Pappy’s Wet-Pussied Granddaughter

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Normally a very heavy sleeper in the mornings, Bethany awakened to the sound of a familiar voice speaking. While the voice had a tone of familiarity, the words which were spoken did not. As a matter of fact, she had never heard her grandparents speak so intimately before.

“Quit it, Sam!” Bethany heard Grammy exclaim from the bedroom across the hall. “You’re a randy old goat who just wants some early morning pussy!”

Not to be put off so easily, Pappy reached for his woman again. “Oh come on now, Honey,” Pappy insisted. “Woman, you used to give me all the early morning pussy I could handle. Pretty Baby, I just want a little taste, a little suck, and a little cock-dipping fuck in a pussy!”

“Oh, don’t you try your sweet-talking tricks on me, old man!” Grammy responded. “And mister, it’s been a long damn time since I was a pretty woman! Mother Nature’s ravages have dried my pussy up and made it practically useless for carnal desires. As much as I hate to admit it, I’ve come to the point where I don’t even want to have sex anymore!”

Dejected, Pappy gave up. “Now ain’t that a damn shame!” he loudly exclaimed. “Hell Honey, what’s a horny old fella supposed to do if can’t get a piece of sweet pussy in the morning?”

“Lower your voice, Dear,” Grammy instructed. “There is an 18-year-old girl sleeping across the hall and you don’t want to awaken her with all your dirty talk! If she thinks her grandfather is an old pervert, she might not want to spend the weekend with us again! But, to answer your question, I suppose you will just have to beat your meat!”

Disappointed, Pappy brooded. “Missy Prissy, you weren’t so damn concerned with who heard us when you were 18 years in age yourself!” he reminded her. “You often beat my meat for me for me or spread your legs and let me eat or fuck your wet young pussy!”

“Well, that was then and this is now!” Grammy asserted. “Those days have come and gone. If worse comes to worse, I guess you’ll have to find yourself another wet-pussied woman to play with! I’m getting up to fix breakfast. You get up and go check on Bethany. Wake her up soon and tell her to come and eat.”

Across the hall, Bethany was giggling into her pillow. Poor old Pappy sure was trying his best to get himself some pussy but her Grammy just wasn’t helping him out at all. This teen girl felt a little sorry for the unfortunate, horny old fella.

Speaking of horny, Bethany reached into her panties and found that her grandparents’ sex talk had actually turned her on. Her hot young virginal pussy was drippy wet. Smiling at herself, she shyly admitted that Pappy might not be the only member of this family who would have to begin this day with some self-administered masturbation.

Hearing a quiet knock at her door, Bethany jerked her hand out of her panties, turned onto her belly, and pretended she was asleep. She didn’t want Pappy to be embarrassed by knowing she had overheard his unsuccessful pussy-seeking conversation with Grammy.

Pappy stood at his granddaughter’s bedroom doorway watching the innocent child sleeping. Although she might be 18, she was still just a kid to him. Morning sunlight beaming through tall windows vividly illuminated the girl’s peacefully slumbering feminine form.

The girl was lying on her belly. Her bedcovers were thrown aside revealing an abundance of unmistakably matured female shapes. Thin, white-cotton panties stretched tightly over her shapely ass. The panties fit so tightly that the entire crack of her ass made a deep crease down its length. Her sleeveless, pink camisole top was pulled up enough to show a wide expanse of the soft, summer-tanned skin of her back.

This young lady’s body had changed a lot in just the past few years. Puberty had turned her gangly, immature female features into shapes resembling those of a woman. At about 5′ 2″ in standing height and nearly 110 pounds in weight, this girl looked like one hot package of femininity!

Bethany stirred on the bed and Pappy started to turn away. But, after a second or two, the girl settled back down in slumber. Her grandfather certainly had no intention of disturbing her just yet. As a growing girl, she needed her rest. Hell, Grammy could holdup on her breakfast for a little bit longer!

Yes, little Bethany was growing up nicely! Unconsciously, Pappy took a step into her bedroom. He looked at her luscious, free-flowing hair. Curly locks draped the girl’s shoulders and ran down her back. The color was somewhere between a radiant red and a brilliant blonde. The girl’s grandfather didn’t know about the technicalities of hair color, but he guessed the name for Bethany’s curls might be strawberry blonde. Morning sunlight caused her luminous tresses to shimmer and shine.

Bethany wasn’t a skinny girl by any means, yet she certainly wasn’t fat. Her legs weren’t thin and long, yet they stretched out with a seductively enticing allure. Not only were the legs stretched out, they were spread open. Pappy’s eyes were drawn back irresistibly to her panties. He took another step closer. There between her escort bostancı legs a protruding mound of flesh hung below her and pushed at the thin fabric.

Well shit, Pappy was straining to get a look at his granddaughter’s pussy! He knew he had to turn away. He wasn’t a ‘dirty-old-man’. Besides, even though he was retired, he had better things to do than to stand around drooling over a piece of barely-legal, incestuous ass!

Before turning away, Pappy gave in to an irresistible impulse. He leaned over and quickly kissed the exposed skin of the girl’s back. He then kissed her pretty, panty-covered ass. At this time, this man remembered an interesting fact about this granddaughter of his. According to her mother and grandmother, Bethany was notoriously difficult to awaken in the mornings!

Emboldened by this invaluable knowledge, Pappy decided to play with this unsuspecting girl for just a minute or two more. He was determined that he would do nothing which might be considered unforgivably wrong! This way, there would be no harm, so there would be no foul!

Where to start was the first order of business. The enticing waistband of the girl’s panties gave an answer. Hooking a finger in the stretchy band, Pappy pulled until he had several inches of ass crack exposed. Oh glory, the tender young flesh was erotically stimulating!

Pappy leaned over and kissed the point where the girl’s crack met the skin of her back. Irresistibly, he kissed this seductive place repeatedly. Without his mind’s permission, his tongue darted out of his mouth and touched the spot he had kissed. The naughty, mind-of-its-own tongue began tracing the pathway made by the ass crack. Before this man knew what was happening, his licky tongue was tenderly tickling a female asshole!

Bethany was astounded beyond belief! Surely Pappy thought she was asleep, but even so, why was he tempting fate by going so far? Of course, she already knew the answer. In fact, it was really simple. He was horny just like she was! Besides, hadn’t Grammy told him to find himself a wet-pussied woman to play with? This girl knew her grandfather didn’t think she was a fully-grown woman, but she certainly filled the bill as being wet-pussied!

With her wet pussy soaking her panties, Bethany wondered what Pappy would do next. She didn’t really care as long as he didn’t stop! No man or boy or any girl but herself had ever touched her virginal flesh in a sexual manner. She knew it was suppose to feel good and her grandfather was definitely proving this to be true!

Pappy knew he’d already gone too far. Hell, granddads are not supposed to kiss their granddaughters’ asses! And damnit, they’re not supposed to lick their ass cracks either! But, what’s a horny old man to do when confronted with the sexiest young female body his wicked old soul had seen in years!

Deciding to stop his wicked sinfulness, Pappy suddenly released his hold on the waistband of the young lady’s panties. The super-stretchy fabric snapped against Bethany’s behind. Surprisingly, the girl didn’t awaken. She didn’t even flinch.

While the snapping waistband didn’t seem to awaken the sleeping girl, it did produce an unexpected result. Pappy’s granddaughter stirred, stretched her arms, and flipped over onto her back. The randy old goat of a granddad stared in mesmerized fascination at the front-side sight of the scantily-clad, sleepwear wearing girl.

Pappy’s wandering eyes studied the form of the undeniably enticing girl. Bethany’s camisole top was made of such sheer fabric that the shapes of her braless young breasts were nearly fully exposed. While not as fully developed as an older woman’s, the teenaged titties were nevertheless incredibly sexy mounds big enough to draw and hold a man’s attention. Nubile nipples stretched the flimsy camisole material to the point of nearly poking themselves through the garment.

Giving in to temptation again, Pappy lifted the feathery hem of the girl’s sleepwear top. Pulling upwards slowly inch by inch, he stopped only when a peek of the bountiful boobs were exposed to his eyes. “Oh goddamn, they are beautiful beyond belief!” he exclaimed out loud. “Do I dare give in and kiss those babies like I kissed her ass?”

Bethany’s female mind thrilled with joy. She had arrived at womanhood at last! The thought that her maturing young body could excite such lust in a sexually experienced man thrilled her to the very core of her femininity. Keeping up her pretense of sleep, she yawned then raised her arms high over her head in the bed.

Pappy’s eyes were glued to his granddaughter’s breasts. When she raised her arms, the girl’s camisole top pulled up and out popped both of her babydoll boobs! The girl had not stirred when his tongue had licked the crack of her ass, so would she awaken if he dared to kiss and lick the seductive valley between her tits?

Allowing temptation to overpower his better senses, Pappy’s tongue licked at the luscious tit-valley flesh. The tasty skin was warm and inviting. So inviting was the breast flesh ümraniye escort that this horny old man couldn’t resist kissing the swelling feminine mounds themselves!

Trying his best to not awaken the innocent sleeping child, Pappy’s kissy-licky mouth gently explored the sweet, delectable mounds. His exploring tongue did something he had absolutely no intention of doing. He accidentally licked one of the protruding young nipples!

Before this sexually stimulated man could control the impulse to deny his lust, he closed his mouth over one of the beguiling teen nipples. Oh how unbelievably sweet the feminine nub was! Sucking more vigorously than he intended to, he felt the slumbering girl’s nipple stiffen. Transferring his attention to the other tit, Pappy sucked on its nipple too. Just as its twin had done, it grew erect and swollen.

Bethany was nearly shouting from the astonishing pleasure she was feeling. This girl had often wondered what a tit-sucking would feel like. Now she knew that it was one of the greatest sensations she’d ever had in her 18 years of living! She hoped Pappy would never stop sucking her boobs!

Pappy’s next move dashed his granddaughter’s hopes. He did indeed stop sucking. Not wanting to push his luck too far, he reluctantly released the tantalizing teen tits from his mouth. Damn, he didn’t want the sexy young lady to awaken in mid-suck and scream her lungs out!

Hell, Grammy would string him up by his child-molesting balls if she were to catch him taking such sexual liberties with her virginal granddaughter! The woman would have no regrets in snuffing the life out of him and sending his old girl-sucking soul down to the fires of Hades!

With a renewed determination in his head, Pappy stopping touching the girl, stood, and took a step away from her bed. Damnit, he would never touch this bewitching female’s sexy young body again! He would not! Never again would he!

Alas, Pappy’s plans for granddaughterly abstinence were suddenly put to the ultimate test by an unexpectedly seductive movement made by the sleeping girl lying on the bed.

Sensing that her grandfather was having second thoughts about whether or not to continue playing with her, Bethany racked her brain to find a way to get his attention back. Inspiration came to her. Giving what she thought was a very convincing fake yawn, the girl stretched her legs and arms wide and lifted her ass off the bed. The bulge of her wet panties rose up in a provocative invitation.

Pappy’s determined resolve fled away as quickly as a yellowbellied coward would flee from a fight. As soon as Bethany’s ass settled back down on the mattress, this man took a step back to the bed. Remembering his dried up wife’s advice for him to find himself a wet-pussied female to play with, his hand reached out and cupped the bulging mound pushing on his granddaughter’s tight panties.

Falling to his knees beside the girl’s bed, Pappy threw caution to the wind. Hooking a finger in Bethany’s waistband, he stretched the fabric until he saw a curly snatch of thin, strawberry blonde pubic hair. Not content to see only hair, this horny old man did what he would have considered ‘unthinkable’ only a few minutes ago. He grabbed the sleeping girl’s panties with both hands and pulled them down over her hips.

The old saying, in for a penny in for a pound, ran through Pappy’s mind as he continued pulling the panties down over the girl’s legs and past her feet. The man then reached up and removed Bethany’s flimsy camisole top.

Another old saying came to Pappy’s mind; seeing is believing. Although he had stripped every article of clothing from his granddaughter’s body, this man couldn’t really believe the unbelievable beauty of the nude girl lying before him! Be it hell or jail he might be facing, he just had to have a taste of the girl’s curl-framed, pettier-than-any-picture pussy!

Twisting Bethany around so her legs hung over the edge of the mattress, Pappy now committed the unforgivable crime he had been afraid he might do. He began eating his granddaughter’s pussy!

Bethany’s entire body was burning with a lust she never thought a girl could have. Her grandfather had spread her swollen outer pussy lips open and his mouth had gone in directly for the ‘good stuff’. At this very moment he was kissing, licking, and chewing on her clit!

This virginal teen wanted to scream with ecstatic joy! Afraid she would shatter her early morning fun by allowing her grandfather to know she was awake, she stifled her barely-contained sighs and moans of pleasure. The man eating her pussy was making her female body tingle excitedly. One feminine part in particular quivered in anticipation of orgasmic bliss.

After sucking her clit for awhile, Bethany felt her grandfather’s exploring tongue spread the delicate wings of her inner pussy lips and lick her unbroken hymen. The man’s tongue poked and prodded as if he were testing the virginal barrier’s resilient strength. The firm vaginal protector didn’t break but it was allowing an abundance of moisture kartal escort bayan to make it sopping wet. Oh god, if this sex-hungry man wanted a wet-pussied young woman to eat then he had come to the right damn place!

Pappy lips lapped up his granddaughter’s vaginal moisture. He inhaled the sweet, musky scent of her sex-smelling cunt. Paraphrasing a line from one of his favorite movies, ‘Apocalypse Now’, this man huskily whispered, “God, I love the smell of young pussy in the mornings!”

Pappy’s mesmerized eyes gloried in the sight of this girl’s incredibly stimulating hot-hot pink inner pussy lips and vaginal opening. God forgive his wicked soul, but he wanted his cock inside that beautiful, tight young cunt!

Well hell, that’s certainly one thing that would never ever happen! If the unholy Devil himself told him to fuck his granddaughter’s pussy then this old man would spit in the demon’s face and tell him “NO”!

Damnit to hell, he was already sinning too much just by eating this girl’s sweet pussy! This wickedness must stop and it must stop right now! “Wait a minute,’ Pappy silently wondered. “What is that tickling my scalp? That’s not Bethany’s fingers running through my hair, is it?”

Yes indeed, it was! Bethany’s female instincts had told her that her grandfather was about to stop eating her pussy. Good god, he must not stop! The girl reached out and entwined her fingers through the pussysucking man’s salt & pepper colored hair. She held his head tightly against her vaginal mound. “Pappy, please don’t stop!” she begged. “Please eat me until I cum! If you do, I’ll eat you and make you cum, too! Okay?”

The world came crashing down upon Pappy’s shoulders. Oh shit, just as he’d feared, he had awakened the hard-to-awaken girl! Oh god, he should never have pushed his luck this far! Damn, now there would be hell to pay for his wicked lusts!

But, wait! Had that nude girl he was playing with actually begged him to continue eating her pussy! Pappy’s ears were old, but they weren’t that old! Yes, that’s exactly what she said! Wasn’t it?

When Bethany’s hands again smothered his head into her pubic mound, Pappy had his answer. Without any hesitancy at all, he began eating his granddaughter’s sweet pussy again. Now that he didn’t have to be gentle so he wouldn’t disturb her sleep, he ate her entire vaginal mound with the ravishing hunger of the pussy-starved man he was.

Pappy’s pussy-wet mouth kissed every inch of Bethany’s vaginal mound. His lips greedily sucked and chewed on her clit. His tongue made rapid, lickety licks touching all the feminine flesh he could reach.

Pussy-crazy, Pappy became and happily so he was! Now that he had started with this young lady, how could he ever stop! He ate on. This man’s face was a wet, sticky mess made even more so by the spray of vaginal cum coating his face.

Bethany’s orgasms began. She’d had masturbatory orgasms aplenty, but oh god, she had never cum this intensely in all of her years of masturbation play! This young woman never knew that a man’s mouth could produce such exquisite sexual pleasure!

Pappy’s tongue poked his granddaughter’s tender hymen so hard she was afraid he might burst it. His flicking, licking, prodding tongue spurred another round of multiple orgasms. The rest of her hot vaginal cum sprayed the pussysucking man’s face. Contented beyond belief, this girl covered her mouth with her hands and screamed joyously.

With experience as his guide, Pappy knew when an orgasming woman had cum all she could. Bethany had now reached that point so her grandfather stopped eating her pussy. In the back of his mind, this man was recalling his granddaughter’s pledge to make him cum, too, but he wondered it she really did mean to do it.

Jumping up from the floor, Pappy stood and allowed a reluctant thought to enter his mind. Perhaps he should just turn away, go to the bathroom, and beat his meat like Grammy had told him to do. The naked girl on the bed probably had absolutely no intentions of making him cum anyway! Hell, the innocent child probably wouldn’t know what to do with a man’s cock if she had one staring her in the face!

Bethany immediately began proving her grandfather’s assumptions to be incorrect. The sexually adventurous girl sat up on the edge of her bed, reached her hands out, and unbuttoned his pajama top. She pushed the garment over his shoulders and allowed it to drop to the floor. Hooking her thumbs into the waistbands of the man’s pajama bottoms and briefs, she established a firm grip, and stripped the cock-covering pieces of clothing completely off his body.

Pappy’s mind was staggered by the girl’s brazen boldness. He now stood before his teen granddaughter completely nude! While he was not exactly an ‘old’ old man, his masculine body had lost some of its youthful virile features. This was a man who was proud of the fact that he didn’t have a ‘beer-gut’ and that his mature-aged body was still relatively hard-muscled and strong. Yet, as a younger man, his cock had always pointed directly up towards the sky when he was sexually aroused. Time and gravity had now taken its toll. His hard, horny flag of an erection now hung lower. The fact of the matter was, his remarkably big and meaty penile rod pointed straight as an arrow toward his granddaughter’s face!

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