Ravi is Rewarded for His Mischief

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Whole the family was seated around the dining table for the dinner. “We have to start tomorrow early in the afternoon. So you decide fast what you want to do. There are two options before you. Either you can stay here on your own or you can come with us. But we won’t be able to come back before the weekend.” Rita Sharma told his 19 year old son, Ravi.

“Five days and if we don’t finish the assignment by then we may have to stay the weekend too.” Ravi’s father added.

It was July and Ravi was having his summer holidays. Every vacation they spent a few days with Sharma Ji’s parents at Patiala. And a few days with Rita’s parents at Chandigarh. Ravi never liked to go to his maternal grandparents simply because he didn’t have anybody his age there. And he found the life in Chandigarh quite different from the life in their own small town. Reeta’s parents lived with their son, Sunil Reeta’s elder brother, and Leela their daughter in Law in a big old house. Their grandchildren were at hostels for their higher studies the elder one in an engineering college at Pune some three thousand kilometers away and the junior one at a technical institute in an equally far off city. But living alone for five or seven days also didn’t seem appealing at all specially, when all his friends were also away visiting their relatives. Two or three days were a different thing. Moreover he was tired of watching the same porno clips day in day out. It was all too repetitive and bogus. Not the real thing. And there were no new interesting video games in the market at present. May be a few boring days will do him some good, rejuvenate my waning interest in the internet the porno and the games. He didn’t have any girlfriend and there was no chance of his getting one in the near future.

“As you wish. Mom.” He said.

“As I wish? I didn’t say anything about my wishing anything, Ravi.”

“I think I will better accompany with you people.”

“That’s good. A good decision. You should take more interest in people around you, people who care for you. Rather than remaining immersed into your virtual false world. You decide what you want to take with you. You can pack in the morning Do you want to take your laptop with you?”

“No, mom I think I will take the kindle only.”

Rita was a little astonished by his answer. She got up and went to her son and put the back of her hand on her son’s fore head. “You are not running a fever?” She smiled a naughty smile. “Mom!” Ravi retorted.

She gave him a loving pat on his cheek.

Sharma Ji chuckled.

The matter settled, The family left the table and everyone went one’s own way, mom to the kitchen to deal with dishes and the cutlery, Pop’s to his TV and Ravi back to his room as he usually did every day to his laptop and books.

Rita was very happy. Five days with her mother, father and brother. Sometimes she felt jealous of her elder sister Neeta. She lived so close to Chandigarh and was visiting her parents every so often


Kalpna was glad to see the trio on her doorsteps. Like always, Rita and her husband in the lead and their son Ravi hiding behind them. But he had grown so tall that it was difficult for him to hide behind her parents. ‘Tall and handsome’ noted Kalpna. She liked him very much. He was good at studies and was leading the school badminton team. All were proud of him. But Kalpna would have liked it better if he was boxing or wrestling or playing Football. Badminton looked a little girlish. But still she adored him. After all he was Rita’s son. She welcomed them. Rita got a tight embrace and she responded back with a small peck. Sharma Ji bent down to touch her feet but was caught half way and was also given a warm hug. Then it was Ravi’s turn. “My Gawd! How tall you have grown, Rita! How the time flies? Not a long time back he was running around with one hand holding his shorts and sucking a lollipop with the other.” She giggled. Ravi felt her hug tighten. She was firmly pressing her breast against his ribs, her nipple, hard like a marble, rubbed against his chest. She patted his back. He felt embarrassed by her talk. His face turned red like a beetroot.

Soon they were having evening tea and chatting in the living room. Sunil, Reeta’s brother and his wife Leela were on their respective jobs. They came back around six and then there was another round of hugs. Both Sunil and Leela were a little round and plump. After their arrival the talk became a little formal and restricted. Kalpna and Rita moved to kitchen to prepare dinner. Leela went to her bedroom to change and prepare for the next day. And the men gathered around the table for a glass of whiskey. Ravi was left to his own devices. He carried his knapsack to the guestroom at the back of the house and flopped on the bed.

He imagined himself running with a lollipop in his hand. He remembered the hug and replayed the whole scene. Her boobs were very big. There was slight sag but they were not dropping. “They are bigger than mom’s.” He felt. And the nipples were hard and erect. He was sure that she was not wearing any bra under her blouse. He felt that the hug had lingered bursa escort a little longer than usual. It had brought his dick to attention instantaneous.

He had once accidentally seen his mom’s breasts. He had gone to her room to ask her something and saw the door ajar. He looked in and saw her standing in front of her mirror without any blouse or bra. Her hairs were tied in a bun. He had got a clear direct view of her back and of the front in the mirror. She was playing with her tits and was so engrossed that she didn’t notice him standing at the door. He had retraced her steps silently. He had had many erections replaying that few moments in his imagination. But he had refrained from jerking off with those stimuli in his mind considering that she was his mother and masturbating while thinking about her was not normal behavior. Now his grandma’s boobs were having the same effect on him. He tried to imagine how Kalpna’s boobs will look without that blouse. His hand went to his crotch. The bulge was there alright and it was growing by the second. He felt guilty and ashamed thinking such thoughts about his mother’s mother. But his imagination was running amok. He envisaged her in front of the mirror without her blouse looking down at her milks and pinching her nipples between her fingers and thumbs. He opened his fly and put a hand inside.

The cock was hard as steel. He started with a slow rhythm and imagined here offering him her breast to suck. He imagined big globes with dark big areolas and big round hard nipples. His hand started moving faster. But he stopped himself. “Not now at bedtime, after the dinner.” he decided. And he decided to leave this topic and think about something else.


The next day he got up late not a unusual thing. He saw he was having a hard on. He remembered how he had masturbated while imagining himself sucking one of his Gran’s boobs and squeezing and mauling the other with his hand. He immediately came out of the bed and pushed that scene out of his mind.

He came out of his room and went directly into the kitchen. He found his mother their preparing breakfast. She told him that his father, uncle and aunt have already left for their respective jobs. Even grand pa and his mother were ready and dressed up. Only he and nana were yet to take bath. So he was given a towel and sent packing into the bath room down the rear corridor. “You can take your tea after the bath.” His mother said to him. He took a quick shower and came out with the towel tied around his waist and quickly slipped back into his room.

When he came out of his room again he saw Kalpna going to the bathroom to take bath. He had a sudden brain way. When he had gone to take bath He had found a small crack between the planks of the door. He had looked out and had been able to clearly see whole the corridor. He went into the drawing room. His grandpa was busy with the newspaper. He inquired about his mom and found that she had gone out to buy yogurt. He couldn’t believe his luck and tip toed towards the bathroom.


Kalpna felt someone at the bathroom door. She was sure she had heard a foot step. She was sitting on a small plastic stool and taking a bath pouring water over her body with a mug. She had put a shower cap to prevent her long waist length hair from getting wet. She knew it could only be Ravi. Her husband or her daughter had no reason to peek at her. And she knew that Rita had gone out. She knew about that hole in the door but she knew that he won’t be able to see much except her cap or neck or may be the top of her shoulders. What shall she do? She never could have imagined such mischief from him. Shall she move away? That way he will know that she is on to him. Or shall she call out to him and send him scurrying away. Somehow both the alternatives seemed equally inept. “When was it when somebody had paid an iota of attention to her?” She asked herself. Suddenly her thoughts took a U-turn. She decided to reward him instead, for the special attention he was bestowing upon her. What’s wrong if he gets a glimpse? Poor thing! In fact she herself was very much excited at the prospect of ‘showing off’ a little. How often does one get such a chance to check out ones assets? What could she do for him? She was not going to present her whole body to him. She straightened her body and made her back erect, ramrod. Now maybe he could see her clavicle and upper part of her ample breasts just the rise of her ample bosom. She immediately felt somebody moving closer. The space behind the hole became darker.

She soaped her neck and shoulders and her breasts taking care to keep them covered with her hands all the time. There was tingling in whole her body. She could feel the moisture gathering in her vagina. The whole thing was making her horny. She decided to act a little bolder and turned toward the door her hands still cupping her nipples and boobs. Did she hear a gasp from the other side of the door? She blushed and quickly moved away. After some time she felt the footsteps recede. She dried herself and put on her blouse and petticoat and came out. Ravi was nowhere to be seen. Rita was there though, bursa escort bayan in the kitchen. She asked him about Ravi. “He must be in his room. It is so difficult to drag him away from his gadgets. I will call him for the breakfast.” Kalpna found that she was feeling disappointed, she had hoped that he will enjoy seeing her without the sari. She went to her room and spent some time in front of the mirror doing her hair and putting a small Bindi on her forehead. She had enjoyed, those few moments very much. Her heart was still beating fast. How much was he able to see? She kept her breasts covered with her hands all the time. She didn’t think he had seen it all. Suddenly she found that she was feeling much aroused more than she had ever felt in past few years.

She pulled out a big suitcase from the lower shelf of her closet and started checking out different saris. She was not in mood to wear the dull saris she had been wearing these days. She selected a pale yellow sari with a silver board. It was silky and shiny and didn’t look gaudy or to showy. But its main attribute was that its blouse had a deep neck and its back was just a small strip barely covering the bra straps, exposing whole her back. Of course you could hide everything with the Pallu But one could always show off if one felt like. Rita came into the room after her. “WoW! That is beautiful. My goodness! That will look great on you. You know we all have decided to go out in the evening, either early evening snacks at a coffee house or a dinner at the Gopal’s. It will look great in the evening.” Kalpna was having doubts now.

‘To go out in such a sexy dress?’

A few years earlier it would have looked alright but at her age? But her daughter egged her on. She put it on and covered all the naked flesh with her sari’s pallu. She looked herself in mirror. She couldn’t believe her eyes. Just a simple change of dress can change you so much. She looked much younger. The blouse was somewhat tight but it only helped to make the droop less pronounced and made the cleavage look more voluminous. She knew that her daughter may not be averse to it but her daughter in law, Leela will surely make a pout. But she couldn’t care less. She immediately went to the drawing room. “Can I get one more cup of tea?” That was all the response she got from her husband of thirty years”

She came out not disheartened in the least and moved onto the only other male present in the house. Ravi was on the dining table finishing his breakfast.

She went and sat opposite him. At first she sensed a hint of guilt in his eyes but then they became wide with surprise and appreciation. Her body was all wrapped in her pallu but the cloth was not thick enough to totally hide what lay underneath. She could see he was much pleased and it pleased her. “That sari is very beautiful.” He uttered his compliment. She didn’t expect anything better from him. He was not going to say ‘Oh grandma! You are looking gorgeous or looking sexy.’ She understood that by sari he meant everything including what was in it and what was bulging out of it. He was finding it difficult to take his eyes away from that deep cleavage hidden behind that silky translucent cloth. She was in one mood to let the cloth slip down her shoulder. But she got up and went away. She took a brooch from the drawer of her dressing table and fixed the pallu to her blouse firmly.

On the way out she saw Ravi going back into his room. Her eyes went down to his pants and she was immensely pleased when she the bulge in his crotch. She went in to the kitchen hit her fists hard on the shelf. “Kalpna! Kalpna! He is your grandson. What are you doing?” But she had no hold on her passion and lust. She called her daughter and the two of them got busy with the daily chores. Her ears were continuously pricked dying to hear the sound of his door opening his footsteps making way towards them. She was soon rewarded when Ravi sauntered into the kitchen. He kept on hovering around her.

He was trying to feel her, touch her but couldn’t find the courage. Once he rubbed the back of his hand against her thigh it could have been accidental though she was of a different opinion. Then she felt his hard prick rub against the softness of her butt. It sent a lot of undercurrents in a lot of different directions inside her body. Her muscles around the pelvis twitched. She felt moisture building up between her thighs. Her heart rate increased and her head became totally fogged. Then he moved behind her again and this time he gathered some courage and she felt the palm of his hand cup against her ass cheek. He was oscillating to and fro between the two women so much that at last Rita shouted at him. “Stop getting under our feet, Ravi.” But Kalpna came to his rescue and said “Ravi why don’t you empty those lower drawers I had been thinking of clearing them out for long. “Rita, there are a few useful items of cutlery. See if you want them otherwise I am going to throw everything out.” That gave Ravi a chance to stay near her. They even got to touch each other’s hands a few times and a couple of time even managed to rub their thighs against each other. escort bursa It kept both of them happy and horny.

Rita selected a few items and told Ravi to put them in the sink so that she could wash them and put them away to take back with her. “Now that you are here you are going to help me clean the attic too.” Kalpna said. Ravi’s eyes glowed. On one occasion Kalpna found him standing behind her, she decided to tease him a little more. She rose on her toes pretending to lift something from the upper shelf and then came down heavily pushing her ass backwards. It collided smack into Ravi’s crotch. She felt his prick hit her firm ass cheeks. It was long, big and hard. She threw a glance towards him and was happy to see a pleased look on his face.

Whole day long both granny and her grandson moved around aroused and intoxicated. The evening came with promise of more fun. Everyone was for dining out so they went to the market. Kamal drove the car with Rita in the front seat, and Ravi and his grandparents in the back. Sunil and Leela followed them in their own vehicle. First they went for a little window shopping then they had a hearty meal. When they came out of the restaurant Kalpna asked if anybody wanted a Paan. All the women were for it but the men refused. Before Rita could take out some money from her purse Ravi quickly went and bought three paans and gave one to her aunt Leela, he opened another and put in her mother’s mouth. She ruffled his hairs. The last one he unwrapped and put in Kalpna’s mouth. She felt his finger linger on her lower lip. The pleasure, of course, was mutual. The touch sent electric waves through their bodies. “Putting the paan in his mother’s mouth first was a good tactics.” Kalpna thought. The kid has got some brains.

As they drove back in the car Ravi was successful to run his hand on her thigh a few times. Kalpna was horny and talking more than she usually did. Rita was glad to see her mother happy and so vocal and animated. The moment they entered their house, Kalpna slumped on the sofa. “Rita! You shouldn’t have insisted on my wearing these sandals.” She kicked them off one by one. My calves and heels are aching. “Shall I put some balm on them? Offered Rita immediately, showing her concern. “No! No! You go and see if anybody needs something.” Kalpna replied, her eyes on Ravi all the time. “I think your father will like a warm glass of milk.”

“let me give you a foot massage Nana?” Ravi interjected, rising to the occasion.

“Ravi’s father will also want one. I think.” Said Rita and moved to the kitchen. Kalpna immediately got up and made for her room gesturing with her eyes to Ravi to follow her.

In the bed room she took out a tube of body lotion from the head board and giving it to him. She sat down on the bed with her feet on the edge of the bed. He immediately poured some of the liquid from the tube and started rubbing her feet. It was not massage. He was slowly caressing and feeling her feet. “Looking for some trigger zones? Very smart.” Kalpna thought. His fingers were sending hot currents of pleasure in her body He started slowly rubbing her toes between her fingers and the feeling became unbearable. Her panties were not just moist but drenched. She could feel the wetness between her thighs and smell of her sex in her nostrils. She moaned. “Is it hurting too much?” He asked just to make some conversation. He was also aware of the smell of her sex. It was making him hornier. And her moans were the ultimate stimulus, making him crazy. He thought he will cum soon.

“Yeah, rub near the ankles.” She said and moaned again.

His bulge was growing faster. It was not possible to hide it anymore. He couldn’t just get up and go. He kept on talking just to divert his thoughts.

“Why don’t you pull your sari a little higher? A single drop of the oil will spoil it.” He said after sometime

“Right you are. I will do better than that” she was also only too willing to take a break. She got up and started taking her sari off. As she let the Pallu slid from her shoulder the treasure started to reveal itself in front of Ravi’s eyes. He let out a gasp. The prominent collar bones and the two big juicy melons below them. He enjoyed the scenery. Soon she had removed the sari and started folding it. The naked triangle of her white soft flesh just below the knot of her drawstring was in front of his face. But before he could feel it with his hand she turned and walked away from him to place the sari in the ward robe. Her nearly naked back was feast for the eyes but what aroused him most was her ample round ass wiggling as she tiptoed. She was giving him a quite a presentation quietly. She knew that her hips were her strong assets. And they were still firm and round and massive. She had teased a lot of young men with her exaggerated wiggle in her youth. And she was pleased to know that the magic was still working. She looked at Ravi. He had turned a little away from her. She knew he was trying to hiding his bulge. The storm raging inside them had abated somewhat. She came back and again sat on the bed. This time she lifted her petticoat higher up to her calves and placed a pillow under them. He started to massage her calves. Now Ravi was acting more boldly and his hands kept moving higher towards her thighs. As the petticoat rode higher more and more of her thighs was being exposed.

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