Naughty Girl

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Bob and Jennifer were celebrating their 25th anniversary and they were going on a second Honeymoon to Hawaii.

Their daughter Sue who was only just 18 had been very rebellious of late, so rather than leave her home alone they decided that she could go to stay with her Uncle Brian, who having brought up his own 2 daughters single-handed and who both turned out to be very well behaved, respectful girls, despite their fathers strictness with them, they both felt he would handle Sue just fine.

When they dropped Sue off Bob said to Brian in front of Sue “Remember Brian, if Sue steps out of line you have our permission to treat her the same as you used to treat your own daughters, she’s still not too old for a spanking, the same as she got last week from me are you Sue?”

“No Daddy I’ve not forgotten, my butt was sore for day’s afterwards but I promise I’ll be good for Uncle Brian as we do get on very well together don’t we Uncle?” thinking how she had always had a bit of a crush on him because he used to spoil her a lot when she was younger. “Of course we do Sweetheart and as long as you follow the rules that I set and behave yourself, I’m sure we will have a great time together and get on fine”

The first few days were fine, Sue behaved well, completing her homework every evening and keeping her room tidy, so when she asked if she could go to her friend Carole’s birthday party on the Saturday, he agreed knowing that her friends parents were also quite strict.

On the day he said “I’ve spoken to Carole’s mother and she said she will drop you off home afterwards and as there’s no school tomorrow I’m extending your deadline until midnight.

“Thanks Uncle you are the best” she said giving him a quick hug.

It was just approaching midnight; Brian was all ready to go bed as soon as Sue got home when there was a ring at the bell. When he opened the door there was Carole’s mum supporting Sue who could hardly stand up.

“What on earth’s happened” said Brian.

“I’m so sorry Brian” said Carol’s mum Jean, “I was keeping an eye on them all but Carol somehow got hold of some of her father’s vodka stock and put it in a bottle containing orange and both her and Sue got very drunk before I realized it. Carole is in for some serious punishment tomorrow when she’s sobered up”

“Don’t worry yourself Jean these things happen with teenagers, also you can be sure Sue will get the same punishment tomorrow as she would have if her father had been here”

Brian decided to just help Sue upstairs and let her sleep it off and deal with her in the morning.

He got her up to her room and was just about to lay her down on the bed when without warning she puked up all over him and flaked out.

“Damm!” said Brian. He laid her on the bed and went to take off his bathrobe which was in a terrible state & stunk something awful. He then made himself a coffee and decided that a black coffee might sober Sue up a bit.

When he got to her room however he found that she had thrown up again, only this time it was all over her dress, in her long blonde hair as well as all over the bedclothes

“Shit!” he thought “I can’t leave her here in this mess I will have to clean her up somehow”

He ran a bath, then came back lifted her up, unbuttoned and removed her dress only to find that all she had on underneath was a pair of very brief, pale blue panties which judging by the very wet patch in the front that due to her being so drunk she had probably peed herself, so he removed those as well.

He stood there for a moment staring at her beautiful body thinking, “Neither of my two daughters had a body like this at her age and they still don’t have boobs as big as these.”

Her breasts were about a 36D he guessed with large brown nipples and her pussy lips were thick and protruding, the sight of which was beginning to cause his cock to stir.

“She certainly is growing into a very beautiful woman,” he said to himself and with that thought in mind he carried her to the bathroom and put her into the bath. The feel of the water on her body woke her up.

“Oh! Uncle I’m so very sorry to have caused you all this trouble” she said very tearfully once she realized what had happened.

“I should think so too young lady; your parents are going to go mad when they get back and find out what you’ve been up to” He replied. . “Oh! Please don’t tell them Uncle? Or they will ground me for ages if they find out and probably they will cut my allowance also”

“You should have thought of that before getting yourself in such a state young lady, said Brian, “you not only threw up all over yourself and the bedclothes but all over me as well”

“I’m truly, truly very sorry; Please don’t tell my parents, not only will I clear up all the mess I made I will accept any punishment you give me without question Pleeese?” she said tearfully.

Though he was usually quite strict, he knew he was a bit of a softie where Sue was concerned so he said “Well ok! I suppose so, I won’t say anything this şirinevler escort time, and your parents did say that I could punish you the same way as I did my own two daughters, so when you’ve cleaned up the mess you made you are in for a good spanking young lady.”

“Ok! Thank you Uncle I know I deserve a spanking after all the trouble I’ve caused, and I’ll not complain about it”

“Well” Brian said “it’s much to late to do anything about it now, besides you probably wouldn’t feel a spanking with the amount of vodka you’ve drunk so get yourself bathed whilst I go to change your bedding”

Sue had her bath then wrapped in a towel she came into the bedroom just as her uncle had finished making the bed.

“That’s better” Brian said, “not only do you look better but you smell better too, get into bed and we will talk about this in the morning”

“Ok! Uncle” and without thinking she just removed the towel and put on her nightdress.

Brian said, “Sue! You really should have waited until I had left the room before putting on your nightie”

“Oh! I’m sorry, Uncle” Sue replied, “I didn’t think, besides you must have seen everything of my body already when you undressed me and put me in the bath”

“Yes that’s very true I did and in case you’re wondering why I had to take your panties off? I suggest you check the linen basket where you will find that due to you being so very drunk, you must have had a little accident because they were very wet”

“Oh! How embarrassing” said Sue going very red in the face, “I haven’t done that since I was a little girl? Please! Please! Don’t tell anyone about that or I’ll never live it down?”

“Don’t you worry about it Sweetheart of course I wouldn’t dream of mention it to anyone and cause you any embarrassment, these things happen to everyone at sometime or another”

“Thanks Uncle” she said throwing her arms around him and giving him a big kiss full on the lips, what with this plus her nearly naked firm young body pressed up against him it caused his limp cock to get very hard instantly and he embarrassedly pulled away suddenly.

“That’s ok, Sweetheart,” he replied, “Off to bed now it’s very late, I’ll see you in the morning.” and quickly left the room.

As Sue lay in bed she thought about what had just happened, and though she was still a virgin she knew enough from her little experiences with boys that she had turned her uncle on because she had felt his hard cock pressing against her body and she saw the very big bulge in his boxer shorts before he left the room.

The thought of this was making her feel very tingly between her legs and when she touched her pussy she found it was very wet, normally she had to pleasure herself for quite a while to get the feelings she had now.

She was feeling so sexy that she reached into the bedside cabinet drawer and took out the small vibrator that she kept for pleasuring herself, and as she proceeded to work it in and out of her tight pussy she imagined that the vibrator was her uncles cock pumping up and down inside her which caused her to cum so much that she ended up with a big wet patch on the clean sheets. “Shit” she thought as she grabbed her bath towel to cover the wet patch, “that’s more washing to do tomorrow”

Turning over to go to sleep she thought, “That’s strange I have always liked my Uncle Brian a lot but never before have I thought of him in a sexual way like that and none of the boys I’ve fooled around with have ever made me feel like that, tomorrow could prove very interesting when it is time for my punishment; I’m really looking forward to it.”

Whilst all this was happening, Brian in the next room whose cock had only just subsided from its very close encounter with Sue’s near naked body, could hear some moaning and other noises coming from her room and he guessed that she was pleasuring herself which caused his cock to become instantly hard again.

Whilst laying there stroking his big hard cock he wondered what it would feel like for his cock to be stuck right up her tight young pussy filling it with his spunk, when with hardly any warning his cock started shooting thick ropey strands of cum all over his hand and stomach.

Whilst cleaning himself up with his boxers he said to himself, “I know I shouldn’t have these sexy thoughts about my young niece but I can’t help it when I think of that gorgeous body of hers.”

The next morning when she awoke she went downstairs where her uncle was in the dining room having his breakfast.

“Good morning Sweetheart,” he said, “and how are you feeling this morning.”

“A bit better thank you Uncle, but I think it will be a long time before I drink vodka again”

“I should think so too, as you might look grown up but you are still much too young to drink spirits like that, in future I suggest you just stick to having a glass of wine occasionally with your dinner, now make yourself some breakfast, and then afterwards you can wash and dry all the stuff you şişli escort puked over including my bathrobe.”

“Ok! Uncle, I really am very sorry, I’ll just have some toast and coffee and then I’ll get everything cleaned up”

When she had finished doing everything she went upstairs to get dressed. First she put on her most favorite white panties that were so transparent you could see the shape and hairs of her pussy through them, then she put on a red leather mini skirt that was the shortest one she owned She then put on a white top that was so tight she decided to go braless.

As she looked at herself in the mirror she felt so sexy with her hard nipples protruding against the tight fabric.

“Let’s see what my Uncle’s reactions are to this outfit” she thought as she went downstairs.

She went into the lounge where her uncle was reading a newspaper “Hi! Uncle I have washed and dried everything and I’ve also tidied up my room”

He looked up and could not help but stare at the beautiful sight in front of him, “Ok! That’s a good girl so what are you planning to do today”

“Well after my behavior last night I think I should help you around the house first, and then maybe do a bit of sunbathing in the garden later as it’s so hot, but first can I have a quick read of your newspaper magazine!”

“Of course you can” he said handing her the magazine.

She took it and sat down opposite him and started reading, whilst deliberately parting her legs exposing her panty covered pussy to her uncle’s eyes.

When Brian happened to look up from reading his newspaper, because of the very short skirt she was wearing he could not help seeing the bulging shape of her hairy pussy though the almost transparent panties she was wearing with a few stray blonde hairs poking out at the sides and also her big nipples that were trying to force their way through her skimpy top.

This sight plus the fact that he had not had sex for a long time started to make his cock get very hard indeed, so he looked away and started to read some depressing political story in his newspaper to help take his mind off her beautiful body allowing his stiff cock to soften.

After a while Sue put down the magazine and came over to him and said, “When am I going to get my spanking then Uncle.”

“Well! I don’t know if I need to spank you as you have done the washing and tidied up, and if you’ve really learned your lesson about getting drunk.”

But the real truth of the matter was that he was afraid to spank her as he was sure that his cock would get hard again and he was worried about her reaction if she felt it.

“I have learned my lesson but I must be spanked for my misbehavior otherwise I might think I can get away with it and do it again, so lets get it over with now” and before he could say anything she laid down across his lap hitching her short skirt up around her waist as she did so.

“Well if you really insist,” Brian said unable to resist what was happening, “how many spanks do you think you deserve for your disgraceful behavior last night young lady?”

“Well Dad gave me 5 spanks for swearing at Mom last week so getting drunk last night has to be at least 15 spanks”

“Ok! Then 15 it is,” said Brian proceeding to spank her.

After the first smack Sue said, “Aren’t you going to pull down my panties Uncle, my Dad always does so that the spanks hurt more?”

Brian replied “I don’t think so; it’s not right for me to do that as you are not a little girl anymore and I’m not your Father”

“Of course you can Dad gave you permission remember?” And before he could say anything she reached behind and pulled her panties down as far as her knees.

“Carry on Uncle,” she said cheekily, “Oh! And by the way you should spank a bit harder you know, as I didn’t even feel the first one”

“Right you cheeky! Young lady a proper spanking you want, a proper spanking you shall get” and he proceeded to give her a good hard spanking causing the gorgeous cheeks of her arse to glow red.

Although it was hurting her a little bit the thought of her laying across her uncle’s cock which she could feel getting bigger as she pressed against it made her pussy get wetter and wetter and as she thinking about what it would be like to have her uncle’s big cock inside her pussy, she felt her juices just leak out of her.

Brian who was wearing shorts felt his leg starting to get wet and looking down between her legs he saw the bulging lips of her pussy which looked very puffy and also very wet and he realized that the spanking or maybe his ever growing cock pressing against her was turning her on and she was having a bit of an orgasm but all he just said was, “Have you just peed yourself again Sue because my leg has just become all wet?”

“No of course not” said Sue indignantly, “I’m sorry Uncle but it is all your own fault, the feel of your hard cock pressing into me is what caused my pussy to get very wet and leak all over your leg”

“Oh! I’m taksim escort so sorry Sweetheart” said her uncle, “I did not intend for that to happen, I think you had better get up now”

After she had got up, she pulled her panties up covering her dripping wet pussy and she said all innocently, “Why did your cock get so hard Uncle, do you think my body is sexy?”

“Well yes, you do have a very beautiful sexy body; also because I have not had a girlfriend for such a long time I could not help it happening, please forgive me?”

“Of course I forgive you, but could you please let me see your cock Uncle as I’ve never seen one before except in pictures?” said Sue.

“I don’t think it’s appropriate for you to see your uncle like that,” Brian said, “as I’m sure your parents would not be very pleased if they found out about it.”

“Oh! Please Uncle, I promise not to tell anyone about it and besides it’s only fair because you have seen my naked body, so I should be able to see yours” grabbing hold of him, giving him a big hug.

With her firm sexy body pressed up against him, making his cock get even harder, any thoughts he had of saying no to this hot young teenager disappeared completely. “Ok then as long as we keep it between ourselves you can see it”

He started to pull down his shorts when she said, “Please let me pull them down for you” Without waiting for a reply she knelt in front of him pulling his shorts right down, his 8 inch stiff cock stuck out like a flagpole.

“Oh! Uncle it’s so beautiful can I touch it.” Again not waiting for an answer she grasped it in her hand and began stroking it.

Brian was helpless to move away as this hot sexy teenager stroked his cock, and then without any warning she took his cock in her mouth and began sucking on it like she would an ice lolly taking most of it into her mouth.

After a few minutes he felt that if he didn’t stop her he would be spurting his cum into her gorgeous mouth.

He reluctantly pulled her head away saying “That feels great Sweetheart but I had to stop you as I was nearly cumming and I was worried about how you might feel if I was to fill your mouth with my sperm”

“That’s ok Uncle my best friend says it feels nice when a guy cums in your mouth so I want to try it please”

Brian said, “What have you done so far sexually with boys Sue”

“Not very much” said Sue “I’ve just let them feel my boobs through my sweater and rub my pussy through my panties, and all I’ve done for them is rubbed their cocks through their pants but nothing else.”

“Well if you really want to suck my cock and I admit I want you to also, I think it only fair me to return the favor and lick your pussy at the same time as I know you will like that very much.”

Brian led her upstairs to the bedroom, where they quickly undressed. Brian lay on the bed and positioned Sue on top of him in the 69 position and as she began sucking his cock again. Brian got his head between her legs and began licking, sucking and fingering her very tight pussy. This felt so good to Sue that she began sucking harder and deeper on his cock.

His mouth soon found the nub of her clit and as he began gently chewing on it he slipped his thick thumb deep into her ass.

This was just too much for Sue who had the most intense orgasm that she had ever had and her juices just poured out of her into Brian’s mouth and all over his face.

The taste of this sweet nectar caused his cock to explode with spunk into Sue’s mouth which in turn caused Sue as she swallowed the thick salty liquid to have yet another orgasm.

When they had finished they lay there in each others arms drenched in sweat.

“That was so fantastic Uncle and I’ve decided that I want you to be the first man to make love to me and take my virginity with your wonderful cock as I’m sure you will make it very nice for your naughty niece”

“Well I don’t think we should go that far Sweetheart,” Brian said, “as fantastic as it was, what we have just done is very wrong, and I at my age should have stopped things going that far even.”

“You wasn’t to blame that much Uncle it was nearly all my fault, first by getting drunk last night, and then by dressing so sexy this morning and deliberately flashing my panties at you, and not forgetting pulling my panties down and cumming all over your leg. I would have been very surprised and upset if you had not responded in the way you did.”

“Well okay that’s as maybe, said Brian, “but you should save your virginity for someone special like maybe the man you marry one day.”

“I don’t think so Uncle not after what I overheard my Dad say, I want to know all about sex, and that my husband to be are compatible before I marry,” said Sue.

Brian said “Really! And what did you hear him say to cause you to think like this about sex?”

“Well he was talking to a friend once and he said that Mom had insisting on remaining a virgin until she got married, and that after the Honeymoon was over, when it was too late, he found out she wasn’t all that interested in sex and only wanted to do it for the purpose of having children and as much as he loved her had he known beforehand, he said he would have thought twice before getting married and I know it’s true because I’ve heard them both arguing about it from time to time.”

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