Quick Brown Fox: Eliza’s Kinks

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I arrived late for the birthday party up the street a few houses from where I lived. I’d been to a meeting which went on for about two hours longer than anticipated due to disagreement between key members which led to new items being added to the previously agreed on agenda. Outside the gate I saw the lovely Mrs. Eliza Smith, her pretty, dark brown face well made up and glowing with the aid of the nearby street light. Dark red lipstick on full lips added an irresistible allure. She appeared to be breathing hard and it was obvious that she was peeved about something, as her shiny black eyes were flashing undeniable anger. Eliza was a friend of my mother and lived a few houses around the corner.

As I drew close to her I instantly decided that this was as good a time as any to make a move. I’d been thinking about her a lot lately. Beginning a couple of months ago, whenever she stopped by to chat with my mother I’d noticed a subtle change in the way she looked at me; the steady way she held my eyes with hers and the little flirty smiles when mom’s face was turned. I felt encouraged by that change.

“Yuh seem undecided whether to go or cum Ms. Eliza,” I said, stressing on the word cum.

I gazed into her face with a deliberate teasing smirk on mine.

“What’s that got to do with you?” she asked in a slightly rude tone.

Her eyes held mine and I observed that despite the rude response they had softened a bit and the anger in them gave way to a look of interest and subdued amusement. She’d obviously picked up on the hidden meaning in my statement. I let my eyes travel up and down her lush, slightly thick, early-forties body, feeling my cock rise in appreciation of the shapely curves and bumps hugged by the tight, shiny, light-green, knee length dress.

“Well, if yuh want to go yuh could do dat by yuhself but if yuh want to cum I could help yuh wid dat.”

“Lil boy!” she exclaimed “I can’t believe this, you for real Emile?”

I didn’t answer to that, I just continued my eye-surveying of her nice body while she looked at me with an amused expression as she chuckled inaudibly, hands on hips.

“Where is Mr. Smith? “I asked.

She turned and jutted her pointy chin towards the house from which loud music was coming, then sucked her teeth audibly in obvious annoyance at the thought of her husband.

“I gon walk yuh home,” I said.

“Thanks,” she said softly.

She strode off and I quickly moved beside her, both of us making brisk strides as if in tacit agreement. We walked in silence past the five houses before coming to my home. I stopped, and turning to look steadily at her, said:

“Mom and Cherise have gone out of town for the weekend.”

“Oh, I was wondering why they weren’t at the party,” she said, her eyes seeming to light up.

“You can cum …in, if you want.”

With a little smile on my face I looked her all over then turned and walked towards the gate. She followed me into the yard. Inside the house she immediately kicked off her shoes and went to the two seater chair she usually sat in when visiting. She bent her knees and lifted her legs onto it as she always did when settling in for a nice long gossipy chat with mom.

“Would you like something to drink Ms. Eliza?”

“No, but if yuh got weed dat would be cool, ah could do wid a good smoke. Ah know y’all young people dese days always got yuh stuff” she said and laughed girlishly.

I don’t know which shocked me more, her asking for weed or the sudden change in language. Ms. Eliza was a school teacher and in all her visits I’d never heard her use local creolese dialect. It was always proper English when speaking with mom, who was like that herself most of the time. She was also a regular church goer.

Fortunately I did have a joint in my room. I was delighted, to say the least; I couldn’t believe things had gotten to this stage so easily and quickly. I got the weed in record time, lit up and passed it to her. Eliza took a deep drag and threw back her head with a little smile on her pretty face. Shortly after she took another drag then asked bahis firmaları for some water. When I returned with the water her head was thrown back and her eyes closed. Her dress had ridden a good way up her slightly spread thighs and I looked at them with lustful urgency; I badly wanted to get between them.

“Dis is good stuff,” she said and passed the well reduced joint to me as she took the water.

I took two deep drags before passing it back to her. She carried it down to a stub then handed it to me. I finished it off and snuffed it out.

She turned to me “But is wha yuh want wid me Emile, youse a lil boy and ise a big woman, I could be yuh mother. But I admire yuh boldness tho.”

I didn’t reply, I knew what I wanted and what she wanted. It was no time for talk. i reached out and pulled her to me. I found her mouth with mine while at the same time sending a hand up her skirt, going straight for her soft woman part. She kissed me with unbridled hunger and spread her legs so I could feel her up easily. When we broke for air I stood up and began hurriedly undressing. She followed suit and in no time had the dress up and over her head. She quickly unhooked her bra and slipped off the little black thong she was wearing.

She had an amazing figure – lush, smooth and shiny dark. There was not a single hair on her vulva or the surrounding areas. And it was a neat vulva – plump, with hidden lips. I reached out and cupped it gently and she moaned with passion. Her full breasts had not given much, if anything to gravity as yet. She saw me staring at them and asked:

“Yuh like dem?”

I responded by covering them with both palms and making circular massaging motions on them. I saw her squeeze in her legs and shake gently like a little girl trying to hold back an urgent pee. She reached down and squeezed my cock as if testing its worthiness.

“Yuh is not such a little boy,” she said

I pulled her close and once again we kissed hard, my stiff, swollen cock pressing into her belly.

We scampered to my room and she threw herself onto the bed. I lay on her and began kissing her as she rubbed my young, hard back. I sucked on her pointy chin then licked her neck and shoulders before sliding down and latching onto a stiff nipple with my mouth while I massaged the other breast. After a while she pushed my head, directing me downward. I licked her ribs and nibbled her sides, probed the navel then found the smooth vulva with my mouth. I stuck my tongue between the neat slash and tasted her woman spice.

She jerked upward with little jabbing thrusts as I worked over her pussy with my lips and tongue. She brought her hands to my ears and stuck an index finger into each, making soft circular movements while hissing loudly. I couldn’t wait any longer; I crawled forward and she bent her knees and spread wide, opening up for me. Her soft hand guided my hard cock into her opening and I slid in and upward along her dewed up walls into her depths. She snarled like a teased bitch and I began to pound her hard and fast.

She retaliated with quick rolling movements of her hips while her legs clamped the backs of mine tight. I upped the tempo and began really pulverizing the sweet, mature pussy. She seemed to like the rough pounding, for she gripped me tightly, nails digging into my back as she cried out:

“Oh baby, baby, fuck me, fuck me.”

And fuck her I did, hard and fast. But it didn’t last for long. A few minutes later, maybe four or five, I felt the familiar tension build up and quickly began to uncoil, sending copious blasts of hot young semen up Eliza’s cunt. She held me tight as I shivered and drained into her.

After my final jerk she pushed me off her and onto my back. She immediately began chewing hard on one of my pecs, teasing the nipple with flittering tongue and attacking it with rapid teeth bites that sent a sweet pain all over me. She slid lower and chomped on my cock sinking her teeth into it and squeezing hard as she shook her head from side to side and made stifled, moaning sounds.

Suddenly she pushed at my body turning me onto kaçak iddaa my belly. I felt her licking my butt cheeks and then she was massaging them roughly.

“Yuh got a nice ass.” she said and bit into my flesh.

She continued licking and munching on my cheeks and occasionally sucking flesh into her mouth, no doubt creating hickeys on my light brown ass. After several minutes of mouth on ass action she got on top of me and stretched out fully, her soft body pressing down on mine. I felt her mouth touch my ears and she whispered:

“I gon fuck yuh ass. A woman evah fuck yuh ass before?”

“No, nevah,” I said and burst out laughing.

“Well tonight I gon tek yuh virginity.”

“What yuh gon fuck me with?” I asked, still laughing.

“With meh lil cock,” she replied, jabbing my ass with her crotch.

Eliza joined me in laughing, her belly and bubbies bouncing nicely soft on my hard back. I felt her hips move and her mid-section gyrating on my ass cheeks as she moaned softly, obviously enjoying what she was doing. As she humped my backside she slipped her hands under me and grabbed hold of my pecs, gently squeezing them. She licked my upper back and neck as she humped me with quick, heavy jabs, making loud smacking sounds.

She sat up, straddling me, her wet pussy pressing down on my butt.

“Now I gon really fuck dis ass,” she said in a snarling kind of voice.

I felt her hands spread my butt cheeks and heard as well as felt her spit into the crack. I became instantly alert, stiffening a little, wondering if the freaky bitch had somehow sneaked a dildo or strap-on into bed with her. I had no intention of letting her slip anything up my ass. I started to turn around but just then I felt her trying to fit her pussy between the spread cheeks and I got the feeling that she was trying to line up her clit.

She began to move, her hands pulling my cheeks apart as she slowly slid her dripping wet pussy back and forth along the crack. She pressed down hard, trying to make clit contact and I found myself pushing up to help her; she had gotten me all turned on and my cock felt harder than I could remember it ever being. It felt like the throbbing stick was trying to raise me off the bed. She increased the pace of her movements, making quick, long slides. She released the cheeks and leaning forward sunk her fingers into my sides as she employed a new rhythm, rolling and jerking.

“Yuh like how ah fucking yuh with meh lil cock?” She asked in a begging tone.


“Well tell me.”

“I like how yuh fucking me with yuh lil hard clit.”

I felt her body stiffen and heard her suck her teeth then I felt a hard, stinging slap on my right side, followed quickly by a similar one on my left side.

“Not clit, cock, cock. My hard little cock!” she shouted.

I decided to humor her, because the novelty of the situation had my head spinning with pleasure. Her wet softness sliding along my ass was a huge turn on.

“I like how yuh fucking me with yuh hard lil cock, it feels so good.”

Excited by my words she began to move her hips even faster, breathing hard, almost grunting.

“Yes baby yes, yuh doing good, just keep fucking me with that lil hard cock. Oh baby.”

Her balled fist landed heavily between my shoulder blades, knocking the wind out of me, even though she hadn’t missed a beat of her pussy sliding and jerking on my ass.

“Don’t call me baby, call me by my fucking name. Eliza, Eliza!” she implored.

“Oh Eliza, you’re the best. I like how you fuck. No woman ever fucked me like this before.”

“Thanks honey, just keep saying it, just keep talking to Eliza and Eliza will make you feel real good.”

She rode my ass and I talked crazy shit making sure to call her name repeatedly. Every now and then she shrieked and gave me little punches to my sides and back while keeping to the task of riding me. I wanted badly to throw her over and sink my throbbing cock in her wet pussy but I also wanted her to have her fun. She leaned over and licked my shoulders and nibbled at my neck as her big breasts kaçak bahis pressed into my back. She grabbed two handfuls of my wooly afro in her soft hands and straightening up and leaning back a little began a new style of riding as she moaned with pleasure.

Just when I was wondering how much longer did I have to wait to get into that hungry pussy, she suddenly slid off of me and told me in an urgent voice to turn over quickly. I did as she ordered and in a sitting position she spread her legs and pushing mine up and back smashed her pussy against my ass and began to grind. She gripped my thighs as she hit my ass repeatedly with her dripping cunt. I also gripped her legs as she bumped pussy to ass. Not long after I felt her body suddenly stiffen and she whispered at first then cried out loud:

“Eliza cumming, Eliza cumming, Eliza cumming, Eliza cuminggg!”

She tightened her grip around my thighs as her body jerked violently and gargling sounds flew out her wide opened mouth. She leaned forward and slapped me hard in the face then stretched out between my legs and finished off her cum shivers.

When her convulsions died out I flipped her off me and got between her thighs. I lifted her legs onto my shoulders and pressed down hard, taking her knees to her chest. I lined up my cock and entered her with a mighty lunge that drew a loud scream out of her. She grimaced and bit into her plump bottom lip as I dived in and out of her pussy.

“Eliza like this?” I asked.

“Yes, yes, Eliza like how yuh fucking she.”

I punched her in the left then the right side making her howl.

“Eliza like how who is fucking she?”

“Emile, Emile, Emile. Eliza like how Emile fucking she.”

I pounded the pussy with short quick-fire jabs as she called out my name begging me to fuck her hard. After I’d been pounding her for a long time I suddenly eased out my cock, lowered it a couple of inches and with one swift move located the puckered flower hole, pressed forward hard and tore into the unprepared and un-suspecting anus.

“No, no!” she yowled.

She tried to pull away and throw her legs off my shoulder, but I held her firm and pushed more of me into her.

“No Emile, please, take it out it hurts.” She said, grinding her teeth.

“Shut up. I let you fuck my ass, now it’s my turn.”

She started to sob as I sent the remaining inches of cock up her chute. I remained still for a while, buried to the hilt in her. After a couple of minutes she stopped sobbing and looked at me with fiery eyes. She rolled her head to the side and threw her arms wide in total surrender. I began to move in her booty hole in a slow grinding movement until I was sure she had settled in then I upped the tempo and employed longer strokes. She turned her head and looked at me again. She spat in my face, then gripped my arm and said:

“Fuck Eliza batty, fuck it, fuck it!”

I moved in her with a steady rhythm as she moaned loudly. After a couple of minutes I let her lower her legs and she began to gyrate under me as the hard cock plundered her insides. She kept up a steady chatter, urging me on and telling me how much Eliza loved Emile’s big hard cock fucking her tight ass. Her eyes were all glazed over, evidence of the weed she’d smoked. And when I came in her ass I felt the evidence of weed too, for I felt like I was coming forever. She gripped my back and locked her legs around mine as I shot my seed into her.

“I can’t believe I let you bugger me, I’ve always been scared of that. You were my first,” she said smiling.

“I can’t believe I let you bugger me either, you were my first.”

She punched me playfully and we both started laughing. She jumped up suddenly, concern in her dilating pupils as she looked at the watch on her wrist. She left for the bathroom and when she returned, looking and smelling fresh we hurried into the living room where she got her discarded clothes. She got into the dress and put on her shoes then she dabbed on some lipstick. She folded the little black thong and placed it in my hand, telling me I’d earned it. I went outside and looked up the street to make sure the way was clear before she came out. Less than five minutes later Eliza called me to let me know her husband hadn’t come home as yet so all was well except for her sore ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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