Neighborly Relations Pt. 16D

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PART SIXTEEN D: The Mother of All Parties 4

CHAPTER FOUR, The New Partner Drawing

By the time that Danny had ejaculated inside Patrice O’Neil’s hot little pussy, he had changed a lot of his opinions about her and about skinny girls in general. As the saying goes, “It ain’t the meat, it’s the motion,” and Patrice had motion to spare.

“Did I pass the test?” she asked, as they both lay back exhausted on the twisted terrain of the bed.

“I don’t know,” Danny said, laughing. He rolled to his side and reached over to play with the nipples sticking up from her otherwise nearly flat chest. “Dad didn’t tell me what I was grading on. Me, I’d say you passed with flying colors.”

“Good.” She blinked, still breathing hard, and then looked down at his finger on her nipple. “What are you doing? I really do have tits, you know. All I have to do is stand up.”

“Oh, I know,” Danny said earnestly. “I was just thinking about diversity.”


“You know. There’s somebody out there for everybody. Diversity. I’ve always been going around like, ‘oh, yeah, big tits, big tits, goody,’ you know, but I like your cute little titties,” he said, pinching the nipple just a bit. “Just a handful, and then they disappear when you lay down.”

“Is your whole family as strange as you?” Patrice asked, feeling down his body to find his flaccid penis and stroke it with one finger.

“No. Open minded, I guess.” Danny laughed. “You can’t imagine how normal we all were like four months ago. Well, okay, Elaine and I used to like playing with ourselves while listening to our parents fuck. But that’s probably normal as hell. Mom and Dad were good in the sack, but they sure weren’t going to screw the whole neighborhood.”

“So what happened?” Patrice was thinking of another family, one that didn’t handle such things so nicely as the Porters.

“My mom had an affair with our neighbor. Patty Trent. Elaine and I caught on and started getting hot for mom. Dad, too, after we shot video of them together. It just kind of exploded from there. I don’t know what happened to the neighborhood. You’d have to ask Jenny Peterson about that.”

“How is it with you and your mother?” Patrice asked. “Do you . . . are you . . . well, are you making love, or are you just screwing?”

Danny paused, smiling. “I love my mom the same way I always did. I’m not, you know, ‘in love’ with her. I feel the same as always, except that I’m allowed to admit that I think she’s hot as hell. I’ve found a way to please her, and I never had any sure way to do that before. When she has an orgasm, I know that she is pleased. When I give her a potted plant for Mother’s day, I’m not sure of anything.”

“A potted plant can’t compare to an orgasm,” Patrice said, pushing herself up to sit on the edge of the bed.

“No, I suppose not,” Danny admitted. “A potted plant lives longer.”

“Come on. Let’s take a shower.”


The party was winding down for some participants but just going into pause mode for others. Those who had baby-sitters watching their children would be leaving soon, while those who didn’t had no intention of going anywhere. No matter where people went, however, the level of sexual activity was bound to drop from the frantic peak at which everything started. Nobody can fuck that hard for very long.

Nobody but Cathy Burton, that is. She was very happy to see Albert Cassidy return to the party when Sharon forced the twins to flip a coin to decide who would go home first to baby-sit. Tim lost the toss. Cathy latched onto Albert as soon as he came in the door, and though his wife intruded for a few minutes, she and the older man had a very good time on the long couch downstairs in the play room.

Now, however, Albert with was looking over the snack table with Melody Peterson sticking to his side like a leach, and Cathy was searching for a different kind of snack. She thought of Tillman. Yes, that’s who she wanted.

“I’m going to the Adams’s house,” she called to her mother as she wrapped a towel around her naked form and headed to the door.

“What?” Sally Burton asked, but her daughter was already nearly at the door by the time she’d swallowed her chips and dip to speak.

It didn’t matter, anyway, because Tillman burst in carrying a cell phone and looking worried. “Where’s Kelly?” he called out.

“She’s with Mr. Porter,” Cathy said, reaching instinctively for Tillman’s crotch. “But I don’t know where.”

“Gotta find her,” he said, rushing past the perplexed girl.

Tillman woke both sets of Petersons when he threw those doors open, and got a chance to admire Danny getting a blow job in the shower from Patrice before hurrying on. Most of the rest of the people were near the food, but he finally found them downstairs where Bill Chambers had gotten a chance to help broaden Kelly’s experience in two ways. He lay on the floor so she could try out being on top, and Robert stood to one side for her first lesson in fellatio.

“Kelly!” Tillman said. istanbul rus escort “Good, there you are.”

“Yes,” she said, trying to contain the trembling in her voice when she was just on the brink of orgasm.

“Your mom,” Tillman said, handing her the phone. “Called. Left a message.”

“Oh, hell,” Kelly said, and she took the phone right were she was, still seated on Bill’s hard dick and with Robert Porter’s cock nudging her cheek. She called the voice mail and listened briefly, then called her home.

Only after her mother picked up did she think of her position on a young man’s cock. She hoped he would hold still.

“Hey, Mom, what’s up?” she asked.

“Your father and I were wondering if you heard anything about the baby yet,” her mother said in her patently sweet tone. Lois Whitman was a patient, sweet woman, a perfect minister’s wife, and she even sounded sweet when she was angry. Many who met her thought it was an act, but it wasn’t. That’s just the way she was.

“No, I haven’t,” Kelly said, relieved that it was nothing worse than that. “I thought they’d have had it by now, the way they tore out of here.”

“Are you alright alone, dear?”

“Of course, Mom,” Kelly assured her. “I’m really not five any more.”

“I know,” her mother said, laughing. “It’s just that you left your pills, and I don’t know how long you’ll be there. Maybe all night.”

“Maybe, but I’ll be fine.”

Bill thought it would be funny to thrust his cock up into Kelly just then, and she gasped slightly when he did. She hit his chest with her fist, biting her lip and hoping her mother didn’t notice.

“Are you sure?”

Apparently, Bill thought the punch was foreplay, because he began thrusting up steadily now, even though Robert Porter motioned frantically for him to stop.

“Sure, I’m sure,” Kelly said, somewhat breathlessly. “Everything is cool.”

“All right, dear,” Lois Whitman said. “You have a good night, and I guess we’ll see you whenever you’re able to get home. Do you have anything suitable to sleep in if you need to stay? After all, it’ll be the husband coming home, you know.”

“Oh, Mom,” she scoffed, trying to lift herself from Bill’s humping cock even though he was holding her thighs tightly. “I’ll just sleep in the clothes I’m wearing. I’ll be on the couch anyway.”

“All right,” her mother said. “Well, you have a good night.”

“Good night Mom,” Kelly said, closing her phone. “You’re an asshole,” she said to Bill, pulling herself free and walking away. “I bet only your mom can stand you.”

“That’s about right,” Cathy said, laughing. “But I’ll finish off that boner for you, cousin.” She quickly squatted down and took him deep into her pussy,

“Gee thanks,” Bill said, as though she’d offered to lend him a CD. “You can take the rubber off, you know.”

“Naw,” Cathy said. “Your cum has cooties.”

Kelly went to the basement bathroom to take a shower. Robert Porter had filled her young pussy with cum earlier, and Bill’s condom clad cock had been squishing it around so that it had been forced out to gum up her pubic hair. Talking to her mother in that condition had made her feel dirty, and she had to fix that right away.

Robert Porter followed her and stood in the doorway as she started the water.

“I’m not going to tell you to lie to your mother,” he said. ‘I’d be violating the code of the parents union if I did that. But, if things get dicey, you can pass it off to my wife and she’ll lie to her for you.”

Kelly laughed. “She’s fine. Just wanted to bring me my pills, but I talked her out of it. Now I wonder if there’s a shower cap around here.”

“I’ll hold your hair up for you,” Robert offered entering the room. “Should wash my private parts anyway.”

“Can I wash it for you?”



“We need a good game right now,” Betty Burton said. She was seated at the kitchen table with Jenny and Brenda Peterson, Emily Porter, Tania Mosswell and Melody Peterson. A charming little group of naked neighborhood women. “A little something to let the peckers rest but still keep them interested, you know?”

“Sure, but what would that be?” Tania asked.

“Something the men would like to watch,” Betty said. “Maybe even bet on. That would be even better.”

“You know, not all the men are at half mast right now,” Emily said. “The young men, our sons, probably have a shot left in them. Or, at least, hard dicks.”

“A mother and son game?” Jenny said.

“A mother and son demonstration, more like,” Tania said. “Except that I’ve got two young men here.”

“Some of us don’t have a young son here,” Betty said, laughing. “Not so young, anyway. You can share yours.”

“Musical Cunts,” Melody said, somewhat appropriately. “You can play Musical Cunts.”

“Yes, and make it different,” Emily said then. “Last man with a place to put his dick wins, just lit normal. But, if one of them squirts before the game ends, then he’s kadıköy escort the winner.”

“Okay, that’s it,” Betty proclaimed. “We’ll round up everybody and play.”

“It’s really too bad we can’t keep this going,” Tania said. “In a small way, I mean.”

“We can’t party all week long,” Emily said. “Though, Lord knows I’d love to.”

“We could make the week more interesting though,” Tania said. “We should swap spouses for a few days. Those of us without small kids, anyway.”

“You mean, move in with a different family?” Melody frowned, saying, “Man, I wished I lived close by.”

“We’ll trade husbands and/or sons. Nobody wants a foreign woman snooping around their home, but the men don’t have that problem.” Tania nodded, figuring it out in her head. “I’ll need to do a tally, but it seems like a good way to finish off a party as good as this one has been.”

“But how do we do it? Put names in a hat?”

“Sure, and whoever is related to the winner of Musical Cunts gets first draw,” Tania said. “Go alphabetical from her name.”

“I think you just turned the whole summer into a party,” Jenny Peterson said.

“Who untied me?” Doris’s voice from the kitchen doorway startled the group, and they turned to face her where she stood still slathered in oil and with her hair standing out in all directions.

“I did,” Emily said. “You were asleep anyway.”

“Boy, that was great,” Doris said, stumbling into the room groggily and finding an empty glass to fill with wine. “God, Mom, even you were great.”

“Great?” Betty Burton blinked behind her glasses, perplexed by her daughter’s statement.

“Yeah, you weren’t all shy like usual,” Doris said. “And those two neighbor boys. Man, they kept stringing me up like a piñata, and everybody quit being so nice and just used me like, well, I don’t know. A fuck toy, I guess. It was great.”

“Well, that’s nice dear,” Betty said. “But you should clean up now. We’re getting ready to play a game.”

“I love games.” Doris drained her wine glass and put it aside. “I’ll be back in a jiffy.”


Meanwhile, at the snack table, Kent Burton was selecting the perfect apple when Tillman leaned in to take a pear from the fruit selection.

“Hey, I know you,” Kent said, grinning. He turned toward Tillman, who was clothed, and extended his hand. “You work for me, don’t you?”

“Yes, Mr. Burton, I’m on the Mall job,” Tillman said, referencing the shopping mall that Burton Construction was building.

“Sure, that’s right. I didn’t recognize you right off without your clothing, but now I remember.” Kent was, of course, still completely naked, and his dick was, as usual, about half erect. His condition didn’t bother him in the least talking to his employee. After all, Charles Trent worked for him as well. “You do good work as I recall. You know, I’ve got a position opening that . . . but you probably go to school, right? Still, you should come to the office Monday and we’ll talk.”

“That would be great, Mr. Burton,” Tillman said.

“Say, have you fucked my wife yet?”

“No, I don’t think so.”

“Come on, let’s go fuck my wife,” Kent said, starting to lead him away.

“Sir, I can’t,” Tillman said. “I’m heading back to the Adams’s house to baby-sit. Laurel is waiting there.”

“Oh, no, you can’t leave her waiting,” Kent agreed. “You should stop by the house some time.”

“That would be nice,” Tillman said as he took his leave. Tillman left the house wondering just what was meant by that. Was he supposed to ring the bell and say ‘Hi boss, I came to fuck your wife.’ For all Tillman knew, that was exactly what he meant.

Kelly Whitman had gotten her fill of cock by then, and the call from her mother was making her nervous about a possible unannounced visit. She caught Tillman at the door to tell him that she was going to go back and resume her job.

“You’ve only been here a couple hours,” Tillman said.

“Yes, but I’ve had a very full night,” she said. “I think I can get by on what I’ve had.”

“Okay, sure. Tell Laurel I’ll be in the living room.”

“Bye,” Kelly said, leaving the party. In her stay of slightly more than two hours, Kelly had experienced some form of sex with Danny Porter and his father, Patty Trent, Bill Chambers, Bobby Mosswell, and a brief encounter with a woman wearing a strap-on dildo. She’d even had a cock in her mouth, though Mr. Porter hadn’t ejaculated. As someone used to dealing with an infirmity, she knew when she’d had enough excitement. It was time to leave.

Tillman turned back in trepidation. Was he supposed to fuck his boss’s wife now? If he didn’t, would it have any bearing on the job his employer had mentioned?

“Everybody gather around,” Betty Burton called out, thus saving Tillman from the problem of his bosses wife. “We’re going down to the play room for a game now.


“The rules are the same as musical chairs,” Betty explained to the group gathered in the basement play kartal escort room. Ralph was busy adjusting various cameras that were pointing into the center of the room where an oval of exercise mats had been laid out side by like a race track. “There is one difference, though. If one of the men in the game ejaculates before the finish, he automatically wins.”

“Just call me the winner now,” Tim Cassidy said.

“Yeah, winner of the limp dick award,” Tom said, punching his brother’s shoulder.

Brenda Peterson had volunteered to baby-sit at the Cassidy house since, as an out of town party person she wasn’t going to win anything anyway, and that allowed the entire Cassidy family to be there for the contest.

“Wagering is permitted,” Emily shouted out from where she stood to one side with the group of “Chairs.”

“We’ll start out Mother and son. Or, brother sister, if that’s the case. It’s every man for himself from there on out.”

“What does the winner get?” Kent Burton asked, always one for the bottom line.

“Oh, goodness, I almost forgot. Thanks son,” Betty said. “The winner gets first pick at a very special drawing. We’ve decided to swap men for three days. A sort of sexual trade.”

“And, no, you guys don’t have any say in the matter,” Sally Burton put in. “You’ll go where you’re told to go.”

“Right. Let’s begin,” Betty said, cutting off discussion.

The starting field in the competition was laid out like this:

Carter and Sally Burton Paul and Amy Burton Bill and Doris Burton Chambers Tom and Sharon Cassidy Tim and Laurel Cassidy Bobby and Tania Mosswell Tillman and Sherona Mosswell Danny and Emily Porter Ray and Karen Jenkins Jason and Patrice O’Neil Bill and Jenny Peterson

The men had gained entry by proving that they could get hard enough to play. Bill Peterson had been reticent, but his mother insisted that they “have a horse in the race,” as she put it.

They began with a two minute “get acquainted fuck” and then Ralph Burton hit play on the CD and a woman began singing “It Ain’t the Meat it’s the Motion” as the men stood to walk clockwise around the women lying prone on the mats. When he stopped the music, they dove in on the woman side them, which meant that Tim finally got his cock inside of Tania Mosswell’s pussy.

The women had already drawn numbers for the order of their removal from the game, so Sherona Mosswell left the circle reluctantly after the men had taken that one free turn.

Danny was nervous about this game. He wasn’t worried about being the last man standing, but he was afraid that all his years of practicing not cumming too fast were going to bite him in the ass now. If he could squirt faster, he could win.

“No jerking off!” Betty warned, as both twins and Ray Jenkins reached for their rods during the musical stroll. “Two minutes in each pussy is enough.”

And the music stopped, leaving Tillman out in the cold.

Laurel Cassidy tightened her pussy as much as she could when Tim put his cock into her and began fucking like crazy. It was all she could do for a family win, and, knowing how the twins enjoyed racing each other to the draw, she thought she might get a squirt out of one of them. As the music continued, and she felt Ray Jenkins, Danny Burton, and Bill Peterson moving inside her in turn, she didn’t think any of these guys was going to shoot.

The women were bound to have orgasms during the game, however, since there was no rule against them frigging themselves during the music. It was a strange sight to see a circle of women of various ages laying on their backs and humping themselves up against their fingers while naked men trooped around them and the audience shouted encouragement.

When the field was down to six, the remaining five women all rolled to their knees and presented their backsides to the competitors for the dog-style laps.

Danny edged out Bill Peterson and slammed his cock into Karen Jenkins on that round, but he lost out to Ray Jenkins for a berth in Amy Burton’s pussy on the next round and was forced to the sidelines. In the end, it was Bobby Mosswell who edged out Ray Jenkins by being at the vaginal end of Sally Burton when the music stopped for the final time.

“Ta da!” he shouted, pumping himself into Sally energetically.

“Oh, honey, you done us proud,” Tania said, laughing. “Now Mama gets first draw and gets one refusal if I don’t like my pick.”

Betty Burton brought a wide mouth jar filled with slips of paper out, and Tania inserted her hand.

“Tim Cassidy,” Tania announced, wearing a theatrical scowl. “No, I’m not breaking up any twins. It’s both or nothing for this girl.” She put the slip of paper aside while Tom sat grinning at his disheartened brother. “Oh, now this is better,” she said as she looked at her second draw. “Robert Porter.”

The group applauded as Tania put Tim’s name back in and passed the jar to Jenny Peterson, who was next alphabetically. She drew Danny’s name, and said, “Oh, I get to spend some time with sweet little Danny Porter. Such a nice boy.”

Emily’s turn was next, and she reached into the jar hoping for Tillman or Ray Jenkins. Though she didn’t know Ray, she assumed that an athlete would have stamina to spare. She drew Jason O’Neil. Oh, well, maybe Elaine’s draw would bring in a winner.

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