New Beginning

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All summer, Lisa had dreaded the thought of this week. Her only child was leaving for college and she faced endless days and nights virtually alone. Lisa’s husband, when he was even home, either paid her no attention or was forcing himself upon her in whatever room they happened to be in with the smell of alcohol permeating the air.

Only her eighteen year old son, Michael, seemed to care and now he was packing up for freshman year at school. Michael was not blind to what was happening at home. He saw the pain his mother tried to hide from him and he had sympathy for her, despite not having the knowledge of how to solve the problem.

Lisa had mixed feelings about his future. Michael was a good-looking guy and would have no difficulty attracting female friends at a big school. She was happy for him. There was also jealousy in her heart. Michael was, in fact, the type of man she had always dreamed of having-handsome, smart, funny and caring.

When Lisa was his age, she had been all of those things, too. A petite blonde with a body to kill for, she fell in love too quickly with a high-spirited man five years older than herself and, at twenty, she had Michael. Her husband would have no part in raising the child and began his descent into a mere physical existence in the household. Lisa would not leave him for Michael’s sake, although she now knew it would have been in both of their best interests if she had.

Now, Michael’s adult life was about to begin and it depressed Lisa greatly. Little did she know it would shortly provide her with a new reason to live and love again.

The evening before Michael was to leave, Lisa was attempting to find anything at all to do to keep her mind off the next day or the fact he was in his room finishing his packing. The only good thing she could think of was the fact her husband wasn’t around to exacerbate her despair.

After half an hour of aimless roaming from family room to kitchen to basement, Lisa finally headed up the steps and down the hallway to Michael’s bedroom. She stood in the doorway looking at him for a moment before he even noticed.

“Oh, hi Mom. Almost done,” he said over his shoulder.

“Make sure you forget a bunch of stuff so you need to come back,” she replied.

“You know I will. And I expect you to visit as much as you can.”

Lisa gazed at his bare chest and back. Michael’s tanned skin accentuated his youthful muscles and his jogging shorts highlighted his long, powerfully built legs. She had always been glad he didn’t inherit her small frame.

“You might have to seek a restraining order to keep me away,” Lisa told him as she entered the room.

She threw herself into an old, overstuffed chair Michael used more as a clothes hamper than a seat. He looked at her with compassion…and something else. Something approaching appeal. Michael could not deny that for a couple years he had noticed the beauty of his mother. As she did now, Lisa always wore casual shirts and shorts during the summer that emphasized her full breasts, slim waist and smooth legs.

He felt guilty about the attraction and never once seriously considered actually acting upon it. He just allowed himself to admire her and convince himself the girl he married would look like her.

Michael looked at his mother now, slouched in the chair with her shirt hugging her obviously braless breasts and her shorts inching up her silky thighs.

“I would never do that. If I did, how could I show you off to the guys in the dorm?” he asked with a grin.

“Is Brian going to be there tomorrow?” she said, referring to the future roommate Michael had been communicating with for several weeks.

“Yes. I can’t wait to start hanging out with him. It sounds like he definitely will make the swim team, so that’s cool.”

Lisa was hearing him speak, but wasn’t paying much attention. She was feeling herself slowly going insane from desperation. The only constant in her life—Michaels’ mere presence in the house of gloom—was about to vanish. She sensed her own stability ready to go with him in just one day.

Lisa felt as if she was pulled out of the chair by a force; a force that drew her to Michael. She walked over to him as he zipped up the suitcase and set it on the floor at the end of the bed. He was saying something about the classes he was registered for.

As he turned, his mother was directly in front of him.

“Don’t leave me, Michael,” Lisa said with wide, tearful eyes and a voice he had never heard before. “Don’t leave me all alone.”

Michael was speechless, frozen in place as he looked down into her face. Simultaneously, they reached out for each other. They hugged and Lisa placed her face against her son’s neck. He held her tighter.

“I’m not leaving you, Mom,” he offered. “We’ll still see a lot of each other. All the time.”

She wouldn’t cry. Not until he was gone. Lisa kissed the side of Michael’s face and he turned to her. Their lips met briefly and innocently. But their hands were anything but innocent as they began to wander pendik escort over each other’s back. The awareness of having Michael’s body touching her own and the feeling of his bare skin and muscles resulted in Lisa starting a new, more adoring kiss.

Their tongues met and Lisa pressed her body tighter against her son’s. Her hands were at his waist, working their way down to his ass on the outside of his shorts. Michael was slipping both hands inside Lisa’s shirt, working back up toward her shoulders as the kiss intensified.

Within seconds, Lisa felt the hardening of his cock as it was squeezed between them. One of her hands reached for it and her palm rubbed the material of his shorts against it. The kiss was ending and Lisa wrapped her fingers around her son’s cock.

“Mom, no,” Michael protested.

“Shhhh. Let me do this. Just this once, Michael.”

His cock spoke for him as it grew thicker, longer, and harder. Lisa stroked it faster and, soon, it was rock hard.

“Touch me, Michael,” she said quietly. “Wherever you want.”

His hands were inside her shirt. Without taking them out, Michael brought them around to the front, just below her tits. She could sense his hesitation and squeezed his cock a little tighter as if to offer encouragement. He let his fingers touch the bottom of her breasts. Then more. And, finally, his palms were on her nipples.

His large hands nearly engulfed the breasts he had often had hints at when Lisa wore bathing suits or low-cut dresses. They were smaller than those of many of the girls he knew in school, but they were Lisa’s and they were in his hands. He felt his cock throb with desire.

“Take my shirt off,” Lisa told him.

She gazed into his face as Michael lifted the shirt over her head and tossed it onto the bed. His hands immediately returned to her tits and Lisa reached inside his shorts. The warm cock pulsed in her palm. Her nipples tingled with excitement as her son pulled on them and rolled them between his fingers.

He let go as she kneeled in front of him. Lisa pulled down Michael’s shorts and took them off, staring in awe at the erection that was exposed. Slowly, she leaned in and kissed her son’s cock and balls for a moment. Then her tongue and lips caressed them, but only lightly and only for a second. It was impossible for him to get any harder, she decided. It was time.

Lisa’s tongue skimmed along the bottom of Michael’s cock until she reached the tip. She opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around it, increasing the pressure as she gradually worked her way down the entire length of the shaft.

Michael closed his eyes and focused on the incredible feeling of his mother’s mouth sliding up and down his cock. Little by little his body became less tense. He looked down on Lisa’s blonde hair and put his hands on her head. As she picked up the pace, Michael began to time the rocking of his hips so that his thrusts matched her movements.

Lisa grabbed him by the ass and pulled him closer. A couple minutes passed. Then she backed away and stood up.

“Get me naked, Michael,” she nearly whispered. “I want you so bad.”

He had her clothes off quickly, hardly having enough time to even consider what was happening. Once she was naked and he got to see the entirety of her luscious body, Michael leaned down and began to kiss her tits. Lisa eagerly arched her back to give him access and he took them. One by one he licked and sucked them until his mother was moaning with lust.

She returned her hand to his cock and fondled it while Michael took her tits into his mouth. His hands threatened to go to her pussy, but he stopped.

“Yes. It’s OK, Michael. Touch me, please,” she begged.

One of his hands rested on her pussy. Then he finally sought out the wet entrance and he inserted a finger. He drew the moisture up to her clit and rubbed it. She gasped and he rubbed harder.

“Oh my God, Michael. I need you. Now. I need your cock inside me,” she told him.

They separated only long enough for Lisa to lay on his bed. Michael quickly followed her, getting between her legs. She spread them wider and reached her arms up to signal she was ready for him. He got in place and Lisa guided his cock.

“I want you to cum,” she said. “It’s OK. I want you to love me.”

Michael pushed the tip in. Then a little more, feeling her moist pussy open up for him. He drove the cock in until their bodies met and he lowered himself onto her.

“Oh, yes. You’re so big,” Lisa moaned. “Fuck me, Michael.”

They embraced each other. Lisa wrapped her legs around her son and they fucked. It was slow and loving, simply enjoying the feel of each other at first. They kissed and Michael got used to feeling his mother’s tits under his chest. Lisa got used to feeling her son’s massive cock sliding in and out of her wet pussy.

Everything happened too quickly for Michael to formulate a plan other than keep doing what he was doing. Lisa, however, yearned for a ‘first time’ with her son sefaköy escort that both of them would remember and appreciate. With that in mind, she made sure this wasn’t just a five minute or less missionary position session.

She rolled onto her side, forcing Michael to follow. She lifted one leg onto his body and he continued to fuck her from the new angle, actually having more room to play with her tits and ass.

“Don’t cum too soon,” she asked of him. “Let’s enjoy this.”

He nodded his agreement and slowed the pace. After a few minutes, Lisa induced her son to roll onto his back and she rose above him in one of her favorite positions, although she rarely got to experience it with her husband. Michael loved the access to her tits and Lisa obliged by leaning down and putting one in his mouth while continue to feel his cock dive into her pussy.

It wasn’t long before Michael said in a pleading voice, “I can’t wait much longer, Mom. I’m gonna cum.”

“OK. I’m ready, too.”

Michael watched her begin to play with her clit. That, and the bouncing of her tits, was enough to bring him to the verge of an orgasm.

“I’m going to…oh fuck. Mom! I’m…oh my God!”

“Cum for me, baby.”

He drove his cock into her with such force they were both lifted off the bed. Then each thrust deposited a new load of cum into her and Michael grunted loudly. Lisa smiled and rubbed her clit, reveling in the feel of his thick cock pouring the contents of his balls into her body.

“Yesssss!” Lisa moaned as she, too, began to cum.

The bed shook with the energy of their combined climaxes. Their moans combined into one loud voice. For Lisa, one orgasm seemed to blend into another as she massaged her clit and Michael continued to fuck her. He wanted to make sure he stayed in her the entire time and had no trouble staying hard as he watched her hand work on her clit and her tits quiver from the resulting orgasms.

With perspiration gathering on her forehead, Lisa fell onto her son’s chest, panting and completely spent. He kissed her and rolled them onto their sides, still inside her pussy.

Ten minutes passed with hugging and rolling before Michael was back on top, fucking his mother with renewed vigor and cumming once more.

Lisa couldn’t hide her tears of joy afterward.

“What’s wrong?” Michael asked with concern.

Lisa laughed one time, almost to herself. “Nothing is wrong. That was amazing, Michael. You were great. Please promise me that won’t be the only time, that’s all.”

He was playing with her nipple. “It better not be. I’m not sure how I’ll manage being away from you for so long now. You’ll come visit, won’t you?”

“And you’ll come home sometimes?” she asked.

“Of course. I can’t wait.”

Michael had to wait two weeks. That’s how long he was at school before he had accumulated a sufficiently long list of things he needed to warrant a trip to campus by Lisa. She hardly slept the night before from her eagerness to see him again and the two hour drive seemed to take forever.

It was a warm, early Autumn day and she wore a skirt and blouse. She smiled at the thought of caring even more than before about how she looked when he was around. The guilt of feeling that way about her son was quickly overwhelmed by the thrill of having somebody in her life that cared about her and that she cared about so much. She hoped they could be alone that day, but realized it might not happen and prepared herself for that fact.

Michael wasn’t about to let his mother leave without keeping his promise that they would make love again. It might not be as romantic as before, but it would happen, he was sure of that.

His college only had three thousand students and the dorm he was in looked more like a very small, three story apartment building. On the weekends, people came and went without much more supervision than what the student volunteer provided at the front desk. Guests checked in and out, but residents had key cards that let them in the back door, too.

Thus, Michael had given his Mom directions to park in the back and they could unload the stuff and get it to his room much easier. He was waiting for her when she arrived. They hugged, but the parking lot of Michael’s dorm was not the place to show how they both felt about seeing each other again.

It took two trips for everything to be stored in Michael’s second floor room. During one of them, Lisa asked, “Where’s Brian?”

Michael smiled and said, “He’s got a girlfriend. I don’t expect to see him until Sunday night.”

Lisa had heard only good things about Michael’s roommate. Still, introductions could wait. She was just as happy he wasn’t there.

At the conclusion of the last trip from the car, Michael laid a box down in the corner of his closet and turned in the direction of the door. Lisa was just inside. He passed her, shut the door and locked it. Then Michael moved to her side, put his arm around her waist and all but flung her against the door silivri escort with her back against it.

Lisa squealed with surprise. Michael pressed his body against her.

“Shhh. You’re not at home anymore,” he said quietly.

Then he kissed her. Long, hard and passionately. Lisa enthusiastically returned the favor. Michael began to grind his cock into her lower abdomen and Lisa reached around for her son’s ass. The kiss continued while Michael fondled her breasts through the blouse and Lisa slid her hands up the inside of his shirt.

Michael frantically unfastened as many buttons of Lisa’s blouse as he could without taking his mouth from hers. She managed to unsnap his shorts and pull down the zipper.

At the first chance she had, Lisa said, “Michael, we can’t. What if somebody….”

“We’ll tell him to get in line,” Michael interrupted, running his hands over her bra. “You’re mine.”

Despite her apprehension, Lisa had her hand inside his shorts and on his ever-growing cock. Michael was unhooking her bra and pushing it up off her tits so he could begin to suck on them. Then his hands were under her skirt, slipping inside her panties and seizing her tight cheeks. Lisa stroked her son and whimpered each time he bit her nipples.

Suddenly, Michael told her, “Turn around.”

She would have obeyed any order he gave. As soon as she was facing the door, Michael lifted up her skirt and pulled down the tiny panties. Lisa pulse quickened. She looked over her shoulder and saw his shorts at his feet. She felt him pull her by the waist so her ass pointed back at him.

“Spread your legs, Mom.”

She did and instantly felt his cock at her pussy. Lisa braced herself with both hands flat against the door. It was a good thing she did because he drove his cock into her with unexpected force.

“Ahhhhhh fuck, yes!” she murmured just loud enough for him to hear.

“I promised,” he said.

Lisa was used to having sex with her husband when she didn’t want to. But he was never violent with her. This was as close to violent as she’d ever been and she loved every single second of it. The power in Michael’s taking of her drove her closer and closer to an orgasm with every aggressive plunge of his cock into her soaking wet pussy. He clawed at her tits and played with her nipples until she could barely suppress her cries of delight.

Their bodies came together in rhythmic slaps. They quietly urged each other on. They fucked like it had been two years instead of two weeks apart.

Lisa was the first to cum. She tilted her head back, tried not to scream, and felt her pussy explode. Michael rubbed her clit and the orgasm went on and on and on. Finally, he joined her. Anybody passing in the hall could not have mistaken the pounding of the door in its own frame as Michael thrust his cock into Lisa, pumping his cum deep inside her.

When he was done, Michael stayed in her pussy, pushing her against the door, groping her tits and kissing her neck. Lisa caught her breathe the best she could.

“Damn, you’re good,” she sighed. “I love you so much.”

“I can’t wait to come home,” Michael said as he pulled out.

“And it’ll be my turn to decide how we do it,” Lisa smiled.

This time it was three weeks before Michael saw his Mom again and they were both more than ready for a reunion. Lisa was intent on making sure their time together was more romantic than the lustful assault Michael perpetrated in his dorm room…although you would never get her to say she didn’t enjoy it.

Lisa didn’t need an excuse to shop for new clothes, but Michael’s pending trip home was more than enough reason to pick up a new dress. She chose a rather formal-looking pleated dress with a plunging v-neck and a skinny belt to accent her waist. It stopped five or six inches above her knees and, overall, she thought, was very, very sexy.

She texted Michael and warned him ahead of time that the Saturday night he was there was going to involve dinner at a better restaurant and that he would need good clothes. That information would have normally resulted in a reply expressing his annoyance, but not this time. Michael knew his Mom had something planned and it would probably be to his benefit.

So he made sure she had his dress pants and a shirt, plus his best sport coat, dry cleaned and in the closet waiting for him when he arrived. Once again, his father had unknowingly done Michael a huge favor by deciding to leave town. Thus, when Michael walked in the door, he and Lisa had a sensuous greeting with plenty of groping but no actual sex. They agreed to wait for the evening that Lisa had so carefully planned.

The day seemed to drag on for both of them as they anticipated an evening and night together. Dinner would be at seven. At six, Lisa and Michael were changing clothes.

He was in the family room when Lisa first appeared in her new dress.

“Wow,” he declared with an approving stare.

“You’ll go out with me?”

“If you wear that, I’ll go anywhere with you,” he said as he walked over to her. “Although there are plenty of things we could do here.”

His hands were sliding up the side of the dress and onto her tits, which were obviously unfettered under the light material. Michael traced the insides of Lisa’s breasts in the plentiful cleavage she showed.

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