Nocturnal Love Ch. 05

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Big Tits

It had been almost two months since Peggy and Maggie flew back to Kansas.

Rory and the rest of his little family were hoping they would return to their island paradise soon.

Maggie had missed her period soon after they got back to the middle of the country, but it had come to her a week later and all their hopes came crashing down.

Anna proposed that she stop taking the pill and let Rory get her pregnant but she and her father fucked almost as much as she and Rory did and Mark asked her to keep taking birth control daily. He didn’t want to father his own grandchild and he didn’t want to stop fucking his daughter.

Rory and his mother got to make love when Anna was sleeping with Mark. Anna would sometimes go up the path to Rory and Janey’s place and sleep in the big bed with both of them.

Rory loved to watch Anna and Janey locked in a passionate sixty-nine. Or to just see them kissing with their jiggling boobs rubbing against each other while one of them used the new strapon Anna had found in a shop in Kona on the other.

When the fake dick was withdrawn from his mother’s twat, he’d replace it with the real thing and fuck her until he shot his sperm inside of her. Anna would feel the need for some protein and would eat the juice from Janey’s cunt.

She loved to recount these experiences to her daddy while he poked her with his hard cock. It always got him going to imagine his girlfriend, Janey with her legs spread wide while his daughter ate her cunt. He would cum explosively inside of his little girl with those images playing in his head.

They heard from the women in Kansas that the house had sold and their possessions were all packed and being shipped to Hawaii in a container that would arrive in about a month. They had even fit their car into the container so they would have transportation soon after they got there. Rory gallantly offered to be their chauffer until their stuff arrived.

Everyone knew the true purpose for his offer. Most of his sperm would be spent inside of Maggie but they were all sure that Peggy would be getting fucked when she could.

Janey and Anna didn’t begrudge the women Rory’s cock. Mark could take care of them both just fine.

Since their house sold, the Hawaii house contingent offer came through but there wouldn’t be anything in the place when the two women got to the island. Since they had made a tidy profit on the sale, they were able to rent the same vacation rental when they arrived.

Their volunteer chauffeur was at the airport when they landed and they were all back in familiar surroundings within an hour.

Peggy said that she would go for a walk in the beautiful sunshine and changed from her travel outfit. With walking shoes tied, she struck out for a couple of hour fast walk.

Moments after the door closed, Rory was helping his lover Maggie out of her travel outfit. She donned no other clothing and Rory was soon naked with her.

“I’m sorry that you didn’t get pregnant from our time together two months ago.” Rory said. “Not too sorry though.” He kissed her and pressed her backward onto the bed, sliding between her knees as she spread wide to accommodate him. Maggie grabbed his penis and stroked it a few times, then guided it toward her moist pussy.

They both expressed their pleasure as he penetrated her. No pretense of gentle lovemaking was present and they started fucking fast and hard. Rory squeezed her tits as he thrust into her repeatedly and when she came, he groaned his own climax, painting the walls of her vagina with hot sperm.

He withdrew and rolled to his back but his cock stayed hard. As soon as she caught her breath, Maggie straddle his hips and welcomed him back into her depths. Rocking and sliding up and down his length, she fucked him slower than before until it was time for them both to climax together again.

Maggie and Rory were still asleep and wrapped together when Peggy came back to the house. She went to the other room and stripped off her clothes and slid into the bed. She would nap and hope that Rory would come to her and cum in her. It was nice to have a young energetic man with an experienced dick around.

Rory had gotten up to pee and as he shook off the last drops, he heard “RooooReeee” from the other bedroom. He hadn’t heard Peggy come back but he went and peeked into the room and Peggy said. “Would you like to fuck your girlfriend’s mother? Or maybe your lover’s wife? How about your mother’s lover?”

“You mean my friend Mark’s ex-wife?” Rory chuckled as he walked into the room with his dick growing.

“Fuck whichever one you want.”

“Want to be my little doggie too?” He said as he rolled her to her front side. Peggy did a fair imitation of a pleading whine as she got onto all fours and wagged her ‘tail’.

Rory rubbed her belly and then groped her tits as he positioned himself behind her. She spread wider and then splayed her nether lips with two fingers. The young man’s cock found her hole and he went in all the way.

“Yes. topkapı escort Fuck me Rory. Fuck all of us. I’ve licked your mother’s pussy. Sucked your girlfriend’s tits. I’ve had your friend Mark’s cock just like I’m having yours now. You probably just got my wife preggers too.”

Rory couldn’t help but speed up his thrusting and Peggy’s tits swayed with the action. “Hold my boobs before they give me a black eye.”

He squeezed her mammaries hard as he sped up more, trying to cum for the third time in a few hours.

“Un. Uh. Fuck. Cum baby. Cum with me.” He panted and as he felt her start to shudder, he released a small stream of semen into her.

They lay panting and he finally managed to say, “You girls are going to kill me off. I will die very happy though.”

“I just needed one good screw Baby. Maggie needs you to breed her. She’s been so down since she got her period that we barely fucked while we were away.”

“She did seem pretty ready. We had two quick hard fucks while you were out walking. Did you go down the beach?”

“Yeah. Really nice. I can hardly believe we live here now. I want to watch you two fuck each other sometime soon.”

“Oh, you must be Anna’s mother. She’s a big voyeur too.”

Anna and Janey needed Mark. Janey invited them to her house for dinner. After they ate, they all went to the big bed that was usually occupied by Janey and Rory. Anna kissed the other woman for a bit and then rolled her toward the man. She watched Mark get on top and slide his dick into her.

Anna’s hand went between her legs and her middle finger, lubed by her pussy juice, circled her clit at the same pace that her father fucked Janey. Anna moved in closer and Mark reached out to rub her tits never missing a stroke into the woman under him.

“Oh Daddy. Don’t you love fucking Janey? I love using the strapon with her. Our titties rub together. So soft. Nipples hard. Uh. Gonna cum. Daddy!”

Mark sped up and Janey grunted as he thrust into her harder and harder. Listening to Anna had pushed both of them to the brink and their orgasms hit one right after the other.

Mark and Anna held Janey and they all slept for a time. In the night Anna moved in between Janey and Mark and her father fucked her gently and filled her with cum.

With their new house still being empty, the women decided it would be a good time for a fresh coat of paint in most of the rooms. After deciding on a color scheme, the paint was ordered and when the store had all of the colors mixed, they got started. Somehow, they all had the same days off that week and the men were asked to paint the higher parts of the house including the ceiling.

As they progressed from room to room. The women began doing the walls and the trim where it was necessary.

The house had a nice lanai with a couple of built in benches. When no one could find Rory and Maggie in the house, Anna looked outside and saw Maggie with her hands braced on the bench. Her shorts and panties were around her feet in a bunch and Rory had shed his lower clothing entirely. Anna whispered to the others and they all stood in the doorway while Janey’s son poked Peggy’s wife from behind. When the final throes were reached, Rory unleashed a torrent of sperm laden semen into his lover and everyone watched the excess run down her thighs.

Anna came out and licked Rory’s softening prick, getting it nice and clean and then she washed the dripping goo from Maggie’s thighs.

The work resumed and the next to be missing were Mark and Janey. The same bench was employed except Janey was on her back and Mark fucked her energetically. Her tits were jiggling up and down and Anna came out again to hold them in place while she and Janey kissed. When Mark finished inside of Janey, Anna went down on her and made her cum while getting her nice and clean. She cleaned her daddy’s cock too then the painting continued.

By the end of the next day, the house had a completely new look and Peggy and Maggie were very pleased. The others had a nice sense of accomplishment.

A week after the painting party, Maggie should have started her period but it didn’t come. She waited another week before she even told Peggy. She made her promise not to tell the others for a month. They made love that night and Peggy speculated about having lactating breasts in their house. She kissed her wife’s nipples and licked her tits all over.

“You’ll have to save some for the baby. Rory said he wants some too.”

“One baby, two tits. There’ll be enough I’m sure. You know Rory’s going to keep trying to breed you until we tell him that you’re probably pregnant.”

Maggie got a glint in her eyes and said. “I think I can live with that but you can fuck him more often too you know.”

“You’ll have enough milk, and we both know he has enough cum in him to satisfy both of us.”

“Never knew what I was missing.” Maggie smiled.

Rory was home with Janey. They talked about what tuzla escort had been happening the past couple of weeks. Rory worried that Janey wasn’t gettin’ enough. She assured him that with Anna and Mark close by, she was being satisfied regularly.

“So, you don’t miss my cock?” Rory seemed a bit hurt when he asked this.

“Of course, I do Honey.” Janey kissed her son and ran her hand over the growing bulge in his shorts. “You’re doing a nice thing for our little weird family though. I hope it’s not too much of a burden.” She went to her knees in front of him and snaked his cock out of his shorts.

“Oh Mom. I miss us being together but I think I love Maggie almost as much as I love you and Anna. Uh.” This last was in response to hitting the back of her throat. “Fuck Mom. Those women hardly ever suck my cock. Maggie wants to get pregnant and Peggy needs fucked whenever we can be together. Oh, that’s good Mom.”

Janey sucked him for as long as it took and was rewarded with a nice load of her son’s creamy cum.

She swallowed and wiped the corners of her mouth. “Your Mommy loves you best doesn’t she Honey?”

“Yes Mommy. You’re the best cocksucker ever.”

“I think you’re the best motherfucker too baby.” She spread for him and he hardened enough to slide into her cunt. He hardened more as soon as he felt her warm wet pussy gripping him. Having just cum, he was able to fuck her to three nice long orgasms before feeling the need to shoot inside of her.

They were panting beside each other and when Janey finally caught her breath, she asked Rory, “do you think that you’ve managed to get Maggie pregnant yet?”

“Well if it hasn’t happened yet, something is probably wrong. I’m not too curious though. I’m getting a lot of pussy from those two women. Maggie said that I’d get some milk when I sucked her tits after the baby comes. I’d get hard just thinking about it except you seem to have used me up for the moment.”

“Do you and Anna screw much these days? I know she’s sleeping in her dad’s bed most nights. I join them sometimes. Felt them getting it on beside me a few nights ago.”

“Mark’s taking good care of her I think. I still see her at the café sometimes. I still love her and love how kinky this whole thing is. When conception is complete, things will get back to ‘normal weird’ I hope.”

Nobody would call Rory unintelligent. His bosses and customers at the hardware store were amazed by the amount he knew about the products and their use. He could hold his own in conversations with almost anyone. His knowledge about women was a bit more limited however. He had been sleeping with his mother for years and his relationship with Anna had taught him some new things. He didn’t know anything about women getting pregnant except how it happened.

When Maggie’s tits felt larger in his hands and they seemed firmer and the nipples stood out a bit stiffer, he didn’t even think about her being pregnant.

It had been about three weeks since she had talked to her wife about missing her period and the only changes she could see was the difference in her boobs. No belly swelling or anything else overt.

She was a bit more tired but when she was with Rory in bed, she was just as enthusiastic and still seemed like she was trying to conceive. Rory loved the change in her breasts and kept trying his best to shoot as much sperm into her as he could.

After she fell into an exhausted sleep, he would go to Peggy in the other room and help her out. One night he was between her thighs with his tongue lashing across her clit.

“Finger my butt Baby. Make me cum hard.”

Rory lubed up a couple of fingers in her twat and slid them against her tight asshole.

“Uh. Ung. That’s it.”

He slid his tongue deep into her hot tunnel and fingered her pucker harder. Peggy squirted with a snort and a high-pitched squeal.

“Oh, that was a big one Honey. Your mother told me about ‘good boy sex’ Are you ‘up’ for a bit of that?”

“You want to take a backdoor delivery from me?”

“Your mom said you’d be the right guy to take my anal cherry. I’ve had fingers and small dildos up there but never a cock. Just wait here.”

Peggy got off the bed and went to the small bag in the corner. When she picked it up, the strapon fell to the floor with a clunk. “Shit.” She said, then fished out a bottle of gel lubricant from the bag and shoved the rubber cock back in.

Peggy returned to the side of the bed and handed the lube to Rory. He took it and got off the bed. He rubbed her shoulders and bent her toward the bed. She reached out and braced her hands on the sheets. Rory pumped some of the slick stuff onto his fingers and rubbed it onto her sphincter, fingering her until the tightness relaxed a bit. He then slathered his hard dick with another gob and rubbed it all over his shaft.

The clunk of the strapon had woken Maggie and she figured she’d better get up and pee. She noticed that Rory was gone and figured he had pendik escort made his way to where Peggy slept. She sat down to pee and let her stream go with a sigh, then she heard a grunt then another and then a moan. She finished draining her bladder and listened.

“Uh. Fuck. That feels. Oh Rory. Are you in all the way?”

“Not yet. Uhn. Uhn. Oh, all in now. So tight.”

Maggie got off the toilet quietly and tiptoed to the door of the other bedroom. Peeking in, she saw her wife bent at the waist with the young man behind her. It didn’t look like he was fucking her pussy and that was confirmed when Peggy moaned. “You like my ass Honey?”

“Yes.” Rory grunted. “You ready to fuck now?”

“Do it. Fuck my ass. Uhn. Oh God.” Then Peggy’s hand went between her legs and her fingers circled her clit.

Maggie found her own hand was in the same position and she fantasized about having Rory’s cock in her butthole.

As the couple really got going, the noise level increased. This gave Maggie a chance to grunt and moan too.

“Rory, Baby. I’m gonna cum. Gonna cum with your dick up my ass. Cum in my butt Baby. Shoot it into me. Ooooooh.”

“Uh. Here it comes Peg. Oh Fuuuuck.”

Maggie had a leg shaking orgasm as she watched Rory cum into her wife’s asshole. She barely had the strength in her legs to walk back to the room where Rory had fucked her earlier. She lay there and thought about doing the same thing with him that she had just seen her wife do.

The couple stayed coupled for a minute, then Rory disengaged and headed to the bathroom to wash his hands and his spent cock.

Maggie pretended to be asleep when he crawled back into the bed beside her.

Peggy and Maggie were alone in the rental. Rory had to work the early shift. “So, you still got his cum running out of your ass?”

“Were you being voyeuristic last night?”

“You sounded like you had fun.”

“Janey told me it was called ‘good boy sex’. He has been pretty nice to us, lately hasn’t he?”

“Oh God yes.” Maggie moaned as if she was cumming. “I think we’ve both enjoyed having him around, under and on top. Ha ha. I’m kind of looking forward to rewarding him myself.”

He’ll suspect that you’re finally knocked up if you offer him a different place to dump his sperm. He won’t even let me blow him. Says he has to save it for you. He has been fucking me ’til I cum though. He’ll cum inside of me then.”

“Maybe we should tell him, you could just fuck my ass with the strapon though.” She kissed Peggy and rubbed her tits onto the other woman’s chest.

“It has been a month since you told me that you were late. That must make five weeks since he got you pregnant. You are going to start to show soon. Your tits are giving you away. Rory might not be that savvy about women’s bodies though.”

“OK, let’s make him a nice dinner tonight and I’ll start sucking him off. When he asks about where his cum is going I’ll tell him we’re good to go and that I want to take his load down my throat.” Maggie said.

An hour later they got a call that said that their container would be dropped at their beach house the next morning. They were ecstatic. They would have all of their possessions and a car too.

Sadly, they would have to let Rory go back to his Mother and Anna. Soon though they would have a baby to care for and Rory would be around to help with everything. Including horny women.

When Rory got to the rental after work, the two women had made Mahi-mahi and rice and assorted fresh veggies and a big fruit salad for dessert. As they ate they told Rory that the container was on the island and would be delivered tomorrow morning. Rory looked a bit disappointed that he would no longer be driving them around. He said that he would gladly help them set up the house and get the container emptied out as soon as possible.

Dishes were cleaned up and put away. Maggie and Peggy had been putting the rental back in order so they could leave it tomorrow and the owner would be able to rent it out again soon.

Maggie took Rory into her bed and as soon as they were both naked and cuddling together and moved down the bed and took him on her mouth. Maggie was doing a great job with her tongue and when she touched his asshole, he said. “Hold on Maggie. You’re gonna get it in your mouth if you’re not careful. I can get into your pussy really quick.”

“It’s OK baby. Give Mommy a mouthful. We’re pregnant. Maggie took him right back into her mouth and Rory groaned out as he came.

“That was a nice surprise.” Rory smiled as Maggie swallowed his cream down.

She burped and excused herself. “We may need to explore ‘good boy sex’ someday soon.”

“I’m up for that.” Rory looked at his flaccid penis. “Well I will be.”

Maggie laughed and hugged him.

‘Weird normal’ returned to the three couples. Janey and Rory drove to work together most days with one or the other of them killing time at the café. Anna was always glad to see either one of them. Mark and Anna welcomed one or both of their neighbors to their home and couples would switch back and forth as the mood struck.

Rory visited Peggy and Maggie often as the pregnancy progressed. He helped build the crib from the kit that the two women bought and did some preemptive childproofing too.

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