Quality Time

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All persons depicted in the following are assumed to be at least legal age(18+). If family members engaging in sex disturbs you in any way, please stop reading now please.


As she preceded me into the bedroom, naked, nothing between us as I was equally so. I followed in her awesome wake. The sway of her posterior held my attention completely. I could only consider what was before me and what was to come. Her long swaying brown hair kept in time with the sway and swish of her walk. The flexing muscles in her back and haunches were promising something my dick heard loud and clear. The cleft of her butt cheeks slithered from side to side hinting at the treasure in between. The strength in her shoulders was needed to keep the heft of that which was in front swaying in time. I knew they were as I saw bits show as she stepped deliberately slowly. My attention took in every tiny little jiggle, wiggle and waggle of her. The clench and unclench of her magnificent butt. The shift of her hips from side to side. The slideof muscle over muscle in her back. The slight flick of her head as she whipped her lovely long hair from one side to the other. The swing of her shoulders and arms as she strode slowly ahead of me, just fast enough to keep everything moving.

I knew what awaited us in the next room. The pure white bed. The open windows. The dim lights. I was curious as to what we looked like during these sessions as opposed to how I perceived it. The results could be interesting.

She walked up to the bed and stopped. I stopped a couple of steps behind her. She did not look at me but asked a question.

“How do you want me?”

On your knees at the edge of the bed, please. She slowly got into the requested position, waggling her ass about. I stood where I was taking in the sight. The woman had her large full breasts hanging down and they wobbled a bit, hanging almost low enough to touch the bed. She had her head down a bit, and seemed to be looking down her front. She lifted her head and shook her hair around. A quick roll of her shoulders and then she shifted her ass. The full moons of her ass split, jiggled and wobbled. She shoved her rear end back and revealed it to me.

‘It’ was her asshole. This body part had become the center of my sexual universe. I had always had a fondness for the female form and in particular the behind. I loved the curves, the wiggle of them, the heft and split, the feel, the smell, and the taste. I could sit and watch women walk away from me all day and in fact had done just that several times. The one on display in front of me right now was my all time favorite. She had heavy full cheeks that split to a rather shallow anal area. The cheeks were, as I wrote above, full, firm and curvy. The shallow split revealed a tight hairless hole that had a whorl of radial lines. I knew from experience with it that it could and would expand to open quite nicely and enough to take my engorged member easily while offering a tight clamping and grasping when the owner was in the throes of orgasm. She could, would and most definitely did orgasm from anal penetration and sex.

As I wrote above, her asshole was the center of my sexual universe. Her asshole was my all time favorite, due in part to the shallow draft and the wide spread of her ass cheeks. The shallowness allowed me full depth of into her anal chasm. The wide spread of her ample butt cheeks made for the most compelling visual image.

I loved the look of an open asshole just prior to penetration. Hers, specifically split open and closed again on its own in anticipation of the cock about to invade. I would also do ass to mouth on her. She loved this as foreplay to a full on asshole invasion. The touch of tongue to bum made her shiver, which also gave me a visual treat as her back and ass would wiggle and jiggle. Those lovely little muscle quakes and shudders gave me a thrill I have difficulty describing.

Some find the idea of putting your mouth on your partner’s asshole to be disgusting. I find it deliciously dirty. She never objected and would always let me go on as long as I wanted. Her moans, groans and sighs as I orally operated I took as approval and encouragement. She never explicitly talked about this though.

As she waved about her treasure, I very slowly walked up to her and looked down upon it. She just stayed in position, with ass tilted up high, open to my laser like focus. The slight wobble of her ass cheeks as she did so enticed me even more. I drank in the visuals as a thirsty man would water. Carefully, slowly, tenderly, I reached for her ass. I grabbed both cheeks and began to squeeze them, pulling them apart and back together again. I was playing peek a boo with her asshole, but never let on. A few minutes of this and the oral anal action started. I pulled the cheeks a bit wider apart and then ducked my face down into the cleft. I sniffed deeply, taking in the smell of her ass. I hoped for a fart in this as it added a very personal element to the subsequent coupling. pendik escort Not today.

I could see the little hole push out and in. She did this most times and it usually indicated that she was ready and waiting for a good bum fuck. She loved to be fucked up the ass and would say so at times. I smiled as I watched her very intimate act. I pushed a bit harder in spreading her luscious full ass cheeks, trying to separate them as widely as possible. I then stuck my tongue out and onto the writhing asshole opening. She threw her head and hair back and groaned out loud at full volume. I felt my prick pulse as this happened. She pushed her ass back to make better contact with my tongue. I flicked away at the tasty nubbin of her ass. I slurped up her delightful taste. The smell and the taste were complemented by the next thing that happened. She farted. My face was in as close as it was possible to be and my tongue was in contact with her farting asshole! As she farted my tongue slipped in and up her ass! She rolled her cheeks about to get more into the tight hole. Her new sounds were different but just as satisfied.WOW! My mind was blown yet again by this woman!

As she was a mature woman, some 15+ years older than me, she had greater experience in most things. We found out later that this was a first for her too! Farting was a secret pleasure of hers. Farting at the touch of my tongue had given her a small short and sharp orgasm. Such a surprising woman!

After the surprise, we continued for a bit as we were, ass to mouth. I fondled her ass as I licked, slurped, drooled and ate her out. She writhed about but not enough to break the ass to mouth contact. I reached under and between her legs to grab a hanging waving breast. Tits were second only to asses in my world. Hers were the full meal deal, full big and nicely firm. She had big nipples that responded to sucking flicking, biting and cocks. She loved to have a cock between them, stroking up and down. She loved to have them manhandled. A bit of roughness in squeezing and pulling were OK. She would say if you were too much. In our present predicament, I had one hand on her butt with my mouth to her ass and the other hand grabbing a swaying breast then switching to the other. She continued with her vocal responses. We were going at it good.

After a time, I pulled up and off her rear end. I suggested a change. I asked her to get down on the floor and resume her current position. We usually joined together on the bed but this added a new wrinkle. I thought it might change the dynamics of our relationship.

I wanted to dominate her. I wanted to fuck her ass while standing up and over her. I wanted to own her ass!

She agreed and got down on the floor. I loomed up and over her ass. I grabbed my now raging hard on and stroked it. I loved the look of her back and ass from this viewpoint. I pushed her shoulders and she understood. She dropped her face to the floor and slid one hand back and into her crotch. I stood looming over her, feeling the power of my cock and the relative positions of us both. She was submitting by her agreement to what I was about to do. As I stood, legs spread astride her slightly waving rear, she reached back with her other hand and grabbed one ass cheek pulling it slightly apart from the other.

I could see a bit of the action of her hand in her cuntal area and see that she was whacking herself. The sound of that particular thing was also in the air. I lowered my throbbing hunk of meat and laid it one ass cheek. She shivered a bit as I did so. It throbbed on her butt. I waited a bit and she whacked away faster and faster. I then moved but did not grab my dick. I carefully positioned it to slide it up her open and now slightly slick ass crack. I sluiced up and down the channel, up and over her anal opening. She cried out as I did this. The pace and sounds of her whacking ramped up. The sound of her fingers in her cunt sloshed loudly.

I humped her ass like this for a while until I realized that I could and would come easily from it. As I didn’t want to, just yet, I pulled up and off. I then quickly grabbed hold and centered the tip on her anus. The time had come to fuck ass!

I did not wait as had been our practice. The touch of tip to anus set me in motion. I fucked hard into her. She gasped loudly but took it all. My first stroke went all the way up her ass right to my balls. I withdrew as abruptly and then waited a beat and slammed all the way back inside. I began to sluicing in and out of her asshole which remained as tight as usual, perhaps tighter. She groaned and gasped and moved with me, as if savoring the rough and heavy penetration. My balls slapped into her juicy cunt and the hand still wanking away there. The sounds and smells of this encounter filled my senses as we fucked. Time passed but I have no idea as to how much. The world began and ended with the ass fuck we were having. My hard cock felt like rock or stone or steel or something but it throbbed more intensely maltepe escort than normal. Her asshole was clamping and pulsing and clasping my prick on each stroke in and out.

This initial phase slowly ran out of steam and we slowed to a more normal pace. I bent forward over her and reached down to her face. She smiled at the touch.

“Fuck me. You are a spectacular fucker, boy.” she said. I smiled back at her. I continued to slide my cock in and out of her asshole feeling and enjoying the sensations it was giving to my cock. I wrapped a hand around her chest and grabbed a lovely large warm breast, squeezing it. We fucked away lustily, enjoying the moment.

The bedroom door burst open. My father and her husband stood in the opening and stopped cold. We had stopped, too with the sudden noise and action. I was frozen in place with my large 18 year old cock about halfway into my 35 year old brunette mother’s asshole. My right hand was wrapped around her right breast and I was hunched over her back. We were in the doggy style position as this had become our favorite partly due to our favoring anal sex. Mom had always had a thing for ass play since she was little and since Dad had not had much enthusiasm for it, mom had sublimated it until recently. Our mutual discovery of the others predilection for anal had naturally led to us fucking in that special way.

Here we were, cock in ass on the floor, en flagrante delicto. Dad stood there for what seemed like a long time. He tentatively stepped into the room and sunk down to his knees beside us. He then sat back on his heels. He nodded at us. As I was quite horny and my dick was still about half into Mom’s ass, I tentatively pushed in. Dad sat transfixed. I continued until I was all the way up mom’s ass and stopped. Dad nodded. I understood and resumed fucking Mom up the ass.

I pulled on her nipple and she tensed up a bit, looking over at her husband of 18 years. I sensed a question had been asked after Dad spoke.

“OK, go ahead.” was all he said. I could sense Mom relax and begin to fuck back at me. I thought this might go better if we gave him a good show, so I began to fuck my mother with a vigor that had not occurred since our first session. She seemed to concur as she fucked back at me, clenching and unclenching her asshole around my throbbing and seemingly bigger cock as I plowed her back furrow.

As we had an audience, we put on a show. I pulled Mom’s tits and nipples in that way she liked. She reached back to fondle and pull on my balls. I stopped at one point and pulled out. I spun around Mom’s body and offered her my slick and slightly shitty stick which she greedily slurped all the way into her mouth. I felt something at my ball sack just then and realized Mom was tonguing my balls with a mouth full of my cock! I almost went off in her mouth at this. She enjoyed her ‘taste of ass’ and had slipped a hand into her crotch so as to whack off a bit. I looked down over her head at her back, which was taut and slick form our exertions, to her crowning glory, her ass cheeks. The totality of what was before me, her face sucking on my prick, her naked and sculpted back and those glorious ass cheeks caused my orgasm to start to rise. I had no intention of coming any where but up my beautiful mother’s ass, so I popped out of the one entrance and went around to the back door. She quivered and moaned as I resettled my very hard and throbbing teenage cock on between her lush and firm ass cheeks. She pushed back as soon as she sensed the tip of my lance at the back entrance and I popped audibly into her.

She moaned and groaned at this special treasure, as she had called it. The initial insertion was special to her as it recalled the first time we had done it. I slid in and out easily and reaching forward over her back, grabbed both tits. I ground into her ass channel as I ground her tits into her chest, making sure both nipples were sticking between my fingers. I squeezed the tips as we fucked. Mom looked back at me over her shoulder and I leaned into her to connect our lips. We kissed, no snogged as it was way too rampantly horny a kiss to be anything else. This was a special treat to me as mom preferred her nose in my mouth when I came, (she had a couple of other quirks as well).

I banged at Mom’s taut and tight ass, slipping in and out of her ass channel with practiced ease. She clamped down as I slid out and opened up as I pushed in. Her moans increased in urgency and the frequency of our fucking increased in strict tempo with them. In spite of Dad sitting a few feet away, my moment of release began to rise. Mom urged me on with her moans and pushed back with an intensity unseen till now. Dad was transfixed by our little show. He sat on his heels and said nor did anything.

I couldn’t hold back any longer and pulled up off Mom and slammed deep into her ass. I leaned back and groaned an incoherent rant as I shot what seemed to be the largest blast I had ever had up my mother’s asshole. I held kartal escort in her and when the moment had passed, I stroked in and out a few times, as was usual. I slowly stroked Mom’s back and ass cheeks a short while and then pulled my not quite wilted dick out of her.

Dad sprang into action at this point. He pushed me out of the way and pushed Mom flat on her belly. He pulled her ass cheeks apart and stopped to gaze at her freshly fucked and slightly leaking asshole. He dipped his face in towards Mom’s ass crack. I heard clearly his deep sniff of her aroma. I had done it myself on occasion and found it to be quite intoxicating. He then dropped his face all the way in her crevice. I stopped and watched as he began to eat her ass, and suck my come out of her. He had somehow opened his pants and released his cock which he was stroking. His tool was not immense but was quite respectable. He slurped and sucked and slathered her ass with attention as he frigged himself. I began to feel aroused at this sight before me and started to lightly finger myself.

Dad reared up behind Mom and positioned himself for entry into her. Mom turned a bit to look at him with a peculiar expression. They locked eyes as Dad penetrated Mom’s ass. Mom moaned as she did for me upon entry. Dad laid down over her back as he fucked into Mom. He pushed her face away and held her in place. He slammed in and out of her with tremendous force, such that her ass cheeks jiggled with each stroke. He stopped for a moment to re-position her, but without removing his cock from her ass. I was impressed at this, due to our own experiments. He pulled her up on all fours and grabbed a hand full of her long dark hair, wrapping it around his fist. He pulled it back and resumed banging her ass.

As he continued he pulled her head back further, until she had her face almost staring at the ceiling. She couldn’t move like this. He crouched over her rear end and leaned forward as if to kiss her. She had her mouth open due to the position and Dad spat into it. He then fucked mom’s ass with abandon. I could hear the sloshing of his cock in her relatively open asshole. I found this sound highly arousing.

I began to stroke myself with a bit more vigor at this, I had quite quickly re-emerged due mostly to the surprising show in front of me. I jacked harder as the fucking couple continued. Mom’s moans became more urgent and frequent as her husband became more strenuous in his ass fucking. He hammered into Mom. I stroked in time with them.

I wanted to join in. I looked at Mom’s upraised face and thought I might enjoy her mouth. I stood and presented my re-raised and quite erect member to her. As Dad had a strong grip on her hair she could only move her eyes and the look in them said ‘YES, please’. I dipped my schlong down at her pouty red and bee stung lips. She reached with those same lips as if to suck me into her moist warm and all too sexy mouth. The hammering my father was giving her back end pushed her face forward and onto my cock. We both cried out at this.

Dad continued with his ass fuck almost transfixed by Mom’s tight backside. He lifted his face at about this point and looked me in the eye.

“Damn fine woman, your mother” he said. I moaned something in agreement as Mom had deep throated me to the point where she could tickle my balls with her tongue again. Dad then added “I should have fucked her like this years ago.”

Mom snorted something at this and bit down slightly on my cock. I yelped and withdrew. Mom finally spoke

“Husband, yes, you should have and now you’ll have to. Billy, switch with your dad, I want to taste my ass on his cock. I will need to have both of you service me regularly, but don’t blow yet as I want more.”

Dad stepped off Mom’s back and released her hair. I slid around behind and over her butt. Dad stood in front of his wife and offered her his slick and slightly shitty dick. They locked eyes as Mom opened up and swallowed her husband’s tool. I just swiped my rock hard and waving cock up and down my Mom’ ass crack before centering it on that not-quite-so-tight back hole that we all loved. I entered and Mom groaned around her mouthful. We fucked like this for a short while and then switched back. Dad fucked Mom hard enough to push her forward and onto her belly again with her face in my balls. He pushed her head into my crotch and fucked his climax fully and completely up my mother’s ass.

Mom threw him off her back and twisted around once he had subsided. She got up in awkward way, with her legs spread and her hands on her butt cheeks. She squatted down and stuck her glorious and freshly fucked ass out a bit. Both myself and father were transfixed by what Mom did next. She grunted and pushed out the semen from her ass. We were both enraptured by this and sat totally still.

Mom spun around and got down on the floor next to the small pool she had deposited.

“I will now prove my love to you both” she said and she licked up every tiny bit of that which she had just shit out. I was unable to speak or move after she had finished. Dad moved first. He pulled her up to a standing position and after carefully stroking her face and tousled hair, gently lovingly and tenderly kissed his wife, my Mom.

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