Principal And Her Stud(ent)

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Carol had a splitting headache and it wasn’t even 10 o’clock. The 38 year old divorced mother was principal at a suburban high school and the job was slowly killing her.

With all the meetings and paperwork she could barely keep it together and now another student was waiting outside her office. Some juvenile delinquent who couldn’t stay out of trouble in class. Great. More bullshit.

“Send him in” she told her secretary as Carol opened the student file on her desk. Jeremy Matthews recent transfer from the city’s public high school. The photo showed an average teenage boy with chestnut hair. Carol didn’t bother to look up as Jeremy entered her office.

“Take a seat” she told him before asking him the usual questions re. disciplinary violations. His answers were the usual monosyllabic grunts of an insolent boy.

What made Carol even angrier was how the kid slouched and had both hands stuffed into the pockets of his loosely fitting jogging pants.

“Sit up straight!” Carol ordered and Jeremy smirked and barely adjusted his position. Carol was about to read him the riot act when she noticed this teenage boy was packing a pretty impressive package in his pants. Wow, Carol thought to herself. This kid is hung like a horse. What I couldn’t do with a cock like that she thought.

The 2 years since her divorce had been pretty barren for Carol sexually and the last few years of her failed marriage weren’t much better. She caught herself staring at this boy’s impressive crotch and her mouth opened in silent lust.

Jeremy smiled knowingly and sat up ramrod straight, his pants beginning to tent. Carol finally regained her senses and spoke robotically about the importance of good grades, yada-yada, all the while transfixed at her student’s massive erection which seemed to get bigger with her every word to him.

When she was finally finished Jeremy stood to leave with eryaman genç escort bayanlar his 9 inch hard on staring back at Carol, her face flushed red with desire. She looked down in embarrassment only to look up a moment later to see Jeremy standing over her with his tremendous dick inches from her face.

“Can I use your washroom?” he asked and Carol obediently nodded and let the boy go into her private washroom. He closed the door behind him and Carol heard the sound of his pants hitting the tile floor.

She sat transfixed as she heard the unmistakable sound of Jeremy jerking off until his final groan of ecstasy left little doubt he had ejaculated. Then came the sound of a urinating firehose filling up her toilet. It went on for what seemed forever and by the time the door was being opened, Carol again put her head down until the boy left her office.

Upon opening the washroom door, the unmistakable smell of virile male animal hit her flush in the face. Her washroom was wrecked as the boy had not bothered to flush and the bowl was a mixture of hot semen and urine.

And there was cum all over the seat, against the toilet back, dripping off the walls, puddled on the floor. Carol was aghast but her heart was beating like a sparrow, her blood pressure was soaring, and her vagina was soaked.

She slid down against the wall, pulled off her skirt, stuck her hand down her wet panties and began to rub her clitoris until she exploded in an orgasm the made her bite so hard on her lower lip, she drew blood.

After what seemed like an hour she got up and back behind her desk, but her mind was numbed, taken over by thoughts of a teenage boy with a huge cock.

She opened his file again and read it more carefully. Jeremy had been in a number of schools, held back a couple times, and had reached his 18th birthday 2 weeks earlier. Carol sighed deeply and ankara escort bayan knew that since the boy was legal, she was free to at least fantasize, about having sex with him.

She considered the possibilities and thought about what to do next.

What came next was Jeremy’s return to Principal Carol’s office. As he came through the door, she took full measure of him. Chestnut hair was bleached blonde, nose ring, earring, tattooed arms and neck. A bad ass and hot as hell to look at standing over 6 feet. He was wearing baggy blue jeans, riding low, and Carol smiled and asked him to sit down.

Like before, he slouched, hands inside his pants, and his cock was becoming erect. Carol was silent but unashamedly staring at the boy’s package. She licked her lips and undid a couple of buttons on her blouse and continued to feast her eyes on the object of her lust.

Jeremy smiled at this MILF and was openly masturbating inside his pants. Carol removed a form from her desk drawer and briefly explained that it should be completed and left on her desk before he left. Carol then excused herself to go into the washroom and listened as once again Jeremy dropped his pants and began to jerk off.

Carol cracked open the door enough to take in the site of this tall, handsome 18 year old punk with a boa constrictor for a dick in front of her desk stroking himself until ropes of thick creamy semen cascaded all over her desk, on her papers, on the form she had given him, on the picture of herself receiving a principal of the year award or some such bullshit.

It was incredible. Jeremy whipped his dong dry, pulled up his pants and left the office.

Carol came out and wiped up the mess and when done, put the towel she used now filled with teenage boy sperm in her bag to take home as a souvenir.

The next time Jeremy was summoned to Principal Carol’s etimesgut escort office, she locked the door behind them, returned to her chair, and took off her blouse, sitting in front of the boy in her black brassiere.

Of course, Jeremy was stroking his cock, but this time Carol reciprocated by masturbating herself. With their sounds muffled by the loud AC on high, the 38 year old professional woman and her 18 year old high school student climaxed together.

Jeremy had creamed his pants and Carol handed him a towel to clean himself off and gave him a fresh pair of sweat pants to wear.

This routine would continue unabated in the coming (cuming!) days, Carol taking off her entire top, stripping down to her panties and Jeremy bare-assed, with only a desk between them as they furiously masturbated day after day, sometimes 2 or 3 times per day. Always a clean towel, sweat pants, in exchange for watching this prodigiously hung boy jerk off for her.

After several weeks went by, Carol decided to initiate physical contact and would massage Jeremy shoulders while he stroked his cock. She would reach down and hold his massive penis after he was done and he would always harden again whereupon, Carol would kneel down and perform loving fellatio.

She became addicted to his cum and soon it would be multiple blow jobs at each visit with Carol then putting her pussy in the boy’s face for him to orally pleasure her. She loved to rub his thick blond spikes as he ate her out.

They had yet to fuck each other, but Jeremy became bolder, until finally, he took his manly initiative, undressing his MILF and using his strength to hold her down.

Carol tried to resist, but the boy would not be denied and straddled her, spreading her legs and lowering himself into the middle aged object of his teenage desire.

She couldn’t push him off, but took him inside her, painfully at first, but once she relaxed, his massive cock made her orgasm enough to black out.

When Carol awoke, she was sore, dripping teenage cum from her cunt, and felt like she’d been violated. Yet, she craved it and wondered how long it could continue before they were found out.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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