Please Don’t Fight

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Mike had just come home from having his girlfriend who had just dumped after he had chosen to play a local basketball match over going on a date with her. He had ran and ran and ran and now was a bit down after she had dumped him.

As soon as he opened the door and stepped in the house, his mom came rushing in barking orders at him to take care of his stepsisters while she went out with his stepdad.

“Don’t even think about ratting out mister. Julie and Julia are staying put tonight and you’re on overwatch.”

“That’s fine mom, my day has been excellent so far I’m so happy with my life right now. What could go wrong in one night?” his sarcastic reply led to his mom giving him a mean look before kissing him on the cheek. Mike’s stepfather stepped out from the kitchen after letting them end their bickering and gave him some and the keys to his car as he and Mike’s mother left thereafter.

He went to check up on his twin stepsisters who had a strained relationship with and both were seemingly fine. Mike himself was 22 and both of them were a year and a half older than him even though his mom was a decade older than his stepfather.

However, peace was short-lived. Mike was on his cellphone relentlessly calling his ex when he heard something ataşehir escort breaking upstairs. Mike could barely run so he jogged his way to Julie and Julia’s room.

“Whoa whoa whoa…” said Mike as he saw the two young women tearing each other’s hair apart. Julie was wearing her night suit and Julia was in her two-piece as they grappled each other on the bed.

“Please don’t fight… Not tonight.”

“Don’t you dare Mike! Stay the hell away.” shouted Julia as she sat on Julie face jumping up and down on it.

Julie eventually managed to throw Julia away and ran towards her to rough her up even more. Depsite Mike’s pleas, they didn’t calm down and wouldn’t tell the reason why they’re wrestling all over the room.

Mike was forced to get physical so he grabbed Julie and pushed her away. In result, Julia pushed him away and came to attack Julie again. Mike jumped in and accidentally ripped off Julia top. She took a step or two anyway but realized both Mike and Julie were staring at her small pointy tits, so she quickly wrapped her arms around her chest.

“You… You did it intentionally. I knew you were a little perv on the inside stepbrother!” claimed Julia.

“Don’t say that to him you bitch.” reminded Julie.

Mike kadıköy escort bayan decided to leave but was stopped by Julie. She asked him to stay around till Julia apologizes which the latter declined to do.

Julie stepped slowly as Julia was looking away and lowered her pink panties too. Her tight ass and plump shaved pussy were on full view. Julia couldn’t even bring herself to cover her privates with something as she was so ashamed. Mike stood there mesmerising all the things his stepsister’s body had went through since they were kids.

However, Julia turned the shame into anger and tackled down Julie. The former sat on top of him as Mike turned around as Julia took off Julie clothes and turned her nude too.

They both stood in front of Mike. Two beautiful twins with pairs of curvy little tits and tight asses and nicely trimmed pink pussies.

“Your turn.” said Julie to Mike.

“No fucking way.”

“Yes way. Right now brother.”

When Mike declined again and again they lunged at him. He was stronger than them but with the day’s physical strain and an erection in his jeans, Mike had to be at his best to not let his stepsisters turn him to walking nude hunk.

Julie tried to pull him down escort maltepe while Julia tried a little old school grappling. Mike managed to keep Julia off himself initially but she jumped at him and put his bare naked and smooth breasts in his face. Mike’s boner got even harder which gave Julie the chance to take off his pants.

“Oh wow holy crap! Thats… actually pretty small.” mocked Julie when Mike’s penis emerged from its shell.

“You don’t say. Well that’s just embarrassing for someone who spends all his day around some bitch and hormone high dudes.” said Julia.

Mike kept moaning and struggling under Julia’s amazing boobs and soon enough his shirt was unbuttoned and taken off.

Resultantly, Julie grabbed his erect penis and gave it a nice rub after she had poked and pinched the nutsack.

“One two three… One two three… One two thre…” Julie would go after each motion of ejaculation. Meanwhile, Julia began to realize that Mike had opened his mouth and his tongue was getting to know her breasts a little better.

Julia checked on Mike’s and it looked like he was in heaven. After she had made him taste her boobs, Julia sat on his face after rubbing her asshole while Julie worked on sucking Mike’s dick.

The threesome contained into the night till both girls had been done by the orgasming and Mike got way too tired to even move.

“Aw that’s just sweet.” said Julie and Julia’s father when he saw his two beautiful twenty-something angels on one bed and his stepson on the floor sleeping.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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