One Perfect Day

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The doorbell rang. Eren looked up from her book and got slowly up from the couch, laying her wire-rims on the table as she went. She approached the door and looked through the peep-hole, before letting out a girly shriek. “Sis!” she bounced, hurrying to fling open the door to her modest apartment, “How long have you been off assignment?” Her sister Sharni, laughed, and shut the door behind her.

“Oooooh, ’bout a day or so, I couldn’t wait to come and see you guys.”

She stepped over the threshold and wrapped her sister in a hug. Though Eren was twenty one and Sharni only twenty five, Eren would always be her kid sister.

“So, how you been?”

“Well, I got a new job at the local secretariat, working as a temp for a bit while a couple of staff take maternity leave.” Her voice changed, “Apart from that not much else.”

“How’s Jim?”

Eren’s eyes flashed, “He’s ok, I guess.” she shrugged, looking at the floor, “Would you like some tea?”

“Sure.” Sharni sat down on the couch. She watched Eren disappear into the kitchen.

“There’s something you’re not telling me, isn’t there?”

She heard a clatter as Eren dropped a spoon on the bench.

“Eren?” Silence.

Sharni got up and walked into the kitchen to find Eren in tears. She went over to her, putting a palm on her shoulder, “You split up, didn’t you?”

Eren nodded, tears trickling over her cheeks. “Ohhhh honey, do you need to talk about it?” Again, Eren nodded, the tears falling off the end of her chin. “Never mind about the tea.” Sharni soothed, taking Eren into the lounge and sitting her onto the couch, “Tell me what happened.”

Eren took a large breath, sobbing as she tried to regain control of her voice, “Well…” she started shakily, “Jim and I have been having trouble for a long time; he chased anything in a skirt, and when I tried to talk to him about it, he brushed it off, saying that he still loved me, and that nothing is wrong with our relationship.” Sharni looked sceptical, “What was it that ended the relationship?” Eren looked at the floor, her large brown eyes misting over with a fresh batch of tears. Sharni handed her a tissue, leaning in to listen. “I told him that I wanted something new and exciting, and that there was this woman at my old job that was interested in me. That was all it took for him to blow his stack.” Eren began to sob, her well manicured hands covering her face, “He called me a slut, and told me to not bother sleeping with him again, let alone living in his house…hypocritical bastard.”

Sharni must have looked amazed, because Eren looked up and smiled wryly, “You aren’t that surprised, are you? We always knew he had this in him.”

“No, not really.” Sharni admitted, “How long have you had an attraction to other women?”

Eren looked ashamed, tapping her fingers at the top of her knees.

“It’s ok hon.” Sharni soothed, “The feelings are totally normal.”

Eren looked up and smiled slightly, “Ever since I saw you and Mel kissing in college.”

Sharni smiled, and patted her hand, “If there is anything that you want to know, just come and talk to me, you know you can do that, right?”

Eren nodded, the smile growing a little larger, “Thanks sis.” Her eyes sparkled as she looked Sharni over, “What does it feel like to ‘be’ with a woman?”

Sharni laughed, “Go and get us some tea and I’ll tell you.” Eren hopped up with a grin and went to make it, coming out ataşehir escort bayan a few minutes later with two cups. She handed one to Sharni and settled on the couch, listening intently.

“Well…” Sharni began, “…it is not like being with a man…men are more…rough, than women, and women tend to have a softer presence.” Eren looked curious, “Sha, can I…can I…” she looked down, Sharni looked bemused, “Can you what?” “Would you mind if I…kissed you?” Sharni grinned, “Nah, go right ahead.” Eren put down her tea, her eyes a little bolder as she leaned in and kissed her sister, gently at first, then more confidently, nibbling on her lower lip as she pulled away. Eren blushed, keeping her eyes firmly on the floor.

“How was it?” Sharni asked, sipping her tea.

“It was…nice, different.” Eren admitted. Sharni stroked Eren’s cheek, leaning in to kiss her again, fluttering her tongue across Eren’s teeth. She drew back, grinning, “How did that feel?”

“Nice, very nice.” Eren breathed, her face flushing.

“Don’t be shy…” Sharni said, stroking along her chin, “…this is the only way you’re going to learn.” Sharni took Eren’s hands and put them to the top of her fitted shirt, moving her fingers to undo the buttons, one by one. Eren soon got the hint, and stripped Sharni of her top, creeping her fingers down Sharni’s chest to cup one of her clothed breasts in a hand… “Go ahead.” Sharni grinned, lifting the cupped breast from her bra, “Lean down and kiss it.”

Eren sat back, hesitantly, before her curiousity got the better of her. She leaned into Sharni and gently kissed around her nipple, before wrapping her mouth around it and tugging on it with her lips. Sharni watched intently, smiling, “How does that feel?”

“It’s nice.” Eren admitted readily, kissing down Sharni’s ribcage and to her belly, “Is this ok?”

Sharni laughed and nodded, “Course silly.” She tugged her skirt down over slim hips and long legs, puddling it at her feet. Eren smiled, her eyes drifting to Sharni’s bellybutton bar, transfixed by the way the bar’s dangles fanned out over her flat belly.

“Go ahead…” Sharni said, “…kiss it.”

Eren hovered near the bar, gently pressing her lips to it, before creeping lower to the edge of her panties. Sharni nodded, tugging her panties down her legs to join her skirt on the floor. Eren slowly moved downwards, peppering kisses over Sharni’s clean shaven mound. Eren looked up, “How am I doing?” “You’re doing fine, honey” Sharni smiled, drawing her fingers through Eren’s long brown hair. Sharni guided Eren towards her clit, pausing her over it, “Now, use the tip of your tongue and just flick gently across my hood…I’ll tell you if you’re too rough, or not rough enough.” Eren nodded slowly, her tongue snaking out to flutter across Sharni’s hood gently, looking up at her, “How’s that?”

“Mmmmmmmm, good honey, use the flat of your tongue to lick my clit…”

Eren licked, looking up at Sharni. Sharni nodded, stroking her hair gently. “More kisses.” she whispered, guiding Eren to kiss across her mound gently, “Keep going until I tell you to stop.” Eren smiled and bowed her head, pressing soft kisses to the sleek lines of Sharni’s mound, her kisses becoming more confident. Eren closed her eyes and breathed in the smell of Sharni’s skin. “You’re wearing vanilla.” she mused, dipping her head to lap her tongue up the underside of Sharni’s clit. She felt escort kadıköy more relaxed after catching the scent of her sister’s perfume. “It smells good on you.”

Sharni smiled and stroked Eren’s hair as Eren explored with her tongue, trailing the tip between her clit and outer lips.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmm” Sharni breathed, tightening her grip in her hair, “That’s goooooood, keep going with that, you’ll have me soaking in no time.”

Eren smiled, timidly licking a finger and swirling it around the entrance to Sharni’s pussy. “How does that feel?” she asked, gently dipping a finger inside her sister.

Sharni lifted from the couch, pressing her hips against the finger. “Gooood, try using another one as well.”

Eren smiled and gently pushed another one inside her, “Now, move it in and out as if your fingers were a cock.” Eren started to move her fingers. “Now, lick my clit with long, lazy strokes.” Eren obeyed, her tongue easily finding the underside of Sharni’s clit now.

“Mmmmmmmmmm” Sharni breathed, her hips bucking gently against Eren’s fingers. “You’re good honey.”

Eren smiled and licked a little faster, knowing that Sharni was enjoying herself. “Keep the fingers moving sweetie.” Sharni whispered as her hips bucked forcefully against Eren’s fingers. “Mmmmmmmm” she moaned, “Thaaaaat’s right.”

Sharni began to slam her pussy down to meet Eren’s fingers, her breasts rising and falling with each ragged breath. “Mmmmm, harder honey, faster, I’m almost on the edge” Eren smiled, her tongue working to a rhythm now. Sharni moaned, a long, drawn out moan, her hips began to move erratically. “Ooooh honey, keep it going, I’m almost there, alllllmost thereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”

Sharni stiffened, before letting out a long, loud noise, Eren kept her tongue moving at the same pace, not wanting to disturb her orgasm. Sharni tensed as if fitting, before relaxing back onto the couch. Eren gently lapped at her pussy, licking up the sweet juices that flowed.

Sharni looked at Eren and smiled, her eyes hazed over with pleasure. “You did it sweetheart, congratulations.”

Eren lifted her head and smiled a wet smile, flicking her tongue across her lips to get the rest of Sharni’s juices from her lips and face. “You taste good” Eren observed. “No wonder Mel was all over you all the time.”

Sharni laughed and beckoned Eren to her, snuggling her up to her chest. “Your turn?” she said. Eren blushed red a moment, before her eyes flashed evilly. “Sure”

Sharni hopped up from the couch, wandering over to the bag she’d brought with her into the house. She squatted, the small tattoo of a K on her hip visible in the sunlight. “Ahhhh, here it is” She tugged a long object from the bag. “Know what this is?” She turned to Eren and held up the strap-on, easily 10 inches long, and 3 wide.

“Yeah.” Eren replied, “I’ve seen them in porn movies.”

Sharni grinned, and after fishing through the bag for a tube of lubricant, came over to her. She put the strap-on down, within easy reach. “I want you to just relax…” Sharni said, “…let me take care of everything.” Eren nodded. Sharni toyed with the buttons on her blouse, delicate fingers plucking them expertly to expose Eren’s boyish breasts.

“That’s a pretty bra.” Sharni commented, sliding a hand into the bra and cupping one of Eren’s breasts. She caressed the breast, her fingers playing gently with the nipple. “How does that feel?” she bostancı escort said quietly.

Eren breathed deeply. “Nice.”

Sharni dipped her head and puckered her lips around Eren’s nipple, gently licking and tugging at it with her mouth. “And that?” Eren was silent, her head slightly back. “You like it, don’t you?” Sharni smiled.

“Uh-huh” Eren nodded.

Sharni leaned behind her and unclipped her bra, leaving Eren topless. Sharni cupped a breast, her fingers gently massaging the nipple while she latched on to the other nipple with her mouth, gently sucking on it. Eren moaned and leaned backward. “Mmmmmmm, feels good, doesn’t it?” Eren nodded again, her mouth slack with pleasure. Sharni hovered over her neck, kissing up it gently until she got to her ear. “Lay down on the carpet.” Sharni whispered. “On your back, I’m going to start by giving you your first girl-girl oral experience.” Eren nodded, a small, nervous smile on her face. She laid on her back on the carpet, her knees drawn up and feet flat on the floor. Sharni grinned, sliding between her thighs, and hovering her mouth over Eren’s also clean shaven mound.

“Since when did you shave?” Sharni asked, grinning at her.

“Ooh, it was something Jim preferred.” Eren shrugged. “I just kept it up.”

Sharni grinned again, and pressed her lips to Eren’s mound, snaking her tongue to the underside of her clit and drawing it up the entire length, delving her tongue between lips and clit, fluttering her tongue across the top of Eren’s clit, watching for reactions…she wrapped her lips around Eren’s clit, grinning as Eren lifted and moaned. Sharni gently sucked on it, flicking her tongue across Eren’s bare clit. “How’s that feeling honey?” she asked, languidly licking a couple of fingers and gently stroking Eren’s labia as she worked the fingers into her cunt.

“Mmmmm” Eren breathed, lifting to the fingers.

Sharni grinned, and curled them slightly, stroking against her g-spot, “How’s that feel?”

“Goooooood.” Eren replied, moaning and digging her fingers into the carpet.

“Mmmmmmmmm, you’re soaked.” Sharni remarked, drawing her fingers out and licking them. “Lets try something different.” Sharni reached for the strap-on and the lubricant, smearing some of the sticky clear liquid onto the rubber phallus. “Get onto your knees sis.” Sharni said, helping Eren onto all fours. “Lift your ass in the air.” Eren obeyed, resting her chin on her arms. Sharni fitted the strap-on to herself, and got behind Eren, rubbing the head of the fake cock against Eren’s pussy, before pushing it all the way into her. Sharni grabbed her hips and began thrusting backwards and forwards, forcing Eren’s pussy to stretch around the massive cock.

“Mmmmmm, how’s this feeling for you?” she asked, impaling Eren as she spoke.

Eren could only moan and thrust her cunt backwards for more. “Just like I thought it would.”

Sharni smiled, forcing the entire length into her. Sharni reached beneath Eren and began to massage her clit, sending Eren into a chorus of moans and shivers. “Mmmmmm, that’s it, cum for me baby, let me hear your pleasure.” Sharni kept slamming the cock into Eren, making her sister helpless to resist. “Thatta girl…” Sharni kept massaging, “…cum for me sweetie.” Eren gasped, before bucking back on the cock, fingers curling into the carpet as she yelled her orgasm loudly, her hips slapping her sisters as she rode it out.

She collapsed on her arms, breathing heavily. Sharni removed the strapon from her and threw it aside with her other things. She scooped Eren up into a hug and stroked her hair. “How was it?” Eren looked up, dazed. “It was wonderful, thank you for a perfect day, sis.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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