Neighborly Way Ch. 02

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Part II

After what transpired in the bathroom at the party, John and Laura had a lot to think about. They both knew they couldn’t stop themselves from hooking up again. The sexual chemistry was too powerful at the moment to stop. All they could hope for was to avoid getting caught and meet together as often as they could.

John couldn’t get the sex out his head. It was incredible. He hadn’t had that kind of fantastic sex since high school. It felt new and dangerous. The sexual drive, to conquer this new woman, was overwhelming. He was a ravenous alpha dog desperate to dominate and procreate with this new bitch in heat.

Laura was overwhelmed herself both sexually and emotionally. She wasn’t sure if what she was feeling was the most intense sexual desire she had ever felt, or if she was also falling madly in love. She had a husband, two kids, and an otherwise very good life. Jeff might have been cheating on her, she couldn’t be sure; but she knew for certain she was treading on thin ice cheating on her husband with a married neighbor.

Sarah invited Laura and the kids over for a play date a few days after the party. Laura hesitantly accepted the invitation. She was nervous about seeing John again so soon after their tryst in the bathroom during a house warming party. She was nervous Sarah would see the guilt and lust she felt. Laura was getting so paranoid she thought maybe Sarah already knew about the affair and might confront her.

When Laura arrived, Sarah greeted her warmly. The kids played, the ladies talked and drank wine. John was nowhere in sight. Laura scanned the outside of the house repeatedly to try and catch a glimpse of John in a window or working in the garden, but nothing. She had to force herself to be subtle about it.

“Hey, I need to use the bathroom, is that OK,” Laura asked.

“Of course!” Sarah exclaimed. “Use the one upstairs. John is redoing the first floor bathroom; it’s a mess. And he’s probably working in the basement office, so you might not be comfortable down there. Need any help finding it upstairs?”

“Uh, no I’m sure I can track it down, thanks!” replied Laura.

Laura knew where to find the second floor bathroom. She passed it several times on her way to the master bathroom with John. Laura got tingly and the hair stood up on her body hearing that John was in fact in the house and probably safely locked away in the basement office. Laura knew she should just avoid him, but she didn’t have to go to the bathroom anyway.

Laura made her way into the house and found the entrance to the basement. The basement was a large, finished area of the house that was far from basement-like. There were several large rooms – a guest room, office, recreation room for the kids, and John’s prize, his home theatre.

Laura quietly made her way down the steps to the basement. She could hear some noise coming from the office. She made her way down the hallway and looked inside. John was sitting in his office chair with his back to the door. His hands were on his head and he was rubbing his temples.

Laura quietly continued on into the office, her footsteps muffled by the rug on the floor. She was directly behind him now. She reached out and placed her hands on his shoulders and began rubbing. John lurched back in surprise. His heart was pounding as he realized who it was. He relaxed a little.

Neither one spoke as Laura gently rubbed his shoulders. She knew the pain he was feeling, because she was feeling it too. He reached up put his hands on hers. She stopped the rubbing and moved her hands up to his head and brushed his hair with her finger tips. John sighed deeply and Laura pulled his head back to her tummy. She tilted his head back and brushed back his hair from his forehead and they stared at each other for a moment.

John twisted the chair around so he was now facing Laura. She was beautiful. She again wore a very sexy outfit. She had on a white, delicate, silky, tight halter top and push-up bra. John could see it was a lacey purple bra under her top. It pushed her B cup mounds together and formed just a perfect amount of cleavage. Laura wore a dark purple, ruffled skirt that lightly hung down to the bottom of her thighs. Her long slender legs were again propped up on tall, high-heel sandals. These strappy open-toed sandals greatly accentuated her tall luscious legs, thin ankles, and perfectly formed feet and toes. Her toe nails were again brightly colored.

After staring Laura up and down for a second taking in all her glorious beauty, he swallowed hard and leaned forward in the chair. Laura again took his head and held him to her tummy. She ran her fingers through his hair and John wrapped his arms around her body and held her tightly. His hands moved down to Laura’s ass and he squeezed it tightly. Laura groaned out “Jooooohn” as he did this. John moved his head lower and pushed his face into her center of her legs. Laura waivered with weakening knees and held onto John tightly. John felt her too and clutched her to him.

“Stop, please John,” Laura pleadingly bahis firmaları whispered.

John inhaled her magnificent scent as deeply as possible. Laura pushed back before this got out of hand. She was able to spin quickly before John caught her hips and held her in place. Laura’s hand frantically grasped at John’s and she looked back at him.

“John, we have to stop,” she said terrified things might escalate.

“I need you so badly Laura,” John finally broke down, his eyes nearly filled with tears. “I can’t stop thinking about you. I have to have you again or I’m going to rip this house apart!”

“Please, no!” Laura gasped as she tried to pry his hands off her.

It was too late. John pulled her back down on top of his lap. She instantly felt his large cock straining within his pants. It was pressed sharply into her rear end. Her body exploded with desire, and she felt how badly John needed her again. John reached up and grasped at her breast with one hand and pulled her head back to rest on his shoulder with the other hand. He pulled her mouth roughly to his and they kissed. John managed to pry Laura’s left breast free from her top and he pressed upward with his covered tool dry humping her.

Laura instinctively responded by grinding back down onto his hard lump. She sensuously moved her hips back and forth as John did everything to press into her from below. They both moaned and groaned as they kissed, egging themselves on to continue.

John’s hand moved down from Laura’s head, to her tummy, to her crotch. He pressed in hard and she squirmed from the sensation and pressure. Her legs locked together and she pressed back hard into his lap. She grunted out into his mouth.

Laura broke the kiss and shook her head. Her head was spinning. She grasped at John’s hand between her thighs with both of her own hands. She pulled it away and stood up.

“John, please we can’t! We might get caught and I don’t have any time. Also,” she broke off, smiling just a bit, “I have me period!”

This was good and bad news. Good, that she wasn’t pregnant from their last encounter. Bad, because it sounded like vaginal stimulation wasn’t going to happen right now. John processed this information very quickly and moved on.

“Laura, I’m happy to hear that. But I am so horny right now I’m going to explode in my pants if I don’t get some release. Please, if we can’t have sex, take me in your mouth, or jerk me off, something!” John begged.

Laura bit her lower lip. She wanted him so badly but she had to get back soon. It had already been a of couple minutes since she left Sarah. And Sarah was right outside.

John didn’t wait for her reply. He unbuttoned his own pants, lifted his ass, and slid his pants down to his ankles. His throbbing cock was fully erect and red from the dry humping Laura provided. John spat into his hand and started stroking his cock staring at Laura.

Laura reached up to her face and bit her finger tip. She realized her breast was still out and she roughly pulled on her nipple.

“Stop,” she quietly shouted. She dropped to her knees, flung her hair over her shoulder and grasped his cock in both hands. She jerked him off quickly trying to stroke his entire length. John’s hand reached for the back of Laura’s head, and she let him bring her face down to his crotch. She quickly took his cockhead into her mouth and rolled her tongue around and around this tip. John was thrusting up to get more of his cock into her mouth.

“Fuck Laura, that’s so good. I need this so badly, baby. I’m not going to last long.” John said.

Laura continued to assault John’s cock with her hands and mouth. She took him deeper into her mouth, just into her throat and gagged a bit. John continued to push deeper still. Laura relaxed her throat and tried as hard as she could to control her gag reflex.

They continued like this for several more seconds. John could feel his balls tingle and the bottom of his shaft quiver. Laura felt all of this in her hands and mouth as well. She looked up at him and his eyes were trained down on the scene between his legs. Laura was soaked between her own legs, but knew it wasn’t the time to take care of that. It would be too messy. She would take care of it herself later. But she had to finish him off before they were discovered.

“Cum for me, please John,” Laura breathlessly choked out. There was desperation in her voice to finish this quickly. Her mind searched for the dirty phrases needed to finish John off as she stroked his cock with both hands. “Please honey, cum for me. I want you to go in my mouth. I wanna taste it again. I wanna swallow your cum. I wanna feel your hot sperm slide down my throat.”

Laura was jacking John’s cock as quickly as she could while she said this. She was squeezing as hard as she could as well. John closed his eyes and cried out “YEEES, fuck, I’m cumming!”

Laura dove back down with her mouth around his cock. She pumped him mercilessly and felt the first few spurts shoot against her tonsils. She moved her mouth all around kaçak iddaa as the hot fluid continued to fire out, covering all areas of her mouth and teeth. Her hands roughly pulled his shaft to force out every bit. Her tongue massaged the pulsing vein under the base of his shaft urging out every drop.

John’s hips shot up each time he felt a spasm. He held Laura’s head firmly in place even though he knew she wouldn’t move if he let go. He needed to clutch something. He pulled her hair harshly as he delivered his load into her mouth.

When she felt him finish pulsing in her mouth, she slowed her movements, gently stroking, licking, and sucking John’s cock. More fluid was dripping out and she was swallowing every drop she was given. John’s cock deflated to a semi-erection and she kissed and licked his shaft. Laura looked up at John and smiled. He smiled back with a satisfied, exhausted look.

She sat back on her knees, her hands rubbing John’s legs and crotch. She was so thrilled and excited by the pleasure she gave John. In order of preference, she wanted to please him sexually, have John use her body any way he wanted, and then satisfy her own sexual hunger.

“God, that was so fantastic. Thank you. Thank you!” John said smiling. “Now I want to fuck the shit out of you, Laura.”

“It’s not the time. I’m glad it felt good. I want you to return the favor. And I want you to…fuck the shit out of me,” Laura said quietly, blushing at the words, “but later. And no phone calls, texts, e-mails, nothing like that. I don’t want any trace that my husband or your wife can find. We need to communicate in person.”

“I agree,” John replied. “When can I see you again? I could take a day off of work. We could spend the day together, maybe at the casino hotel?”

Laura thought about that for a second and it seemed like a great idea. No sneaking around with people nearby. No kids. They could have time to really explore each other.

“Yes, that’s good,” Laura said. “Can you do it next Tuesday?”

“Tuesday?” John cried out! “That’s almost a week away! God I’m going to suffer until then.”

“You?” Laura spat back. “You just got off, mister. I’ll be suffering until then. But I’ll be long past my period by then. And, the anticipation will make the sex that much better!”

“I suppose,” John begrudgingly agreed. “OK then; next Tuesday we take the kids to day care as usual, and meet up at my house. We’ll take both cars so it’s less suspicious. If anything goes wrong…” John thought for a second but nothing came to mind.

“We can use the mailbox flag as a message,” Laura thought quickly. “Down, it’s off; up, it’s on!”

John laughed at that. “Very funny. OK. I’ll see then.”

“See you then,” Laura replied. She stood up and attempted to fix her clothing. John quickly shot forward and took her nipple in his mouth. Laura sighed deeply and held his head. She kissed his hair and pushed him away grinning sadly. “Bye, baby.”

“Bye,” John whispered back.

Thankfully Laura wasn’t missed. It had only been a few minutes and Sarah was trying to keep 3 kids safe in the kiddy pool.

“Sorry,” Laura said, then whispered, “it’s that time of the mouth and I ran out of tampons. I had to find one of yours. I hope that’s OK.”

Sarah smiled and brushed her off, “Oh yeah! It’s fine. We’ve all been there.”


As the days passed, John and Laura were giddy with anticipation for their next meeting. John again had no alone time to take care of his constant erection. He wanted so badly to release a little of that backed up fluid. But he knew holding off would make their tryst that much more exciting.

Laura on the other hand was able to pleasure herself on numerous occasions. She enjoyed herself while remembering back to their encounter in the bathroom. And more to her surprise, the blowjob she gave John just a few days before. This last encounter had her wet for days. She never cared for blowjobs, and wasn’t really happy when a man finished her mouth. But with John it was completely different. She loved pleasuring him with her mouth and longed to taste his semen.

Tuesday arrived and John and Laura were both up early and ready to get this day moving. They both were out of the house quickly and dropped their kids off at daycare. There would be no distractions all day, and there was no stopping them from meeting. They both took a look at each other’s mailboxes – flags up. It was on.

John returned home first and waited in his car for Laura. Laura had a much longer round trip for daycare. He finally saw her car pulling up the street and John’s heart began pounding in his chest. Laura’s did the same when she saw John waiting for her.

They pulled up alongside each other and rolled their windows down.

“Hey,” John said.

“Hey,” Laura smiled back.

There was a moment of silence as they just stared at each other.

“Follow me,” John said. Laura nodded.

The drive to the casino was about an hour. The anticipation was eating away at them both. They finally arrived at the casino hotel kaçak bahis and valet parked. Neither brought any luggage – what would they need? They checked in as a couple and got their room keys. As they pushed the elevator button they turned to look at each other. They were both nervous and frantic to get alone with each other.

The elevator opened finally and they jumped in. They were alone together inside. A couple was running toward the elevator asking them to hold it, but they ignored the request. They were locked in an embrace before the doors were completely shut. The ride up to the 23rd floor was quick, but they wasted no time kissing each other passionately warming up for the room.

Laura was wearing a sun dress again. Thin spaghetti straps held the delicate silk dress to her body. Her shoulders, back, and tops of her breasts were all exposed. The dress stopped mid-thigh, a bit short on her tall, thin frame. Her feet were again in black high-heeled strappy sandals. Laura could tell this was what John liked based on the reactions from the other times they met. She neglected wearing a bra or panties on this day knowing they were not needed.

The elevator door opened and they clutched each other’s hand as they quickly headed for their room. They were laughing like school kids. They located the room and tried to key into the door a few times until it worked. They stumbled into the room together and John closed and locked the door.

John grabbed Laura and pressed her roughly against the wall just inside in the door. They passionately embraced again, this time with reckless abandon. Their hands held each other’s face in place as they aggressively exchanged a kiss. John released Laura’s head. His right hand held the back of her neck and his left hand roamed over her body. He squeezed her breasts and Laura groaned into John’s mouth. John’s hand dropped further down to Laura’s tummy and to her legs.

John slowly eased up Laura’s dress and moved his hand between her legs. John traced along Laura’s thighs with just his finger tips. Laura’s nipples hardened and she instantly felt wet between her legs. The anticipation was killing her. John slowly moved up the inside of her legs and lightly brushed Laura’s naked mound. He was happy, but not all too shocked, that she wasn’t wearing any panties.

Laura shuddered and was taking quick, panting breaths. She instinctively pushed out from the wall to try and feel John’s fingers again. She rose up onto her toes and searched with her pelvis for another touch. John again gently brushed her mound and this time rubbed the length of his finger along her outer lips. Laura cried out and her hips frantically pumped forward.

John again teased Laura’s pussy. He could feel how wet she was. He could smell her sultry scent now. He grazed passed her hot hole again, and this time forced a knuckle into her clitoris. Laura clenched her eyes shut and froze for a second and cried out “oh my God, John” as the small orgasm shook her body. John held his knuckle there, gently rubbing her clit to finish Laura off. John held her quivering mound in his palm and rubbed up and down as Laura continued to shudder.

She finally opened her eyes and looked crazed. She forcefully kissed John and he reciprocated. They remained like that for a few moments when Laura broke the silence. Her heart was pounding and she was desperate for John to take her.

“I want you John,” Laura moaned. “Fuck me.”

Laura’s hands went for John’s buckle and pants. She had them undone in record time. She stroked John’s thick, hard cock with one hand as she unbuttoned his shirt with the other. She had his shirt off and pants down around his ankles. John kicked off his shoes, socks, and pants.

John grabbed Laura’s ass with both hands and hoisted her up against the wall. Laura stopped stroking John’s cock and rubbed it against her wet clit teasing them both.

“Do you want me, John?” Laura asked with a devilish smile.

“I want you so fucking bad, Laura,” John shot at her. “Do you want this cock in you, huh?”

“Yeees! You’re so dirty, I love it!” Laura huffed out.

Laura guided John’s cock into her hole and kept her hand there feeling it enter her pussy. She groaned out loud as he sank 6 inches into her and bottomed out against her cervix. Laura was tight around John’s cock, and his cock was amazingly thick completely filling her.

They stayed still for a second, kissing and enjoying the sensations below. John soon began slowly stoking in and out of Laura’s tight, hot hole. The sensations were intense for both of them. John’s tip kept pushing up against Laura’s cervix and it retreated back allowing John to push 7, then all 8 inches of his cock into her Laura. His tip still brushed against her cervix causing them both immense pleasures.

Laura was quickly building up to another orgasm. The teasing and finger stimulation John had given her earlier had Laura ready to explode. John’s face found the nape of Laura’s neck and he licked and kissed her there. Laura shook the straps of her dress down over her shoulders to get her breasts out. She wanted John’s mouth around her nipple. She pushed John’s head back and used her hand to pull out her breast and hold one up for John. She guided his head down to it.

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