New Life on the Old Farm

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Jacob was incredibly happy that his wedding day had arrived. He was in danger of losing the farm and his two boys, who had no education and no training other than farming, would have had to suffer miserably. He had cleaned himself up and spent what little money he had left trying to find himself a rich widow. His plan worked. He met Sally, a 48 year old widow, whose husband had been one of the founders of huge soda company. She was beyond wealthy. She had four kids, three of which had all grown up and married. The fourth, and youngest, was 18 year old Katie. Katie had long black hair and beautiful big blue eyes. She had a very nice figure. She wasn’t really too big anywhere and was relatively thin. Jacob had never Katie but it didn’t matter. He didn’t care about Sally or Katie really. He only cared about the bank account and after today it was going to be his and his way of life would be preserved.

Sally and Jacob had a quick ceremony and then they went back to her mansion for a private honeymoon at home.

Katie was the only family member at the ceremony and afterwards went away to Europe for a two week vacation. Her mother was very much in love and Jacob seemed like a nice enough man. She hadn’t seen her mother this happy in a long time and so felt quite comfortable leaving for two weeks.

“Honey I love you so much. I’m so glad that you’re in my life.”

Sally was very soft spoken and there was an element of worry in her voice.

“Honey what’s wrong?”

Jacob seemed very distant and his attitude worried her.

“Are we alone? Where are all the servants?”

“Oh. I instructed them to stay to their quarters. I didn’t want them interrupting our honeymoon.”

Jacob smiled. It was time.

“There’s going to be a honeymoon alright. But it ain’t gonna be here.”

Sally seemed confused by his response.

“What do you mean? Are we going somewhere?”

“Yup. We sure are. We’re moving to my farm and we’re startin’ today. Now let’s you an’ me go pack you a suitcase so’s we can leave.”

“Jacob what are you talking about? I’m not moving to your farm. I thought you would move in here. What’s going on?”

“Oh I think I see what’s going on here Sally gal. You just don’t know who’s in charge. Well I’ll have to fix that right quick.”

Jacob charged her with a tremendous slap across her chest. Sally fell reeling to the floor. Jacob stood over her and grabbed her by the hair, dragging her to the other side of the room.


Sally screamed in pain. She was begging and pleading.

“Are you gonna be a good girl an’ do as yer told from now on or do I have to remind you who’s in charge??”

Jacob’s tone was incredibly serious. He was firm and in total control of the situation. Sally knew it. She felt it. She gave into it miserably.

“Yes. *sniff* Yes whatever you say. Just please don’t hit me again. *sniff*”

Sally answered him through tears and fear.

“Good. Now I’ll tell you this little work out has me all hot and bothered.”

Jake unbuckled his pants and pulled his extremely thick 8 inch cock out. Sally was shocked as she had never seen anything so big and round. She had been with many men in her life but nothing like this.

“Time to put that rich bitch mouth of yours to some good fucking use. Open up bitch.”

Sally had no idea whether or not she could take a cock that big in her mouth but she knew she’d take a beating if she didn’t try. She quickly opened her mouth and closed her eyes. Jacob grabbed the back of her head and shoved his cock into her mouth. She choked and gagged and salivated arousing Jacob even more. He was telling the truth when he said he was all worked up. It didn’t take long for him to release his first load at all. He pulled his cock from her mouth and dropped at least a cup full of cum all over her face. He wiped his cock on her hair then ordered her up.

“That was good. Don’t get used to it being that quick bitch. You just been holdin’ out on me fer so long that I had to drop that fucking load off. Now let’s git that bag an’ go. This here mansion of yours is already drivin’ me batty.”

Jacob and Sally left and moved into the farm. True to his word Jacob never came so quick again. He spent the next two weeks with Sally locked in their bedroom fucking her senseless for hours. He abused her. He humiliated her. But he did make her cum over and over again.

Today was a new day. Jacob had been given power of attorney over all of Sally’s possessions. He owned her now fully. He was heading into town to make sure that all of his outstanding debts were cleared up. He’d be gone all day. Sally was about to meet his sons şirinevler escort for the first time and to make it worse Katie was supposed to be coming back from Europe today.


Jethro and Nathan called to their father. They were both big burly hillbillies like their father. They just hadn’t shaved their beards or cut their hair like he did to land a wife. They were both wearing filthy overalls with nothing underneath. The three men hugged as Sally was wearing a house dress with her head down waiting to be introduced.

“Boys I want you to meet your new ma.”

They were pretty polite to her which made her feel comfortable. Jacob pushed them all into the kitchen.

“Boys go ahead sit down and relax today. Your ma will take care of ya. Won’t ya Sally gal?”

Sally smiled and nodded shyly. She was a little nervous and uncomfortable but the boys seemed sincerely polite which helped relax her a bit.

“Good. Go ahead and make ’em some breakfast while I go get some things done.”

Sally smiled then turned to cook something. Jacob lifted her house dress. He forcefully bent her over the stove and shoved his fingers into her cunt. He passed his fingers under his nose then licked them.

“Mmmm. Just wanted to take your whore scent with me.”

Sally was incredibly embarrassed as the boys laughed at their pa. She was too embarrassed to even turn around and face the boys. She just cooked them some breakfast silently. After the boys ate they went right to work leaving Sally alone for the first time in two weeks. She thought about running away but realized it would do her no good. Jacob controlled her finances, her business, and her bank account now. She was his and she knew it.

About four hours later a very concerned Katie came racing up the front porch of the farm.

“Mom? Mom are you in here???”


Sally knew this was going to be very difficult to explain but she really didn’t have a choice.

“Mom what the hell are you doing here? I got to the mansion and the servants told me you moved here to this shithole. Mom are you okay? I mean I knew there was going to be changes when you got married but this is really ridiculous. Now I want you to get your things. We’re going back home.”

“I’m afraid I can’t do that Katie.”

The nervousness in Sally’s voice was impossible to disguise.

“Why not mom? What’s wrong with you? What’s going on with you? None of this makes any sense.”

At that moment Nathan and Jethro entered the room.

“What in the hell is all the ruckus here??”

Jethro was obviously irate at Katie’s yelling.

“Who the hell are you missy???”

“Who am I? Who the fuck you? She’s my mother and I want to know why she’s here against her will. I’m taking her home now!”

Katie was absolutely serious. She completely planned on taking her mother back to the mansion. Unfortunately for her the boys had other plans.

“Katie please calm down. These are your new brothers. This is Nathan and this is Jethro.”

Katie looked them over. They looked like two big dirty lumberjacks to her.

“Well well you sure are a pretty thing.”

Nathan stroked Katie’s hair as he eyed her over.

“Yessir she sho is!”

Jethro began holding his crotch as he looked at her. Sally instinctively stepped in.

“Um I’m going to take Katie to my room for a little mother to daughter talk boys. We’ll be back in a bit.”

The boys nodded as Sally whisked her daughter into her bedroom.

“Mom what the hell is going on here? What kind of inbred family did you marry into?”

“Shhhhh. Katie calm down.”

Sally lost control there. She began sobbing like crazy and fell into her daughter’s arms seeking comfort. She cried hysterically as she told Katie everything.

“Oh my god mom how could you let this happen. He controls everything?”

“Well everything except your trust fund. That can’t be touched until you turn 24 but it’s all yours.”

“Mom 24 is still six years away!!!!”

“I know I know…I’m sooo sorrrry…”

Sally bawled further in her daughter’s arms feeling completely humiliated. Just then the door was forcefully opened.

“Well now there you are. I just got back from the city and need me some of that big ass of yours bitchie!”

Jacob loved fucking Sally. At 48 she was still very curvy. Her breasts and ass were both really big and really round and both sagged. It’s one of the things Jacob loved most about her. It was the way her body bounced when he drilled into her.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?!?!”


Jacob backhanded Katie down şişli escort to the ground with one shot.

“You better watch your tone with me little lady. I own you for the next six years so you do as your goddamn told to do. You git me???”

Sally rushed to her daughter’s side.

“YOU BASTARD! You fucking animal! I’ll kill you I sweaaaaaaaiiieee”

Jacob yanked Sally in her moment of bravery.

“I guess you have to be relearned, don’t you???”


Jacob was on a roll. He pulled his leather belt off and in one fell swoop begin whipping both girls into submission. After about ten minutes of working up a sweat Jacob snapped.

“Now then do I have to raise my goddamn voice in this house again Sally bitch????”

Sally shook her head no. She was beaten and humiliated in front of her daughter.

“Good. Now get your fat ass on this bed and get ready for some cock bitch!”

Sally, with tears in her eyes, jumped on the bed. Jacob ravaged her. He tore at her clothes like a lion and drilled into her from behind like a piston. He rolled over on his side and squeezed her tight as he pushed his cock inside her faster and harder.

Katie was about to walk out of the room when Jacob stopped and called to her.

“Where the hell do you think you’re going bitch????? When the fuck did I tell you you could leave???”

Katie was shocked. What more humiliation could she possibly endure?

“Now you get your ass on the foot of the bed and sit down. NOW!!!”

He rammed into Sally at that moment and she let out an inescapable moan.


Katie almost threw up at this. She didn’t know what was worse, watching her mother impaled by a monster cock, or the fact that her mother was obviously enjoying it.

“Oh shit yeah bitch. BOYS GET IN HERE!!!”

It took all of two seconds for Nathan and Jethro to rip their overalls off and jump all over the bed. Before she could blink Katie was being attacked by her step-brothers.

Nathan was holding her shoulders down as Jethro finished ripping her clothes off. Jethro wrapped his arms around her legs and started violently licking her clit and slobbering all over her pussy. His thick beard was roughly grinding her raw the pain was getting to her.

“OWWWWW! Let me go you assholes!!”

“You hear that Pop? This bitch is just downright ungrateful. Ol’ Jethro here is giving her dirty fuckhole a good tongue cleanin’ and she wants us to stop? Whatcha think about that Pop?”

Nathan was smiling as he pushed his big meaty hands down Katie’s body. He was able to move her arms under his knees and so he was holding her down literally with his full weight. What made this better for him was now he could rip and paw at her young nipples.

“I think you’re right son. I think this little whore needs a lesson on how to act ’round here.”

Jethro continued to shove his oversized tongue in and out of Katie. He was licking her all over. He had full control of her lower body as his brother controlled her top. He began sliding his tongue to her asshole and forcing it in. He was able to lift her enough to accomodate his mouth.

“NOOOOO! Not there please!! NOOOOO!”

Whether Katie liked it or not nature eventually takes over. Her pussy began to drizzle her cunt juice until Jethro’s face was covered in it. This made it even easier for Jethro to get his huge tongue in her tiny little asshole.


Katie was beside herself. At this point Jacob decided he’d seen enough. He pulled his cock out of his wife and slapped her across the stomach to the floor.

“Jethro get over there and hold the bitch with your brother.”

“Awww come on Daddy. I want to fuck her first. I got the slut’s holes all wet and everything daddy.”

“Boy I said git. You want me to send you to the barn so you can fuck the sheep all over again???”

“No sir.”

Jethro responded completely dejected. He lowered his head and stood next to his brother. They were each holding her arms down on the bed now as Nathan was forced to move.

“That’s a good boy. Aww don’t look so sad son. I’ll tell you what. You git to fuck yo’ new momma’s ass before your brother? Does that make you happy?”

“Thanks Dad!”

“Aww come on daddy that ain’t fair. He always goes first!”

“Now now Nathan I didn’t forget about you.”

With that he turned to his wife and gave her a menacing stare.

“Bitch git on over there and take my boy’s cock in your dirty old mouth.”

Katie began to struggle at this treatment of her mother.



Jacob let loose the taksim escort violent slaps across Katie’s face. He then reached down and grabbed her throat almost squeezing the life from her body. He turned to his wife again.


Sally didn’t hesitate. She was another person now. She was a person who had been defeated by this man her new owner. She felt like a dog and moved quickly to Nathan. His cock was huge and meaty like his father’s. She didn’t stop this time though. She immediately grabbed it and began sucking on it. It filled her whole mouth. Her eyes were zombie like in that she showed no emotion. She was, however, very much aware of what was going on around her.

“Now then where was I?? Oh yes. I was right fucking here…”

Katie’s hands were wrapped around Jacob’s wrist. His hold on her throat was tight and forceful. She was having trouble breathing and it was the only thing she was focused on now.

Jacob, on the other hand, was ready for this young slut’s cherry. He decided now was the perfect time. In one strong stroke he tore into the young college student as if she were nothing more than a cardboard box. He never released his grip on her throat as he rammed harder and harder into her.


He grunted as his thrusts increased in pace and intensity. He was violent. He was strong. He was fucking her. He was in control.

It took Katie less then 15 of his strokes to release her first orgasm. She was lost in the confusion of the moment. She hated this man. She hated that he touched her. She was crying inside. And yet after all of that her body couldn’t help but respond. She was like a heroin addict who hates drugs and people who use drugs. They curse them right up until they get high. Katie’s body was responding to Jacob’s cock like it was a heroin needle. She didn’t even blink when he spun her over. She just laid there with her hands wrapped under her chest and her ass parted and raised.

Jacob didn’t stop. He was pressed into her and wouldn’t stop fucking her roughly.

“Guess who’s gittin’ pregnant tonight bitch???”

Jacob whispered the words in Katie’s ear but those words had no impact. She was already lost in a haze.

Sally was also lost but in a different way. For some reason she was fixated on Jacob’s face. She was trying to remember the man she’d met with all of the wonderful stories. He was a passionate man who loved her dearly. That man was replaced by this monster. Even now as her two stepsons were fighting to take turns to fuck her cunt she could still only focus on Jacob. She realized now what she hadn’t thought of since they moved to the farm. She still loved him maybe even more now than ever.


Sally’s train of thought was interrupted. Nathan was underneath her and fucking up into her and Jethro finally took his father up on his promise. He lined up behind her and rammed his cock in her asshole. Nathan was sucking her tits and biting them mercilessly and Jethro just kept yanking her hair and head back against his monster cock in her ass.

“Oh fuck I’m gonna cum…”

“Shit I am too!”

The boys couldn’t hold out as they both shot their loads all over the older woman. They collapsed on top of her then slowly peeled themselves off. Her eyes stayed fixed on Jacob who was also about to burst.

“Here it cums bitch…I can feel itttttttttt…”

His voice drifted away as you can see his body shudder. It was clear that he had already cum and was trying desperately to make sure that each and every drop coated the inside of his stepdaughter’s womb.

Jacob peeled himself off of her then laid back on the bed.

“Yup. There’s gonna be another baby ’round here in nine months boys. I ain’t dropped a bad seed yet! Y’all better get ready. Ain’t that right granma??”

Jacob patted Sally on her stomach as he spoke. She nodded as if seeking approval for the first time from her husband. The smile he gave her made being raped by her stepsons and being called ‘granma’ bearable.

Katie just crawled off the bed then curled up into a ball in a corner of the room.

Jethro and Nathan smiled at her as they grabbed their stuff and walked out.

“Don’t worry bitch. You’ll be sleepin with us tonight!”

The boys went back to work on the farm as Jacob laid back on the bed.

“Bitch get over here. You and yo momma are gonna take turns sucking my cock.”

Katie looked up utterly humiliated. She watched as her mother jumped and immediately knealt down to take Jacob’s cock in her mouth. Katie didn’t know what to do.


Katie slowly made her way back to the bed and tried ignoring her mother who was slurping away on Jacob’s cock. She didn’t even fight back when he grabbed the back of her head and pushed her head down to his cock.

He was smiling now as the two rich bitches were taking turns on his cock.

Tomorrow was going to be a good day.

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