Pants in the Country

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Strange title for a story.

Many, many years ago I read a letter in a men’s magazine with that title and the couples involved reminded me of a couple of people I worked with. They even drove the same cars.

It was probably only a dozen shortish paragraphs and was about how a brother and sister in an MG sports car had broken down and were rescued by a married couple in a mini. The husband got a blowjob from the sister and the brother fucked the wife on the grass verge. There was no build up and the letter ended just after the brief sex.

I lost the magazine a long time ago but the basics of the story have always stayed in my mind and formed the inspiration for this much longer version with the action taking place in a holiday cottage.

So this is with thanks to that original writer. I don’t who you are but I have kept your original title as a mark of respect.

A brief note on terminology. I have tried to use ’70s descriptions. So, for example, we now all know what a “spit-roast” is, but I don’t remember the term ever being used at the time so I haven’t used it here. After 50 years my memory of what slang we used in the British Midlands is a bit hazy, so I will no doubt have got some items wrong. One deliberate change is in my avoiding the word fanny in deference to American readers. It was the most often used term at the time but means something completely different in the USA. I know most American readers can make that adjustment, but I think it reads just that bit easier if they don’t have to.


They talk about the swinging sixties. That may have been true for the London set, but it was the very late ’60s and early ’70s before that permissiveness really filtered out into the rest of the country. Micro-mini skirts, see through blouses and hot-pants that looked like a small pair of knickers. Bras were only worn by larger breasted young women who really needed the support and not always then. Those were the visible signs, but it was the pill that made the really big difference. There was a sudden and massive change in the way women considered sex. Something that had been bottled up had now been given a good shake and the cap removed.

I’m Ray and I was 23 and married to a beautiful 20 year old called Lesley. When we started dating she was still at school and was at that stage referred to as gawky. Then, as she grew older she blossomed into an incredibly beautiful woman. She was tiny, about 5 foot 1, slim and with blonde shoulder-length hair usually worn in an imitation of one of Vidal Sassoon’s geometric cuts. Her breasts were small but perky with prominent long nipples. She seldom wore a bra and when she did they were wispy little things worn more for decorative effect than anything. She loved skimpy or translucent tops.

The most spectacular thing about her though, were her legs. She may have been small but her legs were really slim and so long they looked as if they went all the way up to her armpits. She favoured micro-mini skirts with skimpy knickers and she enjoyed bending over to give men a quick flash of her arse and legs. She was insatiable and had a wide-eyed look that said “You want to do what to me you pervert? Oh, OK. And then do it again just in case I like it.”

People we worked with threw a lot of house parties. Nothing sinister; just birthdays, house-warming and any excuse we could come up with. Most of us did not have children so it was loud music, late nights and lots and lots of alcohol.

Lesley and I would have a couple of drinks and then split up and find other people to “snog”. As the night wore on this would usually turn into groping and a lot of fumbling under clothing. Feeling breasts was pretty much a given, hands in knickers was reasonably common and I had managed to insert a couple of fingers on a number of occasions. I once even got a handjob from a secretary who was a fair few years older than me.

I’m pretty sure Lesley went further and even gave a couple of blowjobs. They were “don’t ask, don’t tell” situations but Lesley was often giggly when I asked if she had enjoyed herself. I was most suspicious of those few nights when she would not kiss me on the way home but waited until she got changed for bed and had brushed her teeth. We constantly honed our oral skills on each other and Lesley was rightly proud of her ability.

We were young, constantly horny and like most similar couples at the time eager to push those boundaries our parents used to worry about. Britain had started to get Color Climax films smuggled in and men would arrange stag evenings where we would borrow an 8mm projector, meet down the pub and get drunk then go back to a mate’s house to watch them. The good ones were watched 3 or 4 times. Each film was about 10 minutes long but they were a hell of an eye opener for most of us younger men at the time. It gave us ideas that we were sure we would never get to carry out.

Turns out that some of us were wrong

Like most ankara dansöz escortlar young married couples Lesley and I did not have much money. Firms considered adulthood to start at 21 and wages for anyone below that age were minimal. Because of this we had very little in savings but now that I was older I was finally earning enough to have bought a car. It was an old mini, one of the early ones with sliding windows and a door opening mechanism that was a plastic covered cable. Like most cars of the time it was basic and it was essential to know how it worked in order to keep it running. Most young couples at the time did not own a car so I considered myself lucky.

A friend at work had told me about a country cottage on the edge of the Dales that his family had loved and which was only easily reached by car so was reasonably cheap. He gave us the brochure which told us that it had thick stone walls and was probably originally a shelter for sheep or cattle during winter months. It was basically single storey and had been converted with a complete set of rooms on the ground floor including a small bedroom. The big selling point though was that they had constructed an upstairs floor under the eaves and put in a large bedroom with en-suite. It had a steep pitched roof with exposed wooden beams and very large windows looking out over the countryside. It looked absolutely stunning. Little did we know that we would not see it for the first couple of days!

We managed to book it for a week during what passed for summer in Britain. In those days when you did everything by post it was all a bit hit and miss what dates you would end up with. We lucked out and the weather forecast was predicting that we would get one of the hottest weeks of the year.

We set off on Saturday morning with a load of luggage and enough food to last us a couple of days until we could find a supermarket to restock. Spare towels, bed linen and other items as we had never done one of these holidays before and wanted to be prepared. The mini was pretty well packed. Though not surprisingly I had managed to find space for some bottles of beer (just in case)!

When we started out we had clear skies which boded well for later but the lack of overnight cloud cover meant it was a bit chilly. Lesley was wearing one of her usual micro-mini skirts with bare legs and a halter neck top of some thin, stretchy material that clung to her tits and highlighted them beautifully. It cut away drastically at the sides and joined again just above waist height at the back and gave a good view of the side of her small breasts. As it could not be worn with a bra the cold air made her nipples stick out but she also wore a thin, unbuttoned cardigan to cover her arms and back. We knew that the heater in the mini was great at warming your legs but by the time the heat reached the top of your body the car would be stifling and your legs burning. An open cardigan was a good compromise.

By mid-day it was starting to get really hot and we stopped at a country pub for a meal and a drink to celebrate the start of our holiday. During the meal she took off her cardigan. “Much cooler,” she said when I raised a quizzical eyebrow. Again her nipples stuck out but this time it was not because of the cold. Most of the customers were families but I could see the husbands sneaking a look every time they thought their wives could not see them doing it. Lesley had a little sly smile to show she knew what she was doing and enjoying the reaction.

We were now really relaxed and in the holiday mood as we lazily wound around the small country roads, passing through quiet villages. After about half an hour the beer was starting to work its way through and I told Lesley that I would have to stop when I saw a suitably secluded spot. Another mile or so and I found a small lane with hedgerows on either side, so I pulled over and strolled to a tree to relieve myself. It wasn’t until I had started that I noticed an MG Midget pulled into the entrance to a field nearby. There appeared to be a couple sitting in it and the canvas top was up, so I assumed it was some kind of secret tryst and they would be too occupied to notice me.

I was just getting back to the car when I noticed the bloke from the MG get out and hurry towards us. I was worried that he was going to complain that he and his girlfriend had seen me pissing but he gave a little wave and a smile so I started to relax. When he got nearer I noticed that he was only in his early 20s — blonde, about 6 ft 2 and very fit. Lesley was standing next to the mini having a cigarette and gave a little sigh and said “I would love a piece of that.”

“Thank God we spotted you,” he said. “We broke down and my sister and I were thinking we would have a long walk trying to find someone to help. We need someone give us a lift into the next village so we can arrange to get our car picked up.”

“The lift won’t be a problem,” I replied, “But I don’t think you will elvankent saatlik veren escortlar find somebody from a garage to come out on a Saturday afternoon. Most of them close at lunchtime. We are just on our way to a cottage where they have a phone and we can call around and try to find someone if that would help.”

“We would LOVE to help,” added Lesley and from the look he gave her I knew he had noticed the invitation and I wondered whether it would lead anywhere.

He held out his hand to me without removing his gaze from her. “My name’s Steve and my sister’s Jenny. You don’t know how grateful we are for this.”

He waved for his sister to join us and as soon as she got out of the car I was lusting after her. Very tall, like Steve, and slim with long red hair. She was wearing tight jeans and an even tighter sweater and as I found out later, 19 years old. Where Lesley was all legs what you noticed about Jenny was her breasts. They were not massive but were beautifully plump and the sweater left you in no doubt that she knew where men were looking and was happy with that. Lesley would have been roughly at eye-to-nipple level.

They climbed into the back of the car while we decided what to do next. As the mini is a 2-door car they got in from Lesley’s side. Jenny got in first and I immediately jumped into the driver’s seat so I could get a good look at her tits while she climbed in. Nice arse too in those tight jeans. Because we had some bags of clothes on the back seat it was a bit crowded and Lesley helped Steve get in. To be honest where she was putting her hands was probably not really helping but I never heard him complain.

“So, where were you heading?” I asked.

“Steve was giving me a lift to meet up with my friend later today,” Jenny replied, “Then we were off for a week’s holiday. As soon as Steve had dropped me off he was heading home. He has work Monday.”

That sounded interesting. “How much further is it to your friend’s house?”

Jenny looked at Steve. “About 10 miles more?”

He grunted his agreement, so I started asking him about his car problem and it sounded like one of the cells in his battery had died. That meant we would be able to get a replacement battery from a car factors and they would be open both Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning which gave me an idea. “Sounds like the phone at the cottage would be your best bet after all. We could phone around to find who had an MG battery in stock.”

I had mainly kept the conversation going so I could keep glancing admiringly at Jenny. Steve was equally struck with the expanse of Lesley’s legs that were on show in her mini skirt and he was leaning as far forward as he could to get the best view of them. Because of how cramped Steve and Jenny were in the back seat Steve had put his right arm through the gap between the front seats and I had noticed he had been sneakily brushing the back of his nails lightly down Lesley’s exposed side. He was now getting closer and closer to her right breast.

I made it clear that I had seen what he was doing. “Lesley’s enjoying that, look how hard her nipple is.” His immediate response was, “Oh? I hadn’t noticed.” It was obvious to all of us that he already knew because he did not pause for a moment to check.

That did not stop Lesley from pulling the halter to one side and showing her nipple to him. “Look, it is poking out and it is really, really stiff.” I will bet it was not the only thing that was stiff!

He then wet the end of his index finger and brushed the tip of her nipple with it. He continued to do this while we all carried on talking as if nothing was happening. Then Lesley leaned her head back over the seat and kissed him and he pushed his hand into her top and started softly stroking her breast.

I suggested that as they looked uncomfortable kissing (!) like that it would make more sense for Lesley to get in the back seat with him. Lesley almost jumped out the car in her eagerness and leaned back against the open door. Steve climbed out and almost fell straight on to her. They stood there with Steve pinning her in the angle between car and door, mouths locked together.

Steve immediately pulled the sides of her halter top together so both of her breasts were exposed and he could play with them. He put his left arm behind her back and his right hand roamed from breast to breast stroking and fondling them. Jenny only just about managed to squeeze past them and turned to give me a big smile before she said “Get in the back you pair of exhibitionists.”

That gap that Steve had had trouble getting through only minutes before didn’t give them a moment’s pause as they oozed through on a wave of pheromones. When they were safely in the back Jenny closed the door and walked around to my side of the car. “Shall we give them a little privacy?” I was not going to point out that there really isn’t that much privacy in the back a mini.

I etimesgut azeri escortlar got out and we stood side-by-side leaning against the front wing. I put my left arm around her and rested my hand on her breast and she leaned over and put her head on my shoulder. That was a good sign so I just cupped her sweater covered breast and slowly massaged it. She gave a warm sigh into the side of my neck.

After a couple of minutes of this we turned to look how Lesley and Steve were getting on.

Steve had his arm around Lesley and she had cuddled into his side and they were frantically taking turns thrusting their tongues into each other’s mouths. Meanwhile Steve was caressing her tits and rolling and tugging her nipples, then bending forward to suck and gently bite them. Lesley had stretched out and straightened her legs which pushed her bum forward slightly. While Steve’s mouth was still busy on her breasts his hand started stroking her thigh and gradually working her mini-skirt up (it didn’t have to go far).

Lesley slid a little further forward and opened her knees to give him better access. He put his hand over the thin material of her tiny panties and started to rub his middle finger up and down her covered slit.

I glanced at Jenny who was watching this with as much interest as me. Steve had now got his fingers into the side of Lesley’s panties and it was obvious from his hand movements that he was gently fingering my wife. She pushed her face into the side of his neck and started nuzzling and kissing up and down his throat.

Jenny turned toward me, reached over and pulled down my zip. Her hand went in and fished out my aching dick and slowly started to wank it and I unbuckled my belt and pulled my jeans and underpants down below my balls to give her better access. Jenny smiled again and slowly worked on my erect cock. I tried to pull her sweater up but it was as tight as I suspected and I couldn’t really get at those wonderful breasts.

We were occupied by what we were doing for a few minutes then heard Lesley say “Ooh, that’s nice.” Lesley’s knickers were now completely off and Steve had more freedom working his fingers in and out of her pussy. Lesley smiled at us over Steve’s shoulder and put her tongue out at me.

I took Lesley’s fingering as my cue and opened the front of Jenny’s jeans and put my left hand down inside her knickers. She was completely shaven and fantastically smooth with prominent outer lips and when I started rubbing her slit found she was very wet. It seemed so relaxing to be doing this to each other out in the open on a warm afternoon. That calm was shattered by our next piece of conversation.

I said quietly to her (so as not to break the mood) “Isn’t it weird watching your brother do this?”

She started to reply, then stopped. It was as if she had a ready reply that she used automatically, but had realised just as she started that it would be inadequate under these circumstances.

She started again. “We tell everyone we are brother and sister because we are both tall and fair and people assume that anyway, but we are not related and grew up in totally different families. My dad got divorced about a year ago and met Steve’s mom about 6 months back. What can I say? He likes really tall women and she likes really tall men. She had been divorced for a few years and dad moved in with her about 3 months ago. That is when I really got to know Steve, even though I had heard his name a lot and seen him a couple of times when our parents were dating.”

“So in a lot of respects he is more like a flatmate and we certainly do not think of ourselves as brother and sister. About the only things we have in common are our height, love of driving and a real curiosity about sex. Steve is a bit inexperienced so we spend a lot of time together. In fact I was giving him a hand shandy in the car when we spotted you.”

She gave a laugh. “Don’t look so shocked. It is only hands and fingers. He is always eager to get his cock out and I love looking at it and playing with it. I don’t think he has had to wank himself since I moved in. Best we ever did was five times in one day! I have sat in a chair with my legs over the arms and held myself open so he could get a good look and run his fingers around to see how I reacted. We tried a kiss once but it felt so weird we never did it again!”

She had another giggle, “Seems like somebody gets off on the thought of what we were doing! I think you have grown another half inch since I started telling you. Where is all that blood coming from? Keep this up and you will pass out. Lets see what that pair are up to.”

She let go of me, pulled my hand out of her knickers and zipped her jeans back up.

In the back of the mini Lesley’s skirt was pulled up around her waist like a wide belt and Steve had two fingers in her slit but not working them very hard because he was rather distracted. His trousers were around his ankles and Lesley had half-turned towards him and was reaching across him and playing with his stiff cock. They had their mouths wide open and their tongues were playing with each other, their lips locking when one pushed their tongue in the other’s mouth then separating again slightly for the tips of their tongues to meet and start again.

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