Not Your Typical Family Ch. 01

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Big Tits

The Beginning

For the last three years, I have been having the time of my life. If someone had told me that I would have two willing, obedient, sexy, cock hungry sluts to dominate; I would have asked them what they were smoking and profusely denied having any of those thoughts. It really started some 30 years before I came into existence.

My dad, a well-liked lawyer in a prestigious law firm based out of the District of Columbia. He attended Johns Hopkins University, the School of Public Health, and Hopkins Law School with honors in all three of his degrees. He graduated with three degrees at the tender age of 28. He had about three weeks before starting with the firm and be a researcher until he passed the bar in Maryland, DC, and Virginia; which he did within four months. His specialty was Public Health and other medical cases, he did become well known for handling a multiple type cases and winning. Mostly, they were medical issues from vehicle accidents, but he also dealt with job related accidents where the employee was injured. He was very good at these type of cases and rose quickly in the ranks of the firm. It was around five years later that he meets Mom; already purchased a house on the Severn River overlooking the bay; Chesapeake Bay. His one passion before Mom was Sailing, he had the boat slip built for several boats and two being sailboats. His favorite boat was the 41 foot Morgan Out Island with inlaid teak decking, named “Hypnosis”. It was immaculate and clean full complement of sails — I would later learn from him how to sail — and he would often sleep on the boat sitting in the slip. His other two boats, a C which he used for touring the bay in the summer, and last, his 26 foot Well Craft motorboat, named “Transcendence” that he would use for fishing in the bay.

It was one summer afternoon, as told to me, where he attended a singles mixer at the local yacht club near where he lived. He meets Mom, she was a cute slim blonde woman around 21, and she thought he was a handsome young attorney living the single life without a real companion to fill the void. For him it was love at first sight, she took a little longer. After spending some time together at the social, Dad asked her out on a date for the following evening. Which turned into daily meetings for lunch, dinner, picnic outings, and other events. Finally, after six months of dating Dad finally took Mom out on “Hypnosis”. She caught the fever of sailing, from that point on she would ask when he was going sailing next and if she could come along. Somewhere around the fourth weekend of sailing, they were sailing up and down the bay having fun, laughing, and enjoying the moderate breeze coming from offshore. As night fell, dad found a secluded cove and anchored the boat. Prepared a dinner of grilled steaks, home-made steak fries, asparagus, and bottle of his favorite zinfandel. After dinner he set off some fireworks to impress her, while he did these things to win her over; she had already been won over on the second date, but she didn’t tell him; he had been a perfect gentleman not asking or assuming more than a quick kiss after their dates were finished.

Mom finally had had enough she was horny as hell and wanted dad to fuck her — as she put — until the cows came home on the second day. She leaned over and kissed Dad passionately letting him know she was primed and ready for anything he wanted to do. As the kiss progressed and got rather heated Dad pulled away. Mom didn’t understand and didn’t say anything about him pulling away from their passionate kiss. Dad on the other hand, planned it like this, he wanted to know if Mom would say something or just be silent and submissive — which turned out to be correct. This is when he revealed himself to her.

“Ms. Champion, Pauline, I have a confession to make to you. I not been totally honest about why I have brought you out here to this isolated cove and on my sailboat with no way to escape except by swimming.” Cocking her head slightly to the side Mom replied “How so, Mr. Cooper, Reginald? I have wanted to fuck you, make love to you, to be naked with you. I will do whatever you ask of me, Mr. Reginald Cooper!”

“Do you Trust me?”

“Yes, with my life!”

“Will you do as I ask you without questioning?”

“Reginald! What is it you want of me? Stop pussy footing around! Just come and tell me.”

“Do you agree or disagree with my previous statement! Will you do as I ask without questioning or hesitation?”

“Yes, Reginald. Yes”

“Then stand up and follow me to the fore peak.”

“Step up here and put your back against the mast. Raise your arms and grasp the steel wires.” Mom did just that and Dad proceeded to tie her in place. He secured her hands and ankles to the shrouds. Spread eagle in her bikini and dripping with anticipation. Her nipples, hard as pencil erasers, were standing out about a half an inch, her breathing was quick and shallow, Dad slide beside her touching her lightly across her breast, circling her nipples. She gasped for air, letting out a moan.

Whispering beşiktaş escort in her ear “You will be my slave tonight. As my slave you must follow all my commands without hesitation or questioning. Do you understand my slave?” Mom just moaned and shook her head up and down.

“I don’t understand head bobbing. You have a voice use it! Tell me what you want! Tell me what you need!”

“Reginald I will be your slave tonight. I want to be used and I need you to use me.”

“You agree that you are my slave.”

“Yes, I am your slave.” Dad walked behind Mom strapped to the shrouds. Sliding his hands across her bikini covered ass, it was so smooth and fleshy. He lifted hand behind her neck and removed the knot holder her bikini top watching the ends fall to the side exposing her nipple harden breasts. He untied the back of the top exposing her breasts to the cool night air and his stern bold eyes. Grabbing both side strings of her bikini bottom.

“All you have to say is “No!” for this to stop. Free and clear we will be civil for the rest of the weekend. However, once you are naked, you will follow my commands and be my slave, and wife. You are my possession to command, use, show off, essentially you will be what I make you and you will do so willingly. Tell me what you wish my dear woman. I must hear it from your mouth that you agree to be my slave wife and my property.”

“Reginald, there is nothing in this world I would rather be than your slave wife and personal property. To be commanded as you wish, to mold me, guide me, command me. I am yours for the taking.”

“Do you enter this without forces or coercion of any sort from me?”

“Yes, I enter this agreement of my own free will.” Dad pulled both strings and she was naked. Her pussy lips showing just how aroused she had become. Dad eyed her up and down.

“Looks like you enjoy my treatment of you. And you are very wet aren’t you my slut?”

“Oh, Yes, Reginald.”

“Rule one, unless I specifically tell you, you will call me Master, Sir, or My Lord. I will modify as necessary. When family is visiting, it will be Dear or Reginald. You will be My Sweet; but when I call you Honey — that will be my signal that you are my slave following my commands without drawing attention to the fact you are my slave.”

“Yes, Master!”

“I will tell your father that you will be moving into my house as my personal assistant and will inform of his role in our marriage ceremony which will be extensive my sweet little slave. Should your mother object, we will have separate sleeping arrangements, until the wedding night! Inform your mother that nothing will happen to you until the wedding night.”

“Yes, Master!”

Dad further mentioned that while my mother was the perfect wife, she sucked at being a personal assistant. But he trained her and she now is the slave of his dreams. Your destiny is to be Master over your woman.” He said to me.

He stood up went into the house and went to bed. We did not get the chance before Mom and Dad left for the Philippines for a two month stay. A typhoon hit the resort and we lost contact with them the second day the storm blew in. It was not until three years later that I found out the truth about Mom, Dad, and the trip to the Philippines. I will get to that later in the chapters.


So, my story begins here:

My name is Jonathan “Jon”, I am a 26-year-old college graduate working on my master’s, living about two and half hours from my parents’ house in Severn, Maryland. My lawyer father, Reginald or “Reggie, Reg, or Mark — his middle name; purchased a sizeable property in Severn, Maryland during his law school days. He built it over time and has become very large with a large staircase going down to a dock with four boat slips and a few other amenities. Nice large house four car garage, one housing most of Dad’s toys of which I now have total access.

Dad informed me and my sister — Jasmine; that he and mother were going to the Philippine resort for two months as a reward, Mom and Dad needed the time alone. For about the first six weeks of their trip things were ok, weather was nice, temperature was beautiful they were having the time of their lives. When I talked with Mom she told me to remember three numbers 757 669 8802. She asked me to repeat the numbers which I did. I then asked whose number is this. She replied “Your Uncle Jack”, the man you were named after, trust me you haven’t meet him honey. Just remember to call him should anything happen. I assured her of the information. A day later, a massive Typhoon hit the exact island they were on, hundreds of thousands were dead or dying. The entire resort was gone and the resort was demolished — as seen on HLN.

============================ Three years earlier ============================

It started right after I returned home from my freshman year beylikdüzü escort of college. I was interested in spy cameras and spying on people to see what kind of dirt I could pick up and to be the nosey kind of guy; really I just wanted to see some tits and ass of college girls. So, while everyone was out of the house, I installed six cameras around the house with audio. Yep, you know it, two were in my sister’s room — she was hot even though she was my sister. Two cameras in the living room, one in the Master bedroom — Mom was hot for 46, and one in the basement in the gym room — at least we called it that since we had a full weight set and two treadmills. I put the server in the attic, one to hide it from the family, and two it was the closest to my room. The cameras were all wireless with encryption — so no outside viewing by unauthorized entities. I watched the videos by connecting through a VPN to my server, during my winter and spring semester until I returned home the following summer. That summer break between my freshman and sophomore year, I learned while watching Jasmine through hours of video right after her birthday that she loved bondage and forced orgasms. On one particular evening, Jasmine locked her hands to her head board, put a ball gag in her mouth, tied her feet about three feet apart to her foot board, and strapped a big electric vibrator to her leg touching her bald cunt lips and clit. I watched in fascination as my sister went through three orgasms in a matter of 20 minutes. I listened to her mumbled screams and thought I had heard her yell my name in the throes of massive second orgasm. When I finished the video my cock was hard as steel. I found out later that my sister would be attending the same college, I formulated a plan to enslave her, I know social norms and all that jazz, little did I know that my sister was planning on getting me to enslave her before school.

I surprised my sister providing a much needed break from Mom and Dad’s constant badgering her about which college she was going to, or what major she was going to choose. So, she jumped into my arms when I walked through the door.

“Hi, big brother! It really is nice to see you. Can we try and spend some time together! When are you going back? How long are you staying?”

“Jassy, calm down. It is nice to see you too, yes we can spend time together, and I am not going back until two weeks before the beginning of the fall semester. Close to three months before I have to head back to school.”

“We need to talk later on tonight” she whispered into my ear. I nodded and hugged her back then went to see Mom and Dad. I was sort of listening to Mom’s dribble, but thinking of the possibilities with my little sister, Mom was happy to see me and Dad well he was busy with a phone call, but once he was off he hugged me and said that we needed to discuss some issues around the house if I was going to stay for the summer.

I told him whenever you want to talk, just let me know, maybe after dinner? After a wonderful home cooked meal — something I really didn’t get at school, Dad and I talked about what needed to be done around the house during the summer while I was home. Basically, he laid out a plan to get the grass cut, hedges trimmed, the garage cleaned and straightened, and other minor repairs to the house. After our discussion, I helped Mom clean and do the dishes, just something I felt I needed to do — we had a nice conversation about school, where I wanted to go, what kind of career I was thinking about — something in cyber Security and internet security, a minor in programming. She seemed not too impressed, but gave me the knowing smile. I told her of the break up with Syndy, she seemed saddened by that, but I smiled and said that “there were lots of minion’s in the sea and one will come and I will catch it hook line and sinker, or it might be the reverse for me.”

Mom’s eyes brightened with that and her sullen look change to a happy smile. That is the Mom I remember. Besides she wasn’t bad looking for being 46 years young.

Who knows, right now I am home and comfortable and will try to do my best to get into my sister’s pants and making her my fuck toy, my little slave girl. I started to get hard over the situation and turned around away from my mother walking to my room. I walked past my sister’s room and said:

“Get your shoes on! We are going for a walk.” As commanding as possible. I walked into my room grabbed my camera and walked back down stairs. Jasmine right behind me.

“Hey Mom! Jazzy and I are going for a walk. We will be back in about an hour.”

“Fine honey. Please be careful.”

“Yes, Mother” I growled at her.

I opened the door and waited for Jasmine to exit, shutting the door I turned left and took off at a brisk pace. Jasmine didn’t expect it throwing her off guard. I did this for about a half mile and slowed down, so Jasmine could catch up. With labored breath Jasmine caught up to me.

“Damn, JC! What the fuck? Why so fast a pace?”

“Oh, beyoğlu escort that wasn’t fast it was my moderate pace. And the answer to your first question is didn’t you want to talk to me in private away from Mom and Dad, well I figured a brisk half mile would get you out of ear shot.”

“Fuck me, really? Brisk pace my ass! But yes. I do have some things I want to talk to you about.” We walked slower, and she discussed graduation, her birthday that passed? I missed it because of taking my midterm exams; three of them on the Saturday –her birthday. I broach the subject of boyfriends to which she shied away from until I asked her point blank.

“Jazzy, do you or did you ever have a boyfriend?

“No, just didn’t like any of the guys. To immature for me. I like older guys like you, your best friend, some of your football team mates, and of course you.”

“Me? Why?” Already knowing the answer, my dick was hard just looking at her with her clothes on. I had been watching my sister’s video since she turned 18. Good golly miss molly, did she have a body. Tight ass, good sized tits, her nipples about a half inch long, just begging to be clamped.

“Yea, you dickhead. I have seen the man I want as my boyfriend and lover, you! I trust you, love you, and know that you will not hurt me. I have had this fantasy of you coming into my room and taking what you want from me. I don’t know if I should tell you this you may think I am crazy, or demented, but here goes. I tie myself up at night and fantasize that you find me like that, oh how it makes me cum. Of course, the vibrator on my clit doesn’t hurt either.”

“What?” You want me to fuck you?”

“Yes, but more than that. I have found out something about myself that you nor I could deny. Since, the time as teenagers I have always deferred to my big brother. You were bigger older and wiser to me, you had the experience where I did not. Then when you left for college, I lost all direction. That is why Mom and Dad put me into therapy, because Mom caught me one day with a dildo up my pussy. She barged in hearing me scream your name. Next day, I went to see the therapist and well, told her some things, but not all of them. If you know what I mean. Went to the therapist for about two years, you came home for Christmas the day I was at the therapist. Basically, she told me that while I am still a child, your brother would have a very difficult time accepting my offer. I know that you’re interested in BDSM, Master/slave, Dominant/submissive well I have been reading up on it. I know you love to control, just like you did when you told me to put my shoes on for this walk or when Syndy came by last year I heard the two of you in your room. You gave her commands which she followed. I know that I want you to control every aspect of my life.”

At this point in our conversation we had reached a small clump of trees which were hidden by the trail. I walked into them and stopped. Turning to my sister I looked into her eyes and said.

“Do you know what you’re asking?”


“I want you to say it clearly so that there is no mistake of what our roles will be.” I turned on the camera to record this statement — just protecting myself from whatever. I just wanted to keep it and listen to it over and over again. Jasmine was going to submit to her big brother as his slave girl. My cock jumped at the thought.

“I, Jasmine Cooper, am asking that you; Jackson Chase Cooper, be my Dominant, My Master, My Sir. I want you to train me to be your pleasure submissive. I will dedicate my life to pleasing you in whatever manner you feel is right. I trust you dear brother and I am offering my body for you to use and abuse when necessary. Punish me when I am disobedient, when I make mistakes. I love a good spanking, being denied orgasms, forcing me to orgasm. I love to be humiliated, displayed in public, fucked in public. I will do as you ask dear Brother my Master. I ask that you take your lonely sister and train her to be the submissive girl you want.”

“First of all, it is slave girl. Second, you will also be my fuck toy to use and abuse as I see fit. My words are law, but you will also have a voice. But once I make the decision it is final. Any and all arguing with me warrants a punishment depending on the severity of the infraction. Complete obedience to my commands, not one hesitation or you will be punished. Lastly, you will sign a consent form outlining exactly who you are and who I am in this relationship. We will try this until one week prior to my leaving for school. Agreeable?”

“Just one thing?”


“If I say yes, it starts now? Until the Monday before you leave?”


“Then as I have stated before, Yes, I agree to your conditions until the Monday before you leave. From this minute forth I am your willing slave girl. Command me Master.” I waited for several minutes thinking, analyzing, and calculating the pros and cons of this interesting situation. I had viewed her locking herself up torturing her clit with that vibrator, even having the clover clamps to put on her nipples. She looked worried, she looked like she just screwed up our relationship. She thought that I would tell her No, that it was a disgusting idea and very illegal in just about every state, which I knew it was, but I looked into her emerald green eyes.

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