New Times: The Homecoming

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It had been more than a year, and the money had been good, too good to pass up, but I had paid a price. I was away from my family the entire time, and, when I finally returned to them, there were some surprises. My wife Trish filled me in on the way back from the airport.

“We have two adult daughters now, Bob,” Trish informed me, “and they have made up their minds about their lifestyles.”

“What do you mean?” I asked. “What lifestyles are you talking about?” I still had a picture in my mind of my two little girls, well, maybe not so little now. Amy was eighteen and Lisa was nineteen.

“We decided to adopt that family sex plan that we both discussed in the past, you remember, that Professor Nusselheim’s idea.” Trish put a soothing hand on my leg, steering the car with her other hand. As her soft fingers caressed my thigh sensuously, she continued, “Our daughters have deep needs, but they don’t want to involve themselves in the dating scene just yet with any pimply faced boys with sweaty hands. They want to relax and find comfort within our family. When I casually mentioned Nusselheim’s ideas, both Amy and Lisa were fascinated about what they were hearing. I explained it all to them.”

“So then the three of you decided…”

“That’s right,” Trish interjected. “just the three of us together, but now you are back at home. Do you want to join in, or are you going to make a fuss about what we have been doing?”

I sat next to Trish silently for a moment, gazing at the passing scenery, still familiar after so many months away. When I departed, my little girls had been very conservative, even prudish. Now I knew they were involved with each other and with their own mother, enjoying incestuous intimacies. I tried to picture all of them naked together, but my mind remained confused. “Well,” I said, “I never rejected the idea, but the girls had no interest in boys or dating when I left. How did they become so horny so quickly?”

“They realized that their hard work in high school paid off. They have, as I have written to you, both been granted generous scholarships at the college. Nevertheless, they knew they have been deprived too. So now, first one, then the other, decided that they needed some closeness, some relief for those drives that they ignored and thwarted for years.”

“If this is what you three want, then I’ll try to fit in,” I replied, but I still had qualms about the whole business. We turned our conversation to other household matters as we neared our semi-rural homestead. Just before we pulled into our long driveway, my wife dropped another little piece of news on me.

“You’ll notice that our attire in the privacy of our home and yard,” she said, “has become somewhat abbreviated.”

“In what way?” I responded.

“The two girls and I have become nudists too.”

“I think that is going to embarrass me, Trish,” I said, already feeling growing pressure inside my pants, “I’m certain that I will be walking around with a big hard prick sticking out most of the time.”

I saw her smile. “That doesn’t mean you’re a bad person.”

Trish pulled up to the open garage door, but did not pull the car inside. As I got out, I looked to see my two daughters emerge from the back door of the house. They were, thankfully, dressed in shorts and tops, so I did not become more stimulated than I was already. Lisa got to me first. As she wrapped her arms around me, I could see and feel that she probably had no underwear on. I was soon so busy kissing her and Lisa and trying to answer their questions that my partly swollen dick subsided.

Everyone helped with my luggage, and we carried it into the house in one trip. The chattering never ceased, and it seemed each was so busy asking her questions that she never noticed that I had already provided the answer earlier to another person.

“Enough already!” Trish exclaimed. “Give daddy a break. He just got home. We have plenty of time to catch up with each other.”

“Why don’t we relax in the spa,” Lisa suggested. “We can take it easy and chill out.”

“Yes, daddy,” Amy added. “you’ll like our new spa. You haven’t seen it yet. It’s so great! Thank you so much for letting us buys it.”

I hesitated, quickly realizing the implications of a session in the spa with my family and its newly adopted ways. I looked at Trish, and she nodded her head subtly and smiled. Yes, we would be all naked in the water.

“It does sound good, honey,” my wife said.

I decided then and there to go along with them, to attempt to join the new lifestyle. “OK,” I said, grinning agreeably, still wondering what the rest of the day would bring.

After carrying some of my bags upstairs, I disrobed and returned to the kitchen. Trish was preparing a tray of snacks. She had already stripped, and, walking up behind her, I admired her wide hips, firm butt, and curvaceous legs. I could feel my cock begin to enlarge. It had been a long time. Her sexy, feminine body was so exciting. I needed it badly. topkapı escort

“The girls already brought the drinks out,” she informed me and carried her tray out the door, deliberately ignoring my thickened penis. I followed, my eyes fixed to her buttocks, sexily gyrating as she walked.

Sue and Lisa were already in the water. Their eyes went to my partly erect cock, swinging proudly as a walked, and then to my face. Their breasts were mostly beneath the water level, and the afternoon sunlight, glancing off the water, prevented my seeing much as I neared the spa. I slid into the water, a bit embarrassed by my nudity in front of my young daughters. I also noticed that their eyes were still absorbing the details of my naked body.

“Daddy,” said Amy, “you must have been working out a lot while you were away. You look really great.” It was true. I had worked long hours, but, having limited recreational outlets, I had exercised more than usual.

“Yes, daddy,” Lisa added, “You are really a sexy hunk!”

“Thanks, girls,” I replied, not used to my little girls evaluating my body. I knew that they had been evaluating my swollen cock too. With this family sex business, they were both anticipating having my prick buried in them. I glanced at Trish and saw that she was grinning broadly.

We sat in the warm water, sipping the sangria the girls had mixed. I nibbled some cheese and fruit. I began mellowing out; all the tensions of my arduous journey melted away. As we soaked and chatted, I noticed that Amy and Lisa had moved closer together. Lisa lifted her arm out of the water and put it around her sister. Amy relaxed against her sister’s shoulder. I suspected that beneath the liquid surface, subtle, sisterly caresses were occurring. The conversation flagged to quiet musings as the alcohol relaxed us.

“Do you mind if we leave you two now?” Lisa asked. “Maybe daddy and mommy would like to be alone.” As she waited for our answer, her sister turned her face and kissed Lisa on the cheek.

“No, go ahead,” I replied, your mom and I will stay here and…” I felt Trish’s hand slide along my naked thigh. I had urgent needs to be fulfilled. The thought of my daughters’ nakedness so close and my sexy wife pressing against me had increased my sexual tension enormously.

Lisa and Amy rose from the water. I watched the wetness run off their nubile bodies, drip off the full breasts, flow through the trimmed thatch of their pubic mounds. They smiled at me as they applied towels to themselves and then walked across the deck to the house, their youthful hips undulating sexily as the disappeared from view. I was hard as iron. Only my own urgent need kept me from thinking about that my daughters would soon be making love.

“Oh god, Trish,” I groaned. “It has been so long, so very long.”

“I’m going to take care of you right now, baby,” Trish promised, and her soft hand slid up my leg and gripped my erect dick. She felt so good.

“I need you so badly,” I whispered hoarsely, “I think that I am going to explode any minute now.”

“Get up here on the edge, Bobby… that’s right… relax now,” Trish urged as I seated myself on the edge of the spa. “Oh yeah, baby,” she sighed as she saw my huge erection, “I need this too, but you are too excited right now, so I need to relax you a little and take the pressure off you.” Her hand stroked my manhood gently, making it throb.

“Oh, honey, that feels so good,” I moaned in delight. Trish squeezed my stiff prick, making the bulbous head swell even more. I knew that it would not take much effort to make me spout a geyser my semen high into the air. I needed release so much.

Seated on the ledge just beneath me, Trish looked up and me and smiled lasciviously. She licked her lips and without further hesitation leaned over my pulsating cock. Concealed by her bowed head, my cock entered her eager mouth. I could feel her slide it deep into her as she sucked it vigorously. She allowed it to slip out with a lewd, slurping sound.

“I’m going to suck you off,” she promised. I groaned, almost in agony now. “I’m going to make you come in my mouth. I want to drink your cum.”

I watched her wanton face bend over me again and groaned as she took me deeper into her, somehow swallowing my bulging glans, using the muscles of her throat to massage it. She let my erection slide out partly, but then used her tongue to swab across the smooth head. Her fingers now began to pump the shaft gently, but quickly. I looked down to watch Trish’s head rise and fall over my aching prick. I cried out in ecstasy.

Trish’s head and hand moved more quickly now, and I could sense the suction her lips were applying to my cock. I could feel my seed boiling up inside me and groaned, “Oh god, I’m coming… I’MMM… COMMMINNGG!” The first jet was so violent that it was almost painful. It must have slammed into Trish’s throat, and she uttered a low moan while gulping it down. Repeatedly my cock spurted tuzla escort its thick semen into her mouth. When the flow abated, my wife reached up and pressed my balls lightly with her hot, wet hand, as if to squeeze out every last drop of my milky seed.

Trish held my cock in her mouth, occasionally running her tongue over it as I wilted, quite overcome by the enormous outpouring of my semen. Finally, she let me slip out and looked up at me. She licked her lips. “That was a big load. I almost choked on it, but I knew that you would pour your seed into me, and I was ready for you.” She leaned down and kissed my limp prick lovingly. “Let’s switch places; I need you to take the edge off my own deep hunger.”

Soon I was seated on the ledge, my face inches from my wife’s neatly trimmed pussy. Her legs were spread open in her eagerness while she leaned back against some cushions. My need was as great as hers. Thank goodness, I thought, that she sucked my off first, or I would have blown my load while I ate her sexy cunt. I began by kissing her wet inner thighs.

“Oh god, baby, not too much teasing,” Trish gasped. “Sucking you off turned my on so much I’m just about there. Go for it!” She reached down and pulled my head to her waiting snatch. “Please, baby, eat me.”

I ran my tongue up and down between her outer lips, driving in deeper and harder with each pass. I began to circle a wet finger around her vaginal opening. As my tongue began to touch her swollen clitoris, I inserted first one and then a second finger into her love hole.

“Mmmm… mmmmm… mmmmmm, oh god, yes,” Trish murmurred softly as her sexy pelvis began to undulate against my face. “Oh, Bobby… you really know how to eat a woman… oh yes, just like that,” she moaned. She lifted her curvy legs and draped them across my back, urging my closer, deeper.

I loved her pussy so much. My tongue delved into her inner pinkness, driving gasps of pleasure from her lips. Although her pussy was already clamping down on the two fingers inside her, I slipped a third finger deep into her vagina, feeling her grip me tightly. I knew that later she would be holding my hard cock inside her with the same tight grasp. I began to move my fingers in and out as best I could within that close cuntal press. I sucked on her erect clit with lips and tongue.

“Ooooo… ooooooo… ooooooo,” Trish moaned and drove her cunt into my face while pressing against the back of my head. “Ooooooo… I’m… coming… commminnnggg!” she cried out. “Oh shit… it’s… SO… GOOOOOD!”

I was locked between her taut, quivering thighs almost unable to breath, but I licked and finger-fucked her, gently prolonging her after glow. Trish slowly relaxed and settled down onto the cushions and the wet deck. Freed at last, I kissed her soft inner thighs and licked the tangy, womanly cum from my face. I looked up at her and saw one eye slowly open to a slit. Her lips curved into a smile. It was going to be a long night, a very long night.

After a few days the edge had been taken off my hunger. I was surprised that neither daughter had tried to take advantage of the family sex agreement yet, so I finally asked Trish about it.

“Oh, don’t worry,” she said. “They wanted me to have first access to you. I know that they have been keeping each other entertained while we have been fucking like bunnies.”

That weekend, Lisa had been invited out of town to visit a college girlfriend at a summer cottage. Amy had spent Saturday in a tennis tournament and came home too exhausted to eat supper, but she did have a nice second place trophy. Trish and I began to make out like teenagers in the living room, knowing that our youngest daughter was fast asleep in her room. Trish and I were giving each other a sensuous mutual massage; it was so fine that I could barely keep my eyes open. Whenever I did open my eyes, I was looking at Trish’s tanned belly and the twin, creamy globes of her breasts, as her fingers dug into the muscles of my shoulders. She was straddling me and, glancing along my damp body, I could just barely see the soft fur of her cunt rubbing on my stomach. Totally absorbed by my kneading of her firm, round buttocks and thighs, my wife was purring, enjoying my hands with her own eyes closed.

I heard a faint noise. Moving my head slightly, I saw in the doorway, our younger daughter. Amy, my little daughter, now with a adult, womanly body, had been watching us begin to make love, looking at our naked flesh and probing fingers, seeing my erect penis and her mother’s eager pussy as we two entwined in erotic rapture. Our little girl had been observing us in the incipient moment of or coital ecstasy.

Amy gazed at us with fascination, her own hands touching herself, one on a firm boob, and the other pressing between her maidenly legs. As I looked, a slender finger snaked into her cleft, and she spread her legs apart to ease its entry into her pussy. Over the past few days I had ample time to enjoy her pendik escort girlish beauty, her long, auburn hair cascading around her shoulder, her feminine, delicately flared pelvis, and her long slender legs. I said nothing, but secretly divided my attention between Trish and Amy. It was not wrong letting her watch, being just another aspect of our new family love.

Trish sensed there was a new element. Her eyes were open, and, when I glanced again at our daughter, Trish looked too, but she only smiled. My cock was now hard, not only from our foreplay, but from my own incestuous thoughts about my daughter. I felt the slight undulations of Trish’s hips on my stomach as she rubbed her wet cunt on me. Still straddling me, she leaned forward and let her nipples brush against my lips. I sucked and kissed each one, feeling its size and hardness increase between my lips. Her hand reached around behind and its long fingers teased my cock.

Trish whispered, “You want her, don’t you? You want to fuck your own little daughter.” I nodded my agreement. “It’s time then,” she said. I want you to take Amy tonight. You know that I’ve had them on birth control pills for weeks, waiting for this moment, so you could all fuck whenever you wanted. You can pump your cum into your daughters anytime you need them.”

Trish rose from me, lifting a leg over my head. I could see her own pussy was glistening with her dew. She walked to the doorway where our daughter stood. Trish hugged Amy, and they began kissing. I lay naked on the thick rug with the cushions scattered about me, watching my wife and daughter kiss and caress each other for several minutes, knowing that they had enjoyed each other many times while I had been away.

This was not the first time that our daughters had seen us since my return. Even that first day, when I was sucking on Trish’s pussy at the spa, I thought that I had seen a curtain move in an upper window. Our two daughters had been looked at us, watching their mother give their father a blow job and their father eat out their mother. I could remember our lovemaking on other occasions. Even as I felt the walls of Trish’s tight pussy grip me, I could feel youthful eyes on us. When I mentioned my suspicions to Trish, she smiled and said, “They are merely curious and want to learn.”

After a while it was nothing. Trish would offer her wide hips to me as she knelt on the floor, and I would take her from behind, sliding my hard cock deep into her slick, juicy twat, feeling it tighten around my erection as though to milk my vital juices from me. Or she would mount me, straddling my hips with her firm, curvaceous thighs. She would feed my manly pole up inside herself, gripping me with her vagina as effectively as with her hands. Rocking back and forth, she would dangle her tits in my face while her cunt drained me, her vaginal muscles rippling along my cock once its full length was deeply embedded within her. At those moments I was hers, and my illicit thoughts of fucking my daughters would be pushed aside. I was taken by the passion of our coupling.

My eyes were closed. I was almost half asleep, thinking of the wanton deeds yet to be completed. Trish pulled on my cock. I recalled where I was, lying on the soft love bed on the floor with two women needing my attention. Then I felt Trish’s fingers joined by others and saw that both mother and daughter were kneeling next to me.

Recalling the amazing orgasms of our voyeuristic joinings, I knew that I would soon be entering a new level. The dim light of the small lamp we had left burning lit up the nude bodies of the two women, mother and daughter. Next to each other now, my brain could compare them: the fresh, almost innocent face of Amy and the mature beauty of Trish. The full richness of my wife’s somewhat pendulant breasts contrasted with the full, firm orbs of my daughter. Mother and daughter: a mature woman fucked many times in the past and the emerging woman of an imminent coupling.

Breaking the silence, Trish announced, “Amy wants you now. She wants you to make her a woman.”

“But what about you?” I replied. “We were right in the middle.”

“Don’t worry; we’ll deal with that. Focus on her.”

“Daddy, I want to feel your penis inside me,” Amy said.

I had wanted to talk seriously to my daughters, to say something to them about the new relationship, but our conversations were only about the general premises of Nusselheim’s ideas. Lisa and Amy had seemingly accepted whatever would occur. They understood that our fucking would be for relief and comfort, not for reproduction. We would join because of our mutual affection and love, not to make babies. Never, as we touched on the subject, did I see any sign of embarrassment, guilt, or reluctance, only their acceptance.

Now I put my hands on naked skin. Neither one drew back, but instead leaned over me and kissed me. My daughter knew I was there now for her own pleasure, a gift from her mother, who knelt beside her, urging her to accept this as a natural event. I wanted to press myself against my daughter, to clasp her in an incestuous embrace. Clearly, both of us had come to terms with the intimacy she was about to enjoy in those few days since my arrival. I slowly had developed an uncontrollable urge to share myself with her.

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