Punish Me

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She’s sat opposite him with her chair pushed out so he can see her whole body. She crosses her leg, he can see the underneath of her thighs, her perfectly tanned legs without a blemish. He shifts uncomfortably in his chair, her eyes move, quickly glancing at him and then going back to the book she is reading. He involuntarily reaches for the glass of soda in front of him and grasps it with his hand tightly, picking it up and taking a long gulp in case she’s watching, pretending to act normal when he’s feeling far from it.

He’d only known her a week. She was hard work, he didn’t want to be around her. He had no choice, his boss had tasked him with keeping her occupied while she was at home from university. He couldn’t quite understand why a twenty one year old needed looking after but having spent a week with her it had dawned on him that this girl had done nothing for herself her entire life. When she didn’t get her way she’d pout and go silent, not speaking until whatever request it was she wanted fulfilled was indeed fulfilled.

His current state of uncomfortableness was due to becoming increasingly attracted to her. Fucking the boss’s daughter was not something he envisioned himself doing and if he valued not only his job but his life he would keep his distance. She was gorgeous though, long, dark, curly hair which ran down her back to her waist. Her blue eyes were beginning to make him melt each time he looked at her, usually a confident man she would leave him questioning his own manliness with just a look. Her figure too, her breasts weren’t large but visible against her loose-fitting top, her skirt covering an ass which he’d love to bury his face into.

‘What are you thinking about?’

‘Nothing. We should go, your father said he wanted you back home before him.’

‘I hope you weren’t thinking about taking advantage of your position, because my daddy wouldn’t be too happy.’

‘Let’s go, finish your coffee.’

‘You’re not very good at being assertive. Wait five more minutes, I like to take my time when I drink coffee.’

Confirming her pointed remark he remains in his seat, berating himself for letting this stuck up little madame dictate to him what he can and can’t do. He’s also annoyed at himself for finding her attractive. She looks good, but she’s a nasty, bad minded bitch. She takes tiny sips of her coffee, her eyes locked onto his; he looks away a smirk appears on her lips as she puts the empty cup on the table. She stands up, position herself so he can’t not look, erotik film izle she bends down to pick up her bags of shopping, giving him a view of her legs and ass as her skirt pulls tightly against her round cheeks. He feels a twitch and a warmth down below. He shuts his eyes, stands up and walks away towards their waiting car. She follows, enjoying every second of his discomfort.

They sit in silence through the journey, he wanted to sit in the front next to the driver but instead of putting her bags into the back of the car she placed them on the front seat leaving him no choice but to sit next to her in the back. She’s gazing out of the window, he finds himself wondering what is going through her mind, what does a girl who has everything think about? Probably what she’s going to buy tomorrow. He chuckles to himself, she turns and gives him a questioning look, he shakes his head and she returns to looking out of the window.

The driver turns a corner suddenly, she’s flung against him, perhaps to dramatically. She grabs his leg, squeezing tight. She holds on as she reprimands the driver who is apologising profusely, still she keeps her fingers pressed into his leg, slowly releasing, her hand brushing his inner thigh. He feels another stirring as she nonchalantly takes her hand from his leg and returns to her previous position. He shits uncomfortably in his seat, folding his arms and placing them as low down as he can to cover his rapidly growing penis.

There are no other cars in the driveway as the pull through the gates. He’ll have to stay until his boss arrives home. He’d promised to meet a woman he’d met at a bar this evening, he looks at his watch, should still be okay. Climbing from the car she walks straight in the front door, leaving him to collect the bags from the front seat. He picks them up and curses to himself, the driver laughs before driving away. He leaves the bags on the kitchen worktop and then stands awkwardly in front of the cooker not knowing what to do. He doesn’t want his boss to find him lounging around on the sofa or helping himself to the food and drinks in the fridge.

Peering into the bags he can see a pair of silk panties. His looks up towards the staircase, no sign of her coming, he allows himself to run his finger over the smooth fabric. His imagination begins to run wild, imagining her in the black silk panties, being able to finally see what’s under those tight skirts which have been tormenting him all week. He imagines her sat on the work top, running film izle his tongue along her thighs and up to her pussy, gently running his tongue along the outside of her lips as she moans softly, grabbing his head and pushing it against herself.

‘Who gave you permission to look inside the bag?’ She’s smirking as comes from behind him, she’d not been upstairs.

‘I was just…’

‘I feel I need to apologise to you.’


‘I’m not a very nice person sometimes. I like you though, even if you are a bit soft.’ Again she attacks his manliness. She pushes the bags to the other side of the worktop and positions herself so she’s leaning over it, ass sticking out.

‘I want you to punish me for being so horrible to you. Pull up my skirt.’

He hesitates, unsure if it’s some kind of trap. She reaches around and pulls up her skirt herself. She isn’t wearing any panties, his cock starts to grow, pushing against his trousers. She takes his hand, raising it up and then bringing it down hard against her bare ass cheeks. She shudders as his hand connects, letting out a sharp breath. She lets go of his hand and places hers on the worktop in front of her. He moves himself so she is directly in front of him, her long black hair trailing down her back. Her ass is perfect, round, almost chubby but pert. He runs his hand softly along the red mark his hand has just left, she shivers.

He can see the bottom of her pussy lips glistening, she spreads her legs slightly, her ass cheeks parting, her tight, brown, puckered hole calling out to him. He squats down behind her, moving his face just in front of her cheeks, he inhales the sweet smell of her ass. He flicks out his tongue and allows it to slightly brush her asshole, she moans, attempting to push her ass back to his face. He moves away, placing his hands on both cheeks and pushing her back. She’s made the last week hell for him, before the pleasure has to come the pain.

Rubbing her ass cheeks again she loosens up, a finger tracing down her ass crack, along her hold and brushing her now soaking wet pussy. Suddenly he brings his hand up and then down quickly, a loud slap as skin meets skin. She gasps, her face falling against the worktop, another red mark on her round cheeks.

‘You touched my leg on purpose in the car, didn’t you?’

‘You liked it, I saw your cock getting bigger…’ Another loud slap as his hand lands on her ass cheeks, this time he doesn’t remove it, rub his hand gently around her ass, soothing her red, stinging seks filmi izle ass.

‘If my father…’ He stops her mid sentence with a hard slap. She moans loudly.

‘I don’t give a fuck about your father.’ He unzips the flies to his trousers and allows his cock to come free, she reaches out her hand, still bent over the worktop she gently massages his balls, his cock growing to its full length. She squeezes them tightly as he punishes her again, her ass now bright red, he brings down three slaps in quick succession as she holds on to his balls. Her pussy is dripping wet, his hand running underneath her ass, a finger pushing easily inside, she groans loudly, pushing back so his whole finger is inside. Her hand runs up the shaft of his cock, slowly caressing it, her rubbing her thumb around the top.

‘I’m going to fuck your ass for being such a naughty girl this week.’

On the side by the sink is a dish of butter, he puts his thumb inside the slab and pulls out a piece, he runs it softly around her asshole before roughly pushing his finger inside, she tenses up her ass clenching his finger, he runs it back and forward against the walls of her asshole as she moans, relaxing. Removing his finger he pushes the head of his cock against her hole, pushing it in slowly, the head of his cock slipping inside, she gasps. He stops, allowing her to get used to the feeling of his big cock inside her. She pushes back, the whole of his cock pushing inside of her. He pulls back again slowly and then pushes forward, she reaches back to his hips, her hands signalling for him to go faster.

‘Fuck my ass! I want your cock deep inside my ass.’

He fucks her faster and faster as she moans loudly, he can feel the juices from her pussy running down his own leg, he reaches underneath her and pushes down against her clit as he fucks her ass. He allows his body to fall against hers, her hair in his face, the smell of her perfume in his nostrils. He can feel his balls starting to tighten, her tight ass too much for him to take, she pushes his fingers harder against her clit, her body starts to spasm, he tries to control himself but he can’t, his cock spurting his thick cum inside her asshole. He lies on top of her for a minute, neither of them able to move, his cock softening slips out of her ass. Standing up again he pulls up his trousers, she bends down for her skirt, her cheeks still red.

She pulls up her skirt, picks up her bags and starts for the stairs. As she reaches the bottom her father opens the door and greets her but she ignores him, continuing up the staircase. His boss comes into the kitchen and heads straight for the fridge, grabbing two beers, handing him one of them.

‘She’s hard work that girl sometimes’

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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