Professor Satoshi

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I nervously walk to my car and put the key in the ignition. I shudder at the thought of you, and swallow hard, as I begin shifting to drive and pulling out of the driveway.

You are having a rough day at work, as I sense your stern and annoyed voice on our recent phone call. I smirk, as I know just how to make you feel better.

As I drive to your office, I turn up some Highly Suspect and get centered before pulling into your workplace.

As I park my car, get out and walk through the double doors, and straight to your office. Your door reads “Proffesor Satoshi” engraved in a gold plate. I squirm a little as I nervously go to reach for the knob. I go to turn it, then hesitate and knock instead. I hear you shuffling paper, and you clear your through before walking to the door to open it for me.

As you turn the knob my breathing hitches, knowing you’re having a bad day and will probably be pensive.

You open the door and smirk. Happy to see me, but still eryaman bayan escort aggravated. I give you a half smile before speaking. “May I come in, sir?” I say.

“Yes madam.” You mutter, under your breath, still frustrated and annoyed that I asked.

I roll my eyes as you turn to guide me to a set of chairs in front of your cherrywood desk. It smells like pinesol and a hint of Old Spice. It’s intoxicating. “Please, sit” you say. As I sit down, my dress comes up a little, and I pretend not to notice, as I see your piercing eyes look directly at my slightly pale thighs. I shaved and lotioned up, but now I just feel desperate.

I sit down proper-like and adjust my posture. From slouching to straight up, suddenly. Knowing you don’t like when I slouch. I cross my legs, nervously then uncross them. You look annoyed, and rest your hand on your chin like you’re thinking. You look straight at me as you shift in your leather chair and I swallow hard. I look away from escort etimesgut you and you retort. “What did you need, Gala?” You ask.

I bite my lower lip and fight the urge to just pounce you and lick that sexy ass neck of yours. “If you have any business, take it up with my secretary. I’m not in the mood to handle business today.” You say.

“No sir” I reply.

I break free from my resistance and begin to stand up. Each click of my heels makes you shudder, as I carefully watch you.

As I stand beside you, I place my soft, small hand on your chin, and lift it, so you’re looking right at me from your seated position.

You squint a little, unsure of what I’ll do next, but your breathing speeds up and I sense you like my presence.

I kiss you hard as fuck and grab a fist full of your hair, and gently tug. Claiming you. I circle your tongue with my own and let out a pleased and satisfied moan. Then giggle.

I kneel down and elvankent escort crawl on all fours to under your desk. You clear your throat again, nervously and let out a growl as I run my hands along your thighs and begin unbuttoning your slacks. I can feel the bulge underneath and I’m eager to please you.

I unzip and pull your fantastic cock out, then begin stroking until you’re hard as a rock. You’re cock pulsing in my right hand. I continue stroking as you moan. I remember the door wasn’t locked and it makes my adrenaline go even harder.

I put your cock in my mouth, putting you deeper and deeper, to the back of my throat. I gag but it doesn’t stop me. I grab your hand and motion you to place it on my head and fuck my face. You do so, and I continue sucking, then stroking simultaneously. You continue pulsing, and I pull your cock out of my mouth, spit on it while I look up at you from the floor, my eyeliner running. My dark eyes fixated on you. I smirk as I stroke, and spit on it again. I stroke a little faster and pump your cock into my face. I can feel you’re close, and I grip your thigh and lift up, as I tell you to cum hard for me. I pull my dress down far enough where you can see my cleavage, and tell you where to release.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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