Nerd’s Revenge

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Bent Over

Dylan was your typical nerd or geek in every sense of the word. Standing at 5′ 10″ and weighing in at a dripping 150lbs. He wore wire framed glasses, and lived the geeky life. Living in Arizona he kept his tan in par with the rest of the humans. You could see him typing away at his computer in the park after classes.

With a clean cut, and even cleaner shave where his balls rested. His brown hair kept short so he never had to comb it. He only had to use his fingers, which were well rehearsed from other areas.

He played the violin which served as his outlet from the electronics grab. He was like any other 19 year old male, horny as hell. He could feel his cock getting hard every time a female student wore a tight skirt in his direction.

High school had proven a big disappointment, but he knew from his sister that college would prove different. So he hunkered down and got good grades, and played in the school band. He didn’t have to worry about going to parties or drugs, because he was never in the cool crowd. He knew his large 10 inch cock would be a knock out sooner or latter. His balls always seemed to hang low. He loved how they banged up into his ass when he got a little excited with his masturbation.

He was a freshman at ASU and things weren’t going very well. He wasn’t chosen in the band try outs, and college clubs didn’t inspire him. He was sipping on a coffee looking for some motivation. He thought about going to the dorm, after renting some porn to relieve his frustration. A good orgy would get him going, like always.

He loved marathon masturbation, bringing himself to the point of cumming only to stop. Jumping up and down. Breathing a little then playing with his anus teasing him so. “Gosh control yourself,” he thought out loud.

Someone in a flower dress walked by and gave him a smirk, Which distracted him long enough to realize his hand was wearing a whole through his pants. Embarrassed he grabbed his coffee, and stumbled off to the porn store. She wasn’t going to let him get away. She craved a big cock inside her, and a fist up her slutty ass. The indentation left from his pleasure ensured she would see him again. Heck she was going to stalk him.

Arriving at the porn store the girl with two piercings on her face a diamond stud in her nose and a loop in her lip. She greeted the regular customer with a smile. He really liked her because he knew she put out, or at least that is what he fantasized about.

Her white blouse revealed as much cleavage as a porn store would condone. Showing off a pair of C cups, perky with her barely legal age. The store manager kept the place cool in the coming summer heat, and her succulent nipples tried in vane to rip past the shirt. Her nipples were complemented with a set of pig tales which provided the needed coverage.

She had great customer service, all she had to do was to tweak her other lip piercing. This sent shock waves through her body. It helped her get through the day, and provided great customer service. Provided she could go home for dinner and relieve herself halfway through her shift. She didn’t mind wet panties from multiple cums, but the pressure to release herself was too much.

He shuffled through several tittles on the shelf. Drooling over the previously watched DVDs, as she attending to cleaning the returned DVDs. She was trying to get them all done before, what she called “The ball and chain crowd” showed up.

He decided on a previous tittle which he would quickly go right too chapter 3. Where the second girl would show up with the rope. He smiled as he approached “How are things going Stacy?” he asked.

“I so need to go to dinner,” she exclaimed. He placed the tittle on the counter and handed the membership card as though he did a thousand times before. “We just got the sequel to that tittle Dylan,” she spoke. He nodded acceptably, and proceeded to put the tittle back on the shelf. With an unnoticeable wiggle she smiled and said, kurtköy escort “I can put that back for you, I have to put all these back too,” she spoke while controlling her urges.

“Well I can see several tittles that were missing on the shelf, let me put them back for you,” he excitedly spoke. With out hesitation he grabbed the four orgy tittles from the counter and headed back to the shelf. Almost instantly as he turned she ran her hand over her crotch. She shocked herself in more than way. As she felt her hand caress her cotton pants. She quickly pushed her hand back and forth, and then gained control. Her panties fresh with phonemes from a dripping pussy.

She placed the video in a plastic bag, and then handed back the id, as Dylan came back. She made sure not to use the hand which may have some pussy scent to it. It probably didn’t matter since it was a porn, but her consciousness was alert. She rarely used her hand, that was one of her rules. “Thanks for giving me a hand, I can leave a little earlier for dinner now,” Stacy said swiftly.

“Any time Stacy have a great day.” He then walked slowly out the door.

She flashed a delivish smile. “Bye Dylan!”

She couldn’t believe it the guy with a large cock had to go to a porn store. Jen wasn’t shy one bit. “Hi how are you doing?” she spoke. While waiting for the same light to cross the street. Holding onto the DVD he tried to hide the porn. As though you could see through the white plastic bag Stacy had put the movie in.

“Uh hi I am doing great,” he managed to speak. Realizing she was the lady in the flower dress, and that he just came out of a porn store. He could only hope she didn’t see him. “My name is Dylan, are you going to ASU?” he said. His white showed as he smiled. He was proud of himself now gaining back some confidence he lacked earlier.

“Nice to meet you Dylan, I play the cello , and am majoring in music,” she said as she extended a hand out to Dylan, “My name is Jen.” He noticed her white skin, and her long slender radius as it twisted out to him. Her fingers walked up to her freshly painted clear nails. A conservative dress, all but hid her busty chest. From the movies he had to guess with DDs which went commando. Her long curly brown hair almost hid her deep blue eyes trying to penetrate him. So focused on the soft smile and perfect teeth he almost missed her hand. “He’s trapped,” she said to herself.

As the light turned green they crossed together and on the other side proceeded through the conversation. “Would you like to get a bite to eat Jen?” Dylan asked.

“Sure I was just about to head home my roommate is making spaghetti,” Jen explained. “Petra always makes more.” “Please come over for dinner.” Walking briskly now they hustled back to the place as if the anticipation was building. They conversed about string instruments, and suddenly she realized she might become trapped.

Reaching the steps he opened the door for her, and she flashed her seductive smile at him. He placed his hand on the small of her back and followed her in. He had to control himself. The slender ass was tempting him, which rested just beneath his clammy hand. When they went inside Petra was no where to be found. “Well do you like peanut butter sandwiches?” she asked.

“Sure,” he responded. He was really thinking of eating her out and was a little disappointed. He wasn’t there licking off her sweet cum which flowed from her tender lips. He could almost taste it. Little did he know she had some precum dripping onto her black panties. She was thinking about that large cock. Her perfume had hidden her lust.

He thought everything was going great until he put the orgy down on the table. The plastic had been pulled back from his carelessness or lack of attention. As he placed the sandwich in his mouth Jen saw the tittle. “Ohh I am was getting that for my dorm mate,” he explained. She smiled and went over to the couch in the living room. He couldn’t imagine what malatya escort was happening now. His cock was pressed hard against his pants. A gorgeous woman and all he wanted to do was leave. Dam porn!

“It’s ok I just rented the same tittle,” she spoke. Now holding the DVD up the air. She noticed his nervousness and tried to normalize it with Petra’s porn. “I love the part where she is taking it in the ass.” “His cock has to be at least 9 inches.”

Relieved he took a breath and swallowed. “I haven’t watched it yet,” he spoke gingerly. Forgetting he was supposed to be getting it for his dorm mate. With out hesitation she bent over and the TV roared to life. She came back over, and placed her hand on the back of his neck.

“Don’t worry the movie takes a good ten minutes,” she said.

“Oh uh I see.” He lost any confidence he had now.

She looked at her sandwich and then went to the rest room instead, leaving him. The typical porn scene played out in the back ground. He was dumbfounded. Just a couple hours ago he was caught petting himself. Only now he is eating a sandwich, while porn played, and a hot lady was in the bathroom. He decided to pet himself again. Maybe there was a genie in there. He was no longer hungry for bread.

As the bathroom door closed she pulled up her dress up and peeled off her wet black panties. Flinging them with her manicured toes she nailed the hamster. She then turned on the water with one swooping motion of the hand. Falling back on to the toilet, she had to relieve herself. Four fingers slid into Jen’s pussy with a successful moan. She pushed and pulled for a few seconds. Then as neatly as a nun, she washed her hands and returned into the kitchen.

The Moaning in the other room was deafening now. He turned to her and stood up. With out hesitation she latched onto his cock, and locked onto his lips. Her lusty lips now wide open to purge his drooling mouth. Sucking down with amazement his eyes grew big. He didn’t realize she was pushing her body into him. This sent him into the living room. Ending the release she looked into his sexing eyes.

With out verbal consent she grabbed his pants and yanked them off. The force sent him onto the couch, allowing his ankles to come up off the floor. His cock leaped into the air as to salute her. “O my its so big!” climbing up his half bare legs. With one fluid motion his pants fell to his feet, as her hands slid the rest of the way into his shaven crotch.

“Oh yes give it to me yes!” “It’s so hard!” “mmmmmmmmm,” the TV screamed.

Trying to hide his now growing moans, “Ohhhh!” Jen didn’t waste any time swallowing the cock down to the base. “Oh god!” he moaned aloud. She relaxed, and moved her tongue against his rock hard shaft while shoving his massive rod into her throat. With evoking force she pulled her mouth back to the tip. She flashed her gorgeous smile once again. While still consuming the tip. “Ohhhhhh my, yes yes!” Her hand now cupped his balls holding them gently.

Between watching the girl on the TV take it up both holes and his cock worshiper. He felt as though he was headed to the moon. With his delight she went deeper into her mouth, each time she went down on the shaft. Helping her go deeper he placed his hands on her head, and went in tune with her rhythm. After several minutes of watching and feeling her vacuum. He was about to explode.

“Ohh stop, stop please!” He let go of her head. “I need too stop before I cum!” he screamed. She released his cock, and sucked down a huge gulp of air. Still holding his cock in her hand, while the other hand was caressing his balls. She look submissively at him. “You want it up your ass don’t you?” he spoke. Not believing his own words. She just looked at him helpless in his control thinking of that hot rod pushing deep inside her. “You want my long shaft up that tiny ass?”

“Yes! Yes!” she answered. She quickly positioned her self on the couch with her ass hanging high in the air ready kayseri escort to be fucked.

“Oh god, yes harder!” “Harder!” The TV screamed, “Mmmmm!” “Oh yes!” He reached down like a quarter back. Sliding his hands down the petite ass crack as the dress hung onto her now arched back. Spreading the cheeks wider as his hands went down further. He followed with his tongue slow and methodical.

“Oh god!” Jen moaned. The anticipation was killing her. All she could do was focus on the wall in ecstasy. She didn’t dare look at the TV flashing hot anal sex of things to come.

Dylan’s long tongue met her sphincter, and intruded into her pink hole. His hands then slid down to her pussy’s lips, exposing the swollen clit. With one hand pressing up against the clit, and the other hand finding another hole to hide in. Her juices were now dripping down his arms. Startled he stopped to lap up the sweetness. “Ohhh don’t stop please don’t, I can’t take it,” she screamed. Shocked he moistened her ass, and slid a thumb into, which she easily accepted the whole thing.

Dylan soon found his other three fingers running wildly into her pussy. Slamming and sloshing into her pussy. Jen rocked back and forth wanting it to go deeper. He pulled his thumb out and crawled up to the back her neck. “I want you so bad Jen,” he said. Whle he kissed her nape.

“Oh baby push into me, I want your cock so bad.” At the same time he was banging his cock against her soaking lips, which sent waves of intimacy into her clit. With a fluid motion he slid the tip along her lips. Then slowly went up her crack. Stopping as to tease her, he then pushed the wet tip into her. Her muscles wrapped around his enlarged cock causing her to jerk to and fro. Teasingly he pulled it out, and ran it up to the top of her crack. “Oh god you fucking tease!” “Fuck me, shove the massive cock into my hot tiny ass!”

Satisfied he pushed slowly and methodically at first. Letting his flesh split her in two. The raw ass smoothly stroked his throbbing shaft. Finally the whole cock invaded her. “Oh fuck me baby, Please I want to be fucked!” she moaned. Reaching down he stroked her clit as his shaft continued to throb inside her. He started fucking his slut like she wanted. Slow at first of course. Making sure he could see the tip before racing it back up into her tiny ass.

“Ohh it’s so tight!” “Ohh my fucking god, I am gonna exploded!” he screamed. He continued to pound his little slut. Pulling the cock out of her ass until only the tip was inside. Then ramming the whole 10 inches into here again. He didn’t want to stop the sensation was to much.

“Mmmmmmmmm cum in me baby!” She was rocking back and forth wanting his cock deeper. “Fuck me harder!” Receiving her fourth orgasm her arms collapsed, and her face hit the pillow. She screamed into the pillow, “Fuck me!” Between the TV, and his little anal slut he couldn’t control it anymore.

“Oh god!” He started to spasm. His legs began to quiver with the expectation of his climax.

“Fuck me harder baby, push it deeper, ohh harder deeper!” Jen screamed.

Grabbing her hips he started banging her ass with all his might. His balls slammed against her wet juicy lips. He wanted to cum deep inside her ass. Suddenly a hot burning liquid started to draw from inside. “I am cumming baby, oh fuck yea, oh god!” he moaned.

“Yes cum deep inside me, cum baby!” His cock disappeared into her ass and exploded deep inside her. Jen’s tiny ass accepted, as he pumped several times to release all of his cum. Each time she could feel his hot cum deeper in her ass. Dylan could feel his cum surrounding his massive cock. Collapsing onto her with his cock still inside, he couldn’t stand up anymore.

“Oh Dylan that was fucking great,” she proclaimed.

“Ohh my god Jen I never had anything like that,” he spoke. They sat they holding onto each other trying to recover. The front door suddenly swung opened as on cue. Petra then waltzed into the kitchen. “Stacy?”


“I thought you said your roommate’s name was Petra,” he spoke to Jen.

“That’s her slave name hunny,” she answered. A smile followed her answer, as the TV continued to moan and scream aloud.

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