19


Four years down the line, mom looks as sexy as she was before. In fact, she is looking hotter. She seemed to be a great mood. She asked me what she should wear for the evening. If only I could suggest the birthday suit to her. I had a great view of mom’s legs and buttocks up the stairway. I soon found mom wasn’t wearing any panties. The only thing her mini skirt was hiding was her pussy.

Will I ever get to see momma’s pussy? Later at the pool, she looked gorgeous in her bikini. I masturbated to mom in the shower but that did not calm me down. I masturbated again before I slept. Mummy…you are sexy.


I was now looking for new ways to expose myself to my son. The next day, I changed into my sexiest lingerie and as I stood before the mirror admiring myself, I had an idea. I undid my bra and went into my bathroom and hung it up where my other bras were left hanging.

Then I wrapped myself up in a sheet on the bed and called up my son Andy on his cell phone.

As he entered my room, he saw me with one leg out of the sheet exposing my thighs and panties.

“Oh darling, can you make a cup of coffee for momma.”

“Of course.”

And he left the room.

Minutes later he arrived with a cup of coffee and placed it on the table next to my bed.

“Thanks honey…now just go in to my bathroom and fetch momma a bra.”

He went in to my bathroom.

“Oh mom…which one…there are so many here.”

“The one to match my panties…honey.”

“Oh mom…I’m really confused….there are so many nice bras here.”

Looking at my lingerie collection must have been a hugely exciting thing for him.

‘Oh darling…didn’t you notice the color of momma’s panties.”

“It was black I guess.”

“That’s right honey.”

“Now get me a black bra kadıköy escort please.”

He was in front of me a minute later holding a black bra.

He handed it to me. I took it from him.

And then I allowed the sheet to fall off my boobs exposing them to my son. As he stood amazed, I put on the bra taking all the time in the world letting him watch my breasts.

I threw away the sheet and kissed him on his cheeks.

“Thanks honey for the coffee.”

A couple of days passed. Late in the evening, I opened the door of my bedroom and my bathroom. I switched the music on loud.

Then, I placed a little mirror in front of me. Then `I started to undress as I enjoyed the music. I was soon down to my birthday suit. I was showering all naked with my back to the doors of the bathroom.

Minutes later, I heard the sound of my son coming to my room. He reduced the volume of the music. Then, he stood in my bedroom outside the bathroom, absolutely stunned by what he had seen. I knew I was completely naked. I was enjoying my exhibitionism. I could look at him in my little mirror. Andy could see only my back and buttocks. I pretended that I had not noticed him.

A couple of minutes later, Andy left the room.

The next day, I opened his diary. This is what I found.


June 21


Accidentally, I saw mom in her bathroom. She was…..naked. I could only see her back and lovely round ass. She was simply stunning. If only such beautiful accidents could happen more often.


I had tasted more of exhibitionism. Now, I longed for the moment when I could display some frontal nudity to my son. But How? Then, the next day, an idea struck my mind.

I decided to go for a bath. I left the bedroom and the bathroom doors open. Then I switched on some music. It was the same music that I had played when I had shown him my back and butts. I stripped down to my bra and panties. Then I walked into the bathroom and opened the shower.

I danced gently to the tune of the music. I unhooked my bra and let it fall down. I felt my nipples harden with excitement.

I slid my panties down an inch; then another and then another…till they had reached my thighs. The feeling was electrifying. I knew my son could walk in any time. I pulled my panties down to my feet and stepped out of them. Ahhh…I was completely naked. I stood with my back to the door. I was too nervous to face it. I now looked in the little mirror in the side.

I heard the sound of footsteps getting louder and louder. Is it Andy…my son….I wondered. My heart skipped a beat.

Then I looked again into the mirror. It was Andy!!!!!

Once again, he was looking kartal escort at my bare back and butts.

I ignored him and continued with my shower. Then I took a right turn. I was still not facing him. I was shivering with excitement.

My juices were flowing overtime now. I took another right turn. I was now standing naked in front of my son. He could look at my tits and pussy….all wet and naked……there was nothing to be hidden.

I had done it intentionally but I wanted to make it look accidental.

I let out a scream…aaaaaaaaaaa.

Then I rushed to grab my towel and wrap it up. In my pretended confusion, I left one breast uncovered.

“Oh mom, it’s coming out,” said Andy.

I was delighted that Andy had reacted. That meant he had seen and noticed everything.

“What’s it?” I asked him.

He pointed at my tits.

“Oh God I never knew you were home.” It was a lie. But I enjoyed it.

Then I decided to fix my towel. I unwrapped my towel and then tried to wrap it up again. My fingers trembled again and I dropped my towel to my feet.

Once again my hairy cunt and tits were on view for him. I bent down to pick up the towel. I picked it up and this time I put it on right. Then I walked back and closed the bathroom door.

It was all over. It was the first time that I had let my son see my naked. It all lasted just a minute. But it was fun.

I jumped into my tub. I bathed myself and masturbated.

I just couldn’t wait to go and read his diary the next day.


June 22


I finally got to see what I had wanted to see for years…my mom naked. Oh God….she looks absolutely gorgeous. I still can’t believe I’ve seen her titties and pussy. Oh God, it was only for a few seconds…but it was so wonderful.

Masturbating is so much fun tonight. I just can’t bring myself to think of anything other than my mom’s beautiful naked body. If only there was no towel in momma’s bathroom.


The next day, Andy went out with his friends. I was alone at home. I got an SMS from him in the evening–Home soon Mom.

I was excited. I peeled down to my undergarments. Then I stood before the mirror and dropped my bra and panties.

I marched out absolutely naked and into the swimming pool.

I was loving every moment of it. I could feel the air caress my body. I jumped into the water.

I had never gone swimming naked earlier. It was fantastic. Andy, my son could have walked in any moment and caught me swimming naked.

Moments later, I heard his footsteps.

He was there by the side of the pool. I was neck deep in the pool. So he could see only my face.

Oh mom, “You are here…you got my SMS?”

“SMS, no dear…couldn’t check my mobile…I was out here swimming.”

I lied to him.

“OH Andy…can you help momma?”

“Off course mom.”

“Then get me my towel quick.”

“Oh mom…please get it yourself…I came back just to watch some baseball on TV.”

To be continued…

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