Natural Neighbors 02: Drew, Yazi , Mo

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[This story is a prequel to NATURAL NEIGHBORS but should be read second. It is about a family’s first incestuous experiences and contains oral, incest, anal, bi-sex and group sex. Don’t read it if any of those are offensive to you.]


At first, I was annoyed that mom had invited strangers for a ‘new neighbor brunch’. Now, seated against their beautiful, fiery redheaded daughter Rayna, I couldn’t remember why. Her blonde mom, Maria, was nearly as hot and my twin sister couldn’t keep her eyes off the dad, Roy – especially the most private parts of his anatomy. Mom was uncharacteristically giddy as she leaned against Roy.

Our homes were side by side, but they keep referring to the neighbors across the yard. Sue and Al had a decent pool and they were often in it or sunbathing by it – Sue was often topless! From our distant view, all we could tell was that she had tiny tits and often wore only a tiny bikini bottom. That discussion ended when Maria put on some slow dance music.

Roy was the first to convince mom to dance with him and brought her close against him – tits crushingly close. We all saw his hand slip casually onto her shapely ass and her surprised response was grabbing both his gluts and pulling him harder against her. She had to be aware of his stiffness crushed between them.

Rayna piped up, “That looks like fun. Let’s join them, Drew.” Assuming my agreement, she pulled me off the sofa and onto the dance area. When she pulled my ass hard against her, I lost all objections. I crushed her firm and supple D-cups against my chest, sighed and ignored everyone else. Almost immediately, my dick stiffened and crept its way up her belly. I made sure she felt it. Her little dip added to her sway told me she did.

That’s why I didn’t see if my twin, Yazi, pulled Maria up or vice versa. Seeing them dance tit to tit was enticing. Roy broke his grip on mom and tapped his wife’s shoulder to cut in with Yazi. His stiffness was blatant! Now it was Yazi’s D-cups crushed against him as they swayed and they held each other’s asses. This was unlike any brunch I ever heard of, but if this is typical, sign me up for all of them! Maria tapped out Rayna to dance with me and we assumed the same enticing stance as the others. My dick was obviously swollen and pointing, but Maria pretended to ignore it. Her beautiful C-cups felt warm and firm as she shifted them with each breath. We continued dancing silently.

After the third long, slow dance, we all sat and chatted again. That’s when Rayna asked “When did all this start?” I hesitated just a second before I realized that, given the current situation, there was no reason not to share my story with our new friends and NATURAL NEIGHBORS twenty year old Rayna and her parents, Maria and Roy. They gathered around, potent drinks in hand, with my mom and sister who nodded consent with broad smiles. So I began our story and took advantage of the randy mood our intimate dancing created.

It was right after you guys moved in. When I woke that day, I was confused about where I was. Though I thought we were visiting my aunt’s home, I was still in my room and just enjoying a sex dream. Since it was early, I closed my eyes again, cupped both hands behind my head and smiled at the cooling, satisfying feeling of my dick expanding and rubbing against the single linen sheet covering it. Resisting the urge to rub it and speed its expansion brought on the delicious conflict between my wish for a warm hand comforting it and the desire to let it stretch and satisfy its own delightful itch. Leaving me uncovered from my hips to my head felt oddly daring.

An abrupt but gentle breeze caused me to sigh and open my eyes. “Mom! What are you doing in here without knocking?” I screamed without screaming as I tried to hide the hugely tented part of my sheet with my hands. Of course, that only drew her eyes directly there in case she wasn’t already looking at her son’s pole.

She smiled as she stared at my hands and the poorly hidden prize. “Oh relax dear. Your dad’s woody was about the same size as yours. It’s not like I haven’t seen it before – even stiff.” It pulsed! That didn’t help. Now I was thinking of my mom staring at my naked pole! I kinda liked that. It pulsed again and I also hid that poorly. I removed one hand and let more of my tent show. Worse, I was suddenly aware that she was wearing my little sister’s robe, untied! It’s a little short on sis, but mom’s extra six inches made it extremely short on her. My dick pulsed again. I never really noticed how hot mom’s well-toned swimmers’ legs were before I could see them so far up her naked butt. Wait! Naked butt?

Sure, I could only see a third of mom’s shapely ass, but I didn’t see any panties on them! I waited with bated breath until mom turned toward me. The translucent green robe was beltless and swung open enough to expose her hefty, shapely left tit and its succulent pendik escort nipple. She pulled it closed before I could confirm her pussy was bare. “Oops.” Did she casually say oops and nonchalantly close it slowly? Were those her thick and stiff nipples showing thru the robe? She stooped to pick something up which showed me nearly all her bare cheek in profile. Still not sure about the panties, but that firm, shapely cheek made my dick throb again. Blushing, she quickly and wordlessly left the room without closing my door.

My cock snagged the sheet when I whipped it off me. As I looked for my clothes, I squeezed my dick and made it pulse again. It felt so taboo, so good, I faced the door and defiantly jerked a few more times on bent knees. Just as I dared my mom to return and catch me with my stiff cock in hand, I heard a fast footstep. My jeans were on the chair near the door and reaching for them was risky, so of course that’s what I did. My heart raced as I wondered what I would do, what I expected, if mom returned in time to see my cock bobbing as it pointed at her.

Just in time, I grabbed my jeans and covered my boner as mom charged into the room. “Maahhm! You didn’t knock again and I AM naked this time. Was that on purpose?” I turned away, fully realizing I was exposing my naked ass to my mom. Her stunned image in the mirror told me what I hoped as I let her stare at my tensing cheeks. I was enjoying this! Mom held her breath and barely kept the loose robe closed. Just as I turned my head to offer her a warm, accepting and encouraging smile, my twenty-year-old twin sister charged into the room.

For several seconds, she stopped and stared silently at my bared ass. I was enjoying this and said nothing. My heart raced as I noted what she was wearing. It was the rest of the translucent green outfit. Cropped to just below her big, swinging tits, the loose green cami let her prominent beautiful mounds show thru. What wasn’t visible thru that gossamer top, her well rounded under tits and thick nipples, was freely exposed to the air, me and my throbbing cock. My jaw dropped as my eyes danced with her beautiful tits then, for the first time, they truly appreciated her sculpted abs then continued South. The sheer panties showcased her dark landing strip and her fattened labia. Barely taking a second to size up her shapely legs, my eyes returned to her lips and camel toe. I stammered gibberish.

Yazi’s saucer eyes finally pulled away from my toned ass and looked at mom. “I’ve been looking for that, mom. I didn’t want to let Drew see me like this.” She slowly flourished her hand along her sexy body as she spoke. A wicked smile took over her face as she noticed how much I noticed her. Yazi grabbed her robe at mom’s shoulders and abruptly pulled it back. Mom squealed as Yazi peeled the robe down her arms and off her body. She stood there facing me completely naked! Yazi laughed quietly as her swaying tits crept back under her translucent top. Mom fluttered her arms across her luscious tits, then her hairy crotch, then both before giving up.

She faced me and Yazi akimbo. “Have a good look! You may not remember, but you’ve both seen me naked many times. Yes, that was long ago, except for that time you two snuck into the bath to watch me shower last year. Yet now we’re all adults, so let’s act that way! Drew dear, your dick is tenting your jeans now. Are you ready to put them down?” I gulped and shook my head NO as I pulled my jeans higher in front of me. Yazi turned to drape the robe on my chair and mom struck. “Maybe this will help?” She turned and grabbed Yazi’s loose thong and snapped the sheer bottom down her legs. What a view! Both mom and Yazi had their beautiful asses and phenomenal rear pussies aimed at me. I gasped and pulled at my jeans. Yazi didn’t even fake a complaint as she willingly stepped out of her panties!

She turned to mom and stiffly challenged, “Happy now?” Her swollen, waxed pussy was beautiful and began to gape as she spread her feet. As it opened, I had my first close view of her inner lips, her hooded clit and a dewy drop that told me she was enjoying mom stripping her in front of me. She pointed at mom’s pussy and said, “You need a shave, mom. Maybe we can convince Drew to help you with that?” Mom blushed.

“Before we get to that happy thought, raise your arms, young lady, or I’ll rip that flimsy top off you! I refuse to be the only one naked any longer.” Yazi willingly raised her arms straight up and let her barely there top rise up and clearly expose her swollen nipples before mom even touched it. She grinned as she stared at me, then my cock, then back into my eyes. I drooled as I watched her nipples twist into dense silos and grow tiny white bumps around them. My sister’s tits begged me to suck them now and I desperately wanted to alternate sucking them with mom’s! When mom pushed the top past her ears, Yazi bent to allow mom sefaköy escort to slide it off her arms. Or did she just want an excuse to set those huge tits free to swing and collide chaotically just for me? I licked my lips.

Mom turned toward me. “There! That’s better. Now as for you, my son, you may as well put down the jeans. You pulled them so high already that you exposed your stiff cock between the legs and let it stare at us for several minutes. That’s why your sister is still so fixated on you.” When I finally looked down, I saw she was right! My jouncy, stiff cock was not only fully exposed, but it was pointing slightly above horizontal and had been dancing for my mom and sister for some time. As I lowered my jeans, I watched their eyes. They seemed as anxious to see me unencumbered as I was to see them. I gulped and slowly walked to the chair then draped my jeans over Yazi’s clothes. We all stood totally naked within a foot of each other. I didn’t know what to do next.

Yazi took charge. “When did you start shaving your cock and balls, BIG brother? You could have asked me or mom for help!” Though technically correct, I was just seven minutes older than she was. She smiled and reached out for my cock. After several strokes she said, “Mmm, no stubble. Feel how smooth it is, mom.” Before pulling me closer to mom, she slowly jerked and squeezed me. I groaned. “We better be gentle. It feels like he’s ready to blow.” Mom gently feathered my cock with her hand as Yazi pulled up my sac and examined it. With her free hand, she moved my right hand onto mom’s massive tit, then my left hand onto her own sizeable tit. Choosing where to focus was impossible. Each tit felt firm and so soft yet responsive. My dick wanted to explode out of its skin!

When Yazi knelt, I moved that free hand to explore mom’s bush cautiously. It felt so silky and lush, not at all like my own pre-shaven pubes. Mom spread her legs wordlessly and I explored her firm, still hidden clit. The way I teased it, pulled its hood back without touching it, made mom gasp, “This isn’t your first time in a woman’s secret garden, I see.” My only answer was to trace her fattening labia, roll the outer ones away and trace her inner, wet labia. Yazi meanwhile was gently scraping my cock, top, sides and bottom. Each time her nails bounced along my tender skin, I lurched at the thrill. (Rayna noticed my stiff cock bounce as I told my tale. She reached out and held it warmly.)

Just before swallowing my cock whole, Yazi asked, “Drew, have you ever tried to satisfy two women at once?” My eyes popped when I realized what she was actually asking. “Ewe gohna aff wa ffence da ou sah vehwee foon!” She gulped me deeper until I felt her throat wrap around my meat and warmly squeeze it.

“Don’t speak with your mouth full, dear. She presumptuously said ‘You’re going to have a chance to do so very soon!’ It takes a little first hand experience to learn to speak ‘blowjob’. Now would you push two fingers . . . whooo, yess, like that!” While deeply fingering my mom’s hot pussy, Yazi pressed her nose against my pubes and began humming something. By the sixth note of ‘Oh say can you SEEEEE’, my knees buckled, my sight darkened and I vaguely felt myself grunting and filling her belly with twin sperm. Her divine throat spastically released my still stiff cock and it trembled as it dribbled more jizz into her mouth.

When my tender cock popped out of my sister’s mouth, mom quickly knelt and sucked it into hers. She sucked me clean and licked me like a lollipop. Somehow, her tongue wrapped around three sides of my shaft and slurped it all. Sis thrust her naked groin at and against me. With mom on my cock, I couldn’t eat Yazi, so I slid two fingers into her snatch and pulled her toward the bed. Mom never let go of my cock as she followed knee by knee. I loved that she so enjoyed sucking her son’s hose for the first time! When I reached the end of the bed, I sat then slid back a foot. Mom licked my balls and sucked my manhood as Yazi hopped onto the bed and stood over me. What a beautiful sight! Watching my cock disappear into mom’s face as she bobbed on me only added to the beauty of my gorgeous sister’s amazing pussy from below.

Yazi lurched several times as my fingers explored her wet and fleshy well. Facing me, she knelt around my chest, her breaths became ragged and rapid as I pulled her closer to my face by her tempting twat. Finally, she sat on my chest and I had to vacate her squishy snatch. With both hands full of her firm, sexy gluts, I pulled her to me and lifted her hungry hovel to my mouth. Her scent was exquisite and divine and I filled my lungs with it. Though I couldn’t get enough, I pulled her closer until my tongue reached her clit. I licked around it, sucked it gently, then licked below it and entered her vestibule. Her creamy, slippery juices were unlike any I’d ever tasted. I confess I’d only tasted silivri escort two others and as tasty as they were, my sister’s singing snatch was octaves above theirs.

The gorgeous tits that swung freely, enchantingly above me were no match for the ambrosial delicacy coating my tongue. When I pushed two fingers back inside her just to scoop more of her nectar into my mouth, I noticed how much more swollen her pussy walls suddenly were. They clamped firmly on my fingers and foretold well how my anxious dick would feel between her hallowed walls!

My legs twitched and kicked up when mom warmly lapped my frenulum. As they came down, mom rubbed a finger along my perineum and across my rosebud. Both moves made me twitch and groan. A finger pressed against my wrinkled hole and knocked for admission. I resisted at first, then trusted mom’s experience and relaxed. Her wet tip entered me and twisted to fire nerves I didn’t know I had.

My focus shifted to the meaty, muscular pussy on my mouth and I decided to mimic mom. Hopefully, I would have the chance to fill all mom’s holes. Little did I know then! Yazi’s gluts were amazingly firm as I squeezed and spread them. My fingers inched inward and found the edges of her wrinkled hole. When I began to rub gently across her rear hole, she started swishing her ass side to side to ease my access. I never suspected she’d enjoy ass play.

After I sucked my middle finger clean of my sister’s intoxicating nectar, I moved the soaked index finger to her brown hole and easily broached its fortress. Though I tried to copy mom’s efforts, she was too skilled at distracting me. I twisted and bored into my sister until she was breathlessly gasping. Mom seemed aware and changed her timing. Yazi screamed out “Ohh fuck meeee! I’m cumming on my brother!” and she was right. She squirted a splash of mostly clear ambrosia on my face and in my mouth. Dizzy! High! Oh soooooooo . . ..

That must be when mom milked my prostate. The urge to release was irresistible. Having never had my prostate milked, I was afraid I was about to pee in mom’s mouth. She refused to release me and I squirted rope after rope of cum into mom’s throat. It was exhausting and exhilarating! Mom quivered on my cock. Apparently feeding off her son got her to her first climax with me.

Yazi fell to my side, eyes rolling slowly, and though still gasping from my climax, I lapped up her wet cum from her plumped, gaping pussy and thighs. Why oh why haven’t we done this before, I wondered? Mom stood up at the foot of the bed. Her big tits heaved temptingly, but it was her swollen and wet pussy that demanded my attention.

It was a month before I learned that Yazi had planned this whole ‘accidental’ exposure scenario. She admitted she had been peeking into my room to stare at my tall tent and hoped to see my bare cock. The frequent sight of our new neighbors, you, naked and fucking at your open windows, inspired even that. I had no idea! When she got frustrated waiting for an accidental peek, she seduced mom with passionate kisses that quickly progressed to fingering each other to climax. Once at that point, she admitted that convincing mom to flash me and expose herself to all three of us was easy.

Rayna, look how aroused she is. Even now, Yazi has stirred her fingers inside her soaked pussy and reached across mom to push one wet finger into Roy’s mouth. Mmm, another soaked finger is for me! You can see how much I love her nectar as I savor and suck it. Yazi boasted, “And aren’t you glad?” I happily agreed I was!

Well . . . Ah, back to my story, as mom climbed over me then kissed my semi stiff dick, she stared hungrily at me. “Now I want you to eat mommy’s impatient pussy. Taste me, lap me then we’ll see just how resilient and youthful you are. How long have you wanted to fuck mommy? Hold that thought. Now eat me!” She squatted over my face and I took in her heavenly scent for our first time. Her aroma was slightly different from Yazi’s so if I knew if I memorized them, I could tell them apart just by scent.

When mom dropped her hairy pussy onto my tongue, I tasted the same sweet ambrosia as my sister’s, only a bit saltier. Her pussy gaped open nearly an inch at the bottom and enough at the top to let her lusty, straining, standing clit shout my name. It twitched even after I sucked it wholly into my mouth. Mom groaned loudly; Yazi smiled as she tortured and sucked mom’s tits. Together, we brought her to a second orgasm. She didn’t squirt, but she leaked tasty creme with gusto. We three cuddled warmly and fell into a peaceful sleep.

Not much later I woke, dreaming my sister was deeply inhaling my stiff-again cock. It wasn’t a dream. Mom woke and quickly began fingering herself and passionately kissing me. As soon as she brought on her own orgasm, Yazi spun around on my cock and put her pussy in my face. Though I generally found 69 too distracting, it seemed extra special eating my own twin. As I began to moan, mom said, “Last one for now, Yazi. He may not have it in him to fuck both of us, so I’m going first. Drain him, honey, so he will last longer inside us!” That’s all I needed to hear. I shot a load deep into my sister’s throat and didn’t wait for her to clean me.

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